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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of January 17, 2000 on GL
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Monday, January 17, 2000

In San Cristobel:
Cassie overheard Richard making plans to leave town with Reva but left before she heard the rest. She went back to her room where she was upset and telling herself that Richard is going back to Reva and that they are leaving to be alone together. She felt second best and left out. Richard came in and told her that he was leaving town, "on business." He told her that he would return in a day or so and that he would talk to her then. He left and Cassie was devastated that he lied to her. Harley came in to surprise Cassie with help for the wedding. Cassie ran to her friend and hugged her, breaking down in tears. Harley calmed her down and asked her about what happened. Cassie told her what happened and that he will always love only Reva. Harley told Cassie that she was getting her out of there right then. Harley told Cassie to pack up her stuff and they will leave before Richard will find out. Cassie doesn't want to leave without telling Richard. He had promised her that he would never lie to her about his feelings for Reva and she is not going to let him get away with it. Cassie walks to Richard's room saying that she will not let them make a fool out of her. She wants to confront them and leave. Harley tells her that she is right and lets Cassie go ahead. Harley calls Phillip with the news that Reva is in SC and leaving with Richard. Josh overheard the conversation and Phillip apologized to him again. Josh told him that he isn't a bit surprised. Cassie goes into Richard's room to find that they had already left.
Richard told Reva she was right and that they do need to straighten out their feelings for one another as well as make arrangements for Jonathan. He told her that he would make arrangements for them to leave to see him ASAP. Reva wanted to tell Cassie everything but Richard insisted that they not tell her. He said it would hurt her too much and he would not put her through that. He leaves and Reva realizes that Richard has real feelings for Cassie. Richard went to tell Cassie the news. When he got back, Reva questioned him about her reaction. She told him that she noticed that he cared more about Cassie now and he told her that he is very fond of Cassie and she has helped him immensely since she arrived in San Cristobel . He told her that he didn't want to talk to her about Cassie. Reva demands to know the truth before they leave, but Richard doesn't want to talk about it. He said that he just had to see his son and find out what is best for her. Richard looks at a fishing lure and tells her that he got it for Jon, who told him that he loved to go fishing with Alfred. He wonders if he could be a good dad to him, or if Jon would ever be able to see his as his dad.

At Company:
Josh is setting at the bar when Phillip came up. He sat down and apologized to Josh for all the problems that they had. He told him about the plane crash and about the epiphany he had that told him that family is more important than work. He asked Josh to come back to work but understood when Josh turned him down. He told him that he has a sort of epiphany himself, his life fell apart and he had to start over with a clean slate. Josh said that he had to cut his loses and move on. Phillip apologized again and told Josh. Bill comes down and talks to Josh. He was looking for Pilar. He sets down and talks to his uncle. He says he is confused and doesn't know what is going on with Pilar. He tells him that story of Pilar, Ben, the nun thing, etc. Josh tells him the best thing is to let her go until the confusion is gone and that he cant help someone who needs to help themselves. He tells Bill that the Lewis men want to save all the women, but they can't. They just have to let go.

At Company: In Bill's Room:
Pilar came on to Bill and asked him to make love to her. She kept telling him not to leave her. He felt that she was pressing too hard and asked her to tell him what was wrong, why she was doing this. She told him that she needed him and kept kissing him. Bill took off his shirt and almost gave in when Carmen knocked on the door. Pilar saw her mom walk in and saw her shooting Ben all over again. She screamed for her not to hurt Bill and broke down in hysteric sobs. Bill asked Carmen if Pilar's mental state had anything to do with Ben. He told her what Pilar had told him so far and that he was worried about her. Carmen said that she needs her mother and asked him to go downstairs to get some water. Bill leaves and Pilar tells her mom that she loves Bill and wants to tell him the truth. Carmen tells her that the truth would only hurt him more and she tells Pilar that Vanessa was the killer of Ben. Pilar was ever more disturbed. Carmen tells Pilar that Vanessa's punishment is God's Will and they shouldn't say anything. Pilar thinks she should go back to the convent. Bill comes in and asks Pilar what all the things she said to him were about. Pilar told her mom to leave and told Bill that she wanted him to have a good life. She told him she would pray for him and Vanessa and left. Bill told her that he loved her.

