Cady McClain to AMC fans: Support One Life to Live

Posted Tuesday, November 15, 2011 2:25:01 AM
Cady McClain to AMC fans: Support One Life to Live

All My Children has apparently been backburnered for now, and one All My Children star is offering new details about what did or did not happen during negotiations with Prospect Park. Cady McClain also urges AMC fans to support One Life to Live if they want to see AMC return on the Internet.

With much uncertainty surrounding All My Children's future, many fans are allowing their jittery nerves to get the best of them -- and some fans have gone as far as to start unsubstantiated rumors and vent misplaced anger. Cady McClain (Dixie Martin) posted a message on her Facebook page to offer fans a few more answers, and to ask that fans continue to supporting the soaps.

"Okay, I just have to say that the news that 'AMC didn't move on because of actor negotiations' is just totally wrong," McClain asserted in her post. "First of all, when I was there at the very end, TONS of actors were asking each other, 'have you been contacted? Has anybody been contacted?' The answer was always, 'No. What's going on? Why haven't they contacted any of us?'"

"Now comes the real question: Why? Why weren't they asked? Is it true that [Prospect Park] was negotiating only with [Susan] Lucci and waiting until that deal was done to contact anyone else? I do not know," McClain continued. "She did not share that info with anyone as far as I know. I did hear through the grapevine (after the show ended) that Prospect Park did indeed contact her. Make of that what you will."

"Is it true that Prospect Park showed preference for One Life to Live from the very beginning? Yes, I do know that because OLTL had higher ratings [and] Prospect Park felt they had a better bet with them. Other than that, I cannot guess at anything else, other than that Prospect Park only has so much money to go around, and this internet gamble is a huge one. My feeling is, when OLTL goes to the Internet, it will have ... only a FEW months to prove itself as a viable show. If it doesn't pull the ratings Prospect Park needs it to... it will not withstand the chopping block. If it does do well in the ratings, then there is a CHANCE that AMC will be pulled back into the mix."

If fans feel that they don't know what's going on, McClain ceded that she's pretty much in the same situation.

"This is all conjecture on my part," McClain added. "I guess I just don't want the fans to blame the actors, when so many actors I spoke to wanted to do the job. I just really want you guys to know that there are so many more issues at play here."

"Looking forward, I would say if you love OLTL and AMC, just keep supporting the soaps. ALL the soaps. That means WATCH as much as you can, write in and tell Prospect Park, and ABC, CBS, and NBC that you watch and that you love soap operas. Competition simply cannot be the same as it was right now. We can't have a 'Team AMC' and a 'Team OLTL' and expect either one of them to survive. We really have to pull together and support all the soaps, if the fans really want them to continue."

McClain concluded her message to fans by urging AMC fans to support One Life to Live when it does debut on Prospect Park's The Online Network.

"It's a worthy, well done show, and honestly [it] really is the only thing that might make AMC returning possible," McClain offered.

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