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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of January 24, 2000 on ATWT
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Monday, January 24, 2000

Holden is frantic with fear as to where Abigail may be. He checks the answering machine to see if Abigail called while he was out. Katie has left a message about a problem she is having. The doorbell rings and Holden rushes to the door and it is Molly. She apologizes to Holden and says that she couldn't sit at home and worry. Molly brings up the fact that Abigail may have been lying to them and she could be with Chris Hughes. Holden doesn't believe her.

Abigail and Chris are at the library, locked inside. Abigail has been sleeping and she wakes up and says Chris' name. He says that he is still here. He tells her that he is worried about getting caught. She tells him not to worry, Holden has left to go to Hawaii and they can spend the night if they want to. He encourages her to call and make sure that Holden has left. He says that what if Holden went to check on her before he left and she wasn't there. She agrees, but thinks that it is in vain. She dials the house and Holden answers. She freaks out and hangs up. She tells Chris that he was right, Holden is still in town. She can't believe how much trouble that she is going to be in. Chris suggests that they break through a window. She asks if the window have alarms on them. He tells her that as soon as he opens the window, she jumps out and runs as fast as she can to Jenn's house and then call Holden and tell him that she was studying with Jenn and lost all track of time. She agrees, but she doesn't want to leave him. They kiss each other. Then Chris remembers to tell her about having lunch with his father and telling him about going back to school. He tells her how Bob was cool with the idea and offered to pay for his school. She is so happy for him. He tells her that she has to go. They kiss again and he opens the window and she leaves. Chris gets his coat and is cleaning up the trash that they had left. As he gets to the window, the police walk around the corner with flashlights and tell him to freeze. Chris leans up against the wall. He can't believe that he is busted.

Back at Lily and Holden's house, Holden is wondering if the person who just called and hung up was Abigail? Then he says that she wouldn't have hung up on him, she would have talked to him. Molly suggests that maybe it was her and she was checking to see if he was there and then she could stay out later. Holden doesn't believe that Abigail would do that. The doorbell rings and he runs to the door thinking that it would be Abigail. It is Katie and she comes in talking about a video of the horse show. Then, she realizes that Holden hasn't left for his vacation with Lily. He says that they can't find Abigail and he leaves to go cancel his flight. After he is gone, Katie says that she can't believe that Abigail hasn't called. She adds how sad it is that Holden has to cancel his romantic vacation with Lily. Molly says that she can hear the compassion oozing out of her mouth. Katie says that she resents Molly's implication. She says that Holden is her boss and he has been really good to her and is helping her get ahead. Molly says, "mmm-hhmmm." Katie says that she would be a fool to try to come between Holden and Lily. Holden comes back in and asks if there was any other calls on the other lines while he was on the phone. Molly says no. Molly once again insinuates that Abigail is lying to them and she is really out with Chris. Katie says that she doesn't think that Abigail would lie. Holden says that he thinks the same way. Molly says that it wouldn't be the first time that a girl lied to get a guy and she is looking right at Katie. Holden decides to call Jenn and see if Abigail is over there.

At Barbara house, the doorbell rings and Abigail is at the door. She is out of breath and Jennifer asks what she has been up to? Abigail tells her that she needs a favor. Jennifer says that she can smell Chris Hughes in this one. Abigail tells her about being at the library and getting locked in. She tells her about falling asleep and then she called home and Holden was there. The phone rings and Jenn answers it. Holden is calling. At first Jennifer acts like Abigail is not there. Abigail starts waving her hands wildly and Jennifer gets it that she is supposed to be there. Jennifer tells Holden that she was just joking, Abigail is there. She asks him if he wants to talk to her. He says that he will be over to get Abigail. When they hang up, Abigail asks Jennifer to lie and say that she had been there studying. Jennifer isn't sure. Abigail says that she will tell Holden the story and all she has to do is back her up. Jennifer agrees. The doorbell rings and Jennifer lets Holden in. Holden comes in and scolds Abigail for not letting them know where she has been. She tells him about coming over to Jenn's to get a book that she didn't have and they started to study and lost track of time. Jennifer shakes her head in agreement. Holden says that they will talk about it when they get home and they leave.

