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Amanda feared that she might have been responsible for Kendall and David's assaults. JR led Babe to believe that he wanted a future with her. Kendall wanted nothing to do with Zach or Ryan.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of December 12, 2005 on AMC
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Monday, December 12, 2005

Ryan goes to the hospital, looking for David just as David is wheeled in for bypass surgery. While Ryan questions Jamie, who neither cares nor knows where David is, Amanda tries her best to pull Jamie away. As Ryan spots Joe and begins to question him about David's whereabouts, Jamie asks Amanda about how her neurology appointment went. Amanda tries to evade his questions. Meanwhile David slowly comes to on the operating table just as the surgeon is about to make his incision. David's screaming from the O.R. draws everyone's attention out in the hallway. Moments afterwards, David bursts through the O.R. doors and demands answers. Jamie finds David's situation amusing while Joe takes it more seriously and goes to talk to the surgeon. Amanda remains suspiciously silent and appears distinctly uncomfortable as David tells them that he was rendered unconscious and a wrist band of another patient who was scheduled for bypass surgery was put on David's wrist. Ryan speculates out loud that maybe, David planned the entire incident to draw attention away from the fact that he had something to do with Kendall waking up in a hammock stretched high over the city streets. David is offended by the suggestion. He admits that he doesn't have a high opinion of Kendall but he would never do such a thing to a pregnant woman. While Ryan steps aside to place a call to Erin in order to confirm Jonathan's whereabouts, David confronts Amanda, asking her where she was during the time that David was attacked. Jamie immediately jumps to Amanda's defense, providing Amanda with an alibi when he tells David that Amanda was the in the company of doctors, including himself, the entire time. Amanda quickly leaves the hospital at the first opportunity. Jamie decides to follow her and catches up with her at the boathouse. He confronts her with the fact that he provided a false alibi for her because he learned from the neurologist that Amanda never made it to her appointment. Amanda is forced to admit that she has been suffering blackouts including earlier as she was going to her appointment. When Jamie asks her how long she's been having blackouts, Amanda tells him that it's been happening since her accident. She goes on to admit that she could be the person behind the soup poisoning, Kendall's near death incident and what happened to David at the hospital. Jamie suggests that she find someone who can keep an eye on her 24/7 but they both soon realize that there isn't anyone who would be willing to do that for Amanda because she has alienated everyone. Desperate for help, Amanda asks him if she can move in with him, promising to sleep on the sofa. Jamie pretends to reluctantly agree. As Amanda hugs him, Jamie enjoys a moment of satisfaction that he was able to manipulate Amanda into doing exactly as he wanted.

Ryan tells Julia that he is determined to take Jonathan and leave town. Julia cautions him about acting rashly. She tells him about finding Kendall in Zach's office with a cosmopolitan despite being pregnant and advises Ryan to think things through for the baby's sake.

Krystal arrives at Fusion and learns that Babe is now a new partner. As they celebrate, Krystal suggests that Babe can drop her plans for JR because her new career provides her with new opportunities to gain custody of her son. Babe disagrees. She insists that her plans for JR are still the best way for her to get her son back. As Babe is talking, Krystal realizes that her daughter's feelings for JR are growing and cautions her about falling for JR, reminding her that he's a creep. After Simone and Dani walk in, Krystal leaves. Neither are happy to see Babe and don't bother to hide their feelings. Babe tries to make peace by asking Simone if they could start things over. Neither Simone nor Dani has any interest in working with Babe. Unfortunately a crisis with a shipment of eye shadow forces the women to work together to make some necessary decisions.

JR walks into the living room, his mind on Babe and his earlier encounter with her in her motel room. Adam interrupts his thoughts and before long, JR is confiding that has conflicting feelings for Babe. Adam is disgusted with his son and reminds him of how Babe treated him. As Adam is talking, it becomes apparent to JR that he's also talking about Krystal. It's JR's turn to be disgusted when he realizes that Adam is falling for Krystal. As the men are talking, Krystal arrives back at the mansion and quietly approaches the living room, careful to remain out of sight so that she can listen in on the men's conversation. Adam admits that he enjoys sparing with Krystal but nothing else beyond that. He quickly directs the conversation back to JR's predicament with Babe. He advises JR to kiss and make up with Babe then snidely suggests that the relationship will last only as long as it will take Babe to grab their son and run away to Florida, leaving JR a laughingstock. Fed up with his father, JR walks out of the room. Krystal walks in and immediately berates Adam for trying to deny his son a chance at happiness. When Adam vows to keep JR out of Babe's clutches, Krystal warns him that he won't have the opportunity to because he will be too busy dealing with her. After Adam walks away, Krystal places a phone call.

