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Chris admitted to Ryan that he'd killed Ryan's father. Later, Chris confessed to Erica that he had set up Patrick Curry because Patrick had killed Chris's fiancée. Someone tampered with the brakes on Dixie's car. Mateo wondered if Proteus might be a woman. Bianca allowed Erica to read Frankie's letter. Mia asked Jake out on a date. Greenlee and Leo each believed that the other was madly in love with them. Someone stole the book of poems Frankie had given to Bianca, then broke into David's office and set one of the pages ablaze.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of December 17, 2001 on AMC
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Monday, December 17, 2001

David injected Roger with something that calmed him down. Roger apologized profusely for not listening to David. David warned Roger that he was on his last warning - he owned him. Unbeknownst to either man, Anna was watching them from outside. David called Anna and said that he needed to see her.

Chris antagonized Ryan by telling him that he killed Ryan's father on the job and that he wanted to do it. Mia tried to intervene to no avail. Ryan tried to push Chris back to find out the truth. Chris told him that there was a cover up to protect Chris. All of the sudden, Chris and Ryan calmed down and Chris told Ryan that he had set up the whole thing. That he trapped Ryan's father into pulling out his gun so he could shoot him in self defense. Chris told Ryan that he got put down to desk duty for 2 years as a result of his father's death. Mia closed the conversation after that. She tried to comfort Ryan and Chris came up and told Ryan to stop digging around and that he did the world a favor when he got rid of that bastard and he would do it again. Ryan decked him and left with Mia and Stamp watched them leave

Simone tried to talk Mateo into going back to the condo to "heat her up" Mateo had a delivery he needed to make to Proteus and if Roger did not show, then he would go to Proteus directly. Just as they were about to leave Roger showed up. Mateo ordered him to give a disk to Proteus and Mateo and Simone started making outside. Anna was watching from the background. Mateo took off with Simone and went back to the condo.

Roger headed off to parts unknown, took the disk and uploaded the files to a computer. Simultaneously, David Hayward got an email that was very interesting. Just as David started to review the message, Anna showed up. David told Anna that he wanted to thank her for telling Chris that he was not Proteus. Anna responded by saying she hoped she was not "backing the wrong horse." David could sense something was wrong and asked Anna if anything had changed. Anna told David that Stamp fired him for saying that David was not Proteus. She told him that Chris said that Anna's only job was being David's girlfriend. Anna asked him if she was his girlfriend. David asked her if he was Proteus would that make it better. David tried unsuccessfully to seduce Anna. David looked perplexed and hurt when Anna stormed out. Anna looked confused and scared.

As Mateo stood outside his condo kissing Simone and drinking straight from the bottle, Stuart appeared and begged Mateo to tell him that the rumors were not true. Mateo told him it was none of his business. When Stuart told Mateo that he cared for him, Hayley and Lorenzo, Mateo introduced him to Simone. Mateo tried to blow Stuart off but when that did not work, Mateo claimed that he and Hayley were history. Stuart did not believe it. When Stuart told Mateo to look him in the eye and tell him that he did not love Hayley anymore, Mateo looked at him and said, "It's over" Stuart announced that Mateo looked the same as Adam does when he lies. Mateo told Stuart that after the baby was born he got pushed out into the cold and that Hayley went "all neurotic" on him. Stuart seemed to sense that Mateo wasn't able to tell him what was really going on. Stuart told Mateo that he knew he and Hayley would get back together and scurried off. Mateo walked into the condo and Simone watched him walk sadly around the room look sad. Simone entered and walked over to Mateo and kissed him. She whispered in his ear and asked him if he was okay. He told her that when he finds Proteus he is going to kill him.

