All My Children officially welcomes Jordi Vilasuso

Posted Friday, October 08, 2010 11:38:23 PM
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AMC officially welcomes Jordi Vilasuso

Though his addition to the All My Children cast was first reported last month, ABC has officially rolled out the welcome mat for Emmy winner Jordi Vilasuso. The former Guiding Light star will play Griffin Castillo, a doctor of Mexican heritage. Vilasuso will first air in November.

As first reported by Soap Central last month, Emmy winner Jordi Vilasuso will take on the newly created role of Griffin Castillo in the height of the November Sweeps period. Now, the ABC soap has issued a statement to officially welcome the actor to the show.

"We are excited to welcome Jordi Vilasuso to the All My Children family and look forward to introducing a new character on our canvas with Mexican heritage," AMC executive producer Julie Hanan Carruthers said in a statement. "With Jordi's talented portrayal, the entrance of Griffin Castillo to Pine Valley promises to be filled with joy, passion and mystery."

When the news of Vilasuso's addition to the All My Children canvas first broke, it was said that Griffin would "initially be introduced through Jake and Amanda's storyline." Now the hows of that introduction are becoming a little clearer. Griffin Castillo is a doctor who heads to Pine Valley after having worked with Doctors Without Borders on humanitarian missions. Viewers will remember that Jake and Jamie Martin both worked with the humanitarian group.

What still remains to be figured out is how AMC's other new character, Cara Finn, who will be played by Lindsay Hartley, figures into the mix.

For three years, Vilasuso appeared as Tony Santos on the long-running CBS soap, Guiding Light. In 2003, the actor was awarded his very first Daytime Emmy in the Outstanding Younger Actor category.

Vilasuso first airs on November 16.

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