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Jesse Hubbard
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Actor History

Born February 8, 1964

Presumed dead: June 28, 1988

Birthday celebrated on-screen February 10, 2009


Former Chief of police, Pine Valley Police Department [Jun 30, 2008; Forced resignation: Jul 29, 2013]

Hired as a criminology professor at Pine Valley University, but never reported to work [Jun 2008]

Former busboy in Denver, Colorado

Former councilman of the Pine Valley Town Council

Former co-owner of the Steam Pit nightclub

Former camera shop employee

Former policeman

Former singer [1984]

Former waiter at Foxy's


46 Chestnut Street

Formerly 1421 Plumtree Road, Apartment 5F [Also mentioned as 718 Valley Road]

Formerly Denver, Colorado

Marital Status

Married to Angela Baxter (Renewed vows: May 21, 2008)

Past Marriages

Angela Baxter (Dissolved by his death)

Angela Baxter (Recommitment ceremony: Apr 4, 2008; renewed vows: May 21, 2008)


Lionel Hubbard (father; deceased)

Ellie Grant Hubbard (mother; deceased)

Randi Morgan (daughter-in-law)

Eugene Hubbard (half-brother)

Franklin Grant (uncle; deceased)

Nancy Fisher Grant (aunt by marriage)

Carl Blair Grant, Jr. (first cousin)

Jacob Foster (lookalike cousin)

William (grandson; given up for adoption)


Frankie Hubbard (son; with Angie) Cassandra Foster (stepdaughter)

Natalia Fowler (daughter, with Rebecca)

Lucille "Ellie" Hubbard (daughter; deceased)

Lucille "Ellie" Hubbard (Maya Mercado's daughter; raising as her own)

William Saunders (grandson; given up for adoption)

Flings & Affairs

Angela Baxter (lovers)

Yvonne Caldwell (one-night stand)

Rebecca Fowler

Crimes Committed

Accessory to the murder of Angie's father

Kidnapped Frankie

Had Tad plant pills at Wildwind to frame David Hayward [Feb 5, 2009]

Shot and critically injured Tad Martin [May 18, 2009]

Obstruction of justice; removed Henry North's body from the scene of a crime, put him in a car, and sent the car over a cliff [Jul 2009]

Helped Kendall to hide and avoid serving jail time [Aug 2009]

Threatened to kill Madison North [Sep 14, 2009]

Did not report an abandoned baby, raised the baby as his own [Mar 31, 2011 to Aug 2011]

Obstruction of justice; allowed Uri Koslov to submit falsified evidence claiming he'd died [Summer 2013]

Health and Vitals

Hospitalized for one year for a self-described mental breakdown some time during the years he pretended to be dead.

Diagnosed with high blood pressure [pre-2008]

Brief Character History

While protecting his best friend, Jenny Gardner, Jesse became the enemy of Liza Colby who wanted to discredit Jenny and drive a wedge between Jenny and Greg. Jesse pushed Liza during an argument, but after Jesse left; Liza tore her clothes and accused Jesse of rape. Jesse ran away to New York where he rescued Jenny from a life of pornographic filmmaking. Jenny and Jesse returned to Pine Valley and Jenny got Liza to drop the charges.

Jesse and Angie Baxter crossed the state line to get married, regretting their decision afterward; they decided to keep their marriage a secret. Angie's father, Les Baxter, did not accept a then-street thug Jesse as good enough for his Angie. Later, Angie found herself pregnant and believing Jesse didn't want children, decided to go to Haiti for a quick divorce.

Jesse found out that Angie had given birth and went to be with her at the hospital but he was too late, Angie had reluctantly given the baby up for adoption. Jesse and Angie kidnapped the baby and fled to Center City where they were again married by a justice of the peace.

Yvonne Caldwell, Jesse's singing partner, lied when she claimed she was having Jesse's baby. After admitting to Angie that Jesse wasn't the father, she decided to sell the child to a baby-selling ring. Jesse went undercover to find the leader of the black market baby-selling ring, only do discover that it was his father-in-law -- Angie's father, Les Baxter. Jesse set up a meeting with Les and, during a struggle, Les fell down a stairwell to his death. Angered by Jesse's deception, Angie left him.

While pursuing a criminal justice career, Jesse was gunned down in the line of duty.

In 1994, Tad Martin was injured during a tornado and Jesse became visible to him from the great beyond.

Jesse, once again, revealed his spirit, but this time it was to Gillian in an effort to assist her in the acceptance her own death in 2001.