Bob and Kim are at Al's Diner and John comes in. John is still ranting and raving about Denise and Hope and Andy. He tells Bob and Kim that they need to help him to keep Andy from signing over their granddaughter. Kim reminds John that Andy is an adult and this matter is between him and Denise and nobody else. John doesn't listen, he keep going on about what they should be doing. Bob tells John that he should trust Andy's judgment. John won't let up. Bob phone rings and he answers it. When he hangs up, he tells Kim that Chris has been arrested and they need to go to the police station to bail him out. John says that parenting does take an upper hand. Kim tells him to shut up and they leave. John says that it is true, father really does know best. Andy comes in and over to John. John tells him that he looks like hell. Andy says that he has had another round with Denise. He tells him that he told her that he will not sign any papers until they let him spend time with his daughter. Andy says that he is ready to fight for Hope. That is all that John needs to hear. He goes off, telling Andy exactly what they are going to do. He tells Andy that he will have to get a home. Andy says that he has a home. John says that his traveling days are over and he will have to find a decent job, no more photojournalist. Andy yells at his father and tells him to slow down. He tells John that this is his fight. He informs John that Ben and Denise will be raising Hope. John tells him that he will regret this for the rest of his life.

At Lily and Holden's house, Katie is walking around the living room looking at everything. Molly tells her that she can leave because Holden is not going to be in the mood to look at her little horse video. Katie says that she will wait and hear that from Holden. Molly says that this her daughter's home and she is happy here and she can find some other nest to rob. Katie says that they can talk about some activity that would break poor little Abigail's heart. Molly turns and looks at her. Holden and Abigail come in. Katie tells Abigail that she tried to tell them that everything would be OK. Molly says that they have a family matter to discuss and would she mind. Katie tells Holden that she will leave the video for him to look at later and she leaves. Holden tells Abigail that she has to tell them where she is and who she is with every minute of the day. Abigail says that she understands and she is really, really sorry. Molly tells her that she is in a lot of trouble. She says that she wasn't even thinking and after a day like today and Holden bought her Flashdance. She adds that she doesn't deserve him. Holden says that they will talk about that tomorrow. He tells her that he has canceled his trip to Hawaii. Abigail gets upset. She doesn't want him to do that. Holden says that he has to go call Lily and he walks out. Abigail asks Molly why she let him do that? Molly says that she doesn't think that they have heard the truth yet. She asks Abigail if she was with Chris Hughes? Abigail says that she was with Jenn like she said. Molly says that was where Holden picked her up but where was she before that? Holden comes in and says that while he was trying to get Lily, Kim Hughes called and Molly says that she called her to find out where Chris was. Holden says that Chris was arrested after breaking into the library tonight. Abigail says, "He was?" Molly apologizes to Abigail. If Chris was arrested earlier then she couldn't have been with him. Molly leaves. Abigail begs Holden to try to get a late flight to go meet Lily in Hawaii. He says that she is his daughter and he is her father and this will help him to be a better father to Faith. He tells her to go get some sleep. After she is gone, he puts his hands over he face and sighs.

At Denise's apartment, Ben is trying to console Denise and she is freaking out. Andy won't sign the papers until he spends some time with Hope. Ben can see how upset that Denise is and he starts to call and cancel his conference in California. Denise tells him not to do that, she can handle things herself. Ben takes that as she is saying for him to butt out, this is not any of his business. Denise apologizes to him. She says that she doesn't want him to miss his conference because of her problems. He tells her that he is worried too, but she can't shut him out. She softens and says that she knows that she is going to have to let Andy see Hope. She realizes that she has to change her tune with him. She tells Ben that he has a conference to get to and she hands him his coat. They kiss goodbye and Ben leaves. Denise leans up against the door and says, "I'm so sorry, Ben." She shuts the door and goes into her bedroom and packs her bags. She gets Hope and puts her coat on. She tells her that they are going to make a quick stop for food on the road and then they are going to go find a new home.

Tuesday, January 25, 2000

Note: Please bear with me, my cable kept going in and out today. I think that I caught the high points, though.

