Guiding Light Recaps: The week of December 12, 2005 on GL

Cassie refused to accept Josh's evidence that Jeffrey had a secret past. Sandy tried to win back Tammy's affection. Josh and Olivia's budding friendship seemed to irritate Reva. Alan-Michael played head games with Marina.
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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of December 12, 2005 on GL
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Monday, December 12, 2005

Jonathan and Tammy began to make love in the boathouse. Sandy saw them. He called Jonathan's cell phone, pretending to be the police summoning him to the station to discuss the fire. At the station, Jonathan vehemently denied having anything to do with it. Later, he told Reva if he had to confess to setting the fire in order to protect Tammy, he would.

Meanwhile, Sandy demanded to know why, if Tammy was so crazy in love with Jonathan, she hadn't told anyone about their great romance. Tammy defended her feelings for Jonathan. However, she couldn't easily shake off Sandy's suggestion that, if she chose a life with her cousin Jonathan, she'd push away everyone else who loved her.

Alan-Michael informed his father that he might be helping to get Harley out of Spaulding, but it was not because he had anything personal against her. It was merely because she was in the way of Alan-Michael finally claiming what was rightly his. In fact, Alan-Michael intended to be calling the shots from then on. Alan didn't like it one bit. After Alan-Michael left, he called his lawyer, demanding to be set free by whatever means necessary.

A depressed Marina tried to avoid her heartache by working. Frank called his daughter on it, but she countered that he did the same. Later, Marina and Alan-Michael ended their day by buying practically every Christmas tree on the lot. They dragged them home to the Beacon for an impromptu decorating party.

Cassie happened upon Josh, who was staring, shocked, at the photo of Jeffrey with Richard. Earlier, Jeffrey had confessed to Reva how nervous he was about moving in with Cassie. Reva had reassured him. Jeffrey interrupted Josh and Cassie and announced he was ready to move in. Cassie and Jeffrey made plans to host their first Christmas party together.

Josh bumped into Olivia. He confessed his uncertainty about what to do about Jeffrey. Olivia listened politely, but what she really wanted to talk about was her and Josh's kiss the day before. Josh didn't wish to discuss it.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Tammy and Marina were at the mall, cryptically communicating about the mysterious men in their lives. They wondered what to do when they were attracted to someone each of their whole families pretty much hated. The girls decided there really wasn't much they could do.

Tammy saw Jonathan with Reva and Frank. Frank accused Jonathan of starting the fire that had burned down Sandy's house. He informed him that a neighbor who had run over to try to contain it was injured and in the hospital -- and she had seen a dark-haired young man and a blonde young woman running away from the scene. Jonathan confessed to setting the fire but stressed that he had been alone. Reva insisted to Frank that Jonathan had been with her at the time the fire had been set. Frank left to check out Jonathan's alibi. Jonathan grudgingly accepted Reva's help before he told Tammy what he'd done. Tammy was moved by his sacrifice.

Later, Tammy was horrified when Cassie declared she'd decided that Jonathan could never change. He was bad news and always would be. That was why Cassie had told Reva she didn't want Jonathan at their holiday party.

Marina went shopping for a killer dress to wear to her New Year's Eve non-date with Alan-Michael. She dropped by Spaulding to speak to him and learned Alan-Michael was leaving town. Harley had fired him. Since Alan and Beth had been neutralized, Harley thought she didn't need him anymore and gave Alan-Michael permission to go back to his slothful lifestyle. Alan-Michael called a friend and asked for an emergency to be arranged at the London office, all the while wincing over having to be so dismissive to Marina.

Earlier, Alan-Michael had ignored a ranting phone call from Alan, but Gus answered his brother's phone. He heard their father demanding to be let out. Gus went to the asylum, where Alan insisted he'd be let out soon. Gus realized he couldn't allow it because of the threat that Alan posed to Harley.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Jeffrey gave Cassie a tree-trimming party he'd decided to plan all by himself. Cassie was charmed but wary. Jeffrey swore he could handle it, and the two made love. Meanwhile, Josh and Olivia debated over what to do about the picture Josh had found of Jeffrey and Richard together. Josh's decision was made easier when Robards, the P.I. who had originally dug up the information, called Josh to demand more money or else he was going to Cassie with the information. Figuring Cassie was better off hearing the truth from him, Josh headed to Cassie's, where he presented her with Jeffrey's dossier.

Mallet went to see Harley to discuss Marina getting in over her head at the police department and suggested they go on a stakeout to confront her -- just like the good old days. Harley, who was feeling cocky since Gus was back in her bed and the sexy Mallet dreams out of her head, agreed. But as soon as Mallet left, she had another fantasy about her ex. Mallet happened upon Dinah, who was trying to hide her tears after learning that Ross, Blake, and the kids were going out of town for Christmas, so Dinah had no one to spend the holidays with. Mallet told Dinah that there was nothing wrong with spending Christmas alone, and both sadly pretended to believe it.

Lizzie and Coop wished they could spend some time together over the holidays, but neither had the money to make their dream a reality. Luckily, Lizzie had something. Her old friend, Quinn, gave Lizzie the key to his condo, complete with river views and two Jacuzzis. Lizzie wondered what Quinn expected in exchange for all of his more-than-friendly generosity. Quinn acted so hurt that she would even ask, he took off without answering -- or taking his key back. Lizzie returned to C02 and found Coop horsing around with Ava. Suddenly Lizzie was dying to take Quinn up on his offer.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Lizzie and Roxy checked out Quinn's posh bachelor pad. Lizzie realized how much she missed living the good life. Later, Lizzie took Coop there and told him that she was his Christmas gift.

