All My Children Recaps: The week of January 24, 2000 on AMC

Greenlee plotted to win Ryan back. Ryan realized that he still loved Gillian. Jake sued for full custody of Colby after Liza made a deal with Adam. Alex was surprised to learn that no one had ever heard of the doctor who had treated her at the mental institution.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of January 24, 2000 on AMC
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Monday, January 24, 2000

At the boarding house, Rae, Myrtle, Tad, and Dixie mulled over ideas for Tad's planned expose of black market baby adoptions. They all agreed that they needed a "shady lawyer" to help them get started. Rae smiled slightly and stated that she had a call in to a friend in Llanview with connections to a questionable attorney. That friend, John Sykes, was supposed to phone Rae any minute. When the phone rang, Rae's hopes hit new highs. She was disappointed when Myrtle answered the phone and heard a telemarketer in the other end. Jake returned with Colby a little while later --- but with everyone cooing over the baby Jake wondered if anyone realized that he was even there. Jake smiled broadly as he announced that Gillian was discussing wedding plans with Eugenia at about the same time Liza was signing off on her marriage to Adam. The discussion once again returned to the so-called "baby brokering" idea. Jake recalled that during his medical school days many young, pregnant women had been questioned about their plans for the babies. According the officials at the school, it was not uncommon for the women to give up their children for adoption. Jake had to dash back to the hospital, but he left Colby in Tad and Dixie's care. Rae finally received her phone call from John. From the smile on her face, she'd gotten everything she'd wanted. The shady lawyer, named Lyle Wedgewood, had been located. Oddly enough, he was already under scrutiny for his alleged ties to baby brokering. It seemed that Lyle somehow always managed to avoid prosecution. Rae mentioned that it might have something to do with his rumored mob ties. The mere mention of the mob made Tad question Dixie's involvement in the investigation. He told his wife that he'd prefer if they found someone else to take her place in the operation. Dixie refused to be pushed aside. She figured that if she'd be in danger, Tad could also be in danger --- and she wanted them to be there for each other. Against his better judgment, Tad agreed to keep Dixie on. Tad wondered why a woman would want to give up her child. Rae squirmed uncomfortably in her seat. She told Tad that there are "reasons [he] can't fathom." Rae decided that it was time to tell Tad and Dixie why she was so interested in the underground baby market. She explained that she'd gotten pregnant as a young woman and that her family did not take the news very well. Fortunately, though, she carried the baby to term and gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. "I can still see her face [and] hear her crying," Rae said softly, her eyes filling with tears. Rae fell asleep knowing that her baby would be safe under her family's careful watch. She was wrong... terribly wrong. When Rae awoke she was told that her daughter had died. Just last year, she learned that she'd been lied to all her life. "My family made a deal," Rae said coldly. "They sold her." Dixie reached our for Tad's hand and bit her lip to keep from crying. It was getting late and Tad and Dixie had to head home. Colby was left in Rae and Myrtle's care. Myrtle wrapped her arm around Rae and praised her for the courage it took for her to tell Tad and Dixie the truth.

Back at home, Dixie asked Tad if he was beginning to feel "too close" to the adoption investigation. Tad admitted that he'd been thinking about his trouble childhood, but he firmly stated that he was glad that Joe and Ruth had come into his life.

In her bad dash to get out of the examination room, Alex crashed into Edmund and fell to the ground. Edmund helped his sister-in-law to her feet and walked her over to a nearby sofa. "I was somewhere else," Alex said in fright. "I don't know what's happening to me." Edmund tried to calm Alex down, asking her to take a deep breath and tell him what happened. Alex related what had happened in Karen's room. She said that she saw David hunched over Karen and was suddenly transported to another place and time. There was a man --- and older man with gray hair --- telling her that she hadn't seen anything. Edmund asked Alex if the man in her "vision" was Geoffrey. Alex shrugged and said that she had no idea. David cracked the door slightly and pressed his ear against it in order to eavesdrop on the conversation. "I felt powerless," Alex stated. "Like a little girl." Before Edmund could explore the situation in greater detail, he received a phone call from Peggy alerting him to a nightmare that Maddie had had. Edmund excused himself and David strolled out to question Alex about her latest meltdown. David asked his colleague what he was doing to evoke such a negative reaction. Alex shook her head and calmly told David that she wasn't sure why she was being plagued by the unpleasant memories. David continued to press for details, but Alex said nothing. She asked David to stop bothering her, but David didn't give up. Edmund returned and ordered David to back off. David refused and he and Edmund nearly came to blows. Alex stepped between them and stated that she didn't want "a scene." She bowed her head and told Edmund that she wanted to go. David took great pleasure in Alex's pain. Alone, he chuckled to himself. "You're unraveling before out eyes," he smiled. "It's quite a sight." Later, Erica phoned from Switzerland to see how David was making out. David lied and told Erica that Alex had not suffered any more episodes. Jake wandered by a few minutes and David immediately asked the young doctor why he wasn't with Gillian. Jake didn't really want to talk to David, but he assured his colleague that Gillian knew that it wouldn't be easy being a doctor's wife. This was the first that David had heard of Jake and Gillian's plans to get married. He broke into laughter and wished them the best of luck. He mused that when they got married, they'd be able to share their secrets with one another. Jake cocked his head to one side and asked David what secrets he was talking about. "We all have secrets, Jake," David grinned. He again wished Jake well before heading on his way.