Isaac and Camille walk into Java Underground. He takes her to a certain spot in the dance floor and reminds her that this is where they kissed on New Years Eve. Camille says that that is good one and that he is off the hook. They start to dance. Now, Carly and Jack are there, also. They are making numerous toast. They talk about their big upcoming day and Jack leans in to kiss her. When he does, you can see Mr. Phillips watching them. Carly gets a chill and Jack asks her if she is OK. She shrugs it off and says that it must have been a draft. Camille and Isaac take a break from dancing and Isaac goes over to the bar to get something to drink. Mr. Phillips meets him at the bar and informs him that the boss is not happy that he is not taking care of business. When he says this, he pushes a walking cane into Isaac's chest. Isaac tells him that he is taking care of business. Mr. Phillips looks over his shoulder at Camille. Isaac pushes the cane into Mr. Phillips' chest and tells him that he better watch pushing him or someone would pay. Now, Emily enters the scene. She sees Isaac at the bar and then looks over and sees Camille sitting at a table. She walks over to Camille and starts asking her questions about Isaac. Camille asks her if she is writing a story? Emily walks away and over to the bar very close to where Isaac and Mr. Phillips are trying to talk. Isaac sees that Emily is listening and he moves Mr. Phillips away from the bar. He tells Mr. Phillips that he will get the horse back and to tell the boss not to push him. Isaac picks up the drinks and goes back to Camille. Now Jack and Carly are dancing and kissing. Carly tells him that he is always surprising her and half the time he doesn't even know that he is doing it. She excuses herself to go powder her nose and Jack asks if he can get anything for her and she says to surprise her. When she gets back, she wants to know where is her surprise? Jack walks over to the stage where the DJ is and when he turns around he is holding a microphone. He starts to sing a song. He slowly sings and walks over to her and when he gets to her he kisses her and the place erupts with applause. She tells him that she can't wait until they stand in front of all their family and friends and say their vows. He asks her if she maybe getting cold feet? She says that there is no way, she is destined to be his wife. He says that he was worried the day of her fashion show. She says that she was just having one of those days. They kiss again and at the front door, Mr. Phillips is talking on his cell phone. He is telling someone that Isaac didn't get the horse but has promised to get it soon. He adds that he is keeping his eye on her too. One of the policeman from the station comes over to Emily and asks if she remembers him. She says that she doesn't and at first is not interested in him. When he reminds her that he is a cop, she gets interested very fast. She starts to question him about Isaac. He tells her that even if he knew anything about the guy, he couldn't tell her. So, they go dance. Camille is watching her and she turns to Isaac and starts to question him. She asks him just what is it that he does for a living? He says that he is a catalyst. He tells her that people want certain things to happen and he makes them happen. She starts to question him further and he wants to know where all this is coming from. She looks over at Emily and says, "No where." He asks if Emily is a friend of hers. Camille says that she is definitely no friend. He asks about the guy that is with Emily and Camille says that she doesn't know him. Together they say, "He looks like a cop!" They chuckle and Isaac says that they can leave anytime she is ready. Camille says that he must be tired from dancing so much and she starts to walk away. He pulls her back onto the dance floor right back to the X on the floor and they kiss.

Hal has just gotten home from visiting Nikki. Margo is there. All the kids and Barbara take Hal bags upstairs and leave Hal and Margo to talk. He tells her that he was happy to hear that her conviction was overturned. He says that he picked up the phone to call, but didn't. She asks him why he didn't call. He says that he dropped the ball and he felt bad. She tells him that he didn't drop the ball, his daughter was hurt and he had to be with her. She tells him that she wouldn't have changed anything and it came out OK in the end. He asks her what her plans are for the future. She says that she is looking into some PI work or something like that. She asks if she can get a recommendation for her ex boss. Hal asks her why would he do that when everyone at the station is hounding him to reinstate her? He asks if she didn't turn in some paper work for that? She is happy and she says that she did but she didn't want to hope. He tells her to come to the station tomorrow and they will get the paper work all straighten out. She is happy and she goes over and hugs him and leaves. Barbara has been listening to them at the bottom of the stairs. She goes over to Hal and puts her arms around him and tells him that she is very happy that she married him.

Denise is getting ready to leave and as she opens the door, Ben is standing there. He asks her if she is going somewhere? She makes up a lie and says that Hope was fussy and she was going to take her for a ride in the car. She asks him why he came back. He tells her that he is worried about her. She takes that as he doesn't trust her to take care of things. She starts to preach to him that she can do things on her own and she doesn't need him. He says that is what he has been trying to get across. He knows that she is a strong woman, she just has to believe that herself. She softens again and says that she understands and she loves him and didn't ever think that she would get anyone as wonderful as him to love her back. She reminds him that he has a conference to go to. She is still holding Hope and Ben looks at Hope and tells her that her job is to give her mommy a big hug anytime she starts to doubt herself. He hugs and kisses Denise and leaves. After he is gone, she looks at Hope and says, "Just me and my baby girl, we'll just start over."