In January 2008, it was learned that Jesse was very much alive. He had been pretending to be dead in order to protect his family, whose lives had been threatened. He returned to Pine Valley because Frankie was close to death, but never intended to be spotted. As he skulked about the hospital, he eventually crossed paths with Tad Martin. Tad vowed to keep Jesse's secret, but when Jesse tried to leave town he was beat up pretty badly by a mugger and he had to be rushed to Pine Valley Hospital. He was able to remain out of sight of his former wife, Angie, who had been called back to Pine Valley to consult on Frankie and Greenlee Smythe's mysterious illnesses. On Valentine's Day, while once again attempting to leave town, Jesse and Angie's paths crossed at a train station. Jesse revealed to Angie that some men came to the hospital where he was after he had been shot and tortured him to get information out of him as to where a diamond was (the diamond was in a stuffed elephant toy that Jesse planned to give to Frankie when he was five years old in 1988). Jesse escaped from the men and was on the run for 20 years. He told Angie that he had to keep running so he could not put her and Frankie in danger. Angie and Frankie convinced Jesse to stay in Pine Valley with them and Jesse agreed. Jesse had his coffin exhumed and in it was a stuffed elephant toy. Jesse said that he had planned to give it to Frankie right when he died. Angie claimed that she had that toy, in the coffin, placed there as a substitute and gave the stuffed elephant toy to her adoptive daughter, Cassandra. The man who was after Jesse (and the diamond that Jesse had) was named "Papel." To lure Jesse out into the open, Rob Gardner kidnapped Jesse's son, Frankie Hubbard, as well as Colby Chandler. Jesse went to where the kidnapper told him to go and, in a shoot out, Rob shot one of his henchmen. Rob claimed he was an FBI agent and that the man he shot dead was Papel (Rob was actually Papel) and that he had hunted down Papel for 20 years.

Cassandra Foster, Angie's adoptive daughter with her ex-husband, Jacob Foster, came to town from Paris and did not hit it off right with Jesse. Eventually, Jesse and Cassandra started to bond. Rob saw that Cassandra had the elephant toy that he wanted and tried to steal it but he did not.

Jesse thought his life on the run was over but it was not. At his wedding to Angie, he realized that Rob was Papel and he held Rob at gunpoint. Rob countered and took Angie hostage. Rob dragged Angie into a helicopter and was about to take off but Jesse leaped from the top of a building to get onto the helicopter. He and Rob fought and Jesse managed to land the helicopter. Rob was arrested and sent to prison.

Jesse got a job offer to teach criminology at Pine Valley University but he also got another offer to be the new Pine Valley chief of police since Derek Frye left town for Hawaii to be with his daughter, Danielle. Jesse wanted the Chief position badly but Angie advised him against it since it was police work that took Jesse from her for 20 years. Angie, eventually, encouraged Jesse to be the new police chief, and Jesse was sworn in as chief of police for Pine Valley. Jesse's first crime to investigate was Richie Novak's murder. Jesse realized that his stepdaughter, Cassandra Foster, and her two friends, Dre Woods and Colby Chandler, drove back home from a cabin one night and rolled over Richie's dead body (Richie was already dead when they ran over him). Jesse had all three of them arrested but the charges were dropped on all of them when the autopsy revealed that Richie had been murdered as a result of a blow to his head. Cassandra left Pine Valley for Paris and bid her mom and brother a farewell. She also shared an emotional goodbye with Jesse.

Jesse's past came back to haunt him when a young woman named Natalia moved in close by to his loft that he shared with Angie. Natalia was Jesse's daughter when Jesse had an affair with Natalia's mother, Rebecca Fowler, while he was on the run. When Natalia was injured in the tornado, Angie said she needed a relative of Natalia's to sign papers so the hospital could do surgery on her. Jesse signed the papers and told Angie that Natalia was his daughter. Angie and Frankie were upset with Jesse, at first, for not telling either of them about Rebecca or Natalia. Rebecca came to town and Angie allowed her to move in to her loft with Jesse.

Jesse learned, from Angie, that Rebecca was dying from a brain tumor. Jesse recalled how Rebecca convinced him to go back to Angie and realized why-because she did not want him to be depressed over watching her die. Jesse did not know, before he went back to Pine Valley, that Rebecca was dying. Rebecca has signed a "do not resuscitate" order, but when she went into cardiac arrest, Jesse and Natalie urged Angie to ignore the order and do whatever it took to save her. Angie initially refused, but eventually she succumbed to their wishes. Rebecca remained unconscious for a period of time, but when she regained consciousness she started to show signs of improvement. The improvement was short-lived. Rebecca would not live much longer and she went back to Denver and died. Jesse grieved for Rebecca and comforted Natalia, as she grieved for her mother.