At the Inn:
Buzz and Selena made love. She told him that this was a perfect evening for her even though it had all the flaws that it had. Selena told him that she felt more loved than she ever had and that she was no longer afraid. They began fooling around again when part of the ceiling fell in on them.

Tuesday, January 18, 2000

At Company:
Drew and Jesse walk in. Selena is sitting with Buzz being all lovey dovey. Drew said you two should never play poker because what happened between them is written all over their faces. Selena confirmed that she and Buzz did make love and told her that she is truly happy and in love for the first time in her life. Drew tells her that she is happy for her. Selena is very happy and tells Drew that she had the most romantic night of her life with Buzz. Drew is happy because she is ok with Michelle but she is also sad that there is someone still out there who is free and who killed her dad. Buzz is cleaning tables and Selena is helping him, he tells her that he can't stop thinking about her. They hug up to each other. They are happy that Drew and Michelle are getting along and hope that everything turns out as it should.
Michelle and Danny are sitting at a table and talking about the food being better here than in jail. Michelle is a little distracted about the nightmare she had but Danny tries to comfort her and tell her that everything will be ok. Michelle is worried that the jury won't believe Len. Danny assures her that they will. They talk about Ruth and how she has mysteriously disappeared. Jesse is eavesdropping in the background while Drew and Selena chat. Michelle gets up to make a call to Ross. Jesse comes over to Danny and says there is one problem to the theory since Len lied about her alibi. Danny refuses to tell Michelle about Len and before they could get any more into it, Drew comes over and asks what they are talking about. Danny makes up something about Ruth. Jesse, Drew and Danny talk about Ruth and what they know about her. Her kid was at cedars until they both took off. Michelle gets back and says Ross is coming back tomorrow. They all talk about Ruth and Jesse says that he believes he knows Ruth's son from the coronary ward in the hospital. He tells them that one of the kids with heart problems he talked to at the hospital just up and left and he thinks he may be Ruth's boy. The others want to know what else they can about him and Jesse tells them that the kid has a medical condition that doesn't allow him to travel very far. Michelle is happy that they at least have a lead.
Danny wants two minutes alone with Ruth. Michelle doesn't think it's a good idea. Drew wants to prove Michelle is innocent but she wants to know who is paying her off. Danny said it didn't matter and Michelle and Drew said it did. Michelle says of course it matters because then they would know who killed Ben. Jesse leaves to go to the hospital to talk to Rick and see what he can dig up on the kid. He comes back and tells them that there is a boy the same age that has just been dropped off at a hospital about an hour away whose mom doesn't have insurance and is paying all in cash. They think they have a real lead and Michelle wants to go talk to her. Danny thinks that she shouldn't go and he had better stay away as well. Drew offers to go and Jesse thinks she may get too emotional. So Jesse decides to go first thing in the morning. He and Drew leave. Manny hug and kiss and Michelle says she has to make a few calls and run a few errands and she will meet him back home. However, once he leaves, Michelle begins thinking she needs to go herself to see Ruth.