Kendall and Zach board a plane, prepared to leave town and obtain their divorce. During the flight, each has fantasies about making their marriage work, but neither is able to say the words. Once they arrive at the hotel, Kendall admits that their divorce trip feels more like a honeymoon.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Jonathan and Erin went Christmas tree shopping with Aidan not far behind. Jonathan said that Ryan needed a happy Christmas and asked Aidan to help him pick out a good tree. Stuart came to help them and recognized Jonathan as Edmund's killer. Jonathan told Stuart that he was bad then but now he is much better and just wanted to find a tree for a happy Christmas. Jonathan told Stuart that he would go somewhere else, but Stuart said he didn't need to and he and Jonathan went to look for the perfect tree. Erin told Aidan that she didn't like Christmas because of they way they grew up. Aidan told her no body should hate Christmas and maybe he could help. Erin told Aidan that their dad would pick her up and she would put the star on the tree and then at some point, he would knock the tree over in a drunken stupor. Stuart came back to Erin and Aidan with the tree and they asked where Jonathan was. Stuart said that he had to deliver a gift.

Lily met Sam, but he was drinking alcohol and Lily said that she couldn't be around alcohol. Sam put the alcohol down and said that the rules adults set up made no sense. Sam said that adults say thou shall not kill, but murderers go free. He told Lily that she was the only person he could count on to tell the truth. They kissed and then Sam tried to unbutton her shirt. She pulled away, and she could tell he was angry. He told her that he was not angry with her, but with Jonathan Lavery. Lily told Sam that Jonathan is good now. Sam said that it was all just lies and he was just a monster. He her stupid and she got upset as Sam raised his voice. Crying, Lily said he thought she was stupid because she was autistic and then ran away. Jonathan found Lily.

Di found Tad at the boathouse. He asked how her new job was going and she told him that Dr. Madden wasn't just interested n the Martins, but he had a lot of information about him. Di told Tad that she overheard Madden talking to Hazel about Kendall and it seemed like taking care of Kendall was the most important thing to him. Di tried to explain that there was something in his voice that wasn't right. Di's phone rang and she walked away to talk. At the end of the conversation, she told Tad that she was talking to Del. Di then told Tad how she had met Dixie once. She said that they connected, that they understood each other. Angered by this, Tad asked what other secrets were out there and she better tell him the truth or they were finished.

Ryan went to Dr. Madden and demanded to know why he inseminated Kendall. Madden told Ryan to talk to his attorneys, but Ryan again demanded to know why. Ryan assured Dr. Madden that he wasn't going to sue him, he just wanted answers. Madden began to explain about the power outage and that he discovered that Greenlee's fertilized embryos were destroyed. He said that Kendall was determined to help Greenlee and was the most selfless woman he had ever known. Ryan asked why they just didn't wait to get more eggs from Greenlee and Madden told him that in addition, his sperm had defrosted and there was less than 24 hours to keep the sperm viable. Madden told Ryan that if Greenlee had been told that there was no chance of a baby, she would have been decimated. Madden told Ryan that people do die of broken hearts and said that he suggested that Greenlee go to a counselor. He then told Ryan that Kendall insisted they use her eggs. Madden said that he tried to convince Kendall that he couldn't inseminate her for more than an hour, but after hearing how it would affect Greenlee, he agreed.