Alex and Edmund returned to the hunting lodge. Edmund offered his ear just in case Alex wanted to talk about what happened at the hospital. He wondered if during the hallucination Alex had seen herself as Karen. Alex shook her head and explained that she was a bystander in the vision. Edmund hesitated before asking, but he wondered if it was possible that Alex was a victim of abuse. Alex mulled over the possibility for a few moments before replying that all of her memories of her childhood were quite pleasant. She said that most women who are sexually abused carry those scars into their relationships. The topic of abuse brought back many painful memories for Edmund. He flashed back to one of the many beatings he'd received from his adoptive father, Alf Gresham. Alex noticed that Edmund had zoned out and asked him if was okay. Edmund bowed his head and told Alex that the hunting lodge still brought back some painful memories for him. He informed Alex that many of the beatings he'd received had taken place in the lodge. Alf, he said forcing a pained laugh, had used him as a "punching bag." Now Alex found herself in the position of having to comfort Edmund. Edmund told Alex that he hated his father --- but that he hated himself more for feeling that way about his dad. He admitted that he'd toyed with the idea of leveling the lodge, but that he realized that it was the memories and not the lodge that caused him pain. Alex smiled and told Edmund that Dimitri had once referred to him as a "formidable adversary." Now, she smiled, she was happy to say that she he was one of her friends.

"You deliberately locked me in here," Liza yelled. Adam didn't deny that he'd planned to hold her captive, but he said that it was the only way he could get her to listen to him. Liza raced for the phone, but she found the line had been cut. Adam tried to hide a smile as he explained that he'd taken all the necessary steps to make sure that they would be left alone; the vent he'd used for his escape had been sealed and the room's supply of food and drink had been replenished. Seeing that she had no alternative, Liza agreed to hear Adam out. Adam explained that he had been so afraid of losing Liza that he felt the need to take drastic measures. Having Jake in Colby's life scared Adam. "The Martins have always hated me," he grumbled. Colby, he said, was a way to make up for the child that they'd lost. "You can't create a replacement," Liza snapped. Adam quickly noted that he didn't want a replacement for the child that had died. He did, however, want to have a child with Liza because he knew that they were "destined to be together." Adam told Liza that he didn't see a need for them to divorce since they were both still in love. Divorce and the terms set therein, Liza snapped, were better than spending fifteen years in jail. Adam quickly retorted that he wouldn't be the only one doing jail time --- Marian, Tad, Dixie, Stuart and even her could end up behind bars for their roles in his forced imprisonment. Liza pursed her lips together and grumbled that Adam would never send Stuart to jail. Adam nodded his head, but made it known that he'd have no qualms with sending Marian to prison for a long, long time. "You wouldn't dare," Liza snarled. Adam asked Liza how she'd feel when Stuart spent his entire fortune fighting to keep Marian out of jail. Adam promised that he'd withdraw his threat if Liza did but one thing --- continue to live at Chandler Mansion. The request seemed odd, especially when Adam agreed to grant Liza a divorce. Liza told Adam that she wanted to be as far away from him as possible --- and living under the same roof wasn't going to accommodate that desire. Adam promise to respect the boundaries she set up, even if it meant that he couldn't go anywhere near her. Adam mused that Liza wouldn't have to go through the hassle of changing her address. Liza rolled her eyes and agreed to stick around the mansion. Adam wanted to seal the deal with a handshake, but Liza remarked that she'd like to keep her hand --- just in case she needed to bop him over the head. The room grew colder because the heating vent had been sealed. Liza stepped into the bathroom to get some extra blankets. While she was gone, Winifred somehow stumbled into the secret passage. She offered to help free Adam, but Adam insisted that he was fine. He concocted a tale about testing an automatic opening system. Winifred continued on her way, but Liza had overheard Adam talking to someone. She bought his claim that he was talking to a video monitor. During dinner, which Adam had thoughtfully had stashed in the secret room, Liza came across a journal that Adam had kept during his time in the room. She became uneasy when she read entries in which Adam talked about how much he loved her and his daughter. Liza, shivering, said that she wanted to go to bed --- and said that she'd take the top bunk. It was still far too cold in the room. Adam told Liza that she was foolish to remain alone in the top bunk. Saying that they had "body heat to burn," Adam convinced Liza to join him in the lower bunk. Liza grumbled and complained the whole time, but she did agree to cuddle up with Adam. Adam smiled euphorically even though Liza warned him that she'd clobber him if he tried anything funny. "Goodnight, Liza," Adam chirped. "Yeah, fine," Liza grumbled as the rolled over with a frown planted on her face.

Tuesday, January 25, 2000

Due to inclement weather, Susan Richmond filled in for today's recap.

Mateo arrives at WRCW with flowers to wish Hayley good luck with the taping the first episode of her new show, "Wave." Ryan watches Hayley hug Mateo and Greenlee watches Ryan. Hayley's worried about more than her show, she's still worried about the situation with Trevor. Mateo tries to comfort her and tells her to have faith that everything will work out OK. Hayley goes across the room to pick out her wardrobe and thanks Ryan for his help getting advertising sponsors for the show. Greenlee tries to talk to Hayley, but Hayley's distracted by Scott. Greenlee then offers to go get some notes Hayley needs, but Ryan jumps in and says he'll get them. Watching Hayley surrounded by people helping her get ready, Greenlee appears jealous that she's not the one who's the center of attention. She remembers Tina's comment from the other night at SOS that maybe she should play "damsel in distress" to get attention. Deciding to put her plan in motion, Greenlee calls Ken and invites him to drop by WRCW.

