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Monday, January 24, 2000

At the 6th floor nurse's station, Chris comments that Eve has been working extra hard lately...she says she's covering for Karen, so Karen and Joe can spend more time with Neil. Chris makes a comment about Neil not getting any breaks, and they discuss Neil's health problems. He says that Joe and Courtney can always get pregnant again, and Eve realizes he doesn't know about the events of the last few days. She told him that Frank is Neil's real father.

At the Recovery Room, Scott and Serena are eating lunch. They discuss Neil's health, Serena asks (what a great little actress!) if Neil is going to die, which Scott truthfully answers, I don't know. Serena expresses a need to see Neil, because she knows how lonely and scared he must be in ICU, ...Scott reminds her no kids can visit, so she decides to sit outside his room and make him a card to help Neil feel better.

Outside Neil's room, Frank stubbornly wants to be the one to tell Neil he is the real dad. He has also taken over Joe's script of saying, "He's *my* son!" a lot, which I'm sure he's been wanting to do for awhile now. However, everyone, including Courtney, quite loudly and vocally, thinks this is a bad idea, and finally he gives in, unhappily. Courtney tries to comfort him, but Frank is very upset that he still has no say-so in his son's life.

Kevin comforts Mary, who is having a difficult time dealing with her sons' hatefulness toward each other, as well as Neil's paternity.

Karen tries to encourage Joe, who is looking for the right way to tell Neil the truth about Frank.

On the 6th floor, Chris asks Eve about Neil's progress again, much to her surprise. He says that one of the good things to come out of dating Courtney was getting to know Neil. Eve wonders how such a cool kid came from two people like Frank and Courtney, and Chris comments that nothing Frank does surprises him. Eve's curiosity is piqued, and she says, not even a little bit? Not really, he says, and realization crosses her face as she watches his reaction. You knew, she corners him as he tries to appear nonchalant...Eve deduces that Frank and Courtney had to have help switching samples, etc., so she demands that he 'fess up, so he gestures her in closer to him with a whisper, then shouts in her face "THERE IS NO STORY!!!" Eve remains unconvinced.

Serena and Scott show up on the 10th floor and run into Karen. She updates them on Neil, promising Serena she'll set up a time that she'll get to visit Neil. Serena told her plan of making a special card for Neil. They send Serena off to go work on the card, while Karen informs Scott that Joe is telling Neil that Frank is his real father--"He didn't know?" says Scott, then he told her that it was hard for him telling Serena where she came from too. They are interrupted by a phone call for Karen. We hear Karen's side of the conversation, "You can't do this, you have to reconsider...well, sorry isn't good enough!" After hanging up, Scott asks what's up. She says the hospital in LA has kicked Neil out of the experimental program because he's *too* sick, they don't want to help him because he's going to die anyway. Karen vows to change their minds.

Eve told Kevin about calling the number they got from Rachel's answering machine, how a woman replied and gave Eve a hard time, then after the call, Eve reports she has been getting a lot of hangups...Kevin thinks whoever was on the other end is trying to find out more about her. Eve says it is freaking her out...Kevin suggests taking the number to Mac to track it down.

Karen is blasting someone on the phone (presumably from LA) and is trying the tough love way to get Neil back into the program, but it's a no go. Scott says he spoke to Lee, who says legally they can't do anything. Karen decides to fly to LA to put a human face on Neil's plight--Scott says, good, his plane is all gassed up and ready to go! Chris asks Karen about Neil's progress, and she gives him the bad news about Neil being dropped from the LA program. Chris shows genuine concern over Neil's future. Karen is still adamant about changing their minds in LA.

In Neil's room, Neil ignores Courtney and Joe, who starts trying to explain to Neil about his real father. Neil yells at both of them for lying to them, and Joe suggests maybe they should wait until Neil feels better...Neil says, "I have leukemia, I'll never feel better!" Courtney says they are doing everything they can to heal him...Neil starts grasping at straws, wondering if Joe really is his dad, the tests were wrong, but Joe gently corrects him. He tells Neil his dad is already someone he knows and loves a whole bunch--Frank. Courtney confirms it, but says Joe will always be in Neil's life forever. Neil doesn't believe her and looks away. Courtney tries to explain why Neil has had 3 dads--to protect Neil. He asks Joe if Frank is really his dad...Joe says yes, but nothing else has changed between them...Neil rolls over on his side, absorbing all this new information.