At the hospital:
Matt is tending to Vanessa. He tells her that he has hired a nurse (Brian) to make sure her medication is right and that no one comes in that will hurt her. Vanessa is thinking to herself that she is getting better but that Matt needs to keep Carmen away from her. Meanwhile, Carmen is outside the room and takes out a vial of poison. She says, "This will put you to sleep forever Vanessa I just have to find a way to get it to you." She watches as Matt puts lip balm on Vanessa's lips and sees her opportunity. She goes over to a nurse and tells her this fabricated story about her daughter having chapped lips and putting lipstick on them. The nurse tells her that the lips in that condition will absorb things into the body very fast and the girl should not use lipstick until her lips heal. Carmen thinks a bit and say, "You love her so much Matt. It's going to kill you to know that you're the one who will finish her off."
Rick walks in the corridor and sees Carmen and asks if she needs help with anything and she says no, Rick goes in to see Vanessa. Matt and Rick talking about security and Rick leaves. Jesse comes over to him and tells him he needs to talk to him about the little kid with the heart condition. Jesse tells him that the kid's mother is the witness against Michelle. Rick eagerly tells Jesse that they will get the info.
Carmen comes in and asks Matt how Vanessa is. He goes into the hallway to chat with her. Carmen tells him that she is concerned about him and wonders if he has had any sleep. He of course has not but doesn't care. Carmen asks how Matt met Vanessa. He seemed relieved to be able to talk about the good times and he told her their story. Carmen told him that the Santos family also objected to her when she married her husband but they never got over it. Matt and Carmen talk some more. Carmen says she had a wonderful marriage and wonderful husband. They talk about love and then about how Vanessa had left and went to Switzerland and they found each other on the Internet. Matt asks C if she wants a cup of coffee and Carmen agrees. She goes back into Vanessa's room to retrieve her purse while Matt heads to the cafeteria. Brian has his back turned, tending to Vanessa when Carmen comes in and switches Vanessa's chapstick with one she had tampered with. She goes to meet Matt. Matt and Carmen drink their coffee and Matt apologizes to Carmen for going on and on about Vanessa and Carmen tells him never to apologize for being in love. She leaves and Matt goes in to see Vanessa. He talks to her and tells her that he loves her. Vanessa thinks to herself that she will come back to him. Matt takes the chapstick and applies it to her lips. Carmen is outside, she says, "I am so sorry to end this love story...but it's either you or me Vanessa and I'm not that noble. Sweet dreams."

At the Spaulding's:
Beth is packing her things when Phillip comes in. They laugh and Beth says she is moving smaller things to Jim's today. Phillip is surprised Beth is moving today but she explains that the wedding is in a few weeks. Phillip says he just forgot the timing. They talk about Lizzie having the flu and Phillip wonders if they should put off this moving thing until Lizzie feels better. Beth says they can't let a bug stop their lives. He is seeing boxes and says it is a big step she is making and he asks if she is sure this is what she wants. Beth says yes she is sure. So Phillip tells her that he is happy for her and hugs her. Edmund walks in and makes a comment on how they are the friendliest ex's he's ever seen. Phillip walks away. Edmund apologizes and start talking with Beth about her moving. Beth goes up to help Lizzie and Edmund and Phillip talk about a meeting. They are disagreeing on a meeting because Edmund had rescheduled it for a day when Phillip was going off with Harley for a romantic weekend getaway. They argue a bit and Phillip leaves. Edmund stands there and says, "I really am starting to love this country." Edmund and Alan are talking in the living room. Edmund says the meeting is delayed because of Phillip going to do the family thing. Jim walks in and picks up some boxes. Alan seems to dislike Jim and Edmund picks up on that. Alan doesn't understand what kind of man would take a woman and her child out of a mansion and move them into a dump. Edmund says a poor man, embarrassed about his situation. Alan says it is all his fault, that Phillip and Beth would be together right now if it weren't for him. Edmund strokes Alan's ego a bit and Alan asks him if his calendar is open on Friday. Alan says they won't reschedule the meeting; he and Edmund will handle it. Edmund seemed to like that idea.
Susan is helping Lizzie pack. Lizzie seems upset and Susan sets her down to talk about it. Susan tries to cheer her up. Lizzie says she is sad about moving but Susan tells her that they would have fun together. Lizzie asks Susan if she misses her mom and Susan told her she misses her mom everyday. Lizzie tells her that she loves Harley but misses her dad living with them; she doesn't understand why all of them, Jim, Beth, Susan and her couldn't live together with Phillip, Harley and Zack. Susan told her it just wouldn't work out. Lizzie seemed to understand and told her that she just missed her family. Susan told her about how she had bad feelings and was really mean to Beth and how she apologized for it all. She said that she just didn't understand until after the plane crash. Lizzie asks what she is talking about and runs to her dad to ask him. Phillip takes Lizzie in his arms and she says, "You almost died and you didn't tell me?"
Susan apologizes to Jim about her slip but Jim tells her that she didn't know it was a secret and that everything will be fine. Phillip and Beth talk to Lizzie; they tell her all about the plane and Phillip tells her how her mom was so brave and how she made a flag to help the rescuers. Alan and Edmund walk in and Beth told Lizzie that Edmund was the one who saved them. Lizzie thanked Edmund and then was fascinated that he was a real Prince. Lizzie jumped into Alan's arms and they talk about her moving. Alan tells Lizzie that he will miss her but he will never be far away and hopes she will visit often. They have a nice little talk and Lizzie asks her grandpa to come over ever morning for breakfast. He said they would see how things work out. She and Beth leave to go to find Jim and Susan. Alan tells Phillip that he and Edmund will cover the meeting on Friday, not to worry about it. Phillip is a little upset but he tells Alan that it is fine, and he will see him when he returns. Alan leaves and Phillip tells Edmund that kissing up to Alan would not get him very far. He says, "I'm watching you and I'm losing my patience." Phillip leaves and Edmund says, "So am I am I."