Leo shows up at the TV station and finds out that Greenlee's working on a plan that involves Ken. He worries that Greenlee's "dipping rather deep in the gutter" and it could be risky. "Slumming can be fun, when I get what I want", she replies, unconcerned. Becca stops by to see Scott and he thanks her for the party she threw for him. Leo sees them kissing and later tries to get close to Becca by suggesting another trip to the soup kitchen. Not believing his sincerity, she tells him she's busy, but she'll make some calls to see where he might be needed.

Adrian stops by to tell Mateo that he's set up a party for Hayley at SOS after the show. He wonders if Mateo's going to give her the ring, but Mateo doesn't think it's the right time, she's still pretty upset about what happened to Trevor. They watch as Hayley starts taping the show. Just as the taping finishes, Ken arrives and Greenlee rushes over to him. She kisses him and invites him to the party at SOS. Leo, per Greenlee's request, casually draws Ryan's attention to Greenlee hanging all over Ken to try to make him jealous.

Dixie meets Tad at the TV station and finds him testing out a video camera. He's already set up a meeting with Mr. Wedgewood, the adoption lawyer, at the Valley Inn. I hope we can find something to help out Rae, Dixie says. Tad hopes so, too, or Rae's going to feel like she lost her daughter all over again. Tad takes a purse that Dixie brought with her and puts a hole in the side of it for the lens of the video camera. (You'd think Adrian could have found them some sort of spy camera that would be smaller and less obvious, the lens has to be more than an inch across).

Rae arrives and learns about the "purse cam" and Tad gives her a little hearing device that Adrian gave him that will allow her to hear their conversation from across the room. Rae's worried about Tad and Dixie's safety, Mr. Wedgewood reportedly has ties to the mob, but they assure her they still want to go through with the plan. Jake arrives looking for Liza. Tad hasn't heard from her, but suggests Jake stick around since Liza will definitely be there for the taping of Hayley's new show.

Rae, Tad and Dixie arrive at the Valley Inn and are greeted there by Myrtle. Rae thought she would be less conspicuous sitting there if she had a dining companion. They sit at a separate table not too far from Tad and Dixie and Tad gets the purse with the camera in it all lined up to get a clear shot of Mr. Wedgewood's seat. Mr. Wedgewood arrives and greets them and goes to sit down. Tad practically yells that he can't sit there, and then makes up a lame excuse about having trouble hearing in that ear and it would be better if he sat on his other side. Mr. Wedgewood takes the correct seat (facing the camera) and appears more interested in the food on the menu than in finding out what Tad and Dixie want to meet him about. When they finally get around to it, Tad and Dixie explain that they want a baby more than anything and would be willing to pay anything to get it. Rae, using the listening device, is excited when it appears Mr. Wedgewood is about to take the bait. Instead he asks, "Why are you videotaping me?."

Adam strokes a sleeping Liza's hair as he remembers their conversation from the night before. Winifred shows up with a tray of scones, strawberries and whipped cream just as the partition opens (Adam rigged it to open once every 24 hours so he would never get stuck in there again). He takes the tray and rushes her out, the partition falls again just as Liza starts to wake up. Liza's suspicious of the food, asking if he poisoned it. He assures her he hasn't and takes a bite of a scone, describing it as "fresh out of the oven this morning." He tries to cover, but it's too late, Liza accuses him of leaving the room and coming back in. She's so mad she smashes the tray of food all over him, making sure to get the whipped cream all over.

She insists that he open the partition now, his actions just show why she wants their relationship to be over, everything with him is a fraud. "If you loved me you'd let me go, out of this place and out of our agreement", she tells him. She's saved at this point by Marian's arrival (Winifred had said something to her about Adam and Liza being in the secret room). After Marian opens the partition, Liza marches into Adam's office, grabs the divorce papers off his desk and demands that he sign them right away. Adam stalls, claiming he can't sign them until Barry Shire checks them over. Annoyed, Liza calls Barry Shire herself and asks him to come to Adam's as soon as possible.

Still waiting at WRCW, Jake tries to call Liza again and finally gets a hold of her. She apologizes for being so late to come get Colby and promises to be there as soon as she can. Jake asks her to please hurry, he has to get to the hospital. Liza leaves for the station, telling him that when she gets back she wants the papers signed. Barry arrives as Liza is walking out, but Adam doesn't ask him to look at the papers. Instead, he orders him to go encourage Jake to file a custody suit against Liza to protect Colby from Adam.

Pretending to look for Liza, Barry shows up at her office and starts talking to Jake. He lets it 'slip' to Jake that Liza is no longer planning to leave Adam and that she spent the night at the Chandler mansion. Jake's furious and agrees to consider his suggestion about filing a custody suit against Liza. Jake promises Colby she won't spend another night under Adam's roof and has Gillian come and pick Colby up. When Liza finally arrives at her office, Jake confronts her and accuses her of lying to him.