At the 10th floor nurse's station, Serena shows Kevin and Eve her card for Neil. They gush about it, then she runs off to get her art supplies which she forgot in the lounge. Eve starts talking about her grade school days (saying all of this pointedly at Scott who it TOTALLY ignoring her) when she helped make a get well card for a friend named LIVVIE! Scott leaves to check on Serena. Eve says, well, that didn't work, Scott didn't show any recognition of the name at all.

On the couch Serena explains another card she made for Christina, who she can't wait to be her "real" sister. Scott leaves to find Serena some more paper, and Chris, grabbing something off the nurse's desk, went over and sits next to Serena. He compliments her cards, which she explains. Chris says it's important that they find a bone marrow donor for Neil so he can get better. He shows her the flyer explaining what it involves. Serena says her mom and dad were tested, but she wasn't 'cause kids can't be tested. Chris reacts, "Whaddayamean, kids can't be tested?!" he teases, "Course they can, even BABIES can be tested!" She shows surprise and asks for one of the flyers. Chris leaves as Scott returns. She immediately asks if she and Christina can be tested as possible bone-marrow donors, which Scott tries to dissuade by talking about how big the needles are. Serena says she's not scared, Neil's life depends on him finding a match. Scott says he'll run it past Lucy, while Chris watches with a pleased look on his face.

Outside Neil's room, Courtney told Frank that Neil didn't take the news well. He told her it is time for him to be with *his* son. He went into Neil's room, and tells Neil it must seem like the whole world has gone crazy, all upside down. He says he knows how much Joe and Neil mean to each other, and all that he's asking is that Neil let him love him too.

In the chapel, Karen joins Joe, who says God seems to have checked out on him lately. Karen gives him the bad news about Neil being dropped from the program. Joe is very angry. Karen tells him of her plan to fly to LA, she's already cleared her schedule. Joe says she's going to a lot of trouble, and she says she's trying to fix some of the hurt she has caused. She says she'll call him when she gets there, and she leaves Joe sitting on a pew. He looks toward the altar and says, "Thank you."

Tuesday, January 25, 2000

Chris and Julie are at Ferncliff talking and she asks him if there's something else on his mind. He says he has some news about Christina.

Lucy, carrying Christina, bursts into the Firehouse, calling for Scott, and Charlene follows her in lugging suitcases. They've returned a day early so no one was expecting them; Lucy had hoped to surprise Scott.

Scott, enters Rachel's office at the hospital saying he heard she was looking for him. She was and he asks if she's gong to start "buttering him up" again. Maybe later, she responds. She asks if he's available and he asks her if she wants to play darts again. She then says, let's go! Where? A little road trip. Scott told her to define "road trip." They're going to see Greg Cooper. He told her she's not getting out enough if she thinks that's "fun." She asks if he remembers the outcome of their dart game. He won and, as the winner, that's the last thing he wants to do. Rachel says, as the loser, she needs to convince him that Julie is innocent. Rachel told him that Cooper was telling the truth in his confession and if Scott observes him, he will see that. Scott told her Cooper couldn't convince him it was Tuesday. No, he's not going. He's worried about Neil, Rachel observes, how is he? She says it must be harder for someone like him with kids to see a child suffer like that. He says it is. He recalls when Serena was in ICU after the car accident a year ago last summer. He says he couldn't imagine anything worse than losing a child. He says he's about to be 3 times lucky - Karen, Serena and, as of Friday, Christina. The adoption is final Friday? Rachel asks looking very concerned. Scott asks, "What's the matter?" Her face brightens (consciously, I'm sure) and she tells him how happy she is for him. She's just surprised with Lucy being away and all. Scott says Lucy will be back tomorrow. Rachel says he does have a lot on his plate and he says he always cleans his plate. (LOL!) Rachel then asks if he'll go with her to Ferncliff but he says it won't do any good. He has instincts. He asks why she cares; he's done his job defending Julie and now it's up to the jury. What difference does it make what he thinks? She says she's just trying to give him peace of mind. Isn't that what friends do? Scott says, okay, "friend," then she can take some papers to Julie to sign after picking them up at the Firehouse. Why doesn't he just go to Ferncliff with her? He doesn't WANT to. Rachel agrees and they leave.

