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Monday, January 24, 2000

In San Cristobel:
Richard comes in to Cassie's room and wanting to talk. He tells her that he wants to explain about the business he was off on. Cassie is totally prepared for the bad news. She thinks he no longer will want her there since he knows where Jon is and she will have to pack her bags and get out. He tells her that it was not about state affairs but about his son. He explained how he went to Jon's with Reva when she came with the information of his whereabouts. He told her how they made a decision to leave Jon with Alfred and Marissa and how they also came to the conclusion that Reva's place was with Josh and his was in San Cristobel . He started to tell her about his feelings for her and how he has discovered that he is in love with her but she interrupts him and tells him that he can do what he wants as long as he keeps his end of the bargain. An arranged marriage with no love to complicated things. Richard looked stunned but at Cassie's insistence agreed. He went outside and heard a glass break and ran to see if she was okay. He bandaged her hand and kissed it. He left for his room. Standing in the hallway, he thought of Cassie while she stood in her room thinking of him.

In New York:
Phillip was shocked when Beth told him that she was pregnant. Even more so when she told him that there was no way it was Jim's baby. She told him that she and Jim always used protection and that when they were stuck in the plane in SC, they did not use any precautions. Harley saw that Phillip was really upset and she asked what was wrong. He told her that Lizzie was sick and that they need to go home. Harley wanted to talk to Beth but when she got the phone, Beth hung up on her. Harley told Phillip that the hotel must have disconnected them by accident but that she was sure Beth was just overwhelmed with wedding plans and Lizzie would be fine. Phillip agreed but then came down with a terrible headache. Harley left to go to the gift shop for some headache medication and Phillip called Beth back. Beth told him that she couldn't talk because Jim just came back in and that she would handle everything. She hung up. Harley came back with the medicine and noticed how worried Phillip was. She told him that things would be okay and that they could head on home. He told her that he loved her for understanding and hoped that she knew how much he wants to have another child with her.

At the Spaulding Mansion:
Beth hangs up and Jim comes in. He asks who she was talking to and she lies and says it was the clinic. They talk about moving in together and he goes to get the rest of her things. He takes all the boxes out and then comes back in to talk to her some more. She asks him about their future and she wants to know what will become of them. He tells her that if she has any secrets to tell her now, like being a cover hog or a shopaholic. Beth tells him she is just stressed and worn down and she would be fine after she is settled.

At the Ice Cream Parlor:
Danny comes in and Len is surprised he feels Danny shouldn't be there. Danny wanted to make sure Len doesn't change his mind about helping Michelle. Len isn't sure. David comes in and starts acting like he knows something. He asks Len if he had redecorated since the murder and Len said no. He asks him how he saw Michelle at the door if there is no window in the door. Len told him that she left and walked by the window. David then asked why Michelle would walk by the window if the parking lot was a totally different direction. Len was stumped but Danny told David to stop badgering Len and David finally left thinking he knew something. Danny told Len not to worry and he left.

At the Bauer's:
They are having one of the famous "Bauer BBQ's" when a reporter busts in and takes a picture of Michelle. They kicked him out and went about their business. Holly came in to see Michelle with the news that Blake's book has had offers from Hollywood, to make a movie out of it. Abby told Ross that Blake is going to use her story in her new novel. Ross can't believe it. Not only are agents from California calling for her movie rights but now she is thinking of her next book. Michelle goes outside and tells Rick how happy she is. He tells her that he is glad she has Danny and that he finally sees how much Danny loves her.

