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Passions Recaps: The week of January 24, 2000 on PS
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Monday, January 24, 2000

Charity and Miguel meet in the park. Charity has made some muffins for Tabitha. She really feels bad about leaving Tabitha's so quickly the other night. Miguel remarks that Charity looks tired. She tells him that she hasn't been able to sleep because she has been having premonitions. At Tabitha's, Timmy is staring at the puddle on the floor , that is Tabitha. He is trying to figure how he can help her. He has flashbacks of when Tabitha melted. He then remembers who can help Tabitha. There is a knock at the door, then he hears Charity call out for Tabitha. Miguel says that maybe she was out in the kitchen. When he tries the door, it opens immediately, so they enter the house. Timmy turns himself back into a doll. Miguel steps into the puddle and Timmy says, " owwww!" They wonder who said that and continue to call out for Tabitha. They thought the voice sounded like her, and thought that it may have come from under the floors. They decide to check out the basement to see if she may have fallen. Tabitha tells Timmy to stop talking to himself, and do something. He is very surprised that she can still speak. She says that she barely can. Timmy calls out for a witch doctor to help a sick witch. A Doctor suddenly appears along with his nurse. The Dr. wants to know why he was disturbed at such an inopportune time. Timmy points to the puddle on the floor and says that it is Tabitha. He said that Tabitha had melted and that the kids next door had gone into the basement. The dr. refuses to have anything to do with Tabitha's basement. Upon the mention of Charity's name. The Dr. replies ' Charity Standish?" He said that Charity must never be allowed to see what was in the basement. He plants a diversion. As they are about to enter the basement, the phone rings. Neither Miguel or Charity remember seeing the phone earlier. Charity answers the phone and it is the Dr. pretending to be Tabitha. She tells them that she is at the Dr's and would be back home soon. Charity comes into the living room alone. She thinks that she recognizes the Dr. from TV. She calls out to Miguel. The Dr. tells Charity that she doesn't remember him because of the amnesia. He tells her about the trials and tribulations of true love. He tells her that she won't remember anything about him when he is gone. He then disappears. Miguel comes in with a mop and bucket to clean up the puddle. She doesn't remember why she called out for Miguel. He starts to clean up the puddle, but then notices that Charity doesn't look well so he decides to take her home. After they leave, the Dr. comes back to help Tabitha because his nurse asked him to,because she seems to like Timmy. He turns Tabitha into a fish and says that it is the best that he could do. He tells Timmy that the only thing that can help Tabitha is to receive love from her enemy.

Sheridan shows up at the locker room and calls out for Luis. Luis comes out of the shower with nothing on. She asks him why he wanted to see her. He tells her that he had been thinking about what he wanted to do since the first time that he met her. He has been waiting for months he then kisses her passionately. Sheridan says that she can't believe that this is happening. Luis says that they have waited too long. He says that it is time that they stopped denying things because it is inevitable. He takes off her shirt and they continue to kiss. Sheridan hears a knock at the door and says that someone is there. Luis says to just ignore them. The knocking gets louder, but that doesn't stop Sheridan and Luis. Someone calls out Sheridan's name, and she wonders who it is. Luis said that he didn't care, all he wanted was Sheridan as they continue to kiss even more passionately. Sheridan realizes that it is Gwen and wonders what she is doing at the youth center. Luis says to just ignore Gwen, and then maybe she would just go away. Sheridan wakes up suddenly, and Gwen is sitting on the couch next to her. She said that she must have fallen asleep while reading. Gwen wanted to know if Sheridan wanted to go for coffee at the Book Cafe. Sheridan agrees to go and then wonders why she is continuing to have dreams about Luis.

At his home. Luis is telling Hank that he feels bad abut trying to use Sheridan against her own family. Hank wonders if Luis is interested in Sheridan, but he replies that he is not. Hank is happy to hear that the field is clear for him.

At the Lobster Shack, Theresa is sitting alone at a table when Gwen and Ethan arrive. Gwen looks perturbed. She immediately goes up to Theresa and asks her where her boyfriend is. She tells Theresa to just trot him out there so that the whole thing could be cleared up. Ethan tells Gwen that he doesn't like what she is doing. Gwen explains to Ethan that he is really Theresa's boyfriend. Theresa meekly asks" Why are you badgering me?" Gwen tells her that she would do more than badger her. She tells her that she is nothing more than a conniving opportunist who is trying to take her man and weave herself into a social standing that she doesn't deserve and certainly couldn't handle. Ethan tries to stop Gwen, but she keeps on talking. She says that no one at the Country Club would accept the Housekeeper's daughter as Mrs. Ethan Crane. She tells Theresa to just admit that she is a liar so that She and Ethan can move on with their lives. Theresa starts to leave, when Gwen grabs her by the arm. A waiter accidentally spills a tray of food on Gwen and she calls him a clumsy idiot and told him that she would have his job. Ethan tells Gwen to calm down. She tells Theresa that not only is she a liar, but a coward as well. Ethan tells Gwen that he is ashamed to be seen with someone as mean and nasty as she is. He says that he can't believe that he even felt anything for her , so he now knows that his real feelings lie with Theresa. He takes Theresa by the waist. He tells Theresa that he could never love someone as vicious as Gwen. Gwen storms off as Ethan and Theresa gaze into each other's eyes. He tells Theresa that he would love her now, and until the end of time. They express their love for one another. As they start to kiss, a waiter throws water on them. Theresa wakes up from her dream, and it is Whitney who threw water on her. She tells Theresa that she was talking in her sleep and she could hear her all the way in the living room. Whitney tells her that if she thinks that things will end up with Gwen slinking out with her tail between her legs, then she is crazy. Theresa says that it will happen, because she will make it happen that way. She tells Whitney that she needs her help. Whitney says to count her out of all of her schemes. Theresa says that she just wants Whitney to help her pick out a killer dress and when Ethan sees her in it, he will realize that they were meant to be together.