Laura tried to back Greenlee into making a decision. Greenlee went off on Jake, Leo and Laura. Laura bet Greenlee that she could not go three months without a guy. Leo told Greenlee he was not going to beg her to be with him. Greenlee and Leo fought over the romance or lack thereof in the relationship. Greenlee reminded Leo that he was still married to Laura and that for months he treated Laura "like glass" while stomping all over her, and now all of the sudden he was back in love with her. Leo told Greenlee that she does not love him, because she is too in love with her. Jack told Greenlee that he was not going to play in the sweepstakes. "You went from double-dipped to double-dumped in one day. How impressive," Laura quipped. Suddenly, the doors to the elevator opened and a repairman tried to apologize for the elevator breaking down. He also tried to make sure everyone was alright, and quickly realized that something was going on. "I am going to ..uh..fix something someplace," he chattered uneasily. Laura followed Jake to his loft where she mused at how well he plays the rejection game.

Post elevator, Greenlee told Leo that she was not in love with herself. Greenlee started to throw Leo's belongings into the hallway before she and Leo both stated their desire to end things. Leo gave Greenlee the keys to her apartment back. He stepped into the elevator and left all of his belongings behind. Greenlee sat outside of the elevator holding his jacket and crying. Inside the elevator, Leo tried to hold back the tears.

Tuesday, December 18, 2001

No one was happier to see Erica back at work than her personal assistant, Val. Val gushed endlessly at his boss and expressed how relieved he was that he'd never again have to deal with Greenlee Smythe. Erica bit her lip and tried to break the news that Greenlee would be sticking around as gently as possible. A somber Chris strolled into Erica's office. After Val returned to his desk, Erica questioned Chris about the bruise on his face. Slowly, Chris told Erica of his encounter at The Pit with Ryan. Erica was stunned by Chris' admission that he'd shot and killed Ryan's dad, Patrick Curry. "He didn't die because the [drug] bust went bad," Chris confessed. "He died because I set him up to die." Erica was confused by Chris' statement and gently asked him to give her more information. Chris, tears streaming down his face, stated that Ryan's dad had killed the only woman he had ever loved - his fiancée, Linda. Erica was taken aback by the fact that Chris had been engaged. Erica wondered why Patrick would have killed Linda, a woman he had never even met. "He killed her to get to me," Chris said coldly. Chris continued to mourn the woman he loved, blasting himself for not having done everything in his power to protect her. Between sniffles, he clarified that Linda had been the only woman he loved before meeting Erica. Chris thanked Erica for allowing him to talk to her and apologized for breaking down. Erica took him in her arms and hugged him tightly.

At a Christmas tree stand in the park, an icy JR refused to speak to his father. Adam looked on as JR teased Colby about picking out a "Charlie Brown tree" for the house. Marian wandered over and asked her granddaughter for some help in picking out a tree for the Gatehouse. Once alone, JR and Adam's awkward silence continued. JR told his dad that he felt as though he was a constant failure to him. Adam, however, felt just the reverse; it was he who was failing his son. Adam praised JR's turn around in school, but the compliments did little to warm JR's heart. A woman asks JR for a blue spruce, but JR angrily told her that there were no more in stock. Luckily, Stuart, dressed as Santa, wandered over and saved the day by telling the woman that a new shipment of trees had just arrived. JR tells Stuart that he cannot be "best buds" with his dad just yet. Stuart assured JR that Adam loves him and asked him to embrace the holiday spirit and give his dad another chance.

At Chandler Mansion, Liza found a note from Adam telling her that he and Colby had gone to pick out a tree. A short time later, Liza's attorney called her to urge her to move forward with her surprise divorce. Liza scolded the man for calling her at home and ruled out doing anything that would spoil the holidays. Later, Ryan burst into the mansion and demanded to see Adam. Ryan angrily snarled that he was going "to kill him." Ryan told Liza that Chris had confessed to killing his dad in cold blood. Liza was perplexed by Chris' decision to tell a "half-truth" about Ryan's dad's death. She was also curious as to why Ryan would care about a man who had made his life miserable. "Everyone lies to me," Ryan said softly. Liza understood that Patrick was Ryan's dad and that no matter how bad he'd been to Ryan, Ryan deserved and needed to know what had happened to him. Liza embraced her friend, just as Adam, Colby and Marian returned to Chandler Mansion. Marian quickly escorted Colby to another room. Ryan, meanwhile, demanded to know if Adam was holding back any information about his father. Adam denied having any more information, but agreed to give his private investigator orders to phone Ryan as soon as possible. Liza walked Ryan to the door and pleaded with him to not rock the boat or to do anything that would tip Adam off to her plans to divorce him and sue for custody of Colby.