Tuesday, January 25, 2000

At the Courthouse:
All the newscasters were out covering the trial. Drew is mad because they are exploiting things and don't really care who killed her father. She tells Jesse that she has to have the truth and wants everyone to look for the killer.
Carmen calls the hospital and finds out that Vanessa is doing worse. She smiles and comments that no one will be able to help Michelle now. Danny comes over to her and tells her how he appreciated their chat the other night. He tells her that he hopes they can continue to rebuild their family ties but at the same time, he wants her to stay away from Michelle during the trial so that the prosecution cant tie Michelle to the Santos clan even more. Carmen tells Michelle good luck and grins to herself. Frank tells Danny that he chose David to testify because he doesn't want the fact that Michelle killed Mick to come into play and David knows nothing about it but he does.
Outside, Carmen threatened that maid, telling her that if she didn't lie about Michelle then her son would pay for it. The woman was so distraught she knew she had to do it.
The judge comes in and tells the court that the case is a capital offense and the jury has agreed that they will be able to sentence Michelle to death if she is found guilty. The DA does her opening remarks and tells about the evidence and how Michelle should be convicted and sentenced to death for her crimes.
Ross gets up and tells the jury that it doesn't make since that Michelle would put bloody gloves in her drawer if she were to be found guilty. He told how kind and smart Michelle is. He also told them that Michelle is a Santos but she and her husband have no ties to the mob family and are living a respected life with her family. Ross tells them that the DA will repeat the name Santos to demonize her in the eyes of the jury.
The DA says that David will be the first witness and calls him to the stand. He of course tells his story about how he found the gloves and how the Santos family is all criminals. Ross cross examines David and makes it known how David has an ax to grind against the Santos family for contributing to his fathers heart attack and he could have planted some of the evidence.
Buzz was called next and he assured Holly that the DA would not get anything from him. He kept telling the DA that he had no idea what she was asking because he didn't see Michelle threaten Ben ever. The judge told him that perjury is a serious offense. He told the DA that there was a conflict with them but no threats. The DA asked if she held a knife on Ben and Buzz said that she did. At Company:
Josh and Olivia are pouring over the apartment ads and Olivia keeps bringing up the fact that everything is temporary with him staying with her. He wants to know why she is being so self-protective but assures her that he does understand. He asks her out for a romantic dinner that evening and she accepts. She tells him she is a little worried about Jon and wonders what Reva is deciding. Josh assures her it doesn't matter but Olivia isn't sure. After a bit she decided to go to her room and call Marissa. She told Josh she would be back.
Outside, Reva is back; she goes over what she wants to say to Josh. She wants him back with her and the kids. She came in all smiles and told Josh that she was back. She told him about the trip and how she is completely sure that she has put Richard and SC in her past and she is ready to move on with Josh. He tells her that he doesn't want to. That he is ready to move on and has moved on, without her. He tells her that if all was right with them in the first place, Richard could have never came in between them. Reva was upset but she held herself together. Josh asked her to leave since he was having an early meeting there. She left. Olivia came out and told Josh that she saw Reva and that her sister told her that they left Jon with her and Alfred. She asked Josh if Reva being there meant Dinner was off but he assured her that there date was very much on.

Tuesday, January 26, 2000

At the Courthouse:
Buzz is on the stand yelling at the DA. Then Ross cross-examines him. He tells the jury that he trusts Michelle more than most any other person. He knows she didn't kill Ben Warren.
Next witness was Ms. Lockhart. She gets on the stand and lies. She says that she saw Michelle and that she knows it was Michelle coming out of Ben's room stuffing something in her purse. She also says that Michelle and Danny both came to her to talk to her about her testimony. They both asked her to tell the truth, and she thought that meant they wanted her to tell things in a better light for Michelle. Ross crosses and asks her about her son and who was paying all the medical bills. He got some sighs from the jury but by the end Ms. Lockhart would not shake. She screamed out that it was Michelle she saw. Drew watched and was getting real doubtful about Michelle's innocence the entire time. Jesse tried to tell her that the woman was lying but she didn't want to hear it. After the testimony, they recessed for the day. Drew went to Lockhart and asked her to tell her the truth. She told Drew that everything she said was the truth. She got on the elevator and Carmen gave her an envelope telling her that she has wired the money into an offshore account and that she and her son should leave ASAP.
The reporters swarmed and asked Carmen how she felt, she of course was magnanimous in her opinions and told them that she supported her daughter in law but things did not look to good.
Frank is sure that Ms. Lockhart lied. David isn't. Frank asks him all these questions about what Lockhart did before and after the times of the murder. Where she got all the money and why she disappeared.
Buzz leaves with Harley and Selena. He feels her messed up things bad for Michelle. He is really angry about the whole situation.
Ross talks to Michelle and Danny about the situation. Says they don't stand a chance without Len. Jesse calls Danny over and asks what will happen if Len doesn't come through for them. Danny tells him that Michelle is innocent and if she doesn't get off legally, he will take matters into his own hands.

At the Spaulding Mansion:
Beth is setting with her calendar feeling sorry for herself. She knows the baby she is carrying is Phillips and she desperately wishes it were Jim's. Phillip arrives and wants to talk to her. She hugs him and tells him that she is glad he is there. He tells her that everything will be fine and that it was just an accident. He thinks that after awhile, Harley and Jim will understand and the baby will have 4 parents that love him. Beth told him that it just wasn't going to happen like that. She realizes that Harley may be able to forgive him but she would be left all alone. Jim would leave her for sure. Phillip tells her again that it would all work out but Beth insisted that they keep the paternity a secret and let her and Jim raise the baby as there on. Phillip was adamant about not doing that. He said he was lied to all his life about his parentage and is still bitter about it. He will not let his child go through that. Beth told him that unless he was prepared to leave Harley and come back to her and the baby, he would have to live with it. Again, Phillip said that he would have no part in lying to everyone. Beth told him that if he didn't go along with her, she would abort the baby. Basically saying its either Jim's baby or no body's baby. Harley interrupted them. She was there, court has rested early and wanted to check on Lizzie. Phillip told her Lizzie was asleep and he would fill her in on their way home. She and Phillip left.