At the Crane mansion, Julian tells Ethan that he needs to learn to handle his women better. Ethan tells his Dad that he realizes that they are nothing alike. He tells his Dad about Gwen's insecurities. He said that Gwen believes that Theresa is interested in him, but he doesn't believe this. Julian tells him to just agree with gwen, but Ethan says that he can't lie to his true love. Julian says that there is no such thing as a true love. Ethan says that he wants to be a man with ideals. Julian tells him that when he wanted advice on how to deal with the real world to just come to him for advice and he would be glad to talk to him.

At the Book Cafe, Sheridan tells Gwen that she has been dreaming about Luis and she doesn't know why. Gwen tells her that she wants to be with Luis. She tells her that she was supposed to ask him out for New Year's but ended up asking Hank out , instead. Sheridan wonders if She and Luis could actually make a go of it. Gwen angrily replies that Luis is a Gate-crasher just using her to get into a world that he couldn't possibly get into on his own. She says that he is just like his conniving sister. Gwen apologizes to Sheridan. She said that she just feels like she is losing Ethan to Theresa and he doesn't see it. She wonders if maybe Ethan does have feelings for Theresa and that is why he can't see how manipulative she is. Gwen tells Sheridan that she has to go get ready for her date. After Gwen leaves, Sheridan wonders if there is any chance for a future with Luis.

Theresa and Whitney are shopping for dresses for Theresa's big night. The dresses are very expensive and Whitney wonders how she can afford one. Theresa shows Whitney an envelope of money that she has saved from working. Theresa finds the perfect dress and said that it is the dress that she was wearing in her dream. Theresa asks her about her boyfriend. Theresa says that she believes that fate will step in for her. Whitney insists on tagging along with Theresa to make sure that she would be okay.

Ethan and Gwen are already at the restaurant, when Theresa shows up alone. Gwen remarks that Theresa has shown up solo, without a boyfriend. She believes that Theresa has been lying this whole time. Whitney is outside looking worried.

Sheridan places a frantic phone call to Luis. She tells him that she believes that someone is in the cottage and is stalking her.She asks him to hurry and hangs up. Luis rushes out the door.

Tuesday, January 25, 2000

Chad, Simone, Orville & Eve:
Chad is working at the Book Cafe and Simone walks up to him and asks him how he's doing and if he's heard anything about Orville's apartment. He tells her he's okay but his place is still sealed off for investigation. Chad says he wishes he knew what Eve was doing there that night. Simone defends her saying she is Orville's doctor and if she said she was looking for medical history that is what she was doing. Chad says he would like to believe that, but he can't. Eve asks Orville if anyone knows about the information in the bird and he tells her no. She says then it should all be burned up now because of the fire. Orville tells her it's better this way. Orville's neighbor is cleaning up the bird and says she's going to pay Orville a visit. If he pays her the money he owes her, he can have the bird back. Otherwise, she's going to pawn it and get some money. She is visiting Orville when Eve walks in. She says she was just leaving and Eve asks who that was. Orville tells Eve that that woman is a big pain in his rear. She asks him if that woman knows anything, but he assures her she doesn't know a thing. The lady goes over to the Book Cafe and asks Beth if she'd be interested in buying the bird to spice up the place.

Charity, Miguel, Kay & Reese:
The Scooby Gang is having coffee at the Book Cafe and Charity is telling everyone about her premonitions. Kay gives her a look like she's completely crazy and asks what her visions are about. Charity says she can't put her finger on it, but someone is swimming in a very small place. Kay gets up to tell Simone about Charity believing she's psychic. She even comments that she'll probably get her own 1-900 number. Simone says maybe she is psychic and Kay tells her to get real. Charity asks if they think she's crazy and they tell her no. Reese says there has been a lot of scientific research on ESP and Miguel says maybe she does have it. Charity starts to buy into this load of crap and thinks that maybe she was psychic, she just can't remember.

Timmy & Goldfish Tabitha:
Timmy is talking to Tabitha and is asking how to help her. She tells him to decode the riddle and he informs her he's not good at riddles. He picks her up and takes her to the cemetery and tells her he's going to get Matilda to help. Tabitha tells him not to do that because she would never help and besides, he doesn't know the first thing about summoning a person from the grave. Timmy tells her that he's been watching her and he's like a sponge. He pulls out two small maracas and starts doing a little dance chanting Matilda's name. Tabitha tells him he's amusing, but that won't work. Then he shouts her name loudly over and over again and Tabby again tells him that won't work. But, she was wrong, because out came a cranky Matilda from her grave asking who disturbed her slumber and why. Timmy tells her that Tabitha needs her help. She tells him she can't and won't help Tabitha. Timmy begs and says he has to do everything to help his princess because they have been through a lot together. There was a little Timmy Tabitha montage here...really cute!!! Matilda says she won't help, but invites him to join her for dinner. Timmy questions this and she tells him they are going to have sushi as she levitates the fishbowl. Timmy grabs it and says he won't let her hurt his princess. Matilda then says he'll have more than Fluffy to worry about and produces a demon cat that hisses at Timmy. Timmy protects the fishbowl and tells the cat he can rip Timmy to shreds, but not to hurt Tabitha. Matilda says he really cares about her, but she doesn't know why. She also tells Timmy that he's kinda cute, so she will help. She needs some of Tabitha's hair and some pouch that she used in her first spell. Timmy asks Tabitha where the pouch is and she tells him it's in a desk that she sold to the Cranes. Timmy asks Matilda if he can get it, if she will help. She is reluctant, but agrees.

