Report: Prospect Park abandoning plans to relaunch All My Children

Posted Thursday, November 10, 2011 4:57:40 PM
Report: Prospect Park abandoning plans to relaunch All My Children

Prospect Park has reportedly shelved its plans to relaunch All My Children on the Internet in January. The company will instead focus its efforts on One Life to Live. To date, only two AMC stars had been announced as signing on for the web-based version of the series.

For the second time in under a year, All My Children fans are about to have their hearts broken. Prospect Park has reportedly decided to abandon its plans to relaunch the soap on the Internet in January.

Citing inside sources, Soaps In Depth has reported that Prospect Park has decided to focus its efforts on relaunching One Life to Life instead of attempting to reboot two soaps.

"[Prospect Park] has decided that they only need one soap opera for their new Internet channel, The Online Network," Soaps In Depth reported. "And since TOLN had gotten further along in the process with their plans for OLTL, word is that they are not moving forward with the AMC reboot."

Variety, however, suggests that All My Children will still return -- but that the return "is expected to be delayed by at least a few months."

Talks between Prospect Park and All My Children actors have been slow at best. While the media company has reached deals with 13 One Life to Live performers, it's only been able to hammer out a deal with two AMC stars. In September, Cameron Mathison (Ryan Lavery) and Lindsay Hartley (Cara Castillo) had signed on for the planned Internet version of AMC. Hartley announced on Twitter last month that Darnell Williams (Jesse Hubbard) was also on board, but Williams later revealed at an All My Children fan event that he hadn't yet reached a deal with Prospect Park.

Talks were, however, progressing with other All My Children stars -- including negotiations with Susan Lucci (Erica Kane). Those talks have now reportedly been placed on hold.

Prospect Park has had difficulty raising all the capital it needs to launch its online network. According to estimates, the company needed approximately $85 million to relaunch both All My Children and One Life to Live on the Internet. With the company focusing on just One Life to Live, they'll only need half of that total.

Prospect Park has stated publicly that they want to launch The Online Network in January. As talks with the various unions representing the on-screen and behind-the-scenes talent have dragged on, it has made meeting that deadline increasingly difficult.

Prospect Park has not commented on the reports of AMC's shelving.

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