Tuesday, January 19, 2000

At the Santos Estate:
Carmen tells Danny about Pilar taking a vow to God and becoming a nun. He can't believe it and asked to talk to her. Carmen tells him to leave Pilar alone. Danny apologizes for neglecting his family but Carmen tells him that he never has to apologize to her and that he and his sister are the most important things in her life. Danny tells her that he is worried about Michelle and the upcoming trial. Carmen assures him that everything will work out and she tells him how sorry she is that he is so worried. She talks a bit about his father and how he loved him so much. She tells him that she and her father are proud of the man he has become. She apologized for all her mistakes and tells him that she loves him. They reminisce about the past and their family. He tells her about finding the maid that setup Michelle and Carmen looked upset. Carmen asks him how they found her and she told him about Jesse knowing her son. Carmen still can't believe it. Carmen tells him that she has a business meeting so she will have to leave. She walks out of the room and says to herself that she is sorry to hurt her son but she has to because Michelle is no good for him.
Michelle comes in and tells Danny tells her about Pilar becoming a nun. He feels like he has been neglecting his family. Michelle tells him about her talk with Ms. Lockhart and that she is calling the DA to tell her the truth. Danny was pleased. They were both excited about how she is going to be free very soon. They talk about how much Carmen is changing.

At the hospital: (an hour out of Springfield)
Michelle talks to Ms. Lockhart. She tries to get away from Michelle but Michelle tries to appeal to her good nature, telling her that she is innocent and will go to jail for the rest of her life if she does not help her by telling the truth. Michelle asked Ms. Lockhart who is forcing her into lying. She told her that if she needs money, she would pay her more than the other person did, if she is afraid, Michelle said her husband will protect her. Ms. Lockhart told her that she couldn't help her and walked away. Michelle asks Ms. Lockhart if she believes in God. She tells her that her family is praying for her and God knows that she is innocent. She gets Ms. Lockhart to breakdown and confessed that she lied.
Carmen goes up to Ms. Lockhart, who is on the phone trying to talk to the DA, she hangs up the phone on her and tells her that she had better keep her mouth shut or her son will pay for her indiscretion.