John and Andy are at Al's Diner and John is still going on about how they will handle things with Denise. John gets a page and leaves to take the call. Bob and Kim come in and they try to make Andy understand where John is coming from. Denise comes into the diner and Andy walks over to her. He asks her to come over and say hello to his family. She is reluctant, but she goes over to Kim and Bob. Kim asks her to sit down and she says that she can't stay. John comes around the corner and says that it is too bad that she can't stay, they were just discussing Hope's future. Kim tells him to hush. Denise gets nervous when she sees John. Kim tells him that Hope's future is just fine because Denise is her mother and she is taking good care of her. John asks Kim if she wants to hold Hope and Kim says that she is just fine. Denise tells Hope that Kim is the lady that saved her life and she is a hero. Denise hands Hope over to Kim. Kim is playing with the baby and Denise and Andy go over to a table and sit down. Denise tells Andy that she wishes that she could go back and change things that his father had written about her in the newspaper article. She reminds him that she had a rough upbringing and she had to do what she could to survive. Andy says that he understands and she has to overlook his father. She looks over and John is about to take Hope from Kim. She rushes over and takes Hope from John. She says that she gets fussy when she is passed around too much. Kim asks Denise to come over and sit with her and have a mother daughter talk. John looks at Andy and says that Kim had that look in her eye and Denise has met he match. Andy just shakes his head. Kim thanks Denise for talking with her. She apologizes to Denise for John actions. Denise says that she just wishes that they had equal ground, it is the Dixon/Hughes against herself. Kim tells her that there is no us against you. Denise wants to know what she is up to, is she trying to soften her up or something? Kim says that she just wants her to know that this is between Andy and Denise and there is no expectations on her part. Denise asks about John and Kim says that she will have to knock some sense into him. John comes over and asks if Denise is going to be reasonable? Kim makes him go away. Denise thanks Kim and she leaves. Andy asks John why he has to go after her like that? John says that this is his life and he wants to make sure that he makes the right decision. Andy says, "My life huh....stay out of it!" Andy kisses his mother and leaves.

Andy goes over to Denise's house and when she opens the door, she says that she is not ready for round 3 or 4. She says that she has just put Hope down for the night. Andy says that he isn't there for any round and he is there to talk to her. She invites him in and asks if she can get him anything? He says, "A new family?" He tells her that they need to stay together on this. She says that his daddy is not going to sit around on his hands, he is out there to make some war.

Wednesday, January 26, 2000

Emily tells Jake she's freelancing now and offers him an article on gambling in Oakdale. A disguised Isaac poses as a representative from the American Horse Show Association at WOAK. When Katie exults over praise from Holden, Henry tempers her enthusiasm by reminding her she has Molly to contend with. Abigail is unable to dissuade Chris from coming over to see her after he learns she's been grounded.

At the stables Abigail tries to get rid of Lucinda and explains Holden never went to Hawaii. When Jake hears that Isaac is the focus of Emily's expose, he tells Emily he's no longer interested in the story. Isaac asks Katie if he can look at her footage from the horse show but is interrupted by a call from Jake asking him to come over.

Molly bests Katie's pitch for a Valentine's Day show with one of her own that involves Matt Damon and later reminds her she's the anchor and Katie is just the assistant. Henry then volunteers to get rid of Katie's "problem." Holden leaves to check up on Abigail when he hears from Lucinda that Abigail is dawdling at the stables. After being surprised by Chris in the stables, Abigail confesses the guilt she felt in lying to Holden and Molly about the night at the library.

Jake tells Isaac a blonde woman plans to expose him and when Emily returns to Jake's office to pick up her notebook Isaac figures out it's her. Jake leaves the two of them alone and Emily tries to lure Isaac to talk to her with the promise of selling his life story. Isaac scares her when he idly wonders if the price goes up depending on how many people he's killed. He stops her from walking out and then warns her she's out of her league.

Katie allows Henry to get Molly's lunch for her. Chris has to hide when Holden approaches the stables and senses Abigail's despair that Holden believes she's trustworthy. Chris later shocks her when he suggests perhaps they should really break up. Isaac threatens to harm Emily's family but she is undeterred, insisting to him that she's more interested than ever. Abigail realizes Chris was only joking and the two start playing.