Theresa, Ethan, & Gwen:
Theresa walks into the Lobster Shack alone and Gwen comments to Ethan that she showed up alone just as she suspected. Theresa says her boyfriend is meeting her there and Gwen asks if he never goes anywhere with her. She pretty much has Theresa backed into a corner when Theresa gets the idea from her dream to spill stuff on Gwen. She trips the waiter and he dumps his tray of drinks all over Gwen. Theresa looks like she's about to bust out laughing but contains herself. The waiter apologizes and she tells him it was just an accident...she was just shocked by how cold the drinks were. Theresa looks disappointed that she wasn't more upset and that Ethan couldn't see her true colors. She tells them she'll get some more napkins and goes to talk to Whitney. Whitney scolds her for tripping the waiter and Theresa said she thought it would work to show Ethan that Gwen is just a bitch. Theresa says this is all her fault and now she's going to lose her job and her mother is as well. She says she should've listened to Whitney, but she didn't. Whitney tells her she has one last chance to tell Ethan the truth and she could probably save Pilar's job. Theresa walks over to the table and tells Ethan she has something to tell him. Gwen starts in about her boyfriend and Theresa lies and says she just called him and he's on his way. He has car trouble, but will be there shortly. Gwen doesn't buy this but Ethan tells her that people have car trouble. Whitney looks outside and says "I don't believe it" and walks out there. (My guess is it's going to be Theresa's "boyfriend") Gwen tells Ethan it's time to choose...does he believe her or Theresa. Ethan says he believes Gwen and that Theresa doesn't have a boyfriend.

Sheridan & Luis:
Luis is looking in Sheridan's cottage through the windows and hopes that nothing has happened to her. He sees someone walking through there and kicks in the door. He tackles Sheridan and she tells him that it's her. They are laying on the couch and looking at each other awkwardly. He apologizes and says he thought she was the intruder. She confesses that there wasn't an intruder. Luis gets upset and asks if she did this to get back at him for last night. He says he apologized already. Sheridan assures him that she didn't call him over to make a fool of him and she 's not mad at him. Luis asks her why she called him over then. She is still sitting on the couch and says she knew he wouldn't come over otherwise. She pats the couch and he just looks at her. He asks what is going on and she apologizes for how this looks. She called him over so he would allow her to help him find the answers he's looking for. Luis says no and they've been through this already. Sheridan reminds him how he's putting his life on hold to investigate his father. She remembers how he told her he doesn't have time for romance and she wants to help him get on with his life. Luis asks her what's really going on and she thinks about how she'd like to have a relationship with him. She tells him that she owes him her life and he tells her she doesn't owe him anything. She also tells him that she wants to prove to him that her family had nothing to do with his father leaving. Luis then asks her what she would do if she found out otherwise. She said she'd deal with it. Luis says she talks a good game but knows there is something more to it. She thinks about how she could have killed Martin but tells Luis he's too cynical. He finally gives in and says he'll let her help. She says great and Julian and Ivy are going out tonight, so once they leave, they can go into the mansion and look around. She then thinks to herself if she did have something to do with it, her life is over.

Wednesday, January 26, 2000

The Book Cafe:
Chad and Simone are talking about his past and Simone brings up the fact that she doesn't know any of her mom's relatives. He finds this strange, but Simone tells him they are all dead, so her mom is weary to talk about it. Chad thinks that he will never find anything out on his past and maybe he should just give up. Simone asks him if he is leaving Harmony and he tells her he might. She tells him not to give up because the answers are out there. Chad asks why she is so nice to him and she tells him she just wants him to be happy. He says she is the best thing to happen to him since he came to Harmony, and he'll stay. Orville's neighbor showed up and is still trying to get Beth to buy the bird. Beth tells her money is tight after the holidays and the lady tells her that money is tight all the time for her. Beth tells the lady to sit down and she will bring her some coffee and cookies on the house. The lady puts the bird back in the bag and wonders what secrets it holds. Chad of course does not see the bird.

Theresa, Ethan, Gwen & Chuck Wilson:
Theresa asks Ethan if he would hate her if he found out she lied. He says he could never hate anyone, but he wouldn't ever want to see her again. Tears start streaming down her face and Gwen tells her just to get it over with and admit that she has been lying. She's about to tell him the truth when Chuck walks over to them and kisses her on the forehead. He apologizes for being late and introduces himself to Ethan and Gwen. Theresa breathes a big sigh of relief as Chuck helps her with her chair. He tells Ethan and Gwen he is glad to finally meet them and they were probably wondering if he actually existed. Gwen just sits and looks suspiciously at him but Ethan seems to buy it. A song comes on and tells Theresa it is the song they danced to on their first date. While they are dancing, Theresa said she doesn't know who he is, but he is an angel and that fate saved her again. He said she should thank Whitney because she persuaded him to do this. Apparently he plays tennis with Whitney and he owed her for helping him with his backhand. Chuck tells her that Gwen looks angry and she says because she's been outsmarted. He says he's glad to help but he doesn't know what to say if they ask more questions. Theresa says she is sure they won't. Ethan tells Gwen that her boyfriend does exist and they can get on with their lives. Gwen says she isn't so sure and she has a few more questions for Chuck.

