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Jesse left Pine Valley on Christmas Eve after completing his mission to get Tad back to being the man that Dixie had fallen in love with. Adam wished that JR would forgive Tad. Leo and Greenlee reunited, and Greenlee made him re-propose to her. David caught Vanessa and her chauffeur having an affair in his hotel room. Mateo and Hayley went undercover at the ball. An anonymous donor put a Proteus sculpture up for silent auction. David clobbered Roger when he threatened to tell one of his secrets.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of December 24, 2001 on AMC
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Monday, December 24, 2001

Jesse guarantees Tad that Pine Valley will have a Christmas that it won't forget. Marian panics when she believes that her diamond earrings meant as a Christmas present from Stuart have fallen into cookie batter, and she instructs all gathered to find the missing jewelry by eating the cookies. Stuart and JR arrive toting their miracle package, and Stuart asks all gathered to pass around the magical present and share what they would most want to give to someone else. Adam takes the opportunity to take the high road, and he asks that JR forgive Tad. Tad asks for Dixie's forgiveness, but Dixie remains reluctant. Jesse announces that he has completed his mission, turning Tad back into the man that Dixie fell in love with, but Jesse denies Tad's requests for him to stay on earth and to make Dixie fall back in love with Tad. Jesse knocks Tad out with a star ornament from a tree, and when Tad awakes, he tells Opal that he dreamed of Jesse and his sister. When all the cookies have been consumed and the earrings remain missing, Stuart relieves Marian by revealing the lost property. Edmund starts to tell Brooke that he loves her, but Phoebe and Petey interrupt the moment. Mateo surprises Hayley when he arrives with Lorenzo, and Leo and Greenlee end up finding each other by the end of the

Tuesday, December 25, 2001

Due to the Christmas holiday, today's episode was preempted. Programming will resume on Wednesday the 26th where Monday's show concluded.

Wednesday, December 26, 2001

At Wildwind, Edmund was preparing for the Crystal Ball. He directed the caterers to the kitchen and helped Stella with a huge flower arrangement. He noted that Maria always took care of the flowers and picked up a picture of her that was sitting on a side table. He sat down on the couch with it and thought longingly of his late wife. Brooke walked in, volunteered to help and then noticed Edmund sitting with Maria's picture in his hands and a sad look on his face. She offered to leave him alone but he asked her to stay. He told her about the band mix-up and that he's glad she's there. Brooke complimented him on the beautiful invitations and how wonderful the ball will be for Maria's foundation. Edmund began to finish the conversation he had started the night before when again his children interrupted. Brooke smiled and said "to be continued!." Opal and Hank walked in and she told Edmund she had a fix for his band problem. She told him about Hank's jazz trio being in town and that they'd love to play for the ball, although she was quick to point out that Hank wouldn't be playing, he was her escort. As she talked about the trio Vanessa and Palmer strolled in and made very snide comments about Opal's offer. Edmund was happy to have Hank's trio play for the ball that night. Vanessa and Palmer presented a painting they were donating for auction at the ball. Mateo and Simone came in, fully dressed for the ball. Mat said he knew he was early but wanted to introduce his date for the evening. Edmund and Brooke feigned horror as the others looked on in stunned disbelief. Edmund got in Mat's face and said "Have you totally lost your mind?." The two men began to argue and Edmund took Mat outside as he said Mat was insulting Maria's memory. Vanessa with a very gleeful look said "fasten your seat belts, tonight will be a bumpy ride!." Simone stepped into the entrance way and Brooke followed. They discussed Proteus and Mateo's desire to confront him. Simone assured Brooke that Tempo will scoop the Proteus story. Brooke went back into the living room and gave Opal the guest list to confirm and then went to the kitchen. Opal told Hank how she hated to see Mat and Edmund go at each other over a "floozy." Then she went on about Vanessa and Palmer, while Vanessa fawned all over Palmer across the room. Hank wondered why Opal cared so much and she said it was because of Petey. Vanessa told Palmer that neither of her sons would be at the ball so he would have her full attention that evening. They left after throwing one last insult at Opal. Brooke returned with Jamie, who asked her if she is hung up on Edmund. She tried to avoid the question but then said she was worried about how long he and Mateo had been gone. Jamie pressed her to admit she likes Edmund and she told him to stop nagging her, then left for the kitchen again. Jamie picked up the phone and called someone, saying "All systems are go!."