Jake bodily picks up Emily and stops her from chasing after Isaac. When Molly gets sick from eating the sandwich right before the news broadcast, Holden has Katie go on in her place. Emily deduces that Jake is protecting Isaac and threatens to make Jake part of her story if he's involved. Phillips irritates Isaac when he tells him to get the horse for Mr. Lowe soon, as promised.

Chris and Abigail get caught up in the moment and are half-undressed when Chris calls a a halt, telling her he doesn't want her to end up like her mom. Abigail is touched and decides to tell Holden so they can be together without having to hurt each other any more.

Thursday, January 27, 2000

Carly is frantically digging through her closet trying to find something appropriate to wear to her wedding. Jack comes in and playful wonders why Carly's closet "threw up!" Carly tells him that nothing she owns will work, and therefore they cannot get married. Jack thinks he is just playing with him, until he notices the worried look in her eyes. He asks her what is really wrong with her.

Abigail tells Chris at the stables that she cannot go on lying to Holden anymore. She wants to tell him about their relationship. She asks for Chris's support, but he cannot give it. Abigail tries to reassure him that by being honest with Holden and Lily, they can convince them that they are made for each other, and then they can band against Molly. They embrace, and Chris secretly cringes at the idea.

Molly comes back from her bout with "sickness" to find Katie filling in for her on the evening news. Katie, on-camera, reads her lines with assuredness, and even throws in some ad-libs. The production assistant comments to Molly that they were lucky they found someone to fill in for her so fast. Molly fumes. Holden comes over to check on her. Molly tells him she is fine now. Holden comments on how well Katie is doing, and reminds Molly that she got her start in the anchor seat when she "filled in" unexpectedly for someone else. This worries Molly, and she jumps up to take her seat back over. Holden tells her that she should go home and take it easy, because Katie is filling in for her perfectly. During a commercial break, Holden asks Katie how she feels. Katie tells him that she is doing fine, and feels pretty comfortable. When she leaves the desk to get a drink of water, Molly pulls her out of the studio.

Jack thinks Carly is overreacting about having a perfect wedding dress. Carly explains to him that her design business is supposed to be "funky and fun" designs for teenage girls, but she wants to wear something more traditional and classy. She hopes by being stunning at her wedding, the people in Oakdale will believe she is an acceptable wife for Jack Snyder. Jack tells her that he doesn't care what anyone else thinks, and that she would look perfect in anything. He does suggest, however, that if she wants a classic look, maybe Barbara could design something for her. Carly agrees that it is worth a try.

Molly accuses Katie of poisoning her tuna sandwich. Katie denies the accusations, and tells her that the sandwich came from Al's Diner, and that the tuna must have been bad, or maybe Molly has a case of the flu. Molly reminds Katie that she has a cousin who is engaged to an Oakdale cop, and she will have the contents of the sandwich analyzed, and press charges against her. Holden yells at Katie to get back to the set. Molly tells him that she is just fine, and she can finish the broadcast. Holden replies that things are going just fine with Katie at the desk, and they are not going to change anchors midstream. Molly demands that Henry get the other half of the sandwich for her.

Abigail tries to reason with Chris using Lily and Holden as an example. Their situation is extremely similar to what Holden and Lily went through as a young couple, sneaking around to hide their relationship from Lucinda. She reasons that it would be hypocritical for Holden and Lily to object to their relationship, and that when they have the two of them in their corner, then they can make Molly see the light. Chris tells her that there is no way that will ever happen, and that if Abigail wants to continue to see him, then they have to keep their relationship a secret. Abby wants to know why Molly hates him so much, and Chris tells her that he can't explain it to her, but that she will just have to trust him. Abigail reluctantly agrees to his terms, so as long as they can continue seeing each other.

Carly goes to Barbara's house to find her on the phone having a minor crisis with a fabric house. Carly tries to butter up Barbara by telling her how appreciative she is for everything she has done for Parker, but Barbara knows that Carly wants something. Carly spits it out and flatly asks Barbara if she can design and make her a wedding dress by next Friday. Meanwhile, at the Oakdale Police Station, Hal and Jack converse about the weird mood Carly is in. Hal chalks it up to Carly's wanting to be accepted by the people she has hurt in the past, but Jack thinks that her meltdown is more than just "pre-wedding" jitters. Jack tells Hal about his suggestion of Barbara designing Carly's wedding dress. Hal suggests that they go back to his house for dinner, and Hal will try to talk to Carly about what is bugging her. Jack agrees.