Eve & Orville:
Eve walks into Orville's room and says she needs to talk to him about Chad. He says he's sleepy and she tells him he's not going to do this to her again. Orville asks if she's going to burn down his room like she did his apartment. She tells him of course not and she is sorry about his apartment. He tells her it's for the best that way no one will find out the secret. He also says as long as she keeps Chad away from her daughters, everything will be fine. Eve says she doesn't want them around a street punk like Chad anyway, but wants to know why he is insisting they keep away. Orville just tells her it will be disastrous. She says that no one can find out about her and Julian and hopes that there isn't any information left out there that can link them together. Orville tells her it's all ashes by now and to not worry about it.

Timmy, Goldfish Tabitha, & Matilda:
Timmy is getting instructions to go get the doeskin bag at the Cranes. Matilda says she needs it to turn the ugly fish back into the ugly witch and starts laughing. Tabitha insults her about being ugly and Timmy yells for them to stop. He is about to embark on an important mission because a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do. Tabitha tells him he's not a man, he's a doll. Tabitha asks Matilda if she can help him out at all and she says no way. Timmy begs her to help and she says she's always had a soft spot for a cute face. She does a little spell and we next see Timmy wearing all black. He has dark black sunglasses, black jeans, a black shirt with the letter M on it and a long black leather coat. Timmy is really proud of his wear and says he is the Matrix Man! He leaves Tabby in the graveyard and heads to the Crane Mansion. Sheridan's Cottage:
Sheridan tells Luis that Ivy is going to a fundraiser and that Julian is going on a business trip, so they will be alone in the mansion to look around. Luis asks her if she knows what she's getting into and she tells him she wants to help. He tells her if he finds anything that implicates the Cranes in Martin's disappearance, he will stop at nothing in bringing them down. Sheridan says she knows that but she can't believe that Julian and Alistair are evil enough to ruin another family. Luis tells her he's not so sure. Sheridan tells him her mind is made up and they can go to the mansion. She decides to call the house to make sure everyone is gone first. She gets Julian's machine, so she said the coast is clear. The Mansion:
Julian is on the phone with Alistair and he is telling his son it's not a good idea to keep those documents in the safe. Julian tells him that he just had a new laser alarm system installed so no one can get to it. He sees a call coming in from the cottage and Alistair tells him to ignore it. Alistair also tells him he has talked to Sheridan about staying away from Luis and that he played on her insecurities by reminding her about the losers she has hooked up with in the past. Julian asked if he is still using that card, and Alistair says that it always works, so why change it. He tells Julian to keep an eye on her because she is the family's weak link. Alistair asks if Luis has been snooping around and Julian tells him no. Daddy tells his son that if Luis gets anywhere near the truth to take care of him. Julian asks what he means and Alistair asks if he has to spell everything out for him. He says if Luis gets too close, he needs to be killed. Julian tells him they aren't the Coreleone's. (Or something like that) Alistair says no, they are the Cranes, and keeping the status and wealth that they do sometimes requires drastic measures. Julian sets the alarm and tells his father he will call him back. He calls Sheridan but doesn't get an answer and wonders where she went. He takes the back stairs so as not to keep Daddy waiting.

Luis and Sheridan enter the mansion and Luis asks where they should look first. She tells him the library. If Julian is hiding something, it would be in there. They go into the library and Sheridan is about to go for the wall safe when Luis grabs her arm to stop her. He asks if she has a compact in her purse and she tells him yes, the one he gave her. He smiles and says "you use it." She tells him of course she is using it. He blows some of the powder in the direction of the safe and sees the lasers. She asks what that is and he tells her it's a fancy alarm system. Sheridan tells him she was in there the other day getting a book and it wasn't there. Luis tells her that maybe it was just installed. She asks how they turn it off and he says the main connection is probably in the basement, so they go to check it out. Timmy is looking through the window and lets himself into the mansion. He takes a look around and says he could get used to living in a place like this. He has a little fantasy of his own. He is wearing a top hat and a tuxedo. He begins tap dancing and takes a drink of his martimmy. Heidi the nurse comes down the stairs dressed like Marilyn Monroe and asks Timmy if she can have one of those. He asks her how she'd like it and she says "straight up." Timmy just looks slyly at the camera and then shakes out of his dream. He says he needs to find the desk so he can get the pouch. He goes into Julian's library and begins to look around.

Sheridan and Luis come up from the basement as they couldn't find the main connection. He tells her that whoever installed that system, went to great lengths to keep it hidden. Sheridan says that maybe he's securing some jewels or money. Luis asks her why it wasn't installed a long time ago then and it's really suspicious. Sheridan thinks she hears something but thinks she must be paranoid. She tells Luis that Julian would kill her if he knew she let him in there to snoop around. He thanks her again for all that she is putting on the line for him. He says that his life is on hold and nothing can get in the way of his investigation --- including a relationship. She says she knows that and that's why she's helping him.