Natalia remained in Pine Valley and joined the police department after the death of her mother. Jesse struggled to keep Natalia from finding out his secret -- he had covered up a murder. Frankie's wife, Randi, believed she had murdered Henry North, the district attorney. Randi was alone with Henry in a hotel room, and had defended herself against his physical advances. She had knocked Henry out.

Jesse covered up Randi's crime to protect his pregnant daughter-in-law. Madison North, Henry's widow, knew Randi had been in Henry's hotel room and was onto the Hubbard's cover-up. Randi suffered a miscarriage. Madison was interested in Frankie and tried to force him to divorce Randi. Jesse believed Madison had killed Henry and framed Randi. After Madison confessed, the Hubbards learned Madison's father had abused her, and they befriended her.

Jesse received surprising news when Angie announced she was pregnant. Jesse was thrilled. His excitement was stifled when Angie explained she had contracted a viral infection in her eyes that caused blindness. She had not worn gloves while treating a patient, and had accidentally rubbed her eyes. The experimental medication to restore her vision would harm the baby, so Angie chose not to take it. Jesse struggled with Angie's choice, but in time he supported her decision.

Jesse learned the gender of the baby by accident because of an amniocentesis appointment. Angie knew he was keeping a secret, so he shared that they were having a girl. Before the baby arrived, Jesse took Angie on a romantic outing to their first house, and they repeated their wedding vows. Angie went into labor, and Jesse had to deliver the baby. He called for help, but no medical units could reach them in time.

Angie instructed Jesse until she passed out. The baby was stillborn. Jesse named the baby Ellie. Moments later, a police officer, Brot Monroe, arrived, but he did not arrive alone. A newborn baby girl had been abandoned in his squad car. When Angie regained consciousness, she heard the abandoned baby cry and assumed it was her daughter. Jesse could not bear to cause Angie pain, so he placed the abandoned baby in her arms. They named the baby Lucy.

Jesse quietly grieved Ellie while he worried Angie or someone else would discover Lucy was not their child. Angie admitted she would like to be able to see her daughter, even if it meant turning to David Hayward for help in treating her blindness. Jesse blamed David for Angie's blindness because Angie had been trying to conserve resources that were in short supply at the hospital, such as gloves, due to David Hayward's cutbacks. David claimed he had new research that might restore Angie's vision. Jesse was reluctant to have Angie accept help from David, but he agreed to stand by her decision.

Jesse hovered over Angie and Lucy while he privately mourned his child and reconsidered his decision to lie to Angie. He overreacted to Lucy's colic and he was extremely overprotective. Jesse also had a strange reaction to a woman who claimed her baby was missing even though the woman was referring to a much older child. Angie attributed Jesse's behaviors to becoming a new parent later in life and he continued to turn to Brot for reassurance that he had made the right decision to raise Lucy as his daughter.

After a few months when no one came forward to claim Lucy, Jesse temporarily relaxed from his fear that Angie would learn the truth about their baby. Frankie introduced Jesse and Angie to a young woman named Maya Mercado. Maya had an instant bond with Lucy that impressed Angie but made Jesse feel uncomfortable. Angie suggested Maya to move in with them to be Lucy's nanny. Jesse was able to pinpoint why he was uneasy about Maya when he overheard her mention that she had recently given up a baby of her own. He suspected Lucy was Maya's child and secretly ran a DNA test which confirmed his suspicions.

Maya accepted the job as Lucy's nanny and moved in although Jesse repeatedly tried to convince Angie otherwise. He also offered Maya an alternative job at the police station which she refused to take. Maya shared with Angie that she had recently given up her baby to protect the child from her abusive boyfriend Mookie. Angie and Maya bonded when Angie shared her own experience as a pregnant young woman with a controlling father. Maya told Angie she wanted to end her relationship with Mookie but he would not let her go. Mookie showed up at the Hubbard's home and was violent with Maya. Both Angie and Jesse defended Maya and Jesse threatened to charge Mookie with assault if he did not leave town. Jesse was especially anxious to have Mookie out of town before he realized Lucy was his child.

The connection between Lucy and Maya was not Jesse's only concern. Angie continued to receive treatments from David to restore her vision. As Angie spent more time with David she started to defend his actions and praised his medical abilities whereas Jesse continued to believe David should be behind bars. Jesse worried Angie's trust in David would prove to be unfounded and she would be disappointed or hurt.