At the Hospital:
Vanessa is still in a coma. She is thinking to herself that she wishes she could talk to Matt and tell him that she still feels sick, she doesn't think that the medicine that was given to her was the only thing making her feel that way. She couldn't put her finger on it but she has a strange metallic flavor in her mouth. She knows Carmen had something to do with it but how? She figures it out. She knows that it must be coming from the lip balm and that Carmen must have gotten hold of it somehow. She thinks to herself that Matt, without knowing it, was killing her.
Matt asks the doctor why Vanessa wasn't getting any better and they still had no reasons to explain it. He said that she is indeed getting worse and has no idea why. Matt said that he has had enough and that he is going to take Vanessa back to Switzerland where they helped her before.
The radio is on in Vanessa's room and she hears the interview with Carmen on the radio about Michelle's trial. Vanessa thinks that she has to fight in order to save Michelle from paying for what she and Carmen did.

Thursday, January 27, 2000

In San Cristobel:
Cassie is sitting in her room looking at a picture of her and Richard. Richard knocks, walks in and greets her. He tells her that he missed her at lunch. She apologizes about not going she forgot about the schedule. He tell her that it wasn't on the schedule that he just missed her. He asks her what she is reading and she told him that she was studying his family history. He tells her some comical stories about his ancestors and then told her that though the stories may not be true they do prove to be more interesting. Cassie laughs and Richard is happy to hear her happy. He tells her that he missed her laughter. He wondered why she had been so distant since his return from seeing Jon with Reva. He is relieved to see a glimpse of the real her. Cassie told him that he has no idea who the real Cassie Layne is. He agrees that she is probably right and asks her if she will introduce the real Cassie Layne to him. Cassie assures him that he probably knows all about her but he says he doesn't and asks her what her favorite color, movie, worst fears, etc.
Cassie still seems a little tense and he asks her why she still seems mad at him for his trip with Reva. She tells him that she would like to stick to business and thinks they need to go over some arrangements for their wedding. She asked what normal protocol was and he tells her that the last royal wedding was awhile back, Cassie interrupts and tells him that she wants nothing like what he and Reva had.
He tells her that a traditional wedding included dinner and a waltz. Cassie told him that she didn't know how to waltz. Richard assumed that she would be a great dancer. Cassie took that the wrong way and told him that wasn't the kind of dancing she did. He tells her that is not what he meant but she is upset and accuses him of throwing her past in her face. Richard is worried about how upset she is with him and knows that she is just trying to pick up a fight with him. Cassie tells him that she is not trying to pick a fight but talking about dancing makes her uncomfortable. He says it is no problem, that someone else can start the dance. But Cassie wants to do things traditionally and says she will learn. He asks her to let him teach her but she says that she will learn on her own by reading a book or by one of the royal assistants. He tells her that he would like to teach her. They never get to have fun together and would love to. She says no it's fine and moves away from him but he takes her hand and pulls her closer. He tells her that she is taking all the fun they used to have away. He asks her again why she is pulling away, what is she afraid of? Cassie says she is not afraid of anything and Richard says then come on and pulls her closer. Cassie laughs and asks if he has anything else important to do and he says no. Richard hums a waltz tune and Cassie laughs again. He tells her how good she is at dancing.

