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Port Charles Recaps: The week of January 10, 2000 on PC
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Monday, January 10, 2000

Frank is taking care of Courtney - they discuss Julie not running when she had the chance. Courtney thinks it's just for appearances, but Frank doesn't think so. Instead of arguing, Courtney says she needs to meet the insurance adjuster at the crash site, he wants to go over what happened exactly. He wants to go with, but she says she can do it on her own.

At the hospital, Karen is getting ready to head to the crash site to meet the insurance adjuster. Joe questions this - saying usually you just fill out a form. Karen thinks maybe they're being careful because Courtney lost her baby in the accident. Joe says he'd go with, but he has to get Neil and take him to Frank's. Karen comments on Joe and Frank getting along, Joe credits it to Neil. He compliments Frank on his Uncleness. Later, Joe and Neil come by Frank's. Joe wants to take off but Neil insists on showing him around Frank's cool place. Joe sees an indoor basketball hoop and the boys get a little mushy thinking about childhood b-ball games. They both claim to be the best and Neil talks them into one championship game. Neil is acting as commentator when he feels tired and sits down. Frank and Joe stop playing, but Neil insists he's fine and wants them to continue playing. They reluctantly do, but stop again when they see Neil has closed his eyes. Later, Neil is up again and the brothers are playing, Neil starts coughing and went to the bathroom. Frank asks Joe about Neil's state. Joe talks about being worried and Frank feels helpless. They discuss that maybe a counselor would help Neil open up about his feelings and quit trying to cover. Frank told Joe that he's a good dad, and they toast with OJ at agreeing about something - that Neil is a good kid.

In the courtroom, the judge is making sure she got it right - Scott is taking over as Julie's defense. Scott told the judge Julie did a favor for him and he'd like to return it. Dara interjects that Leopold was fired as a delaying tactic. The judge points out that, even so, Julie still needs a lawyer and asks Julie if she'll accept Scott as her counsel. Julie hesitates, then accepts. Dara objects for the record. The judge adjourns, and asks both lawyers to meet with her in her quarters. On his way in, Lucy stops Scott and asks what he's doing. Scott says he's just stepping in until Julie gets a new attorney. Chris wonders to Julie and Rachel how this move benefits Scott. Rachel wonders how it can benefit Julie, and Julie agrees. Chris thinks Scott is too close to Kevin to be trusted.

Kevin and Eve stop Lucy and ask what Scott is doing. Lucy, somewhat unconvincingly, says he's returning a favor. Lucy opines maybe Julie isn't guilty, Eve thinks Lucy is just grateful for the Christina saving. Lucy admits to being confused on the innocent/guilty issue. Eve and Kevin thinks Scott is making a mistake.

In the judge's quarters, Scott repeats that he's just filling in. The judge tells him he is her attorney until the end of the trial and gives him 24 hours to come up to speed. The lawyers leave and are set upon by the press, Dara and Scott ignore them and go back into the courtroom. Dara warns Scott she plans on nailing Julie to the wall. Chris talks to Kevin and Eve and wonders about Scott's volunteerism. He repeats that Julie is innocent and hopes Scott will see that. Kevin hopes justice is done and Chris leaves. In the courtroom, Scott takes Julie back to the judge's quarters to talk. Rachel went over and is smarmy to Lucy, Lucy politely walks away. Later, Julie told Chris she almost feels sorry for Scott - when he gets her released, she's going to take Christina away from him. Sympathetic Chris says "Sometimes you're the windshield, sometimes you're the bug." Scott and Lucy come up to Eve and Kevin with all the case info. Eve and Kevin can't believe that Scott will be defending Julie. Scott claims everyone is entitled to a defense. Kevin asks how he's going to feel if he sets a killer free.

At the crash site, Courtney flashes back to the accident. The adjuster comes up and Courtney starts to tell her story when Karen arrives. The adjuster apologizes that they were there together. Karen says it's her fault for arriving early. He thanks them for their time and leaves. Courtney snipes at Karen, Karen apologizes and then snipes back that they both should have not been on the road. Courtney asks if she's saying that Courtney should have stayed home because she was pregnant. Courtney asks Karen what was so important that she had to be on the road that night. Karen says that Courtney was going too fast and lost control of her car, Courtney claims Karen was in her lane.

Tuesday, January 11, 2000

Lee and Gail enter the courtroom where Scott is preparing for the trial. Lee asks Scott about his representing Julie and Scott explains that it was him or a public defender. Lee says he's proud of him but Scott isn't sure. He also isn't sure he believes Julie. Meanwhile, Lucy and Gail discuss the situation and their concerns for Scott. Joe, Karen, Courtney and Frank enter the courthouse and are talking about Courtney having to tell Neil where she was going. Neil still misses John. Courtney asks Karen what Scott is trying to prove by taking this case and Karen responds that Scott believes in the legal system and that means Julie is entitled to good representation. Courtney takes this as another opportunity to go at Karen and went on and on and on... Eve and Kevin enter the courthouse remarking on the amount of press outside. Eve is not pleased that Scott has taken the case either.