Jesse had some positive news in the midst of his worries about Angie's trust in David and Maya's search for her daughter when Brot asked for Jesse's permission to marry Natalia. He gave Brot his blessing and welcomed him into the family. Jesse again thanked him for all he had done in keeping Lucy's real identity a secret.

Tad visited Jesse and asked him questions about a baby that had been abandoned in a squad car earlier in the year. Tad explained he was working on a case to reunite a young mother with a child she abandoned. Jesse tried to convince Tad to allow him to investigate the case, which Tad viewed as suspicious. Jesse asked his good friend to leave the case alone but Tad explained he could not after everything he had been through in locating his own daughter. Jesse broke down and confessed the truth that he was raising the child Tad was searching for.

Jesse knew the secret about Lucy and Ellie was about to come out and he confessed everything to Angie. She was heartbroken and insisted that Jesse take her to her daughter's grave. Angie was furious with Jesse for keeping the truth from her which caused her to grieve for two children, the child that died and the child they would have to give up.

Jesse contacted David and postponed Angie's surgery and cited recent stress as a cause for the delay while Angie presented Maya with her daughter. Jesse apologized to Maya for keeping her daughter from her when he knew she was looking for her. Maya told Jesse she understood he had given Angie a child to spare her pain and he thanked Angie and Jesse for taking good care of Lucy, although Maya made it clear she could not give up her daughter again. She decided to move out with Lucy while she figured out her future but promised Angie and Jesse she would not leave Pine Valley without saying goodbye.

Angie was angered when she learned Jesse had postponed her surgery and she rescheduled it to happen as planned. Frankie showed up to take Angie to the hospital and sided with his mother over Jesse after Angie explained she deserved something good after losing two children. Jesse waited at the hospital while Angie was in surgery and wondered if she would ever forgive him for what he had done. Tad waited with Jesse and reassured him Angie would forgive him and they would be able to move past his deception.

Angie forgave Jesse when her vision returned and she saw Jesse silently crying and she realized Jesse had made the decision to give her another woman's child out of love. Jesse was relieved that Angie was able to forgive him and they prepared to share the news with the family that Angie's vision had been restored. They gathered the family at their apartment and Brot and Natalia shared the news of their engagement. They had another reason to celebrate when Maya stopped by with Lucy and decided to move back in.

Jesse and Angie shared the good news about Angie's vision with their friends at a party held at the Chandler mansion to welcome home Stuart Chandler. He had been presumed dead but had been brought back from near death by David and his experimental Project Orpheus treatments. Jesse and Angie toasted with their friends and family and were thrilled when Randi admitted she might be pregnant. They continued to celebrate as a shot rang out.

Time advanced five years between the final episode on ABC and the first episode of Prospect Park's online version.

Five years later, Jesse and Angie remained very much in love and continued to reside in Pine Valley. Jesse planned to surprise Angie with a visit from Cassandra and arranged for Cassandra to fly in from Paris. However, Cassandra was kidnapped from the airport by Russian sex trade traffickers Vlad and Uri Koslov. Jesse was disturbed to learn the Cassandra was missing and reached out to Zach Slater for assistance after he learned about the Koslov organization.

When Jesse initially realized that Cassandra was missing, he hid the truth from Angie. She was furious that yet again he had withheld the truth from her. Jesse insisted that he only wanted to spare Angie the pain that would come from knowing about their daughter. Angie leaned on David Hayward for support while Jesse immersed himself in Cassandra's case. As Jesse learned more about the Koslov's organization, he was horrified to learn that Cassandra had been forced to participate in pornography and prayed that he would reach her in time.

As Jesse and the police closed in the Koslov brothers, Uri Koslov reached out to Jesse. He offered to release Cassandra in exchange for Jesse's help. Jesse agreed to fake Uri's death and frame Zach for the crime. After Jesse complied, Cassandra was injected with heroin and set free. She was hospitalized for drug withdrawal and Angie remained by her side. Jesse was often called away from the hospital to deal with Uri's ongoing threats to his family. Jesse hid the deal with Uri from Angie and the distance between them remained.

Eventually, Jesse's role in faking the death of a known criminal and his attempt to pin a murder on Zach were revealed. He was forced to resign from the police force and Angie was disappointed in his decision to keep things from her. Zach understood Jesse's reasons for what he had done and their friendship remained strong. As Jesse contemplated life after the police force, he thought about opening his own private detective agency. Angie encouraged the idea and Jesse reached out to his good friend Tad Martin and Tad updated him that Uri Koslov had resurfaced.

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