At Company:
Marah is dropped off by a friend and goes in to talk to her mom. Reva is happy to see her and hugs her daughter. She tells Marah that she just got back from San Cristobel and has solved all of her issues and is back with her family to stay.
Phillip and Harley are eating. Harley asks him again what is wrong. He isn't eating or sleeping. He tells her that he does want to talk to her and will talk to her over dinner tonight. Harley asks if he wants to tell her a little now, but he doesn't. He just tells her that there is a lot about San Cristobel that he wants to discuss.
He wants to talk about the plane crash and the aftermath. Harley tells him that she had wanted to talk about it. Phillip leaves for the office. Harley stays at Company. Phillip tells her that he loves her very much and kisses her goodbye. Harley looks very concerned.
Josh and Olivia celebrating his getting a new apartment. She asks about the view, the décor, how many baths it has. Josh says he truly has no idea, he just didn't look. He tells her that there is something he just should not do by himself; he should have taken her with him. They kiss. Olivia talks about all their plans. How she will help him decorate and cook for him. He gave her a key to the apartment and she asks if he did that out of guilt because he will be leaving her apartment. He assured her that wasn't the reason. He is amazed that she is always worried about him and his feelings. He asks her what she felt and what made her happy. She assured him all she needed was more days with him. They kiss some more and finally fall into bed together. Afterwards, Josh asks Olivia if she wanted to go get something to eat. She said she would jump in the shower and they would be off. Josh takes out the floor plans of his new place to check on the bathrooms and is interrupted by a knock on the door. He puts on his shirt and opens the door. It's Reva.

At the Spaulding Mansion:
Beth is in a panic when her mom walks in. She is worried about her and wanted to know if she was ok. Beth told her about the plane and how she and Phillip made love. Lillian said that she understood that they would seek comfort from each other since they thought they were dying and they have loved each other since they were sixteen years old. Beth went on telling Lillian about the night at San Cristobel and how Jim proposed right after that and how she truly does love Jim. Lillian told her that it was a special moment between her and the man she has loved most of her life and they should just keep it to their selves. Beth told her mom that Phillip was trying to make that impossible. She confessed that she was pregnant and it was definitely Phillips. He mom said that protection isn't 100% and she could be wrong about him being the father. Beth guaranteed her that she was not wrong. Lillian wondered if she was just wishing it were Phillips. Beth admitted that she would have loved to have Phillips baby and raise it with him but he told her that he would not leave Harley and she would be left all alone. Beth is still crying when Harley knocks on the door. She brought flowers for Lizzie. Lizzie comes out and talks to Harley. She tells Harley that she isn't sick and that she didn't see Phillip the day before. Harley is confused. Beth send Lizzie into her room again and tells Harley that she was sorry for making a bigger deal about Lizzie's sickness and that Phillip did see her the day before but Lizzie was asleep the entire time. Harley tells Beth that she understands that the wedding is putting her under a lot of stress and tells her that it will all work out. She knows that Jim loves her and that he will make her a great husband. Harley is trying to be a good friend and be supportive to Beth. She talks about their past and how things haven't worked out much for either of them but that things are looking up for them both. Harley tells her that they have to trust in happiness. Beth apologizes about the trouble and Harley says a child is never trouble. Harley leaves to go see Lizzie. Harley got to Beth and Beth asked her mom to stay with Lizzie while she keeps an appointment at Cedars. Lillian begs her not to go through with the abortion but Beth tells her that she has made up her mind, it's the best thing for everyone and leaves.

At Cedar's:
Rick and Phillip are talking. Phillip fills his buddy in on all the news and asks him for his advice. Rick tells him that he has to think of what the best thing for the child is. Phillip tells him that he understands that but that lies always catch up to you. Phillip wants to tell the truth, starting with telling Harley tonight. Rick reminds him that Harley left Mallet when he was unfaithful to her. Phillip tells him that he thinks with the situation, he thinks they can get through it. Phillip doesn't think he wants Jim raising his baby. Rick reminds him of how he and Meredith had conceived and Rick thought it was his baby. He wanted to know if Phillip would have ever told him that was his baby and not Rick's. Phillip told him that he didn't know it was his baby until it was too late but that he isn't sure what he would do. All he knows is that "Any child would be lucky to have you as a father." Rick tells him that sometimes things aren't black and white. Phillip thinks that he should go ahead and deal with things now, get things out in the open. They agree that the truth works.
Rick is not that convinced that Beth will be able to handle telling the truth.
Phillip tells him that she is a wreck emotionally.
Phillip doesn't think Beth will have an abortion and Rick tells him that if she does that is another traumatic and she may just lose it all together. Rick says this is not the right time to make that decision if she is this unstable.
Lillian calls Phillip on his cell phone and tells him that she thinks he is selfish. She tells him that Beth is freaking out over the possibility of having to raise his two children alone and has run off to Cedars to have an abortion. Phillip apologizes to Lillian and assures her that he will take care of it and not let that happen. Phillip hangs up and goes off to find Beth.
Beth tells the nurse she has an appointment. The nurse tells her that there is a short wait and gives her reading material about abortion and alternative choices. A woman comes in with a baby and Beth looks at them. The woman is dropping things right and left and Beth offers to help her. She holds the baby and looks at him intently. She hugs him close. Phillip walks in and sees her.