Kendall told Zach that with the candles and sparkling wine, it seemed more like a honeymoon than a divorce. Zach said that he never had a honeymoon, and Kendall said that she hadn't ever had one either. She asked what they do next. Zach told her that they needed to meet the attorney that was helping them with their divorce. Kendall went out on the terrace and Zach followed. Kendall told Zach that only one of them needed to go to the island for the divorce and asked him why he came too. He said he came because he didn't want her to be alone. With a giant lobster on her plate, Kendall said this was the first time in weeks she had not felt queasy. Having trouble cracking the shell, Zach got up to help her. Unable to crack the shell, he picked a metal container and slammed the lobster. Kendall laughed and thanked him. Zach told her that he hadn't see her smile in a long time and she said she thought she forgot how. She asked him why he hadn't asked what she was going to do about the baby. He said that she was there to escape questions. She thanked him for dinner and for his company and Zach went back to his room. As Kendall was standing on the terrace, Zach returned.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Jonathan finds Lily hiding in her tree. He realizes immediately that she's upset. As he tries to calm her down, Lily ends up telling him about her encounter with Sam earlier. She confides that she's sad because he called her stupid and that he's no longer her boyfriend. Jonathan offers to go find Sam and talk to him on her behalf. Lily declines the offer. Talk of Sam leads to talk about sex. When Lily asks Jonathan about his first experience, he admits that he didn't put much thought into it. He just went with his feelings. He tells Lily that he wasn't a very kind boyfriend and that much of that can be attributed to his father and the violence he experienced growing up. Jonathan confides that he doesn't want to have a girlfriend until he's 100% certain that he can make it work the way it is supposed to be. At Lily's confusion, Jonathan explains that he doesn't want to risk making the same mistakes he made in the past. Each shares with the other the qualities they are looking for in that special someone. When Jonathan begins to talk about Christmas and children, Lily tells him that she isn't sure that she will make a good mother because of her autism. Jonathan is sad for her. To cheer her up, he offers to hang the wreath he brought with him over the opening of her tree. Afterwards he leaves.

Erin and Aidan find themselves locked inside the Christmas tree lot. Neither is happy to be there much less with each other. They soon realize that they are trapped in the lot with no way out so they decide to make the best of the situation. While Aidan starts a fire to keep them warm, Erin saws logs from the trees on the lot. When Erin reaches for another tree to begin sawing on, she ends up getting tangled up and falls, the tree landing on top of her. Aidan helps her up and in doing so they end up very close, each affected by the sudden nearness. Erin is the first to pull away. A short time later, Jonathan comes along. He quickly rushes off to call Stuart so that Aidan and Erin can be let out of the lot.

Zach and Kendall spend some time on the beach after their dinner. When Kendall asks Zach why he told her that he loves her, Zach becomes uncomfortable. He tells her that it doesn't matter, given the circumstances of their trip. Kendall doesn't agree. She pushes him for an answer to her question. Zach reminds her of the reasons that they married in the first place and then tells her that it's probably for the best that they divorce. They decide to return to the hotel despite each clearly leaving much unsaid. At the hotel, Kendall offers Zach a nightcap. He declines by making a joke of it, telling her that he doesn't wear them. When he remains in her room, Kendall becomes curious and asks him why he seems reluctant. Just then fireworks can be heard outside and Zach smiles. Zach takes her to the balcony and wishes her a happy independence day and asks her what a divorce is without fireworks. As they watch the display, each sneaks quick glances at the other while they aren't looking.

Krystal throws a wild party much to Adam's displeasure. As the truck stop people become quite boisterous, Adam becomes more frustrated. Krystal offers to wrap up the party if he accepts her terms. Adam is desperate enough to hear her out. She tells him that all she really wants is for Adam to stop fanning the flames of JR's anger toward Babe. Adam refuses the terms. Things go from bad to worse for Adam when Winifred enters the room wearing a skimpy red Christmas costume and carrying a tray of his oldest scotch which she offers to the revelers. Adam is infuriated as the bottle is passed around and people begin drinking the scotch like water without savoring it. When Krystal starts the Christmas carol karaoke, Adam has had enough and storms out of the room.