In the courtroom, Julie and Rachel arrive and Scott asks Rachel is Julie is okay. Yes, she's nervous but ready. Chris gives Julie a pep talk and reassures her of his devotion. Court is called to session and Scott calls Julie to the stand. He asks her about how she met Cooper and everything about her kidnapping a his hands and what was done to her. She explains how he brainwashed her and how ever when she was freed, she was still under his control although able to do her job and function in society. She told of his phone calls and how she found John and tried to help him - but he was already dead. On cross, Dara tries to use the fact that her life was normal after her kidnapping and before the murder of John against her but it's not too effective. Julie does quite well on the whole and on redirect Scott brought out her brother's death and it's effect on Julie's life. Well done! The defense rests.

Scott told Julie she did fine. While exiting, Courtney continues babbling about what a great act Scott and Julie put on. Joe says he is convinced of Julie's innocence now. Karen went to speak to Scott. Lee, Gail and Karen tell Scott they're proud and Julie thanks him. Karen tells Julie she believes she's innocent. Julie is led away and Karen heads back to work with Lee and Gail escorting her out. Lucy and Scott chat and Rachel comes over to thank Scott again. Scott told Lucy that, although he has his doubts, he feels the odds went from a long shot to even money. They go home.

Wednesday, January 12, 2000

Despite his own misgivings, Scott delivered a powerful closing argument on Julie's behalf and contended that she was no longer a threat to herself or others. Kevin was impressed by Scott's closing, but argued that Julie was not fully recovered. Rachel later promised Julie that she would be reunited with Christina very soon. Courtney informed Frank that the insurance company completed their investigation and did not find Karen at fault for the accident. Frank managed to get Courtney to admit that she felt responsible for the accident because she had been speeding in bad weather. A concerned Frank argued that he was responsible because she had been rushing to stop him from telling Joe the truth about Neil. Frank lovingly reminded Courtney that no matter who was to blame, they couldn't bring their baby back.

Thursday, January 13, 2000

Scott attempted to explain to Serena his reasons for defending Julie and was unable to make his daughter understand his motivations. Scott continued to wrestle with his questions about Julie's innocence and learned that the jury had requested to hear Greg Cooper's testimony read back to them. Julie got angry when she learned that Lucy had once again taken Christina out of town. Kevin began to realize that Neil was cracking under the weight of his illness. Joe later asked Kevin to begin seeing Neil professionally. Joe questioned Frank about why he decided to sabotage his relationship with Karen. Frank attempted to clarify the reasons behind his actions and the two brothers grew somewhat closer. Karen warned Frank that soon he and Courtney had to tell Joe he wasn't Neil's father. Little did either Karen or Frank know, but Neil overheard their conversation.

Friday, January 14, 2000

Chris, Rachel, Julie, and Scott are together at Ferncliff. Julie wants to know why the jury asked to have Cooper's and Garcia's testimony read back to them. Chris and Rachel try to reassure her, and Rachel looks to Scott for support. Scott, though, bursts the bubble of optimism in the room, telling Julie that usually when juries make requests like this they're looking to convict. Chris argues with him; Scott insists that he is just trying to prepare Julie for the worst. Chris asks if Scott is HOPING for the worst; Julie wonders about that too. Scott isn't sure what he believes about Julie; she asks why he can't believe she's innocent. Scott reminds her that it's the jury's beliefs, not Scott's, that matter. Chris sarcastically proposes that they try to get a mistrial because Julie's attorney threw the case.

Rachel defends Scott - it is his job to present possible scenarios. Julie then turns on Rachel - whose side is she on? Scott insists that it's his job to fight for Julie; Chris challenges him on this, and Scott calls Chris an idiot. Rachel tries to be the peacemaker again: can't they all get along? After all, they all want the same thing. Scott's reply: "You three get along, because I've got work to do." He departs.

Chris and Julie continue to complain about Scott. Rachel told them that the real problem is that they haven't learned to handle Scott yet. By the time Rachel is done with Scott, he'll be the biggest supporter Julie has ever had.

Rachel leaves; Julie and Chris are alone. Julie wonders what it would do to her case if Scott had "an unfortunate accident." Chris recommends wisely that she keep her homicidal tendencies to herself; he figures it's better for them now if Scott is alive. Julie figures that they have to do something drastic, or else she's going to be sharing a cell with a "6 foot 3, 200-pound bodybuilder named Jolene." Worse yet, Christina will grow up thinking Lucy is her mother. Julie has lots to live for and she refuses to lose it all.

Chris promises to fight for her, but Julie reminds him that her life is in the hands of twelve strangers. How can he help her with that? Chris remarks that they've kept everything legal so far (well, except for attempting to extort a confession out of Cooper, but what the heck). Julie points out just how well THAT has worked. She figures she should have escaped when she had her chance. Chris suggests that when playing by the rules doesn't work, sometimes you gotta change the rules. Julie agrees - she is NOT spending her life behind bars.