Timmy gets into Julian's chair and is looking for the secret compartment on the desk. It triggers the alarm and Julian sees that it is going off while he is on the phone with Alistair. He tells him what is going on and Alistair asks what he's going to do about it. Julian says it depends on who is downstairs. Alistair tells him he has a gun and to use it. Julian gets his gun out and prepares to go downstairs!

Thursday, January 27, 2000

Grace and Sam walk into the Book Cafe. They had just seen a movie and Sam was asking her if she liked it or not. She is a little out of it and he asks her if she's ok. Grace says she's fine but the movie made her wonder if every man goes through a mid-life crisis. (My guess is that they saw American Beauty) He jokes and tells her he'll let her know when he gets there. Kay, Reese, Charity, Miguel and Jessica walk in and say hello. They go sit on the couch and Charity comments on how in love Aunt Grace and Uncle Sam are. Kay looks and says that's disgusting and hope they don't act like that when they are 50. Miguel says it's romantic. He then asks Charity if she's still having premonitions and she tells him that she is and they are getting stronger. Reese then says he almost forgot, but tonight is Witches Night. Everyone gets excited and Charity asks what that is. Miguel tells her that it's an old Harmony tradition that one night out of the year all the witches that were burned at the stake 300 years ago try to come up from their graves. Charity gets a little spooked and Jessica assures her they didn't see any witches last year. Miguel says he's not going to go if Charity doesn't feel comfortable. Kay has a little fantasy about being in the cemetery and Charity gets freaked out and Miguel tells her to lighten up and she should be more like Kay. Kay snaps out of it and tells Miguel that's awfully sweet of him to skip it considering how much fun he had last year as he talked about it for months afterward. Charity says she'll go along so he won't have to miss it. Jessica tells Kay she's deliberately trying to scare Charity and Kay says she's amusing in the broad daylight, she can't wait to see what she does in the dark cemetery. Jessica tells her she's sick. Grace and Sam are at a table and Grace gets upset and he asks her what is wrong. She tells him it's stupid because she has the best husband and the most beautiful family, but she can't get the image of Ivy in his arms on New Year's Eve out of her head. He tells her that's ridiculous and she agrees, but it was that darn magazine article that Kay had. He tells her if it is true, then her best friend Eve would be with Julian. Grace says and Kay would be with Miguel but she knows how much he loves Charity. Sam tells her he only wants to be with her and he wants to be alone with her all night. They kiss and Ivy walks in and Sam sees her. She says hello and Grace invites her to join them. Sam says no because he wants to be alone with Grace and Ivy agrees that she doesn't want to intrude on their personal time. Grace tells Sam that was rude because she likes Ivy as a person. Sam tells her to forget about her and he's going to call the station to let them know not to interrupt him tonight. Grace makes her way over to Ivy and she is crying while reading a book. Grace asks her what is wrong and Ivy tells her it's a very good book. She says it's about a woman looking to recapture her lost love. Grace asks how it ends and Ivy tells her that one woman is crushed and the other one is extremely happy. Grace says she feels bad for anyone who has lost their one true love. Sam sees them talking and is not happy. Grace goes to use the phone and Sam tells Ivy he can de-claw her by telling Grace about them. He says he feels nothing for her and to stay away.

The Lobster Shack:
Theresa is thanking Chuck again for saving her. Whitney comes over to them and Theresa thanks her for all of her help. Meanwhile, Gwen and Ethan are at the table and he tells her she has no reason to be suspicious any longer. Gwen tells him she's not so sure and she has a few more questions for Chuck. Ethan is right on her heels as she makes her way over to them. She asks them where they met and Theresa said school and Chuck said the park. Gwen looks victorious but Theresa explains that she noticed Chuck at school, but since he was a couple of years older than her, he didn't know she existed. Chuck first noticed her at the park. Ethan says he knew there was an explanation and tells Theresa he needs to talk to her and leaves Gwen and Chuck to get acquainted. He thanks Theresa for letting Gwen meet her boyfriend because now they can get married. Theresa tells him not to thank her for that. He says he really does because without her this wouldn't have happened. Theresa tells him she doesn't believe they control their destinies. It is all up to fate. Gwen asks Chuck how Theresa's family feels about him, especially her older brother the cop, oh what's his name. He doesn't have an answer and when Theresa and Ethan return she tells Ethan how odd it is that she and Chuck have been dating for a while but he doesn't know the name of her older brother. Theresa explains that Chuck has never met Luis because he is very overprotective and he wouldn't approve of her dating someone so seriously. Ethan says that's right because he doesn't know that she works for Ivy. Gwen asks Chuck what he does for a living and if Theresa just pays him to be her boyfriend. Gwen then says she was kidding and Ethan tells her it wasn't very funny. Chuck tells them he doesn't have a job because he has been very fortunate that his family did so well and he lives off of a trust fund. He said his great grandfather invented the paper clip. Gwen tells him she doesn't think so because her great grandfather was good friends with that man...his name was Charles Wilson. Chuck says yes, and he is named after him. They call him Chuck for short. Gwen apologizes. He says he has to leave and asks Theresa if she is coming. She says she's going to hang around because she just saw Whitney. He kisses her good-bye and tells Ethan and Gwen it was nice to meet them. They all leave and Whitney comes over to Theresa and tells her that was close. Outside, Gwen says she can't believe she was wrong and she guesses that Theresa wasn't in love with him all along. Ethan tells her that he loves her and only her and that is all that matters. He kisses her and Theresa sees them. She gets upset and Whitney reminds her that Ethan loves Gwen. She tells her that he only thinks he does because he hasn't realized his feelings for her yet. Theresa says Gwen may have him now, but she will have him forever as Whitney just gets that annoyed look on her face.