At the Firehouse, Lucy and Charlene are chatting while Lucy straightens up. Lucy hasn't seen Scott in so long! She's so excited she feels like she's back in high high school! Charlene jokes that she's trying to get rid of them. Lucy says no but Charlene told her she really has an old friend she wants to show Christina off to. They chat about the adoption while they dress the baby to go. Charlene says that as good as Lucy and Scott are with the kids, they ought to have a whole houseful of them. Lucy beams. Charlene and Christina leave.

Chris, returning from answering a page, is met with Julie's question about Christina. Chris told her about Neil's condition and that it turns out Frank is his father. He thinks Christina should be tested as a donor; sharing a parent they could match. Julie is against it.

Back at the firehouse, Lucy (my God, she looks great in that lingerie!! I'm jealous!), is lighting candles and looking gorgeous in red lingerie. Scott and Rachel arrive at the door with Rachel hinting that Scott just wanted to get her back to the Firehouse . Scott opens the door to, well, Lucy, in all her glory. Lucy asks if this "poodle person" always follows him around or if it's just when she's not home. Rachel says they've only been spending time together because of the case. Scott interrupts to say he'll get the papers Rachel's taking to Julie. Rachel says she still owes Scott and goodbye. Scott greets Lucy and asks why she's home early. Lucy wants to know why Rachel is always around and what she meant by "I still owe you." Scott says who cares about Rachel. Lucy isn't pleased that she always seems to be around there when she's not. Scott says it's like Rachel said, the case. Lucy says Rachel's just interested in his mind? Scott says *he's* interested in what's under her robe. She says she's not done ranting and raving but is visibly weakening. He says he missed her and is so glad she's home. Much kissing and fooling around ensues. :)

At Ferncliff, Chris and Julie are still discussing Neil and Christina. Julie looks unhappy. Julie doesn't want to take any risks but Chris tells her there's a possibility Christina could save her half-brother's life. Julie says if Christina is a match, the procedure could cause her pain. Chris told her she's a doctor, she knows Christina will be fine. He asks her how she'd feel if the situation were reversed and it was Christina dying and Courtney wouldn't let Neil help. Julie relents but asks how Chris knows Lucy and Scott will allow it. He told her he already suggested it to Serena, Neil's best friend; they'll agree. Julie laments the fact that she has no control over her daughter's life but Chris told her she will. When she's released. She doesn't think she can wait too much longer. She says the minute she has her freedom, she's taking her daughter back.

At the Firehouse, Scott and Lucy , mussed from sex *grin*, hear Serena come home. Serena is thrilled that Lucy's back. They hug and Scott gives Lucy a card Serena made on the computer. Lucy is suitably proud and says she'll keep it forever. Serena says she hopes Neil has his forever; she dropped it off at the hospital. She asks Scott if he asked Lucy about she and Christina being tested. He hasn't yet but Lucy is for it.

Chris and Julie are still chatting when Rachel enters with the papers from Scott. They talk about what will happen "when" Julie's released, the exit interview, etc. She also told them Christina's adoption will be final on Friday. Julie freaks; there's no time! Rachel told her it's okay, they can take their time and still get it done. Rachel's phone rings and she excuses herself to take it. She returns to tell them the verdict is in.

Wednesday, January 26, 2000

At the firehouse, Scott told Lucy that he'll be late for court. She told him that they can't read the verdict until he's there. She told him that it's all over, and no matter what, she hopes that justice is served. She hopes that means that Julie is freed.