Wednesday, January 26, 2000

"I'm sick of this lying," Jake hollered. Jake told Liza that he knew that she was not planning to divorce Adam and that she'd spent the night at Chandler Mansion. A look of horror crept over Liza's face. She asked him how he'd found out. Jake eagerly told her that he'd spoken to Barry. The lawyer, he said, had mentioned that Liza was working on a new custody arrangement with Adam. If that was the case, Jake warned Liza that he'd "have to go after full custody of Colby." Tears welled in Liza's eyes. She pleaded with Jake to reconsider. "Y-you can't do that. I'm her mother," Liza said, her voice cracking. On the contrary, Jake told her that he could --- and would. "You have a freakish marriage to a man who has no morals," Jake snapped. Liza pleaded that she was the "only one who can make things work." This wobbling on her feelings for Adam wasn't what Jake wanted to her. He decided that he needed to find out how Liza felt once and for all. Seemingly out of nowhere, Jake asked Liza if she still loved Adam. Her silence told him everything he needed to know. "You're half the woman I thought you were," Jake ridiculed. "You promised me you'd fix this!" Liza shook her head, tears now flowing freely from her eyes. She asked for a little more time. She told Jake that there were things that he didn't know, things that he didn't ever want to know. Jake thought that Liza was hiding something from him and that only made him more angry. Calling the situation "complicated" didn't help win over Jake either. Jake saw Liza's remark as a shot against his intelligence. He blasted her for calling him "simple" and continued blasting her relationship with Adam. Liza erupted, complaining that Jake has never understood her marriage. Jake concluded that the only way he'd ever show Liza that he was through playing games was to press for sole custody of their daughter. "Adam isn't Colby's mother... I am!" Liza snapped. She told Jake that he'd have a very hard time proving that she was an unfit mother. "If you sue for custody," Liza sobbed, "you are going to regret it for the rest of your life." Jake saw Liza's remark as a challenge and told her that he wasn't backing down.

"What is this, Candid Camera?" Lyle asked with a noticeable frown. He'd spotted the video camera and knew that something was amiss. Tad fumbled for an explanation, but Dixie was quick with a reply. She claimed that Tad knew nothing about her hidden camera. She stated that she wanted to capture Tad's expression when their desire to have a child became a reality. Lyle seemed to buy into her tale until, that is, Opal made a noisy entrance into the restaurant. She cackled loudly as she greeted Rae and Myrtle, causing Lyle to look over his shoulder. When he did, he noticed Rae at the other table and suddenly clammed up. Lyle accused Tad of wanting to use the videotape for his new show. Tad and Dixie both tried to convince the attorney that they had no intention of broadcasting their meeting. Lyle didn't buy it and walked off. Frustrated, Tad and Dixie joined the women at the other table and tried to fill them in on how their pseudo-sting had gone awry. Rae had been confident that everything was going nicely. Dixie nodded her head in agreement. She said that Lyle had bought her explanation about the camera --- but that things got "dicey" when he saw Rae. Opal, who had joined the women at their table, was out of the loop and had no idea what was being talked about. Tad asked Rae if it was possible that Lyle recognized her from somewhere. The implication that she and Lyle knew each other didn't sit well with Rae. Myrtle put her arm around Rae and told Tad that Rae's celebrity status made her easily recognizable. Rae fervently denied that she had ever met the shady attorney. Tad and Dixie decided to chase after Lyle to see if they could undo the damage that had been done. Opal finally got a chance to speak up and asked what was going on. Upon hearing about the black market adoption scheme, Opal mistakenly assumed that Rae had sold her baby. A little while later, Rae and Myrtle were alone at the table. The search for Rae's daughter weighed heavily on Myrtle's mind. She asked Rae if she'd prepared herself for the possibility that she'd never find her daughter. "If it takes me the rest of my life, I'm going to keep looking," said Rae intensely. Myrtle apologized for pessimistic question, but she explained that she felt she had to ask. Myrtle became soft spoken as she told Rae that everyone needs to "make peace with [their] past." Rae assured Myrtle that she had made peace with her past and that she was looking towards the future. Myrtle smiled warmly and headed on her way. Rae sat by herself unaware that she was about to get a surprise visit. "I know what you're trying to do," Lyle Wedgewood grumbled. "Excuse me?" Rae asked in shock. "Did you get my name from Daniel?" he asked. Lyle told Rae that he did know where her daughter was. Then cryptically he noted that if he did know where she was, she couldn't tell her --- hinting that he could tell just about anyone other than here. "Do yourself a favor," he warned. "Back off."

Amanda sat on the sofa looking at some old pictures of her father. A knock sounded on the door and she scurried over to answer it. Outside, a woman with shoulder-length brown hair smiled warmly at the young girl. She explained that she was a friend of her father's and wanted to know if she'd heard from her daddy. Brooke suddenly appeared by Amanda's side. "You have a lot of nerve taking advantage of a child!" she growled just before slamming the door. Amanda had no idea that the woman was a reporter. Brooke assured the young girl that the craziness surrounding her father's disappearance would not last forever. Amanda cried openly as she told Brooke that she missed her dad very much. Janet made her way down the steps after awaking from a nap. She learned of the reporter's sneak attack on Amanda. Janet took her daughter in her arms and apologized for putting her through such a hard time. She swore that her father loved her very much and that he would never hurt anyone. Amanda headed upstairs to write her daddy a letter. She smiled slightly and said that she'd mail it out just as soon as she found out where her father was hiding. After Amanda left, Janet told Brooke that she feared that Amanda would not survive the commotion. "Kids are very resilient," Brooke said reassuringly. Most kids, Janet replied, don't have to cope with a father one the run from the law. Brooke broke the news that Amanda had two things to worry about --- a father who she might not see for a long time and a mother who might be losing it. Janet's eyes nearly popped out of their sockets. Brooke confessed that Amanda had confided in her that she was worried about the way Janet was talking to herself in the mirror. Brooke started to say that it would be hard for Amanda to forget that her mother had once had some troubles. Janet vowed that she'd never become "Janet From Another Planet" ever again. She said that she'd do anything to help her daughter. "Anything?" Brooke asked. She suggested that Janet might want to consult Dr. Jaffe, the psychiatrist who'd helped her during her reformation. "You think I need a shrink?" Janet squawked. "I fought those demons and won." She reminded Brooke that she hadn't intentionally killed Sophie. Then came some surprising news --- Brooke wasn't the one who'd thought up the idea of having a counselor called in. Brooke said that Trevor had suggested it. Brooke explained that she knew what it was like to take someone's life and the emotional scars that remain behind. Janet told Brooke that she could handle her problems on her own. Brooke offered to give Janet then name of a therapist that she used at the shelter. Janet agreed to sleep on the idea. Brooke slowly walked upstairs. "What a crock!" Mirror Janet blurted out. "Brooke's trying to make you think that you're losing your marbles." Janet shook her head and softly stated that Brooke was concerned about her. "She's jealous!" Mirror Janet responded. "She lost a daughter [and] she's after yours." In addition, Janet's alter ego claimed that Brooke was also after Trevor. "Who's Trevor calling? Brooksie-Poo --- not you!" she added. Janet explained that away as well, saying that Trevor didn't call home in case the phones were tapped. Mirror Janet warned Janet that she needed to get rid of Brooke, the "home sweet homewrecker" before it was too late.