Katie wraps up the news, and the studio applauds her work. Holden tells her she did a marvelous job, and that he owes her big time. Meanwhile, Molly asks Henry if he found the other half of the sandwich, and Henry tells her someone must have thrown it out. Molly tells him that she doesn't trust him, and leaves to do some investigating. Katie rushes to Henry, and asks him what he did to Molly. He admits to putting some Ipecac syrup in the Mayo on her sandwich. Katie is appalled, but Henry tells her that she should not play dumb. She got her big break, and they are in this together. Barbara is amazed that Carly would ask her to design a dress since in the past Carly has referred to her designs as "stuffy" and "conservative." Carly admits that she envies Barbara for her class and style, and really looks up to her as a person she wants to be. Barbara gives in and agrees to do the dress for her. Just then, Hal and Jack walk in, and Barbara is a little shocked that Hal has invited them for dinner without calling first. Hal tells her that he ordered take out Chinese for the evening. As the delivery man is walking up to the house, the mysterious "Mr. Phillips" stops him, and offers him a wad of cash in exchange for "adding" something to the meal.

Katie asks Henry WHY he is helping her out so much. Henry admits that he is sick of Holden getting all the credit for the great ratings, when the numbers actually started rising when he took over as news director. He was upset when Holden got to name the new anchor, and he is hoping that by putting Katie in the limelight, that he will get more say in the decisions at the station. Molly enters, and tells them that the sandwich has mysteriously disappeared, but she still believes that she was poisoned. Just then Holden comes in and tells them all that since the broadcast went so smoothly, Katie will be Molly's permanent replacement. If there is ever a time when Molly can't go on-air, Katie will back her up. Katie is thrilled, but Molly is stunned.

Abigail tells Chris that she need to learn to become a better liar. She will look for new places for them to meet, and have lies ready in case they are caught. As she goes on, Chris realizes that because of him, Abby is changing into someone she is not. Chris tells her the only way to solve this problem is for them to break-up. Abigail is devastated, and tells him that they were meant for each other. She tries to talk him out of it, but Chris can see no other way for it to work out between them. He can't explain to her why, except to tell her that if they continue down this road there will be MAJOR hurt to come. He tells her good-bye, and leaves her sobbing. Chris listens to her cry outside the stable door.

Holden gives Katie some more kudos, and leaves. Molly gets her digs in on Katie, telling her that she better just keep on dreaming about being the anchor, because she plans on being in that anchor chair every night, if she has to crawl there. She also tells Katie that if she so much as catches her trying to "hone in" on her territory, she will send her on assignment out in the woods faster than she can say "Blair Witch Project." Henry looks on and overhears everything. As Molly leaves, Margo rushes in and embraces a frightened Katie. She goes on about how surprised and thrilled she is for her, but notices Katie's panic. Margo asks her what is wrong, and Katie tells her that this is not how it was supposed to happen.

Carly and Hal clean up the dishes from dinner, and Hal gives her a pep talk. He tells her that he has noticed how well she has turned her life around, and that the whole town is talking about "the new and improved Carly Tenney." Carly gives him her thanks and tells him that if it weren't for great friends like him and Barbara, she never would have had the courage or freedom to get her life back in check. They embrace, and Barbara walks in, and seconds her husband's observations. Jack walks in with the fortune cookies. Carly opens hers, and is appalled to read "Your past will catch up with you sooner than you think." She thinks it is just a harmless coincidence until Jack opens up his and it reads "there will be no happy future until the past is resolved." Carly thinks it is a cruel joke, as does everyone else, but they all notice how shaken Carly has become about it all.

Margo thinks that Katie is just experiencing some post stage fright. Katie admits that she is feeling a little overwhelmed by it all. Margo tells her that everything is happening for her quickly, and it is ok to be a little nervous about it. Katie tells her that Molly is very threatened by her, and Margo tells her that some people's bad luck is other people's fortune. She tells Katie that she needs to learn to "toot her own horn" more, and to go with her gut instincts. As long is Holden is on her side, who cares what Molly thinks. Meanwhile, Molly goes home, and talks herself up. Katie doesn't have half the smarts or experience she has, and there is no way she will let Katie get the best of her. There is a knock on the door, and it is Abigail. It is evident to Molly that she has been crying. Abby tells her that they have to have a serious discussion about Christopher Hughes. Molly demands to know what he did to her.

