Newest Mathison report: he's staying

Posted Sunday, October 14, 2001 10:36:35 PM
Newest Mathison report: he's staying

The growing mystery surrounding Cameron Mathison's (Ryan Lavery) future at All My Children has taken yet another quirky bounce. In the growing yo-yo-like account of "Will he stay or will he go?" the latest wrinkle has the actor staying past the expiration of his current contract.

Soap Central has unearthed new, exclusive information about how the rumors of Mathison's supposed departure may have started.

A message on Eric Dearborn's (ex-Gabriel Devane) web site shortly after Dearborn's dismissal from the show hinted that Esta TerBlanche (ex-Gillian Andrassy) and Mathison would also soon be leaving the show. Since TerBlanche's exit had already been confirmed, many were quick to assume that Mathison was also being shown the door. Dearborn explained in a later posting that he had meant that Mathison's contract was due to expire, not that Mathison was necessarily leaving the show. It is now widely believed that soap magazines patrolling this message board misunderstood Dearborn's post and ran with the story that Mathison was leaving. Dearborn, as it seems, would be the "insider" that the magazines referenced in their articles.

However, Soap Central did also speak to a show insider around the same time - not Dearborn - that hinted that Mathison and AMC execs were having trouble reaching an agreement on a new contract. According to reports, Mathison wanted the ability to take time off from shooting AMC to appear in other projects. Most shows require actors to give as much as six weeks' notice before a planned departure in order for the writers to work a plausible exit for the performer's character.

There are now published reports indicating that Mathison is ready to re-sign with All My Children. Soap Opera Digest cites an unidentified source close to Mathison as saying that the actor will stay with the show.

Mathison remains tightlipped about his future. The actor's only comment on his contract status came shortly after the initial reports that he was contemplating a leave from the show.

On his official web site, Mathison addressed the reports, saying that they we "totally and completely not true." However, he stopped short of saying that he would definitely be staying put. "I could re-sign, I could not, or I could just take a little break for a while... I really have no idea."

Mathison has yet to comment on the newest reports that he is staying nor has he publicly stated to his fans that he has or has not decided his future plans.

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