The new Liza Colby is back this week

Posted Monday, April 13, 2009 2:13:06 AM
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The new Liza Colby is back this week

This is the week that All My Children fans have been waiting for -- the week that Liza Colby returns to Pine Valley. Though a new actress has taken over the role, there are still bound to be fireworks. Now, AMC execs discuss what's ahead for the new Liza and shed some light on new cast member Jamie Luner.

By the end of this week, All My Children fans will get their first look at the new Liza Colby. If soap history proves reliable, her return should come just in time for the final scene in Friday's cliffhanger. When she is spotted on-screen, Liza will now be played by actress Jamie Luner, who takes over the role previously played by Emmy winner Marcy Walker.

More details of why Liza has opted to return to Pine Valley are beginning to emerge. In an interview with TV Guide, All My Children's top two executives -- executive producer Julie Hanan Carruthers and head writer Charles Pratt, Jr. -- share some interesting details about Luner.

Carruthers promises that Liza's return starts with "a big bang -- literally." As previously reported by Soap Central, during her off-screen time, Liza has gone to law school, passed the bar, and become a lawyer.

Pratt and Luner have previously worked together, but Pratt says that he will not let that previous working relationship dictate how he writes story for the actress. He does, however, hint that he might want to see if there is any chemistry between Luner's Liza and Thorsten Kaye's Zach Slater.

Meanwhile, Pratt warns that Luner will undoubtedly create some waves behind the scenes.

"I warned her that joining AMC would be daunting and crazy," Pratt told TV Guide. "What with 30 actors and all the behind-the-scenes stuff, it's like high school. But they're the ones who have to watch out. Jamie's not an ass kisser. She's very straightforward. She's going to shake up the cast in a very good way."

Luner debuts on April 17.

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