Courtney comes into Franks's apartment and Franks asks if anything is wrong with Neil. No, she says, she just came to freshen up. She just wishes she never got it fixed. What? The car radio, Courtney says. The jury is back on Julie's trial.

At the hospital, Eve is trying to get a hold of Kevin when Matt comes up. Did she hear the news? Yes, that's why she was trying to get Kevin. Eve says that no matter what they 12 people decide, they will never know if Julie is innocent or not. Kevin comes over. He was in the hospital research library with the cell phone off. Eve told him that the jury is back.

At Ferncliff, Julie is nervous. All she's had is hope; what if the jury takes her hope away? Even if the jury convicts her, that's not the end, Chris says. Julie wants a minute with Chris. She wants him to promise her that if the verdict is guilty, that no matter what, she is to tell Christina that she is her mother and that he is not a horrible person. She wants Chris to tell Christina. He promises. He know how hard this is, but she need to believe this is the beginning, not the end. Christina will know how much Julie loves her, because she will be there to show her. Now, let's go face that jury, Chris says.

Courtney is watching TV. WLPC is going to carry live coverage of the verdict (I wish they had said something like, "But, for you soap fans, we'll keep the interruption real short so that you don't miss any of your favorite show."). Frank comes over to watch, too. Cortney says she'll understand if he wants to go to the courthouse. Julie is his past, Frank says as he declines, she and Neil are his future. She loves it when he says that. She just hopes that they can be his future. Frank says that Neil was hurt, and it'll take time for him to get over it. Courtney says there must be some way that she can help him to pick up the pieces. Frank says Neil just needs time. She'll give him all the time he needs, Curtney says, but how much time does he have? Courtney says it was hard before, but now, Neil feels like he does not have a mother and father to lean on.

At the courtroom, Dara told Scott to get ready to loose. He says she must have forgotten the constitution, "innocent until proven guilty". Kevin comes over and Julie comes in and she asks if he brought the rope for the lynch mob. Kevin leaves. Scott says that Julie does not have to worry; if the verdict is guilty, they'll appeal. Julie says *he* doesn't have to worry if the verdict is innocent.

Lucy is on the phone outside the courtroom saying "Finally!". She comes over and invites Kevin, Eve, and Matt to the adoption party on Friday. Kevin and Eve wouldn't miss it, Matt has to check his schedule. Kevin and Eve leave to go into the courtroom. Matt tries to find out why Lucy thinks Julie is innocent. She tries to tell him about her spiritual feelings. Matt thinks she just feels sorry for her since Julie saved Christina. Lucy says they'll find out soon, and when Julie went free, they'll see that they have nothing to worry about.

Courtney is on the phone; she thanks the person. She told Frank that Neil is sleeping. He seems to be holding his own. Frank told her that Neil will get better. Look at the pneumonia. She's not worried about that, his leukemia isn't getting better. Frank says Karen won't give up until she gets him back on that drug treatment. Courtney is sad that Neil doesn't love her. He told Courtney that Neil will not stop loving her. Why is he so sure? she asks. Frank says look at him. He loves her, and look how many times he tried not to, and he keeps coming back. She tries not to laugh, and they hug.

Lucy comes into the courtroom and sees Julie, who is happy to see a friendly face. Lucy told Julie that the adoption will be final Friday. So sson? It's been 6 months, Lucy says. Well, Julie says, she's sure Christina will end up where she belongs. Lee and Gail come in and talk to Scott. Scott isn't sure he did a good enough job. Lee says that DiMaggio didn't hit 500, and he was the best. Lee offers to start a partnership with Scott after this is over. Scott is happy.

Kevin told Eve that Mac can't trace the nubmer. It belongs to a factory - a big factory. So, Julie may get off and a killer may go free, Eve says.

Frank asks if Coutney is feeling better. A little. His mom called while she was freshening up. No verdict yet, he says. Courtney says they couldn't let her go free. Frank says he has no faith in the justice department; it could go either way. Courtney is worried about what if Julie comes after her again, or after Neil. Frank says he'll protect them both. They kiss. She says she has to go back to the hospital. Courtney appologizes for what keeping the secret was doing to him. She is surprised that he still wants to have a family with her, even though he sees how she keeps screwing up. He's not perfect. She doesn't care, just don't ever stop loving me, she asks. They kiss passionally.