Mateo and Edmund go to the stable to talk. Mat said Proteus has to believe in him and then told Edmund all the things he's done for Proteus recently. Edmund told Mat about Dixie's car accident and they wondered if it was Proteus. They both saw a connection in Dixie's accident and Anna's car accident. David Hayward. Mateo didn't believe that David could be a killer. Edmund said maybe he feels the noose tightening and is getting desperate and careless. They discussed possibilities and Mat wondered if Proteus could be a woman. Edmund said a long time ago there was a drug ring in Pine Valley that was run by Cobra, Peg English. Edmund said they must proceed with extreme caution but Mateo said no, he was pressing on full steam ahead and to hell with the consequences. He said the time has come to make Proteus pay for what he's doing to his family.

David and Anna were in the Valley Inn bar. He joked that Anna probably wanted nice spy equipment for Christmas but she said it was nice to pretend the rest of the world didn't exist just for a few hours. Roger Smythe rushed to their table and told David he got there as fast as he could, he got David's message. David denied having sent Roger a message. Roger began to insist but David said he must have been misinformed and rudely dismissed Roger. After he left Anna commented that she found it interesting that Roger was at David's beck and call. David insisted that he isn't but Anna wondered what hold David must have on Roger. David got aggravated and said the game she was playing with him was very dangerous. He also said curiosity could be fatal and told her not to play games with him. She agreed that he was dangerous and said he guards his secrets like a jealous lover. Anna admitted that she was the one who called Roger, saying she was just testing the waters. She said she knows David and Roger are in a game together and that Roger is just a pawn. Anna then offered to protect David but David was skeptical, and wondered what would prevent her from turning him over to Agent Stamp. They began to argue and Anna begged David to trust her. He wondered what she was trying to save, his ass or her career. She said both but David said his life didn't need saving and left the table. She followed him and told him that she cares for him. David said if she crosses him she'll be his enemy and his enemies always pay.

Leo and Greenlee were in bed at her loft. She said that the best part of last night was when Leo found her at the tree lot and how he'd swallowed his "dumb bunny pride" and realized he couldn't live without her. Leo sat up in bed with a confused look saying "I said what???." He questioned her about what she thought happened and Greenlee just went on about how incredible the night was. She said he was all alone on Christmas Eve and he looked everywhere for her and finally found her and said all the right things. Greenlee said fate brought them together at the tree lot and she remembered Leo saying that his life was a waste without her and that he had always loved her and always would. She said she'd never forget last night and Leo was still a bit confused. Leo remembered last night a little differently, Greenlee was the one who said she was lost without him and had been looking everywhere for him. He remembered her saying she'd been a fool and that she begged his forgiveness. Leo chuckled as he told Greenlee what he remembered. She strongly denied having begged him to forgive her. This caused an argument and Greenlee jumped out of bed and went to the living room. Leo followed and Greenlee said she couldn't believe they were already fighting. Leo said it was their "pattern" but that they could change. Greenlee agreed, and said they needed to behave in a mature fashion. They worked on a plan and were ready to "confront out worst impulses." They decided to make a list of each other's faults. Then they would compare lists and work on the problems together. They both turned on their computers and started to work. After awhile they handed over the lists to each other. Greenlee denied doing the things on Leo's lists and he disagreed with hers. They started fighting and then began listing their own faults and ended by agreeing they're both stubborn. They wondered where they should go from here, and asked each other how two people who love each other hate so much about each other. Greenlee suggested that they go back in time and Leo said he was up for it. They burned the lists and decided to focus on the positives. Leo said they were meant to find each other and Greenlee said they love each other too much. Leo said there's no such thing as loving each other too much and began kissing Greenlee.