JR joins Babe at Fusion after hours. He offers her some sparkling cider and admits to her that he was wrong to count marriage between them out. Babe is shocked speechless when JR suddenly produces a ring box with an exquisite diamond ring nestled inside. Babe believes that the engagement ring is meant for her and admits that she's a blind sided at the realization of what the ring signifies. JR's anger slowly surfaces as he tells her that he felt exactly the same way when he learned that Miranda wasn't his daughter. He goes on to ask her if she had fun last planning last Christmas with their son while he was forced to spend it without him. Babe realizes quickly that JR is not proposing to her. JR confirms her suspicions when he tells her that the ring is for his future wife. He then informs her that he has decided to start dating again and will be looking for a woman who will be good to both him and little Adam. Babe is certain that JR's stunt is nothing but a ploy to push her away because deep down inside he wants her. JR denies it and walks out, promising her that she'll never get him or their son back in her life.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

On the islands, Kendall starts off dreaming of the tender moments she shared with her soon-to-be ex, but lands on the one where he tells her she would be better off free of him. Distressed, she tosses and turns, while someone slowly turns the handle to her suite. Zach soon reveals himself, and silently watches Kendall until she wakes. Kendall quips about the lack of security in what was supposed to be a five star hotel. Zach explains that he convinced a couple of chambermaids to let him in by telling them that he had a present for his wife. Kendall thinks he lied, which is more par for his course. Zach surprises her by pulling a small box out of his coat pocket and giving it to her. When she lifts the lid, she is rewarded with a jewel-encrusted dragonfly pin. Zach describes the dragonfly as nature's example of how things are not always as they seem. More than curious, Kendall asks why Zach would give her such a gift on the day of their divorce. Before he can answer her, there is a knock at the door. Zach announces that it is probably the attorney, and Kendall is alarmed because she hasn't showered or changed yet. Zach assures her that the attorney would just be providing them with some basics that they will need in the courtroom later. He lets the attorney in and, after some small talk, including a brief Q & A about the pin, he does just that. He then asks them to review some paperwork and initial them. Kendall moves in close to Zach so they can read over things at the same time, and the attorney picks up on their genuine affection for each other. He notes that there is something going on between them that they haven't admitted to each other or themselves, but Zach tells him simply that they don't hate each other and are reasonable people. The attorney feels it's more than that, and says that if they keep up behavior like this in the courtroom, the judge might throw them out for fraud. Kendall and Zach are floored that the judge would care that they don't mind being in the same room together. The attorney explains that this judge refuses to have his courtroom turned into a sideshow, and that the judge will make their lives a living hell if they don't act like they really hate each other. Zach threatens to get another judge, and is informed that they would have to go to another island for that. They try to act mean and hateful towards each other, but it is classified as pathetic at best by the attorney. He warns them to improve their act by the time he sees them in two hours. Zach walks the attorney to the door, closes it behind him, and turns to see a dejected Kendall. She starts to promise that she will do better when they have their time in court, but Zach interrupts her by saying that he doesn't want the divorce. Kendall tries to joke around, saying he just wants the pin back, but Zach quickly makes it serious again. He tells her that he loves her, and that's why he doesn't want to end the marriage. He admits that he isn't trying to change her mind; he just wants her to know where he stands. She admits her confusion, because he says these things but he doesn't fight for her. He tells her that he won't, because he doesn't want to join the ranks of people that have all decided that they know what's best for her. He tells her that he can't know her heart better than she does, and he follows by saying that he believes in her and trusts her to do what works best for her. Stunned, with tears brimming behind her eyes, she pronounces him the only person that thinks she knows exactly what she is doing and why.

Alone in the room, Zach stares out the window at the ocean, and thinks back to being with Kendall as they watch the fireworks. He snaps out of it after a few moments, and turns to see Kendall re-enter the room. He tells her how beautiful she looks, and how she is making it painfully obvious what he is losing today. She asks him to pin his gift on her lapel, and then tells him that he has been the best husband she could ask for. He tells her that she is only getting rid of his name today - that he will still be across the courtyard, and will still give her whatever she needs when she needs it. He starts to go, but Kendall stops him. She tells him that she doesn't want things to end this way. He turns around, and asks her how she wants it to end.