Friday, January 28, 2000

At the Courthouse:
Drew comes in and tells Michelle that she needs to talk to her. They argue. Carmen watches the interaction and gets on the phone. She tells the person she is talking to that she is going to nail Michelle's coffin shut "accidentally" of course. She wants to make sure the guy will get the information to the DA without having her tied to it in anyway. She hands a man an envelope and starts towards the courtroom. She meets up with Rick and Abby and tells them that she has been called to testify and she is going to try to help Michelle out. Rick thanks Carmen and they all go in. Meanwhile, Someone gives David an envelope. David gives the letter to the DA and tells her that she needs to ask Carmen Santos about her son's murder. Carmen is called to the stand. The DA begins questioning Carmen about her daughter-in-law and Carmen really puts on the show. She acts like Michelle is so wonderful and she loves her to death. She tells the jury how much Michelle has helped her since Ben died and how much the family counts on her. She seems to be defending Michelle, saying that any problems they had were petty. The D.A. asks her about Mick and Michelle's part in his death. Carmen appears shocked and tries to look like she is avoiding the question. The DA insists that Carmen tell them what she knows. Carmen starts talking about Mick. She tells her that it hurts too much to think about him and how he died. Again she is asked about his death and this time point blank asked if Michelle killed her son. Carmen admits that Michelle told her that she killed Mick but also claims that it was self-defense. The DA made it look really bad for Michelle. Ross asks the judge if he can have a moment with Michelle before he cross-examines Carmen. The judge gives a short recess and Ross questions Michelle about what was said on the stand. She admits that it happened but insists that it was an accident and self-defense. Ross tells her that they need a witness to corroborate Michelle's story about Mick. Jesse hears this and tells Drew that she is Michelle's only hope and she has to tell the truth about what happened that day on the beach.

At the Hospital:
Phillip comes in to the doctor's office and Beth tells him that she tried but just can't have an abortion. Beth again asks Phillip to walk away and let her have her baby with Jim. She begs him and after seeing how desperate she is agrees to let her have her way. Beth is overcome and thanks him over and over again. She promises never to let him regret it. They head over to Company to meet up with Jim and Harley.

In San Cristobel:
Cassie breaks out of the dance. Richard wants to know what is going on, he knows Cassie wanted him to kiss her. He ask Cassie what she wants and she tells him that he should set down and talk to her about it. Cassie says that what she wants is for the people of SC to think that they are really in love. She wants to do her job properly. She tells him that she is a woman and he is a man and the kiss that almost happened is a natural human response. Richard is glad Cassie is so eager to play her part. A palace person comes in and tells them that they need to go down for the state dinner. Richard leaves to change and Cassie calls Harley. Cassie says she is going to make Richard want her so bad he wont be able to resist.
Richard comes back and Cassie starts flirting with him to no end. He is falling for it hook, line and sinker when he sees a spot on her face. He asks her about it and calls the doctor in. Cassie has the measles.
At the Boarding House/Company:
Harley asks Susan to babysit Zack and Susan agrees to and then teases her mom about paying her. Harley and Jim talk and Jim says that he and Beth are better than ever. Phillip and Beth come in looking guilty and out of it. Phillip says something came up with business. Beth and Jim leave and Harley wants to know what is going on with him and his ex wife.

Olivia's Room:
Reva comes up to Olivia's room and finds Josh there. She makes excuses for him saying that he must be working there since they have no true offices yet. Olivia walks out of the bathroom and tells Josh that she will need him to help her control herself so they wont end up in bed together. She sees Reva and realizes what she just said. Josh tells her he didn't want her to find out that way and tries to apologize. Reva says she just came to tell Olivia what happened in SC but she must already know that. She runs out of the room and Josh doesn't know what to do. Olivia tells him to go after her. He does. Josh tells Reva that they have to talk. Reva says in her head she knows she has no reason to be mad, but she is very hurt in her heart. She tells him that he couldn't have hurt her more then if he had stuck a knife through her heart. Reva tells Josh that she was never unfaithful to him even all the times she was in San Cristobel . He tells her that she wanted Richard more that him or she would have never had these problems.
Reva says she is going to leave but first she gives him back her wedding ring. She tells him that the only reason she is giving it to him is because she is positive that he will be putting it back on her finger someday soon. She leaves. Josh goes to the bar and Olivia comes down and apologizes to him. He says it is okay. Marah calls and he has to leave. Olivia goes out and confronts Reva. She tells her to leave Josh alone if she really loves him.

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