Rachel wants Chris to have more faith in her and Julie. Chris says that he has faith in Julie, her he's not too sure about Rachel. He wants to know why she is so involved with Julie's case. Rachel warns Chris that when someone gets too emotionally involved, they becomes vunerable. Chris says good advice, he thinks Rachel should take that advice.

Julie and Scott are at the defendant table. They talk about why it's taking so long. Scott says maybe the judge is finishing her lunch. Scott suggests that she think about something happy. When he needs to cheer up, he thinks about his family. He thinks about Lucy, Serena, and Christina. Julie smiles and nods. Is it working? Scott asks. Yes, Julie says, he gave her good advice.

The judge and then the jury comes in. The judge asks, "Has the jury reached a verdict?" The foreman stands and says, "Yes, we have, your honor."

Thursday, January 27, 2000

Outside Neil's room, Joe peeks in and sees a nurse trying to get Neil to eat. He refuses and turns his head away. The nurse comes out into the hall, and told Joe that Neil is refusing to eat anything at all. Joe went in, tries various chitchat with Neil, who totally ignores him. Finally, Joe comments that he might try to coach little league, but Neil points out that "Only dads coach," and looks away. Joe leaves, discouraged. In the hall, he calls Frank for Courtney and told him the situation, and Frank says he's on his way.

In the courtroom, the judge asks the jury foreman if they have reached their decision. Yes, we have, he says, and the judge told the defendant to rise. Julie and Scott stand up, concerned. The judge told the foreman to read the verdict.

Joe catches Courtney before she went into Neil's room and told her that Neil is refusing to eat. He's hoping they can get him to at least drink a protein shake. Courtney wonders why he isn't eating, Joe says it's because of all he's going through. Courtney says she'll use some of the old tricks she used to use from his chemo treatments, but Joe thinks it's a waste of time. Just then, Frank comes running in with what looks like a bottle of chocolate milk and says, "Got it covered! Neil loves these things!" Joe and Courtney look doubtful.

The foreman is reading the verdict: the jury finds the defendant "Not guilty". Julie, Rachel, Scott, and Chris erupt in excitement and congratulations. The judge orders everyone to take their seats. She says Julie must return to Ferncliff until the doctors finalize her release. She then thanks the jury for their time and duty. Lucy looks thankful; Eve and Kevin very concerned.

Julie is beside herself, wondering why she has to go back to Ferncliff. Rachel says it's just a formality, Julie will need to take an exit exam Chris gives Julie a big hug, and she says, it's finally over, now we can be a family, you, me and Christina. He hugs her again. At the hospital, Courtney says, "Great minds think alike, huh?" Joe snaps, "Frank and I have nothing in common." They argue about their individual relationships with Neil. Frank demands to go see Neil. Joe stops him and says he's the one to try to get Neil to eat. Frank says no, it should be Courtney who tries. She's touched, takes the drink from Frank, and went into the room with Neil. She jokes about how bad the hospital food is. Neil won't look at her, so she shows him the drink, but he doesn't take the bait. Joe and Frank worriedly watch through the window. Rachel talks to Julie, who is totally exuberant about her success. Matt comes over and says congratulations, even though he doesn't agree with the jurors. Julie says maybe one day he will. Rachel and Chris are chatting happily when Eve comes over and says that she won't be celebrating with them over Julie's success. She says she hopes Chris doesn't come out the loser in all of this. In the hall, Kevin told Lucy, "You must be pretty proud of Scott." She nervously agrees that it didn't turn out the way Kevin wanted, and he warns her to be careful of Julie. He's convinced Julie is dangerous, Lucy thinks she's not. She says, can't they just agree to disagree, and he says "Wouldn't be the first time", then leaves. Gail and Lee congratulate Scott on his fine lawyering skills. Lucy joins them, saying they should concentrate on the adoption now. Gail and Lee leave, and Lucy reiterates how wonderful Scott is. Scott says he still doesn't believe that Julie is innocent, despite the jury's verdict. Lucy changes the subject to Christina and the adoption, which Lucy has big plans for. Scott teases about getting his friend at the lodge to shoot off the cannon, and they walk off talking and joking.