In San Cristobel:
Harley calls Phillip and finds out that he has planned a big getaway for them. Cassie thanked Harley for coming and tells her that she has to go. Cassie is happy for her friend but miserable about her fiancée and her sister. Cassie is upset about Richard lying to her. She says that she feels stupid about trusting him. Cassie thinks about it and knows that Reva is at part to blame. Harley tells her to come home with her tonight. Cassie refuses to leave until she talks to Richard. She gets a call from Richard. Harley tells her that's her chance to tell him off so she can leave. Cassie gets the phone and talks to Richard. Cassie starts off being sarcastic but she can hear that Richard is upset in his voice. He starts to tell her something and Reva interrupts him and he tells her that he has to go. Harley asks Cassie why she didn't tell him off and Cassie told her that she heard Reva in the background. Cassie thinks that Richard was only being with her to get back at Reva. She was upset that she ever thought he had feelings for her when he will always love Reva.

At Jonathan's house:
Richard and Reva show up and talk before they knock. Richard remembers the first time he held Jon and then how he hurt when he was gone. Reva tells Richard that she wanted to give them all another chance. Richard knocks and Marissa comes to the door. She is alerted and thinks they came to take Jon away from her. Richard tells her that isn't the reason they came and wants her to let them in to talk. Reva tells Marissa that she hurt Richard by sending Jon away and that Jon is safe now. Reva tells him that Edmund is out of the picture and Jon could theoretically go back to San Cristobel . Marissa is very upset, but Richard tells her that they all need to set down and talk. Richard promises not to take him away from them, they will always live with their son. Marissa lets them in and says they can see Jon. Richard stays outside and calls Cassie. After the call, Richard goes in and sees Jonathan. Reva and Richard bond with their son and tell them how they have missed him. They play with him a bit while Marissa goes into another room and calls Olivia. She tells her sister that Reva and Richard are at her house. That they have come to take Jon away.

At Company:
Olivia and Josh are having a meeting. Josh tells her about Reva being in SC with Richard. He is kind of down but Olivia tells him that Reva could be down there to see Cassie but Josh is not convinced. He said it didn't matter, that he didn't care, but Olivia knows better. Josh tells her that he didn't realize how this would effect him. Olivia tells him that she is sorry but Josh tells her that it isn't necessary to apologize for something Reva did. He tells her that he was keeping things between he and Olivia quiet to save Reva's feeling's and she jets off to be with Richard. They talk a little more and they both make each other feel a lot better. Olivia gets a call from Marissa who tells her that Richard and Reva are there to take Jon away. Olivia turns to Josh and tells him the news.

Thursday, January 20, 2000

At the Santos:
Michelle wants to go home. Danny reassures her that she won't have to go back to jail and it will all be over soon. Drew arrives and Michelle tells her that Ruth admitted she lied. Drew asks if Ruth told her who really killed Ben and she says Ruth was too scared. Drew is happy for Michelle but still wants to know who her father's murderer was. Michelle tells Drew that she would have been too emotional and scared Ruth away if she had gone. Drew is worried she will run again but Danny thinks her son is too sick to keep doing that. Ross arrives and tells them that Ruth is with the DA now. Drew wants to go but Ross tells her he will handle it. He tells them all to relax and let him do his job. Michelle and Danny go to spend some time where their house will be built. They look at the house plans and talk about having a big family. Danny tells her he hopes they will always be as happy as they are now and Michelle gets a strange feeling.

At the Courthouse:
Drew goes to the DA's office and asks Ruth some questions. Ruth realizes who she is and Drew demands to know who killed her father. She gets upset and Ross arrives and pulls her out of there. Ross tells her that he will handle this and tells her to go home.

At Company:
Josh and Olivia are at Company when Marissa calls Olivia and tells her about Reva and Richard being there. Olivia turns to and tells Josh that Richard and Reva have go to take Jon away from Marissa. Josh can't believe that Reva would do that. Olivia thinks that Reva is using Jon to get Richard back. Josh won't believe that Reva would uproot Jon. They figure out that Reva went into Olivia's room the other night. Olivia wants to go down there but Josh thinks that she should. Olivia thinks that Marissa will be devastated but Josh doesn't know how it will all turn out. He can't believe that Reva really went back to Richard but he says that he and Reva are finally finished. Olivia isn't sure about that and thinks that they could work it out if they both wanted to. Josh knows that Reva is going after what she wants and he says he will too. He decides to get an apartment. He realizes this is the first time he has known that Reva isn't part of his life. He looks at want ads and Olivia offers to help him.