Liza returned to Chandler Mansion to get some answers from Adam. Instead of Adam, she found Marian finalizing moving plans for her. Marian smiled proudly and told Liza that she was having her belongings moved to her house so that she would not have to live under the same roof as Adam. Liza was upset that her mother had once again taken matters into her own hands. She fought back tears and she explained that she would not be moving. Marian's face turned a shade whiter. "Adam and I are in a stalemate," Liza announced. She explained that Adam would tell Jake that he's not Colby's father if she didn't agree to stay at the mansion. Jake, on the other hand, was ready to take her to court. Liza was sure that she would not lose custody of her daughter. Marian didn't want to take any chances. She told her daughter that they had to take care of the situation before it was too late.

At Wildwind, Gillian, holding Colby, sat down in the parlor with her grandmother. Eugenia was carefully checking through a trunk that had just been sent over from Budapest. In the chest was Eugenia's wedding veil and an old baby outfit. Gillian asked her grandmother if she could wear her veil when she gets married. Eugenia sensed that something was troubling her granddaughter. Gillian didn't want to talk about it while she was holding the baby. She explained that even though Colby wasn't old enough to speak, it was possible that she'd "remember" what they were saying. After putting Colby down for a nap, Gillian wasted no time in telling Eugenia that Colby was the cause of her concern. At first, the duchess thought that Colby might be sick or that Gillian was having second thoughts about being a mother figure for the baby. Gillian blurted out that Jake was not Colby's father --- Adam was. She explained how that had come to place. "That is positively Machiavellian," Eugenia gasped. Gillian told her grandmother that she was wrestling with the decision of whether or not to break the news to Jake. Eugenia forcefully stated that Gillian should not tell Jake. Liza was Colby's mother and therefore, according the Eugenia, it was Liza's place to tell Jake. As for Eugenia's previous advice that secrets should not be kept in a marriage, Eugenia claimed that she was talking about little secrets --- like secret trips to the jewelry store. Jake showed up a little while later and asked to speak to Gillian in private. He told Gillian that Liza had gone back on her promise to divorce Adam. Therefore, he'd decided to out his plan to sue for sole custody back on track. In order to do this, Jake said that it would look much better if he were a married man --- and that meant moving up the wedding date. Gillian thought that the ceremony might be moved from June to May or perhaps April. That wasn't quite the timeframe Jake was looking for. "We have to get married right now," he said.

Thursday, January 27, 2000

Alex sat on the edge of Karen's bed and tried to assure the girl that she was there to help her. She knew that it would take time to win the young girl's trust, but she was willing to put in the effort. Edmund poked his head into the room and asked to speak to the doctor. Alex took a few moments to briefly introduce Edmund and Karen. Then, in the hallway, Edmund asked Alex if she wanted to join him at SOS for Hayley's celebratory party. Alex was pleased that Edmund wanted to be in her company, but at the same time she didn't want to walk away from her young patient. Edmund understood --- but that didn't stop him from taking once last shot and convincing Alex to go with him. Edmund praised Alex's dedication to Karen, saying that the girl was lucky to have her as her doctor. There was something about Karen's predicament that hit home for Alex and she wasn't quite sure what it was. Edmund asked Alex to explore her feelings so that she might finally figure out what has been troubling her for so long. Alex told Edmund that she'd found a letter from her mother that contained the name of the doctor who'd treated her at the institution in Wales. Edmund remarked that holding onto the information proved that Alex had a desire to learn the truth. Alex wasn't so sure. She told Edmund that she wasn't so sure. If she was meant to know, her mind wouldn't have blocked out so many years of her life, she argued. "It's time, Alex," Edmund said softly. He gently pushed the letter towards her. So that Alex would have some privacy, Edmund left the room and allowed Alex to place her call. He returned a few minutes later only to find that the mystery had gotten even more confusing. Alex had called the hospital and learned that they had no record of the doctor who had supposedly treated her.