Julie asks Chris if he bribed the jury, and he says, no, she did it all on her own. She can't believe that Christina's adoption is tomorrow. Chris disagrees that they should not wait until Julie can be proven a good mother (Rachel's recommendation) but they should get Christina back BEFORE the adoption. Julie agrees, and a guard in a really good mood comes and told her they've got to go. Julie told Chris she'll see him back at FU. In the hall, Kevin told Eve, "How do you feel about wiping that smile off of Rachel Locke's face?" Eve asks him what he has in mind (another elevator ride, maybe?). He suggests bringing up the "Livvie" message and see how Rachel reacts to it. Just then Rachel walks by, and Kevin confronts her with a huge phony smile. Rachel is also beaming from the successful outcome to the trial. Kevin says, "You put out your best effort and you succeeded...[cough] *Livvie*." Rachel acts surprised, and says, "What did you call me?" Kevin wonders if she's ever been told she seems like a Livvie. She denies it, saying she's never even heard the name before. She quickly makes an exit, walking around the corner quickly, leans up against the wall, trying to compose herself. Eve asks Kevin if he saw the look on Rachel's face. Kevin thinks they are one step closer to figuring out Rachel, too bad it's too late for Julie's case. Eve says she can hear the wheels moving in Kevin's head, and he says he's got a plan in mind to keep Julie in FU. Eve wants to know what he's planning. Kevin just smiles at her with an evil grin.

Courtney is stunned at Neil's reactions toward her, shutting her out. Frank tries to comfort her, saying it's just going to take some time for Neil to heal. Courtney hugs Frank as Joe comes back. He says he may be forced to put Neil on a feeding tube. They argue over whether or not a tube is necessary. Frank is against it, asking for one day to convince Neil to eat on his own. Joe's worried about Neil getting weaker, but agrees to let Frank try. Courtney asks what Karen has found in LA, Joe says she's not having much luck. Frank and Courtney look disappointed, but Joe encourages them, saying that they may still find a marrow donor. Frank holds Courtney close and says, "You never know, a miracle could happen."

Scott is helping Serena with her homework, while Lucy plays with Christina in the background. Serena asks Scott what the trial's outcome was, so Scott says Julie was found innocent. Serena says, that means she didn't kill John Kanelos? Scott agrees, but his body language shows he doesn't. Serena mentions a kid at school who was wrongly blamed for stealing someone's Pokemon cards, how the other kids treated him unfairly, and how it turned out someone else did it. Scott agrees that everyone should have a fair chance before being considered guilty. Lucy comes over with a very vocal Christina, and starts talking about the adoption plans. Serena is excited because she'll get to skip school to go to the adoption. They have a lovely family moment together (foreshadowing if I ever saw it that it won't last!) At FU, Rachel, Chris and Julie are toasting each other with Dixie cups of water, I presume. Julie thanks Rachel for everything she's done, and Rachel says that a Ferncliff dr. will give Julie the exit exam today. Julie says she can't believe this nightmare is finally over, when Kevin enters and says that it isn't quite yet. Chris rudely told him to leave. Kevin says he's spoken to the head of the state mental health dept, and a psychiatrist disassociated with Ferncliff will administer the evaluation exam tomorrow. Rachel argues that she's helping Julie and Kevin says good, she won't mind someone else giving the exam. Julie says she'll never forget this, with a look of hatred at Kevin. He turns and leaves the three dumbfounded. They talk about Kevin's obsession with stopping Julie's release. Rachel says she's going to ask some questions and leaves. Julie turns to Chris, upset. "Tomorrow will be too late to stop the adoption!" Chris promises that they'll get her out of FU despite Kevin Collins. She's tearful that if she doesn't, she could lose Christina forever.

Friday, January 28, 2000

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