In San Cristobel:
As Cassie and Harley talk about Richard and Cassie leaving to go back to Springfield, Tammy overhears Cassie tell Harley they are going back to the farm. Tammy is upset and reminds Cassie that she said they'd never have to leave. Cassie tries to explain but Tammy doesn't want to go back. Cassie asks her to go to bed and they'll see what happens tomorrow. Tammy tells her that it will be okay if they do have to leave. Cassie tells Harley that it will break Tammy's heart if they leave now. Harley thinks she has to leave because she will break her own heart if she stays. Cassie doesn't know what to do. Harley tells her that she has decided to meet Phillip in New York so if she's coming home with her, she has to decide soon. Harley leaves to pack and Cassie begins to fantasize about Richard coming back to her. She tells herself that there will be no more fantasies. She thinks about how cold Richard will really be and decides that will be how it is if she stays. She vows to never let Richard see her cry over this. Cassie decides on the menu. Harley can see that she isn't leaving. Harley thinks she will be just fine and she leaves. Cassie vows that she will make San Cristobel love her even if Richard never will.

In Jonathan's house:
Richard gives Jon a present and he goes to show his mom. Marissa thanks Richard and Jon asks to go fishing. Reva thinks they should enjoy their time together and then make a decision for Jon. Richard tells Jon stories of when he was a boy and went fishing. Richard tells Reva how happy his father would have been to meet Jon. Richard accidentally calls Reva "Katherine" and apologizes. Richard and Jon go fishing and Reva says to herself that she isn't and can never be Katherine again. Richard comes back and talks about his and Jon's love of the sea. Jon brings Reva a shell and tells them that they are nice. They all have lunch together. Richard says that being with Jon takes away all his anger and thanks her for sharing this day with them. They agree that they can't pretend that their life together never happened. They both think they can move on now. Reva says that she doesn't regret their time together and Richard know that it won't work for them now. Reva says she didn't know that until today or she never would have left Josh. She tells him that she remembers loving him but it is over now. They watch Jon continue to fish. They agree to do what is best for him. She goes to check on him and Richard fantasizes about going back home to Cassie. He realizes that he is in love with her and Reva returns. She asks if he loves Cassie but he avoids the question. He says his relationship with Cassie has nothing to do with Reva and Reva restates that Cassie loves him. He just can't believe it is possible.

Friday, January 21, 2000

In New York:
Harley arrives to surprise Phillip in a sexy little black dress to find him doing business. She argues with him about this trip supposedly being romantic and it is all business as usual. Phillip started laughing and pulled the cord out of the phone, telling Harley he was only joking and that he really had her going. They kissed and made up. They hug and kiss and are interrupted by room service. Champagne, chocolates, and trivia just life before. They think back to their first trip to New York. They think about their wedding and their baby being born and reminisce about how they have everything they need. She tells Phillip that she only wants one more thing and hopes that he will help her with it on this trip. She says she wants another baby. Phillip was surprised and told her that he didn't know she was thinking about that but that he had thought of it before. She goes on and on about their lives growing up and how she would like Zack to have a close sibling to grow up with. He tells her that he understands and wants everything for her. He tells her he loves her and wants to have 20 kids with her. But Harley said she would settle for one small one now. They start playing Trivia but don't get too far when he is all over her. They begin to make love when the phone rings. It's Beth. She tells him they have a BIG problem.