Marian warned Liza that Jake would surely find out the truth about Colby's paternity if he sued for custody Adam entered the room and asked the two women what they were talking about. Liza pointed a finger at her husband and told him that everything was his fault. "If I were any less of a lady, I'd show you the finger that everyone gives you behind your back," Marian grumbled. If Liza hadn't been so furious, she might have cracked a smile. She shooed her mother from the room so that she could talk one-on-one with Adam. Adam walked towards Liza with his arms extended. Liza quickly stepped away and told Adam to stay away from her. Adam promised to help Liz defend herself against Jake. For a moment, he seemed sincere. Liza laughed slightly and told Adam that she wasn't going to buy his claim. Liza argued that she was Colby's mother and that she would not allow her daughter to be taken from her. Adam saw a quick solution --- tell Jake that he isn't Colby's dad. "I want my daughter to know that she's loved unconditionally," Liza remarked. She rebuked Adam's continual claims that lying to Colby was one of the worst things that she could do. In the back of her mind, Liza knew what Adam was up to. She said that Adam wanted the custody battle to go to court so that Jake would find out the truth. That way, she said, Adam could argue that he'd kept his promise not to tell Jake the truth. Suddenly, Liza became quiet. She thought of the perfect way to take care of Jake, herself, and Colby all in one fell swoop. Jake objected to having Colby live under the same roof as Adam. Adam, on the other hand, didn't want Liza to move out of Chandler Mansion. "Pack your bags, Adam," she said coldly. Adam put his hand to his chest and asked Liza if she really wanted him to move out of his own home. Liza noted that the house was considered "community property" and that they both had claim to it in the divorce settlement. Adam tried to talk his way out of it, but Liza wouldn't let him get very few words in. She told him that he could send her, her mother, or Stuart to jail. "We'll take you down with us," she warned. Liza told Adam that she was going to pick up Colby --- and that when she returned she wanted to find the divorce papers signed and him gone. Liza stormed out of the room. Adam, meanwhile, looked over the papers with a frown on his face. Marian strolled into the room and took joy in taunting Adam. Adam erupted and ordered Marian to get out of his office. Marian obliged. Shortly thereafter, Adam picked up his phone and angrily ordered someone to appear before him --- now.

At Sounds of Salsa, Mateo and Hayley's dance was interrupted by a reporter wanting to interview Hayley. Mateo took the interruption in stride and headed off to talk to some friends. He pulled up to the bar and asked Scott, Becca, and a clean-shaven Adrian if everything was ready for his big surprise. They all nodded and told Mateo that he could rest easy. Tina joined the group and asked what they were talking about. Nothing was said, only that Tina would have to wait and see with her own eyes. Greenlee approached Ryan and told him that he was looking well. Wanting to smooth things over, she told Ryan that she was sorry for having bough him such an extravagant gift. Ryan smiled and said that there was no harm done. Greenlee saw an opening --- and moved in. She asked Ryan if he'd like to dance. "No," Ryan declined. "I meant what I said." That, of course, was that their relationship was over. Ryan walked away and Leo quickly joined Greenlee. He asked her about her latest botched attempt to reunite with Ryan. Greenlee looked towards the club's front entrance and noticed that Ken had arrived. She smiled and told Leo that she planned to use her former "pool boy" as a tool to win back Ryan. Ken approached and asked Greenlee if she'd like a drink. Greenlee shook her head, saying that she was already on her third glass of vodka. Ken headed to the bar and Leo looked at his friend with widened eyes. He was relieved to learn that Greenlee had lied about her drinking --- she wasn't drinking alcohol at all. Leo was told that he'd play an important part in her scheme. It was up to him to convince Ryan that she was in over her heard with Ken, who she planned to take back to her grandparents' temporarily vacant home. Ryan gave Hayley a congratulatory hug and praised the debut of her new fashion show. Before he finished, he hit Hayley with an "I told you so." He had always insisted that Mateo would always be a part of her life. Hayley smiled and told Ryan that had she stopped looking for her miracle, it may never have happened. Ryan drifted off into his own thoughts, thinking about, perhaps, his own miracle. He thought of how he'd fallen in love with Gillian and how his heart broke when he learned that she had accepted Jake's marriage proposal. Greenlee giggled mindlessly at one of Ken's jokes. She'd hoped that Ryan, who was sitting nearby with his back turned towards her, would get jealous. Ryan, however, was oblivious to her antics and paid her no mind. Adrian walked Hayley to a seat near the stage and asked her to sit back and enjoy herself. Mateo took to the stage and publicly praised the premiere installment of "Wave," Hayley's show. Mateo yielded the stage to Jack. Jack stood before everyone and jested about the Hayley he once knew --- a black haired, rebellious young woman. Now, though, he referred to Hayley as a woman of "style and class." Then Jack introduced a special musical guest, Brian McKnight, who sang his hit single "Back At One." Greenlee continued her shenanigans with Ken, but Ryan saw and heard enough. He got up and walked away. Ken told Greenlee that he was having a good time. Greenlee smiled and told him that her grandparents' house was empty --- and that she'd like to show him around. On their way out of the club, Greenlee stopped in front of Leo and told him to find Ryan and put her plan into motion. Leo nodded and started searching for Ryan --- but he was nowhere to be found.

Mateo and Hayley stopped in the park. Hayley thanked Mateo for a wonderful evening. She sensed that Mateo wanted to tell her something, but Mateo didn't reveal what he wanted to say. Instead, he pulled Hayley close and gave embraced her.

Greenlee was more than just a little surprised when Ken pulled his car into the parking lot at The Pine Cone Motel. She looked around and asked him why he hadn't taken her to her grandparents' home. "There's been a change of plans," Ken replied.

