Lamman Rucker lands AMC contract role

Posted Friday, June 03, 2005 3:22:06 PM
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Lamman Rucker lands AMC contract role

Former As the World Turns star Lamman Rucker (ex-T Marshall Travers) will join the cast of All My Children next month in the role of Mimi Reed's fiancé. For more on Mimi's return, be sure to click here to read our related story.

Rucker, a former semi-pro athelete, joined As the World Turns in May 2002 in what was to have been a short-term, recurring role. Rucker's performance earned praise from fans and show execs alike and several months later he was given a contract with the show. However, by mid-October of 2003, storyline dictated the actor's exit from the show.

On All My Children, Rucker will appear in the contract role of Garret Williams. It would appear at first glance that Rucker will remain on the canvas longer than Shari Headley (Mimi Reed), who is reprising the role of Mimi Reed beginning June 14th. Headley's return is being billed as a "limited engagement," while Rucker is being dubbed a contract player.

With Rucker's addition to the cast, All My Children has moved to increase the diversity of its cast, which many critics have blasted as being "too white" in recent years. In its 35-year history, All My Children has repeatedly earned critical acclaim for having an all-encompassing canvas of characters.

Rucker's debut is sure to cause fireworks on the canvas - as he makes his debut on July 4th.

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