Margo talks Katie up a little bit more, and Katie is grateful for the support. Margo leaves, and Katie returns to the anchor chair. She reflects on what Molly said to her that night about not ever getting the chance to be in the spotlight again. She pulls the incriminating photos of Chris and Molly out of her purse, and sighs.

Holden goes home to find a note from Abigail, saying that she has gone to Molly's. He pops in the tape of the horse show broadcast, and sits down to watch it. Meanwhile, Lily sneaks in the door with Faith and Luke in tow. She sees Holden on the couch watching Abigail on TV talking about her bonding with her father, and her face shows signs of disapproval. Jack and Carly are back at the farm, and Jack can see that Carly is clearly still upset about the messages in the cookies. Jack tries to reason with Carly that the messages were just a phony coincidence. He tells her that they have dealt with the past, and that they need to look forward to a wonderful and happy future. Carly embraces him, praying that he is right. Meanwhile, "Mr. Phillips" talks to his secret contact on the phone and tells him that everything is proceeding according to plan. He tells the contact that he is now ready to make his final move.

Abigail tells Molly that the only thing that Christopher did to her is break up with her for good. Molly tries to console her, but Abby pushes her away. Abby tells her that Molly has made it her mission to keep them apart, and she demands to know why she hates Christopher so much. Molly tells her it is too complicated, but Abby tells her that she is not leaving until she gets a straight answer out of her.

Friday, January 28, 2000

John is inspired when he reads in a newspaper that an attorney is arguing grandparents' rights before the Supreme Court. Andy, undeterred when Denise announces she's headed for a meeting with Jessica to discuss her rights, volunteers to babysit Hope. Lily returns from Hawaii with Luc and Faith in tow and assures Holden he's not in trouble for not meeting her there. Chris throws away Abigail's horse charm in despair. Abigail demands Molly tell her what makes her such an expert on Chris.

Abigail insists she doesn't care who Chris has slept with in the past. When Molly reiterates that Chris won't wait, Abigail retorts that she won't make the same mistake Holden and Molly did. When Lily admits she had her hands full taking care of the kids by herself, Holden promises to make it up to her. Lucinda arrives with a hamper of food.

Camille is unable to dissuade John from going to Washington to seek the attorney's advice. John stops by Denise's on his way out of town and is pleased to find Andy there bonding with Hope. Alone with Hope, John tells his granddaughter he's on a mission to save his "little princess." Andy is upset when he hears the details of John's trip--John is hiring somebody to fight for Andy's rights regardless of what Andy wants.

When her cajoling doesn't work, Molly commands Abigail that she isn't to see Chris--it's non-negotiable. Abigail then tearfully declares she loves Chris. Holden is nonplussed when he walks in as Lucinda is telling her daughter there's still time to save her marriage. An irritated Lily explains Lucinda's belief that he's spending too much time with Abigail but reminds Lucinda Holden is her husband, not her mother's. A stone-faced Holden escorts Lucinda out, then asks Lily if she is really worried about their marriage.

Andy reiterates to John that he and Denise will decide custody, without interference from anyone. Molly tells Abigail that what she feels for Chris isn't true love, and a hurt Abigail denies that Molly is her real mother before running out. Lily assures Holden she's not worried, that she thinks of Abigail as her own daughter. Their warm moment is interrupted by Molly, who blurts out she's afraid she's lost Abigail permanently.

Chris is angry when Abigail informs him she had a fight with Molly and told her birth mother to butt out. Denise returns to her apartment to overhear John telling Andy that Hope's future lies in their own hands. She grabs Hope out of John's arms and accuses Andy of plotting with his father to take Hope away. Andy's pleas for her to calm down and talk things out fall on deaf ears and he leaves.

Holden has to act as referee when Lily and Molly disagree with Molly's put-down of Chris to Abigail--it'll only make Abigail want him more, Lily argues. Molly vows to bring Abigail back on her own. Chris is skeptical when Abigail tells him of her "brilliant" plan to tell the Williamses all about him--Holden and Molly will no longer be able to dangle the threat of her being summoned to Saudi Arabia, she enthuses.

Lily comforts Holden and when they become aware that Abigail could see them and get ideas, Holden sweeps Lily off her feet and carries her to their bedroom. Andy returns to Denise's only to realize she's fled town and has taken Hope with her. Molly finds Chris and Abigail kissing and announces she has something to say.

Colleen Zenk makes surprise appearance as Y&R's Aunt Jordan
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