To say that Gillian was caught of guard by Jake's request would be an understatement. "I know it's abrupt," Jake said softly. Eugenia noted that a marriage could show that Colby would have a "stable environment" with Jake. A chill went up Gillian's spin when Jake referred to Colby as "our" daughter. Eugenia decided that it would be best if she left the room. Gillian walked her grandmother to the staircase. There, out of Jake's hearing range, Gillian told her grandmother that she didn't know what to do. Gillian returned to Jake's side and asked him what had happened to make him so upset. Jake told Gillian that Liza had reneged on her promise to leave Adam. Gillian was unsure if she was ready to become "an instant stepmother." She listened as Jake expressed his concerns about Adam's influence on Colby. Gillian finally spoke up, saying that she had a feeling that Liza would never break free from Adam. She then told Jake that she would agree to move up the wedding date so that they could begin a fight for Colby. Jake thanked Gillian for her support and headed upstairs to check on Colby. Eugenia returned to the room and asked her granddaughter if she was sure about what she was doing. Gillian nodded unconvincingly. She told Eugenia that she was sure that Jake would understand why she'd kept the secret from him. Jake returned to the room with Colby and told Gillian that in a matter of time they'd finally have the happiness they deserved. Liza arrived at Wildwind and asked Jake for a few moments of his time. "I know I'm the last person you want to see," Liza said softly. She told Jake that she'd gotten everything under control and that Colby would now be safe at Chandler Mansion. She didn't pause so Jake didn't have a chance to interject anything into the conversation. Finally, Jake spoke up. "It's too late," he said. He looked coldly at Liza and told her that he and Gillian were going to be getting married as soon as possible. After that, he was moving forward with his plan to sue for full custody of Colby.

Friday, January 28, 2000

Adam hunched over his desk noisily paging through the divorce papers Liza had left for him. Stuart nervously poked his head into the office and asked his brother why he'd wanted to see him. Adam rose from his chair and walked towards Stuart. "This is a sad day for me and our family," Adam stated. "Under the circumstances, I have no choice." By now, Stuart had no idea what Adam was talking about. "I am going to have to send you and Marian and Liza to jail," Adam said without hesitation. Stuart broke into laughter and praised his brother's attempt at humor. Stuart stopped laughing and realized that Adam was serious. Adam explained that he had to punish Stuart for giving away millions of his hard-earned dollars. For his punishment, Adam said that he would have to grant Liza a divorce. Stuart's punishment would come in the form of fifteen to thirty years in a jail cell. "You're bluffing," Stuart snickered. Adam warned his brother that he would not hesitate to have him locked up. There was, though, a way to avoid the whole sordid mess. Adam waved the divorce papers in front of his brother. If Stuart were to sign Adam's name on the dotted line, it was hinted that no charges would be filed. Stuart knew that if he signed his name he'd be committing forgery. Adam grumbled that Stuart hadn't had any troubles signing his name when he was giving away millions of dollars. Stuart shook his head and refused to be a part of Adam's plot. He then warned his brother that he, too, would end up in jail for swapping sperm samples at the fertility clinic. Adam bit his lip and cursed Marian for the negative influence she's had on Stuart. With a smile, a vindicated Stuart headed on his way.

Becca found Ryan sitting alone on a park bench. Ryan held out his hand and pointed to one of the creases on his palm. He told his friend that a fortuneteller had once warned him that his love line was crossed with several other lines. In a nutshell, that meant that his love life would be twisted and tangled. Becca shook her head and scolded Ryan for believing a fortuneteller's claims. Ryan then turned a bit more serious. He told Becca about the conversation he'd had with Hayley about miracles. Upon hearing the tale, Becca said that she agreed with Hayley's comments. "Sometimes you've got to stop trying so hard," Becca said softly. And other times, she said, you have to make sure that you try as hard as you can. It wasn't much of a secret that Ryan was wondering if Gillian was his "miracle." Becca urged Ryan to replay the best and worst moments of his time with Gillian. After that was done, he had to ask himself if he tried as hard as he could to make the relationship work --- or if he quit too soon. Becca headed back to the club while Ryan sat alone and mulled over the memories. Among the happy times were marrying Gillian and the first time he ever told her that he loved her. On the other side was catching Gillian in bed with David and learning that Gillian had accepted Jake's marriage proposal.

Mateo and Hayley returned from the trip to the park. Almost immediately, Mateo reported his return to Adrian. Adrian smiled broadly and asked his partner and pal if he'd popped the question. Mateo bashfully bowed his head and said that he was still waiting for the right time. Leo walked over to Scott and asked him if he'd see Ryan lately. Scott shook his head and sassed that it was his "turn to watch" Ryan. Leo placed a frantic call to the Greenlee home hoping that someone had seen or heard from Greenlee. Leo pulled up a seat next to Ken's friend, Cody. He asked some delicately phrased questions with the hopes of finding out where Ken had taken Greenlee. Cody refused to part with any details for fear that Leo would crash Ken's "good time." Now, Leo was just about to go out of his mind. He sat alone at the bar talking to himself. Scott pulled up next to him with a smile. He mused that times are hard when someone is sitting in a bar talking to themselves. Leo was not amused, but he let the remark roll off his back. Scott was summoned away to the station because one of the regular cameramen had called in sick. Mateo ditched his duties at the club and shared a dance with Hayley. He began to feel guilty that he wasn't sharing the workload and told Hayley that he'd have to get back to work. She smiled and said that she wanted an apron so that she could help out. Mateo nixed that idea because this was supposed to be Hayley's party. Hayley managed to convince Mateo to take her back to the park for some private time. Becca returned to the club and was immediately met by Leo. Leo pleaded with Becca to help him find Ryan. Becca thought that Leo was up to his old tricks, but there was something about the seriousness in his voice that convinced her otherwise. She directed Leo towards the park, Leo thanked Becca by kissing her forehead. He dashed off to the park, but Ryan was nowhere in sight. He returned to the club and brief Becca on why it was so urgent for him to find Ryan. He didn't tell Becca about Greenlee's plot to win back Ryan, instead opting to say that Greenlee was dating a man that might be dangerous. Becca reluctantly agreed to press Cody for details about Ken's plans. Without thinking anything of it, Cody mentioned that Ken had taken Greenlee to the Pine Cone. Cody stepped away to place a call to a friend and arrange for a place to stay. While he was gone, Becca told Leo that Greenlee had been taken to the sleazy motel. Becca didn't want to be forced to stick around and fend off Cody, so she asked to go along with Leo.