Thursday, December 27, 2001

Leo and Greenlee are cuddled up in bed, happy and in love when Greenlee decides she would like to go to the Crystal Ball that evening. Leo doesn't like the idea and thinks it would be in bad taste to show up with Greenlee on his arm when he is still married to Laura. Greenlee doesn't buy this. She thinks Leo doesn't want to go because Jake will be there. They continue arguing about Jake unable to stop bringing up his name. Greenlee tells Leo that Jake no longer loves her. The question Leo has for Greenlee is: Does she still love Jake? Greenlee doesn't answer immediately. She brings up the fact that when Leo was with Laura, Jake was the only one there for her. Finally, Greenlee says no. She's not in love with Jake. After all, she says more to herself than to Leo, you can only love one person at a time.

Later, Greenlee asks Leo if he still has the ring. When he pulls it out of his coat pocket, Greenlee asks him to propose to her again. At first Leo jokes, then he becomes serious and asks Greenlee to marry him. She says yes and he puts the ring on her finger. They decide to go to the Crystal Ball.

David apologizes to Anna for accusing her of spying, but Anna readily admits she is prying into David's secrets. She knows he is hiding something, and plans to keep after him until she knows everything. David seems pleased the game is continuing. He pulls out an invitation to the Crystal Ball and asks Anna to join him.

Mateo meets Edmund in the stables at Wildwind. They discuss the Proteus situation and Edmund advises Mateo to back off and let the Feds handle the investigation. Hayley joins Mateo and together they tell Edmund they have a plan to bring down Proteus. Edmund is worried. He reminds them that Proteus is dangerous. Mateo and Hayley seem resigned to the fact that they have no other choice. Edmund leaves giving Mateo and Hayley a few precious moments alone together. They know they must pretend to hate each other, but agree on the signal of a nose scratch to let the other know they are thinking of them.

Mateo returns to Wildwood to join his date Simone. Shortly afterwards, Hayley arrives with her date Ryan. The two couples exchange snide comments until Ryan pulls Hayley aside. The conversation turns as Ryan tells Hayley what he's learned about his father's death. He tells her that Chris Stamp killed his father, but the situation doesn't seem clear cut. Ryan has a theory. He believes that possibly Chris wanted a cut in his dad's drug profits. When his dad wouldn't agree, Chris killed him. Hayley considers this, then appears to have a "lightbulb moment."

At Wildwind, guests are arriving for the Crystal Ball. Palmer spies Opal and Hank. As Palmer approaches them, he accidentally runs into the maid who douses him with a glass of red wine. Opal gets some satisfaction from needling Palmer about the fact that Vanessa is a no-show and that he has to take care of himself.

Vanessa, meanwhile, is having a tumble under the sheets with her chauffeur. Their little interlude is interrupted by David entering the room. He is furious with his mother not only for her indiscretion, but also for having it in his bed! He throws the driver out, then begins to berate Vanessa. Vanessa, however, is not cowed. She calmly tells David she has the power to bring him down. She knows about the cabin and then Vanessa cryptically adds, "I know who you are."

Friday, December 28, 2001

Erica, in her bathrobe, watches the TV coverage of the elegant Crystal Ball as the reporter covering the event comments how glamorous the event is. "It's not that glamorous," comments Erica to herself, "I'm not there."

Her doorbell rings. Erica opens the door to discover Chris Stamp who has come by to cheer her up knowing she is under house arrest and can't attend the Ball at Wildwind. Chris tells her that if the princess can't go to the Ball he will bring the Ball to the princess. He gives her a crystal ball ornament for her tree as well as a flower bouquet. Pulling a camera out of his pocket, he begins to take "photo op" pictures of Erica posing in front of her elegantly trimmed Christmas tree. Erica decides to change into something more suitable for the occasion and goes upstairs. She descends the staircase in an elegant, black gown. Chris, very pleased with the vision she has created, compliments her on how beautiful she looks. With the CD music he brought with him playing in the background, they dance in Erica's living room until Chris's cell phone rings. He answers, saying he will be right there. He tells Erica he needs to go to Wildwind and that she needs to get some rest for tomorrow as her trial has been moved up and they need to be in court in the morning. After Chris leaves, Erica makes a phone call. She implores the person she is talking to to come back to Pine Valley immediately. "My future is at stake."

Anna interrupts David as he is trashing his hotel room. She asks him what is happening and David loudly proclaims in anger and frustration that you all are trying to control me. When she questions him about why he is so agitated and who is "everyone" he angrily tells her to drop the discussion She refuses. To end the argument he changes to his tux and tells Anna they are going to go the Crystal Ball.