Back at the Firehouse, Scott is on the phone with Lucy (who is away with Christina and Aunt Charlene). Rachel arrives at his door. She's worried about Chris and Julie. Scott wonders what she wants - should he tell them there's nothing to worry about. No, Rachel remarks, but they're desperate. She suggests that they discuss the matter over dinner. Scott asks what she wants from him. It's not a trick, Rachel assures him - it would just give them time to talk about Chris and Julie. Rachel butters Scott up a little bit. Scott wants to know why all of a sudden there is this "buddy-buddy business" going on. She defended him at Ferncliff, and now these compliments.....

Rachel admits that she needs him to help with Julie. Scott told her that his choice to take Julie's case had nothing to do with Rachel. So what's going on? Rachel admits that she lied when she apologized for kissing him back when he was separated from Lucy. She wasn't sorry then, and she isn't sorry now. Scott told her that he's very happy with Lucy. Undaunted, she replies that in that case, they have nothing to worry about.

Back, at Ferncliff, Julie suggests that she should just escape. She and Chris could grab Christina and Julie's money and run for it. Bad idea, Chris counsels - they need to get her cleared so she can live a normal life with Christina. Julie thinks maybe they should try to frame Kevin for the murders. Psychotics run in his family, and it's his fault her defense went so badly. Chris thinks it's too late for that. Julie wants him to come up with something - isn't he just as bad as she is, and isn't that why they got married? Chris agrees - they're two of a kind.

Plus, she's beautiful AND rich. Maybe they should use some of her fortune to solve this problem - how about a little jury tampering?

At GH, Karen's on the phone thanking someone for something when Frank approaches. She explains - Neil has been accepted into the clinical trial for a new chemo protocol. Frank thanks her; she says Joe is the one who made it possible. Frank promises Karen that he and Courtney will tell Joe the truth about Neil's paternity as soon as Neil is well.

Courtney arrives, and asks what they're talking about. Frank mentions the new drug protocol. Courtney asks where Neil is - Karen saw him with Joe a few minutes ago. Frank and Courtney go to look for him, unaware that Neil has flown the coop after overhearing the news that Joe is not his father. Meanwhile, poor Neil (who had more than enough to deal with even before hearing this news) is walking alone in the park, brooding.

Courtney went back to Karen to tell her that they can't find Neil. Karen stops her from leaving, saying they have something to discuss. Courtney tries to stop her, but Karen wants to talk about the car accident. She tells Courtney (who of course already knew this) that the insurance report said nobody was at fault. Karen told her how much she will always regret what happened, and Courtney reluctantly agrees that neither of them should have been out driving that night. Karen is surprised and grateful that Courtney is being so reasonable; Courtney told her not to expect it to be the beginning of a "beautiful friendship." They agree on a truce - as Courtney points out, Karen is Neil's doctor and Joe's girlfriend, so they need to get past their problems. Courtney suggests that they just stay out of each other's way.

Joe is bustling around the lab working on the bone marrow drive. Frank is looking for Neil; Joe says he's at the nurses' station. Joe and Frank discuss the possibility of Kevin counseling Neil. They're both in favor of it, though they'll have to sell Courtney on the idea. They head off to accompany Neil to chemo - Frank has brought some movies. (based on Frank's selections, Neil is evidently a Mel Brooks fan). The guys reminisce about the first time Neil saw the campfire/beans scene from "Blazing Saddles." Joe acknowledges that he was mad at first when Frank spent so much money on videotapes for Neil; now he is grateful. Frank assures him that everything he has done for Neil is out of love. Joe knows that - Frank looked out for him when he was young, and now he's doing it for Joe's son.

Mary, Courtney, Frank, and Joe assemble at the nurses' station and discover that nobody knows where Neil is. Mary went to Pediatrics to look for him. While she's gone, Joe and Frank suggest to Courtney that Neil get some counseling from Kevin. Courtney resists the idea - her kid doesn't need a shrink! Frank points out that it's bad for Neil to hold so many things inside himself. Courtney resists again - Neil had counseling when he first got sick and he didn't like it. Joe suggests that Neil is older now, so it might be different for him. Courtney insists that if Neil has a problem, he can come to her. Karen wanders up, having overheard, and suggests that sometimes it helps to talk to someone outside the family. Courtney told her to mind her own business. Karen says she's speaking as Neil's doctor. Courtney can top that - she's speaking as his mother. Joe reminds her that as Neil's father, he has a say in it too.

Courtney insists that she isn't a bad mother, so Neil doesn't need a counselor. Joe and Frank assure her that it has nothing to do with her abilities as a parent. She continues to resist - she knows what things have been like for Neil, and Kevin doesn't.

Mary returned from Pediatrics - Neil isn't there. Karen went to page him. Courtney is afraid Neil might be outside - what if he gets sick? Courtney gets increasingly upset while Frank and Joe try to calm her down. Neil, meanwhile, is sitting on a park bench alone. He opens his backpack and removes a photo. Gazing at it, he walks over and sits on the snowy ground under a tree. We now see the photo - it is a picture of Neil with Joe and Courtney. He tears up the photo, throws away the pieces, and sits on the ground crying.

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