At the Spaulding Mansion:
Jim tells Beth that she needs to take things easy because of her sickness. She tells him that she is fine and can function. Jim is worried that Beth is ran down because of the ordeal she went through in San Cristobel. She convinces Jim that she will be fine as soon as she gets finished moving in to the LeMay house. Jim tells her that he wants to set a date ASAP. Beth looks at a calendar and tells Jim that February will be a good time to get married but Jim thinks that they should do it right and not rush into it. Beth tells him that she would be happy with a very simple ceremony. He thinks that she is used to the better things of life and will compare him to the Spaulding lifestyle. He got a lot of tension from Alan and Phillip. Beth assures him that they are just overprotective of Lizzie and that she can make up her own mind. Jim and Beth talk about all he is going to get for her in their future when the phone rings. Jim goes to get the boxes and Beth answers the phone. It's the doctor's office and the news is she is pregnant. Beth is blown away and visibly shaken. Jim comes back down and asks her what's up but she is overwhelmed and says nothing. After a moment, she tells him that it was nothing. After awhile she tells him that she didn't have the flu and she is worried about Lizzie still being sick. She rushes him out and then thinks to herself, what she is going to do. She tells him the bad news and that Phillip is that daddy.

At Company:
Olivia and Josh meet again for a chat. He asks her how she is and she tells him that she is still worried about Jon. He asks her about it and she tells him that they are going to get everything they want and to hell with everyone else. Olivia is upset and apologizes to Josh for going on with her family problems. Josh tells her that Reva keeps putting him in a position of putting his life on hold while she figures out hers. He tells Olivia that he is going to go on with his life. He says that he was going to look for an apartment but has no idea if the kids are going to move in with him or not. Olivia offers to let him stay with her until he figures out what he needs to do. Josh tells her that is a great offer and he really enjoys waking up with her but his children may be upset. She understands and tells him that she knows he doesn't want to disrupt their lives. He talks a bit about his kids and Olivia tells him that she knows he is a great dad and the distance is not all his fault. She tells him a little about her parents divorce and how they handled it. Josh tells her that she is single handedly keeping him sane. He also thinks that things should happen between them for the right reasons, no rushing. She understands. He tells her that the middle ground proposition is that she lets him have a little drawer space or toothbrush room and he wouldn't intrude on her closet space.

At Jon's house:
Richard is so happy that he got to spend so much time with Jon but he thinks the right decision is to leave Jon with the family that he knows and loves. This way they can raise Jon in the open and Richard and Reva can visit. And when Jon is ready, his parents can tell Jon about his heritage. Reva wants to talk about Cassie. She tells him again that Cassie loves him and that he has to be honest with his feelings and be truthful to her. Reva tells him that her sister needs to have someone who loves her and if he isn't the one then he needs to leave her to find someone who will. Richard says that they should say goodbye to Jon. He realizes that this is where Jon belongs, his home with Marissa and Alfred. He also tells Reva that her life is with Josh not him. Jon asks Richard to go fishing with he and Alfred but Richard has to go. He asks Jon to come to San Cristobel and they will go. He hugs his son and tells him goodbye. Reva asks Jon to wait on her by the water and se turns to say good bye to Richard. He leaves and takes one last look.
Reva tells Jon that she enjoyed their time together. She tells him that she lives in the same town as Olivia and he can visit her as often as his parents will allow. She asks him to walk her to the door and tells him that it isn't really goodbye because they will see each other later but now she has to go home to her family. Reva leaves. She checks her plane reservation and says that she is going home to Josh.

In San Cristobel:
Cassie asks one of the palace aides if Richard would be back in time to accompany her to the state dinner. He tells her he hasn't heard anything from him and Cassie goes back into her room. She thinks that he is still with Reva and wonders if this is what life with Richard will be like. Tammy comes in and asks Cassie when they are leaving. She tells her that they aren't leaving, that this is their home now. Tammy is happy and tells her mom that they can be a family now.
Richard is back and Cassie puts up a wall. She doesn't want him to be able to get to her anymore. Outside her room he wonders why he was such a fool. He says that he has been falling in love with her since day one and was lying to himself about it. He goes into her room and greets her.

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