Hayley and Edmund as co-hostesses welcome everyone to the Crystal Ball. Hayley, seeing Mateo and Simone entering the ballroom, takes a glass of champagne from a waiter's tray and pretends she is going to drink it. Mateo grabs her and drags her out of the room saying she can't get drunk because she needs to take care of their son. It is a reuse to go to the stables to talk privately. Hayley tells Mateo that Chris Stamp killed Ryan's father over a drug deal gone bad. They speculate whether Chris was involved in drug trafficking. Mateo believes this sounds like Proteus' MO. Hayley questions whether Chris Stamp is Proteus. They brainstorm ideas of what to do. Mateo wants to continue with the plan but Hayley wants to stop as it is getting too dangerous. They leave the stables separately to rejoin the Ball, unaware that Chris Stamp, hiding nearby, heard their conversation.

At the Crystal Ball, Greenlee sees Jake arriving with Mia as his date. She greets them with Leo by her side. They talk about New Year's resolutions. Greenlee says she has bunches of them and asks Jake if he has any. He replies, "Just one." "Should old acquaintances be forgot." Leo comments that changing to a new year doesn't mean leaving the past behind. As Mia and Greenlee cattily compliment each other on their gowns, Jake brings Mia up to date on how Greenlee's engagement came about while being trapped in the elevator with him and Leo's current wife looking on. Greenlee and Leo decide to go find something to drink.

When Anna and David arrive at the Ball, they comment on the mysteriously draped statue wondering what it could be. David comments about the excessive amount of money being bid for it.

Brooke and Edmund are also intrigued with the shrouded statute and wonder what it could be. As everyone gathers around Edmund, he thanks them all for their donations to the Maria Gray Santos foundation and tells them Dimitri and Alex, who are in Europe, will match their donations dollar for dollar. He asks everyone to join him and Brooke in the first dance of the evening.

Mateo and Simone while looking at the mysterious statue see Chris Stamp enter the room. Simone comments about the hair on the back of her neck just stood up. Mateo tells her to be cool and relax. "This is it," he says.

Chris sees Anna and takes her aside. He tells her to stop messing around with Proteus. He gives Anna a vial and tells her it is truth serum and that she should give it to David. Anna replies, "He's not the problem-we both know that."

In the ballroom, Edmund announces the highest bidder for the mystery statue is Palmer Courtland. He removes the velvet cover over the statue to reveal a bust of Proteus that has neither a male or female face. Anna, David, Vanessa, and Simone look stunned as the statue is uncovered. Edmund and Brooke leave to talk in private.

Vanessa looks over the statue and comments about the name Proteus. Isn't he a philosopher or something?" She turns to Palmer inquiring where are we going to put him in our home? David walking over to Vanessa replies that Proteus was a Greek god, mother. A god that holds people's lives in his hands-like a doctor. Show some respect, he tells Vanessa. "Do you understand this lesson? Don't mess around with gods." David whispers to Vanessa to keep her mouth shut about what she knows about him and his cabin. Leo approaches the two wondering what they are talking about. Vanessa, rattled, makes excuses to Leo about her conversation with David as David walks away. Greenlee implores Leo to calm his mother and he follows her away from the crowd. Vanessa confesses to Leo about her infidelity with Larry, the chauffer in David's hotel room and that David had walked in on them. She is afraid Palmer would find out. Leo couldn't believe what he was hearing. They were both unaware that Opal was overhearing Vanessa's confession.

Mia seeing David across the room approaches him. She apologizes to him for pumping him for information. David warns her not to cross him again. Mia agrees and leaves to find her date, Jake. Greenlee seeing Mia leaving David stops by to talk with him as well. She mentions seeing Mia and him talking and questions David what he knows about her. David isn't very forthcoming with information as Greenlee jealously watches Mia and Jake dancing.

Roger, now very drunk, walks over to David and loudly proclaims he has a big secret and that he is going to tell what it is. As part of the crowd gathers around, Greenlee asks her father what he's talking about. David twirls Roger around, slugging him. Roger slumps to the floor unconscious.



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