The Mansion:
Timmy is looking for the pouch but he can't seem to find it. He picks up a paper weight off of the desk and slams it down in frustration. Well, that did the trick and opened the secret compartment and out came the bag. Upstairs, Julian is on the phone with Alistair who asks him if he has his gun. Julian tells him he does and he will use it on whoever is down there. Alistair asks him if that includes Officer Luis and he tells him especially Officer Luis. He can't help it if someone gets shot for intruding in the house as accidents do happen. Sheridan and Luis are standing outside the library and he asks her if she wants to back out. She tells him no and if there is information of any kind they will find it. They open the door to the library and Timmy runs to hide behind the couch. Luis says there has to be a way to get that baby open without tripping the alarm. He gets annoyed and starts moving his arm a little too much when he was talking and Sheridan grabs it. She apologizes but said his arm was close to the beam. He thanks her and they hear the door open. Julian walks in and says "what the hell" when he sees Sheridan and Luis kissing. Luis tells Sheridan he thought that no one was home. She says she thought so too and asks Julian what he is doing. Julian tells her to nevermind but wants to know why he is in the house, and more importantly in his library. Sheridan tells him they were on a date and she invited Luis in for a tour and a brandy and she knew that the good brandy was in here. Julian tells her it's by the bar not the safe. Sheridan plays dumb and says she forgot the safe was even in there. Julian informs them that the alarm was tripped. She says she didn't know he had an alarm and asks when that was installed. He tells her he was going to tell her in the morning. He asks if Luis tripped the alarm while they were cavorting and she tells him they weren't cavorting they were just kissing. Luis tells him to put the gun down and he points it back and forth from Luis to Sheridan. He finally puts the gun down and she thanks Julian for ruining her date and she and Luis start to leave. He tells them to stop because he notices that someone had been messing with the papers on his desk. Sheridan says if they are messed up it's because they were leaned up against the desk while they were kissing. Luis looks like he's going to laugh but manages not to. Julian tells Luis he can leave but he needs a word with Sheridan. She says they can talk in the morning and he tells her no because Father wouldn't like it. At his mention, she apologizes to Luis and he thanks her for everything. Julian tells her that Father is going to be upset when he finds out about the scum she is seeing. She tells him she is a grown woman and they can't tell her what to do. She leaves and goes back to her cottage. Julian calls Alistair and says he is pretty sure that Luis was the one that tripped the alarm, but when he got there, he found Sheridan in his arms. Alistair doesn't seem to like this and says he knew Sheridan was the weak link. He tells Julian they have a big problem on their hands and Julian says he knows and he will take care of it as he picks up his gun. Sheridan is in her cottage and says aloud "I wonder if he'll call" as she thinks about kissing him in the library. The scene shows Luis thinking about it too and he smiles and says "Sheridan Crane" and walks off.

The Cemetery:
Tabitha is wondering what is taking Timmy so long and Matilda tells her she has seen how she threatens him with that mangy cat and she wouldn't be surprised if he was halfway to Las Vegas by now. Tabitha tells her he probably got held up but he'll save her. The Scooby Gang arrives and Kay hollers for the witches to come and get them. Miguel says something to her and she tells everyone she's not a nervous nellie and turns around and shouts "BOO!" and they all jump. Charity says she has the feeling now more than ever about someone needing her help. Tabitha and Matilda wonder what they are doing there and she asks Matilda to get rid of them. She stirs up a wind and some howling and it spooks the kids. Reese pulls out his bible and tells the witches to get back. The wind stops and Kay asks how he did that. They are all freaked and Miguel turns to talk to Charity but can't find her. Timmy is about to reach Tabitha when he sees the kids hanging around. Miguel finds Charity by the fishbowl and she tells him she knew someone needed her help. Reese asks if that is some sort of ritual to summon witches and he wants to dissect it. Jessica tells him that's gross and Charity tells him that no one is touching this fish. She says she can't explain it, but she feels like she can read the fish's soul. Kay says to Jessica "case closed, she's mental!" Reese tells her it's possible as he believes in reincarnation. Kay wonders why they can't fall in love because they are perfect for each other. They pick up the fishbowl and take it home. Timmy says he's sorry he didn't get there sooner and asks Matilda to help Tabitha. She says she's sorry but she can't. She also says if Tabitha doesn't get back to her old self soon, she could be a fish forever. Timmy makes it back to the Bennett's and is looking through the window and says he needs a way to get Tabitha out.

