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Monday, December 24

Kevin urges Lucy to trust him, and Lucy ultimately agrees to marry Kevin at the party. Lucy's leap of faith touches the hearts of all attending, and the magical event brought all of the couples closer together. Even Alison swallows her sadness over Rafe's imminent departure from Port Charles and takes pleasure in knowing that Rafe successfully completed his mission, and Alison and Rafe anxiously await the grand finale.

Serena and Livvie help Lucy prepare for the marriage ceremony, but Kevin surprises Lucy when he stalls the exchange of vows and reunites Lucy with Christina. At the same time, Chris works to uncover the identity of his mystery caller. Chris learns that the call originated from inside the building, and when he investigates further, he comes face to face with Julie.


Due to the Christmas holiday, today's episode was preempted. Programming will resume on Wednesday the 26th where Monday's show concluded.

Wednesday, December 26

Christina and an ecstatic Lucy are happily reunited as Rafe watches his handiwork with obvious satisfaction. Later, Kevin explains to his jubilant bride that the "other woman" she saw him with was Julie, who has decided to return Christina to Lucy's permanent custody. Meanwhile, at the hotel, Chris rushes to embrace Julie but she reveals that she's only come to Port Charles long enough to surrender her daughter to the girl's adoptive mother. Kevin and Lucy finally tie the knot. Though Chris begs her to reconsider, Julie insists they can never be together. As the reception gets underway, Serena and Livvie introduce themselves to their little sister while Frank gets reacquainted with his biological daughter. Eve fears the loss of her bracelet is a sign that she and Ian weren't meant to last after all. Alison dreads having to say goodbye forever to Rafe when the clock strikes midnight. Julie informs a horrified Chris that she's terminally ill and has very little time left. Declaring that she will always love him, Julie entreats Chris to move on with his life and find someone new. Rafe vanishes from view as Alison struggles to hold back her tears.

Thursday, December 27

As she's prepped for surgery, Gabi is startled to receive an unexpected visitor. Out in the waiting room, Jamal reminds Val he has no intention of laying any claim to Hope following the transplant. Lucy nervously agrees to let Julie have the chance to say goodbye to Christina. When Gabi demands to know how he got out of jail, Ricky reveals that he was sprung early for good behavior. Gazing at the sleeping Christina, Chris marvels at how much the little girl resembles her birth mother. Meanwhile, Julie quietly explains to Lucy how she told Christina she would soon be an angel in heaven watching over the girl. Ricky informs an exasperated Gabi that he won't allow her to donate her kidney. Walking in as Ricky starts to get rough with Gabi, Jamal punches out the stranger. Kevin assures a grieving Chris there was nothing anyone could have done to save Julie. As her own anger and pain melt away, Lucy tearfully thanks Julie for making Christina's transition to her "other mommy" so easy. Pulling Jamal and Ricky apart, Gabi informs the astonished combatants that they are both her brothers.

Friday, December 28


Jack and Livvie arrive to take Alison to the bus station. On their way to the car, Alison realizes she forgot a gift she bought for Hope. Not realizing how icy the road is, Alison slips and hits her head. Even though she is in pain, all she cares about is getting to Jamal and not missing her bus. However, Livvie calls an ambulance and Ally is taken to GH. Karen told her that since she might have a concussion or neck injury, she can not go to Chicago.


Ricky and Jamal argue over Gabriela. Ricky does not want Gaby to go under the knife, but Gaby insists. Later, Ricky and Jamal have an unfriendly chat. As Gaby breaks up the argument, Ricky insists that Jamal is playing her. Gaby says that this is what she really wants to do. The ex-convict says that if anything happens to her, he will kill Jamal.


Alison calls Jamal to tell her she isn't coming. Before she can tell him, Jamal hangs up on her. Meanwhile, in heaven, Rafe demands to go back to Port Charles to help Alison.


Unbeknownst to Julie, Chris orders three fake I.D.'s and a getaway car. Julie told Chris how nice it was to fall asleep in his arms. Lucy and Kevin stop by to see Christina. Julie told Lucy that she could take Christina tonight. The ailing doctor gives Lucy a suitcase in which she has packed items for Christina to remember her by. After Chris receives the fake I.D.'s, he watches Julie say an emotional goodbye to her daughter. After Lucy takes Christina, Chris comforts his wife. He says that he understands now why she gave Lucy Christina. Chris told her that he will leave Port Charles with her, but she says that she wants him to remember her alive and vibrant, not dying. Chris is crushed after Julie leaves town for good.


As Lucy and Kevin settle in with Christina, Scotty barges in and demands to know why he wasn't informed about Christina.

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