Liza was stunned. She couldn't believe that Jake was going to go through with suing for custody --- and the fact that he'd marry Gillian solely to make his claim stronger upset her even more. Jake was sure that Liza's anger towards Adam would only be short-lived. Liza lashed out at Jake for ignoring a bigger problem: the fact that Colby was going to be yanked away from her mother. Through the argument, Jake insisted that he wasn't talking Colby away from Liza --- he was taking her away from Adam. Liza reminded Jake that if it were not for her, he would not have any legal claim to Colby. Since Jake did not have custody of Colby at the moment, Liza demanded that her daughter be returned to her immediately. Jake left the room. "What the hell are you doing to me?" Liza yelled at Gillian with tears in her eyes. "What are you doing to us?" Gillian stood motionless, unsure how to react. "We had a pact," Liza continued. She knew that a custody fight would almost surely show Jake that he isn't Colby's father. "It's like trying to stop a speeding train," said Liza about the implausibility of keeping the truth a secret. Gillian looked pained by Liza's plea, but she summoned the strength to stand her ground. Gillian told Liza that she had to stand by Jake because he was right about Adam's negative impact on everyone's life. Liza asked Gillian what she'd do when Jake found out that she knew the truth about Colby's paternity all along. Now Gillian was a lot less forceful. She stated that Jake would understand her decision because he'd realize that she was trying to protect him. The conversation fell apart by the time Jake returned to the room. Liza took her daughter from Jake's arms and offered him one more chance to make peace. "I've taken and given all the last chances I can," Jake snarled.

In the park, Mateo told Hayley how proud he was of her. Hayley began to shiver so Mateo wrapped his arms around her and pulled her close to him. As he did, he accidentally pressed Hayley against a bulge in his pants. "Is that a chimichanga in your pants or are you just happy to see me?" Hayley quipped. Mateo reached into his pocked and pulled out a small jewelry box. Hayley's eyes widened as she looked on. "Is that what I think it is?" she asked.

Adam was about to ink his name on the divorce papers when Liza burst into his office. "This is so wrong," she sobbed. Adam stopped what he was doing and asked Liza what was bothering her. Liza explained that Jake was going to get married so that he'd have a stronger claim to Colby. Adam vowed to stand by Liza and do whatever he had to do insure that she did not lose custody of their daughter. "This is all my fault," Adam said. "He thinks he's Colby's father," Liza sobbed. "How do I take that from him?" Adam's face grew serious. "The same way you did it to me," he replied coldly. Liza shook her head and stated that she needed time to regroup. Adam put his arms out to embrace his wife and child, but Liza pulled away and left the room. Alone again, Adam took the divorce papers and tossed them in the trashcan.

Ken offered Greenlee a can of beer, but Greenlee politely declined. She called Ken's room at the motel "very Bohemian," an obvious jab at the less than posh environment. Greenlee headed to the bathroom and Ken chivalrously warned her to make sure the seat was down. While Greenlee was gone, Ken took her cellular phone out of her purse and hid it in a nightstand. He also unplugged the room's phone. "Miss Greenlee," he mumbled to himself. "I'm gonna rock your world." Greenlee returned and told Ken that she'd reconsidered his offer to have a beer --- but not his beer. She touted an imported beer that he grandparents stocked, but it failed to make Ken want to leave the motel. Ken tried to kiss Greenlee, but she pulled away. "What kind of tease are you running here?" he snapped. Greenlee laughed nervously and decided that it was time to come clean. She told Ken all about her plan to make Ryan jealous. Surprisingly, it didn't really upset Ken. Had she stopped there, she might have gotten away with her misguided scheme. However, when she pulled a $100 bill from her purse and presented it to Ken, the former pool boy hit the ceiling. "You don't think very much of me do you? Or yourself!" Ken grumbled. He stepped towards Greenlee and angrily told her that her grandmother had fired him for allegedly stealing tools. Ken explained that he borrowed the tools to fix his broken-down truck. Greenlee offered to have his job reinstated immediately. Again, she'd said the wrong thing. Ken was now just a few inches from her face. "You're gonna know what it feels like to be used and tossed like garbage," he growled. Ken pushed Greenlee onto the bed and straddled atop her. "You wanna try to buy your way out of this?" he asked. "It's not your money I want!"

Jake thanked Gillian for standing by him. He called her a miracle in his life and apologized for not being able to give her a long engagement. Jake had to step out. Gillian walked him to the door and saw him off. As she lingered in the doorway, Ryan suddenly appeared. He sensed that something was wrong and asked Gillian if she was okay. Gillian invited her ex-husband into the house and told him about Jake's plan to sue for custody . "We're going to get married tomorrow or the day after," she said unenthusiastically. Ryan looked on straight-faced. "Then I'm just in time to stop you," he said seriously.



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