Josh told Cassie there might be more of a connection between Jeffrey and Richard than she realized. Cassie burned the envelope containing the photograph of Jeffrey and Richard side-by-side. She didn't need to know any more because she trusted Jeffrey. Jeffrey arrived laden with Christmas presents and spirit. R.J. took the picture of his "two dads" out of the fireplace.

Jonathan picked out a scraggly "Charlie Brown'' Christmas tree for Tammy and their hideaway. Tammy told Jonathan that Cassie thought he was dangerous. Tammy said she'd tell Cassie about their relationship after the holidays. She took a picture of them together with her camera phone. Josh ran into them as they were leaving and suspected something was going on. Jonathan told Josh that he was trying to make up for the past; he would never hurt Tammy. Joshua said if Tammy could forgive Jonathan, so could he.

Coop and Buzz tearfully reminisced about Jenna as Olivia looked on. While they were outside, Olivia surprised them by decorating Company for Christmas. Buzz took her in his arms and kissed her passionately. He invited her to spend Christmas with the Coopers. Josh interrupted their tender moment.

Tammy arrived at the farmhouse and told Cassie she needed to know the truth about the fire. Jonathan prepared to make an entrance.

Friday, December 16, 2005

Lizzie had taken Coop to Quinn's luxurious penthouse suite in the hope they'd make love. She was boldly provocative, wearing a red negligee and having scattered rose petals on the bed. Coop was a little unnerved. He asked her how she had gotten the room. When she shrugged it off, he demanded to know how she could afford it. Lizzie stated that it was Alan's -- she had stolen the key from his safe. That made Coop feel better, and they kissed.

However, when Lizzie started to undress him, he suddenly stopped and asked her if she was sure she was ready for that. He told her they didn't have to do it if she wasn't. Lizzie insisted she was ready to sleep with him, but Coop was not so sure she was. That upset Lizzie because she had done all that preparation, including reading stuff in magazines, just so the night would be perfect. Coop gently told her there was no way she could make a mistake. He assured her that she'd know what to do.

After Lizzie told Coop she loved him, they made love. Later, as Lizzie basked in the afterglow, her cell phone rang. She told Coop it was her boss and took the call. It was not her boss, though -- it was Quinn, wanting to know how it had gone. Lizzie thanked him for the use of his suite. He suggested she visit his parents' villa in Switzerland -- just her, not Coop. Lizzie declined the offer but asked if she could use his suite on a regular basis.

Mallet and Dinah were outside Company. Dinah was complaining about the fact that her family would be gone for Christmas. At that point, they spotted Reva and Billy. Dinah invited them to hang out at Company with Mallet and her. But Reva stated they were going to Cassie's tree-lighting party. She invited them to go, but Dinah declined.

When Reva and Billy left, Dinah started complaining again about Christmas and how she wanted to forget all about it and just have lunch. She and Mallet entered Company and saw a slightly tipsy man singing Christmas carols. Not really in the mood, Dinah almost threw a drink in the man's face, but Mallet stopped her. He gently suggested the man leave.

Just then, Dinah was shocked to see her mother, Vanessa, in Company. Dinah was very happy to see Vanessa and gave her a big hug. Vanessa seemed a little surprised, since Dinah was not usually so happy to see her. Dinah pointed out it was because usually Vanessa was only there when she was causing problems. Dinah knew that wasn't the case that time. Vanessa told Dinah that Mallet had suggested she spend the holidays with Dinah.

Dinah was a little hurt to learn her mother was there because Mallet had talked her into it. However, Vanessa assured Dinah she hadn't needed much persuading. Vanessa said Mallet had been very charming on the phone, and he seemed to know Dinah like a book. She left to make a call, to let Mallet and Dinah be alone on their "date." Dinah told her mother it was not a date. When Vanessa stepped out, Dinah blasted Mallet for inviting her mother and asked what his motive was.

At that point, Mallet got defensive and told her not to assume everyone had an agenda just because she had one. Dinah pointed out that nothing was without strings. A defensive Mallet stated he had simply invited her mother because he'd known she was lonely. However, if that was not good enough, she could buy him lunch. Vanessa walked in at the end of the argument, and Mallet left.

Vanessa warned Dinah not to ruin things. Dinah insisted there was nothing between her and Mallet. Vanessa thought Dinah just couldn't recognize a good man when one was in her life. Vanessa pointed out that Dinah and Mallet had chemistry.

At the farm, Tammy tried to tell Cassie and Jeffrey that Jonathan hadn't started the fire, but her mother refused to even listen. Sandy showed up. Tammy thought Cassie had invited Sandy to her party, but he said he was there of his own accord. He asked to speak to her. In the corner with Tammy, Sandy gave her a gift -- a crystal star for the Christmas tree, her ring, and his new divorce papers.

Tammy told Sandy they were over. It didn't matter if he was divorced or not. A miffed Sandy knew it was about Jonathan and asked her if she honestly thought he would fit in with her family. Upset, Tammy stormed out and ran into Jonathan, who'd been lurking outside. Jonathan told her that he wanted to be with her that night, so Tammy told him to give her a little time to make an exit and went back inside. When she went in, Josh, who went to the party with Olivia, was helping R.J. put the star on the tree.

Later, Sandy talked to Tammy again, trying to convince her that she could be happy with him again. He told her to think about it. While the family was singing Christmas carols, Tammy slipped out to make love to Jonathan in the barn. Sandy knew where she'd gone, and when the party started to break up, he suggested they go sledding outside, knowing the sleds were kept in the barn. They all agreed, and the whole family walked in on Jonathan and Tammy together.

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