Lily attempts to complete her holiday shopping, but is distressed by the people and the loud noise in the mall. Jonathan spots her from afar, and is poised to save her once again. One of Aidan's friends tries to warn Jonathan to stay away, but to no avail. While Lily has her ears covered and her head down to control her discomfort, Jonathan tells her that he brought the mall directory over to help her find her way. He also offers to help her find what she needs. Lily manages to tell him what's bothering her, and then notices the guard and asks about him. He tells her that it's a friend of Aidan's, sent to watch him and make sure that he doesn't kill anybody. Jonathan then assures her that the patrons in the mall are all filled with the spirit of the holiday, and would never hurt her. Lily confesses that she doesn't do holiday spirit very well, and wishes that she wasn't weird. Jonathan reminds her that they learned in their life skills class not to call themselves names. He also tells her that being different isn't bad. Seeing that her discomfort isn't abating, he offers to do her shopping for her. They review the list, and Lily makes her way to the nearest exit, courtesy of the map Jonathan provided. Once gone, Jonathan talks to the guard, noting that Lily is a very nice person and how crazy it is that he was going to blow her up last April. Then, Santa makes a beeline by them, headed for the door. Jonathan stops him, asking how he can abandon the children. The Santa admits that he is sick to his stomach, and that the better alternative would be for him to leave.

JR stops over to see Jamie, and is horrified to find Amanda in residence again. She makes a small gesture to make sure he knows she's for real. She then goes to get ready for work and is less than happy to find JR still in the living room when she gets ready to head out. They trade barbs while Jamie quietly ignores them. Once she leaves, JR again tries to offer his brand of help, saying that he can't let his brother go through with providing a roof over Amanda's head. Jamie calls his brother an idiot and silences him by shoving part of his breakfast in JR's mouth. He then proceeds to get ready for his biology class. JR refuses to let him leave until he explains why Amanda is staying with him again. Jamie admits that he has Amanda under observation, but JR thinks Jamie is just playing detective like his father. Jamie notes that JR and his father are a better example of a mirrored duo, because neither one of them gets all of the facts before they arrive at a conclusion. He then assures his brother that if he finds out that there is something certifiable about Amanda, that she is doing anything dangerous, he will know and he will deal with it in a proper manner. JR wryly wishes him good luck and takes his leave.

Josh stares at a poster for New Beginnings, daydreaming of his face replacing Erica's. His reverie is interrupted by Babe's arrival, and she asks if he is too busy for visitors. He insists that he's swamped, but that he could make time if the hottest woman he knows decided she wants him. Slyly, Babe admits that she does indeed want him, and asks if he's up for the challenge. Babe fills Josh in on how she asked JR for help but was turned down. She admits that she is very green when it comes to being a partner in a company, and asks if he can tutor her. He is willing, but he wants to work out their payment arrangement first. He offers a "tutor with benefits" package, and she counters with a "tutor with gratitude" deal. He agrees, and the gratitude starts almost immediately. Just then, Amanda arrives, and rubs her job in Babe's face by greeting her boss and delivering his favorite coffee. Babe is completely taken aback that Josh would hire someone like Amanda. The claws come out, and Amanda demands better behavior out of Babe, stating that Babe will not come to her job and spread her hate around. Babe takes that as language leading up to a threat, and notes that it can be used as proof should she end up in the hospital again. Josh interrupts them before it becomes an all out war, and asks Amanda to check on whether a publicist for an upcoming guest had checked in. Happy to be rid of her arch nemesis, Amanda hastily grabs her things and heads off. Once gone, Babe admits that she is incredulous that Josh would offer someone as unstable as Amanda a job. Josh admits that he knows Amanda is crazy, just as he knows he doesn't want to spend the rest of his life making Erica look good. He tells Babe that the two go hand in hand, and she demands to know why. Josh tells her that he has been clued into how messed up Amanda is from the day they met, and he notes that he plans on using that to his advantage so that he doesn't remain a behind-the-scenes guy forever. Before he can delve into the details, Erica emerges from the elevator and rants about how she told Josh that Babe was not allowed in her studios again. Babe attempts to apologize, saying that she showed up unannounced. Amanda then reappears in a Santa's Helpers outfit, and explains to Erica that she tried to get Babe to leave earlier, but was only shown rudeness and disrespect. Knowing all too well this perceived side of Babe, Erica announces that she is in the know about Greenlee's gift to Babe, and makes it clear how disgusted she is by it. In a huff, she tells Babe to find her way out the same way she found her way in, and then demands that Josh come to her office immediately. She stalks off with Josh close behind. Babe quickly wipes off the smirk that Amanda had on her face by telling her that she should keep digging - because one day, she will fall in, and Babe will delight in burying her alive. She saunters off, leaving Amanda to stew in her words.