Friday, January 28, 2000

Community Center/Sheridan's Cottage:
The show opens with Sheridan sleeping on the couch in her cottage dreaming about the kiss she just had with Luis and she gets a smile on her face. Then we see Luis at the youth center smiling too as he remembers the kiss also. Hank walks up and says I know that look. Your in love. Who's the lucky girl? Luis just smiles. Luis says ok I was thinking about a woman. Hank says I knew it. What were you and this woman doing? Luis says kissing. Hank says oh then you were thinking about Beth. Luis says it wasn't Beth. Hanks says ok then who were you kissing. Luis looks at Hank and says it was Sheridan. Hank has a worried look on his face. The next scene Pilar walks into Sheridan's cottage. Sheridan says have you talked to Luis yet today? She says yes. Luis told me what happened last night in the library. Sheridan says he told you we kissed? (Pilar looks shocked) Luis kissed you? Sheridan I am so sorry Luis had no right. I will go talk to him (she turns to walk away) Sheridan says no, no, no, the truth is it was my idea. Pilar says I don't understand. Sheridan says I kissed Luis so Julian wouldn't get suspicious about what we were really up to. I don't think the Cranes had anything to do with Martin's disappearance that's why I am helping Luis to prove it, because once we do he can get on with his life. Pilar says I know he has questions he wants answered, but I had no idea it had gotten this serious. Sheridan says Luis told me he can't even think about getting married or settling down until he knows what happened to his father. Pilar says why risk your family turning against you just to help Luis. Sheridan says Luis gave me a second chance at life when he saved me. I just want to do the same thing for him. I am repaying a debt. That's all. Pilar says are you sure that's the only reason you are helping my son? Sheridan says the only thing I feel for Luis is gratitude for saving my life. Pilar says I'm glad to here you say that Julian and Alistair would be most unhappy to here you were dating my son. Sheridan says I don't care what my brother or father think I will fall in love with the man that steals my heart not somebody that they approve of. Pilar asks again about Luis and Sheridan assures here that they are nothing more than friends. Pilar reminds Sheridan that her community service at the youth center is almost up and after that she doubts they will cross paths again. Sheridan looks said as Pilar walks away. Luis tells Hank about the story of Julian catching them and they had to kiss to cover. Hanks says good I thought there was more than that. Luis says I'd never steal a friend's woman. If I start dating again it wouldn't be a rich woman like Sheridan. Hank says I know it's crazy to think of you and Sheridan together. Then Hank reminds Luis about Sheridan's community service almost being up. Luis looks upset. hank says are you ok? Luis says I'm fine. Then he says to himself not seeing Sheridan again and looks upset. Sheridan walks into the youth center and they talk about why Julian put the alarm system in and they both disagree on why he did it Luis says he is hiding something and Sheridan says it is to protect the family. Sheridan says let's just agree to disagree. Then Sheridan says she got a notice in the mail about her community service almost being up. They look at the time log for the community service and it's obvious they both wish it was more time left. Luis thinks to himself 3 hours? that's all she has left? That can't be right. The he tells Sheridan you have 20 hours left. 20 not 10 and smiles? Hank questions the hours. Sheridan says I believe him.

The Mansion:
Julian is on his couch reading the paper. Ivy walks in and says Julian one of the staff said you wanted to see me. Julian says yes, Ivy. What do you know about Sheridan's relationship with Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald? Ivy says what relationship? I mean Sheridan is grateful to Luis for saving her life, but other than that I was under the impression that she couldn't stand him. Julian says I thought the same thing until I caught them in here last night kissing. (Ivy looks shocked) kissing? Well, it would seem that last night was one full of kisses (she remembers back to last night when she saw Sam & Grace kissing). Julian says who did you see kissing last night that put that lovesick look on your face? Ivy says no one in particular and as for Sheridan perhaps she was just thanking Luis for saving her life. Julian says my sister has always has abominable taste in men. Ivy says if your done I have to go I have things to do. Julian says wait let me show you the new silent alarm. Ivy says what alarm. Julian says I had a laser alarm installed for the wall safe (he turns it on and we see two laser beams shoot across in front of the safe) Ivy says Oh now I get it that's why you were concerned about Luis and Sheridan being in this room. That alarm has something to do with Martin Fitzgerald. Doesn't it? ivy says your worried Luis is going to find out what you and Alistair has to do with his father's disappearance. Your afraid of Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald, aren't you? Julian just stares at Ivy. I'm not frightened. The alarm is just to protect the family. Julian says you should fire Pilar she might start snooping. Ivy says I'm not going to fire Pilar. Julian leaves as Pilar walks in. Ivy and Pilar talk about what happened between Luis & Sheridan last night. Ivy says Julian is afraid of Luis. Pilar says she the only threat I see to this family is the relationship you seem intent on rekindling with Sam Bennett. She says I can't help it I love Sam and always will. Ivy says let's not talk about it. I have to go watch out for the safe. Whatever Julian has in it he is hell bent on protecting it. Pilar walks into Julian office just as he is opening his safe and he is startled and drops his papers he was getting out they both look at them.

Tabitha's House:
Timmy is sleeping in a cage in Tabitha's living room, and we hear Fluffy growling. Timmy wakes up and the camera pans down to the floor and w see Timmy has set up barb wire all around the cage and mouse traps. Timmy says thank goodness Timmy thought to keep Fluffy at bay since Tabitha isn't around to help him. Poor Tabitha, a fish? The Timmy remembers back to the graveyard when Charity found Tabitha the fish in the fish bowl and said she was taking it home with her. Then Timmy stand up in his cage and usees his binoculars to see over the Bennett house and he can see Tabitha the fish in the fishbowl on the window seal. He says how am I going to rescue her?

Bennett House/The shop/Community Center:
Sam and Grace are in bed and Sam is kissing Grace on the cheek. Sam says Happy? Grace says yes, delirious. Then Grace looks at the clock and says look at the time. I have to go make breakfast for the kids. Sam says I smell coffee one of the kids must be making breakfast. They start kissing. Then grace says, but still I have to get up, and says last night was wonderful, but you know what they says all good things have to end. Same says, not today. I am going to take the whole day off just to show my wife how much I love. They start kissing again. Miguel walks in and says good morning to Charity and Jessica and then he see the fish still on the window sill and says I see that fish you found lived through the night. Miguel asks Charity if she still feels connected to it? Charity says I know it's weird, but yeah I do. Jessica leaves to go wake up Kay and Simone and tell them breakfast is ready. (We see Simone and Kay just as they have come downstairs and their hair is all messed up and Kay is yawing and has mascara all around her eyes) Jessica says better go tell dad there is a raccoon loose in the house. Kay says stick a sock in it rat face, I can't be drop dead gorgeous all the time. Just when Miguel is around. Jessica says about Miguel ... Kay interrupts her and says by the time I see Miguel this afternoon I will be the stunning beauty you only wish you could be and starts to walk towards the kitchen. Jessica says Kay you don't want to go in the kitchen. Kay says unless your serving breakfast in here yes I do. Jessica says well don't say I didn't warn you. Kay walks in and Miguel and she look at each other and Miguel smiles and Kay runs out of the kitchen. Jessica says Simone don't look at me I tried to warn her. Simone says something tell me this is just going to be one of those days. The next scene Kay comes back into the kitchen all dressed and with make-up on. She says here let me make breakfast. Grace and Sam walk in and see Kay with an apron on and look shocked like Kay can't boil water and say Kay honey, what are you doing? Kay says stop you know I love to cook. There is a knock at the door it's Reese. Reese says something smells good. Kay says it's bacon. Why don't you sit down before some bacon grease gets on you. Accidentally of course. Reese says he is working on trying to discern what type of fish it was that Charity brought home last night. Sam and Grace say that is one ugly fish. Reese says I'm going to dissect it to use its organs to determine it's true identity. Charity yells no! (Tabitha thinks help me Timmy save me from Reese) Then they cut away to Timmy and he says Tabitha? and looks all around. Then he says oh Timmy's princess must be using ESP to communicate with him. Tabitha says Timmy save me before junior Jacques Cousteau fillets me into oblivion. Miguel says don't worry Charity I wont let Reese dissect the fish. Then Charity tells Grace & Sam about her premonitions. Reese says I have heard ESP runs in familles. Grace says well Faith says she had feelings of doom the night she died. Tabitha tells Timmy she can't stay in the state much longer and Timmy better hurry to save her in time. Timmy says he doesn't know how. Timmy says there is one problem -- Timmy locked himself in the cage and now he is kind of stuck. Timmy says how am I going to save Tabitha? Grace & Sam are kissing. Charity and Miguel say how sweet it is a love like that. Then Kay throws the pan of burning bacon into the sink. Knocking over the fish bowl and Charity says oh no the fish is going down the sink. Timmy hears Tabitha say she needs help and Timmy gets out of the cage and keeps Fluffy at bay by snapping a whip at her. Charity saves the fish from going down the sink. Timmy says he read the tome and knows how to help her. Tabitha says do the incantation. Sam says to Jessica, Kay is upset she ruined breakfast can you go to the Java cafe and get breakfast? She says sure. Grace and Sam go upstairs. Charity and Miguel go off to work at Grace's shop. Kay says to Simone come with me I have a plan. Sam and Grace are sitting in their room doing their taxes and Grace finds a bank account that is only in Sam's name and asks him why is he keeping things from her? Sam says you spoiled my surprise I was saving money to take you on a vacation to that lodge we went to. Grace says I can believe I was jealous of Ivy and the whole time you were planning this romantic getaway. Reese continues to look trying to find out what type of fish Tabitha is. Timmy does the incantation. The water in the bowl turn white and Timmy thinks he has killed Tabitha. Jessica brings doughnuts to Miguel & Charity at the shop. Miguel says no chocolate? That's Charity's favorite. Jessica tells them she left the chocolate donuts at the house. Charity says that's ok I wanted to go back and check on the fish anyway. They leave. Ivy walks into the shop and sees Jessica. Ivy thinks to herself that if she stays here long enough she might run into Sam. Kay and Simone walk into the community center and Kay tells Simone about her plan to get Sheridan to teach her the tango so she can dance with Miguel and get him to fall in love with her. She asks Sheridan and Sheridan says she needs a partner and Kay asks Luis and he says ok anything for Sam's daughter. And Kay said make the dance hot and sexy like you did last summer. Sheridan and Luis chuckle. Kay starts the music and they begin to tango. They are so close they are practically kissing. Back at the shop. Jessica and Ivy chat and Ivy gives Jessica list of things she wants her to get for Julian's associates. Jessica says I can't believe it dad said for me to make lots of money today so he could afford to take mom on that trip. Jessica tells Ivy about the lodge. Ivy looks upset and she says I'm going to make this romantic getaway something Sam never forgets. Back at the house Sam & Grace talk about the trip. Back at the youth center Luis & Sheridan are still dancing. They stare into each other's eyes. Kay says wow I hope Miguel looks at me the way Luis looks at Sheridan. Back at the house Timmy sees that his spell has turned Tabitha the fish into Tabitha's head in a fish bowl. Reese looks shocked. Timmy says she's b-a-a-ck.

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