A short time later, Amanda finds Josh back at his desk, and asks him for a favor. She tells him that she wants his help in totally destroying Babe - just as Jamie approaches, having heard the request.

Ryan and Erica meet up at Fusion, both mystified by the fact that they can't find Kendall. Simone unknowingly walks into their crosshairs, and immediately tries to avoid them. Failing miserably, they ask her if she is aware of Kendall's whereabouts. Erica adds that there will be a price to pay if Simone says she doesn't know. Simone is wary of delivering any information, but Ryan breaks down her guard by confessing that he knows what Kendall did was completely for Greenlee. He tells Simone that he wants the chance to relay all of this to Kendall. Erica picks up on his line of reasoning, saying that if Ryan had the opportunity, he could change everything. Simone finally cracks, saying that Kendall went to Antigua, alone, to get her divorce. More than pleased at the answer, all traces of the ire Erica held only moments before are erased from her face. She heartily thanks Simone and The Fates for answering her prayer. Simone is forced to let some of the wind out of Erica's sails, however, when she fills them in about Greenlee's departing gift of her shares in Fusion to Babe. She notes that things have really gone downhill since Ryan drove off the cliff. Erica is beside herself thinking about the woman who stole Bianca's baby being an equal partner. She then tells Ryan that Greenlee deserves whatever happens to her. Ryan protests, saying he can't stand by silently while Erica bashes her stepdaughter. However, Erica refuses to be silent, noting that Greenlee should be kissing Kendall's feet for the gifts she was prepared to unselfishly give. Simone smartly decides to remove herself from the situation, and Ryan feels it would be best if he does the same. Simone makes her escape, but Erica stops Ryan. She apologizes for what she said because she knows that he still has feelings for Greenlee. She notes that what Greenlee did was cruel, and Ryan counters by saying that people can do those kinds of things when they are in pain. Erica tries to lighten the mood by saying that Kendall going through with her divorce buoys her spirits. She believes this means that Kendall can start fresh, and Ryan can't help but agree. Erica notes that she has an idea of what is going on in Ryan's head: perhaps he means to fly down to the islands to inform her of his latest revelation...maybe make a difference in Kendall's decision making process regarding their baby. Ryan opts not to answer, instead quickly taking his leave. Once the elevator doors close behind him, Erica prays for a push that will help propel Ryan and Kendall back together again.

JR shows up at the mall with his son, intent on taking him to see Santa Claus for the first time. Coincidentally, Babe shows up at the same time, and this doesn't sit well with JR. He thinks that Winifred ratted him out, but Babe quickly assures him that wasn't the case. JR warns her that he will call security and have her forcibly removed if she doesn't leave on her own. Babe wonders aloud if he would do all that and risk traumatizing their son just because she wouldn't sleep with him. Her dead-on commentary renders him speechless. They go through the line together, against JR's wishes. As the reach Santa, JR distractedly puts Little Adam in Santa's lap and asks him to say hi. Just as quickly, Babe snatches him back, saying that the man in the suit isn't Santa - but a murderer. She pulls down the beard to reveal that Jonathan had taken the sick Santa's place.

Kendall falters, admitting that she never believed she would be saying what is on the tip of her tongue to Zach. Before she can spit them out, never to be reclaimed, her eyes refocus on something over his shoulder. Zach turns around to find out what distracted her, and sees Ryan in the doorway.

Friday, December 16, 2005

Ryan walks into the room, interrupting Kendall and Zach's discussion. Kendall tries to kick Ryan out, but he stays and voices his dislike for Zach. When Ryan tries to grab her arm to leave, Kendall backs away. Ryan tells them he heard the pair was coming to get a divorce, but the romantic setting seems to say otherwise. Ryan thinks Zach followed her to the island, but Zach followed her to make her change her mind. Now, she wonders if the divorce is right, Ryan adds. He tells her he's sorry for not understanding about the baby - he realizes she did it for Greenlee. Kendall accepts the apology and ushers Ryan out. Ryan does not want to leave Kendall alone with Zach, thinking he will suck the life out of her. Ryan tells Kendall that he threatened to kill him, which Zach confirms. Zach tells Ryan that there is nothing he can offer Kendall, unless he wants to marry her. Ryan says his reasons for seeing Kendall are not his concern. Kendall asks Zach to give her and Ryan a moment alone. Ryan gives Kendall his support, saying he will agree with whatever decision she makes. Ryan continues to harp on Zach, saying he is using her to get back at the people he hates. Ryan suggests that Zach became nice to her when the truth about the baby came out as a way to stick it to him. Zach comes back and tells Ryan to take his superhero act elsewhere. Kendall claims she can protect herself and does not need two men fighting for her attention. She walks out, but Ryan follows her.

Jamie asks a Amanda a series of questions to make sure she is sane. Once he realizes she is, he asks her why she is trying to use Josh to get revenge on Babe. Josh sticks up for Amanda, but Jamie claims he was just taking care of her, as she requested. Josh tells Jamie that Amanda was just venting about Babe and had no intentions to hurt her. Amanda admits to slamming on Babe, but brings up Babe's visit earlier that day. Amanda's behavior makes him wonder if maybe she is faking her blackouts. Jamie asks Josh since when did he become Amanda's friend - after all, wasn't he Babe's protector? Josh walks over to Jamie, as though he is going to hit him, but Amanda holds him back. Josh walks away and Jamie suggests that Amanda seek physical help from the hospital. Jamie asks why Amanda gets the blackouts, but she is not sure. Jamie said they could be stopped if the blackouts are a result from the car accident. Josh walks in and suggests that he may hurt Amanda if he gets a chance at the hospital. Amanda gets scared and walks away. Jamie scolds Josh for scaring Amanda and using her to win something for himself.

Janet tells Trevor she is going to open a Christmas present earlier, even though the gift is not from him. The present is actually from herself. Then she calls Amanda and leaves a message, claiming her present is too special to ship.

As Babe takes her son away, JR calls security to come take Jonathan away. A few parents tell JR not to wreck the visit for their children, but he yells that Santa is a murderer. A representative steps forward to remove JR from Jonathan. JR tells the man who he is, which stuns the representative. Jonathan says he didn't want to disappoint the children so he stepped in to be Santa. JR threatens to arrest Jonathan on child molestation charges, but Jonathan claims he would not do that. He just wanted to make the children happy and now, they are getting sad. Jonathan brings up the way his father used to treat him during Christmas. As JR continues to insult him, Jonathan calls him an unfit father. Security drags Jonathan away, but escapes. Babe tries to console her son, as JR threatens to fire everyone he sees if Jonathan is not found. The representative tells them that Jonathan did not harm the other children, but apologizes to Babe for the Santa mix-up. JR goes to take Little Adam out of Babe's hands, but she is hesitant because he put their son in danger. To ensure their son's safety, Babe offers to go home with JR.

At the Chandler mansion, the party continues. Winnie gets a smack on the lips from one of the guys, as Adam brings in the law. Adam starts insulting Krystal's trailer trash friends as she asks him to get in the Christmas spirit. Adam warns his wife once again to get off is property, but she reminds him that she lives there too, so she can invite whoever she wants whenever she feels like it. Adam says his men are trained in martial arts, but Krystal thinks her cowboys can take them on. After Adam does the countdown, the fists start swinging and pillow feathers begin flying. Even Winnie wraps herself around the neck of cowboy! By the end of the brawl, Adam is trying to revive people while Krystal is tending to men's wounds. Not to mention, the room is completely trashed and Winnie is making out with the mystery man. Krystal and Adam agree the party was unforgettable. Adam tells his wife he still plans to bring her down, but Krystal is not worried. Instead, she makes a phone call. The doorbell rings and Adam finds Palmer at the other side of the door. The Chandler Board of Trustees comes in next, thanks to Palmer's invitation from Krystal, to check out the party.

Babe and JR take their son home and tuck him safely in his room. JR rants on about the party, while Babe kisses her son good-night. JR and Babe go to another room to discuss what happened with Jonathan. Babe gets upset, thinking about how Jonathan terrorized Bianca and Miranda, so JR hugs her. Babe threatens to take their son away, but it seems someone else might beat her to it. A secret door opens from the baby's room and a person in a Santa suit sticks out their hand.

Bianca and Miranda show up at Myrtle's front door. A much older Miranda plays with toys as Bianca and Myrtle catch up. Bianca immediately asks how Kendall is doing.



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