Mateo waited on the sofa as Simone danced around festively in one of Hayley's negligees. Simone straddled atop her lover, unaware that someone had walked into the condo behind her. By the time she heard the door close, it was too late to do anything. Simone jumped to her feet, only to be slapped hard on the cheek by Hayley. Hayley declared that she was back to take back what was rightfully hers. Simone scurried off to another room to get dressed. Meanwhile, Hayley and Mateo continued to squabble. Hayley announced that she had sent Lorenzo to Texas and promised that Mateo would never see his son again.

Later, in their secret meeting spot, Mateo praised Hayley's performance. Claiming that Lorenzo was in Texas was a brilliant move, he said, one that would surely keep Proteus off guard. However, one of the things that Mateo had thought was a lie turned out to be true - Hayley had returned to work at WRCW. Hayley explained that she wanted to use her resources at the television station to help stick it to Proteus. Mateo was vehemently against the idea and demanded that Hayley allow him, Simone and Edmund to handle the Proteus situation. Hayley argued that by cluing her in to what had gone down, he had given her the green light to take action against Proteus. Suddenly, Mateo's cell phone started to ring. Mateo took the call, which turned out to be from Proteus. The infamous drug lord praised Mateo's recent work and hinted that "in good time" Mateo might get bigger orders in the near future. Immediately after the call from Proteus, Mateo phoned Isabella and asked that she put the phone by 'Enzo. Isabella obliged and Hayley and Mateo took turns telling their infant son how much they loved him.

Wednesday, December 19, 2001

At the Christmas tree lot, Santa (a.k.a Stuart) talked to JR and tried to cheer him up. But JR wasn't in the mood and as Stuart told him to believe in miracles Dixie showed up. Stuart left as Tad arrived. JR was not happy to see him and told him to leave him and his mom alone. Tad tried to apologize for bringing Leslie back into town and JR would have none of it. David Hayward was right behind Tad and heard the conversation. He went nuts on Tad, berating him for bringing the lunatic Leslie back to Pine Valley. Dixie stopped David and told him to stay out of it. She and JR walked away and David continued taunting Tad. Before Tad could react Jesse appeared and told Tad not to get into it with David. Anna came over and pulled David away, and told him to find a Christmas tree for him and Dixie and that they could "hang themselves from it" for all she cared, and stormed away. David followed her and told her he wasn't interested in Dixie, then grabbed Anna and kissed her. Tad found Dixie elsewhere in the tree lot and asked if he could try to talk to JR. Dixie refused and told him in no uncertain terms to just back off. Tad was deeply hurt and said fine, he'd back off and he'd have his lawyer call her lawyer. He left after wishing Dixie a Merry Christmas. Dixie stood silently looking very sad while Jesse watched, shaking his head at her.

In her office at Enchantment Greenlee tried to come up with an ad campaign for Erica. She thought back to the day before when she was stuck in the elevator and what Jake and Leo had said to her. She told herself to "focus" and tried to work but decided she just couldn't concentrate. Greenlee grabbed her purse and coat and headed out the door, only to find Jake standing there. He told her he wanted to clear up what he'd said in the elevator. Greenlee said she didn't want to hear it and tried to leave. But Jake insisted and he apologized for the things he'd said. Greenlee said Jake was just trying to save face but he said it wasn't that simple. He said things got out of control in the elevator and for her to forget everything he'd said. Greenlee wondered if she was supposed to forget that he said he loved her and he said "Everything!." She agreed and Jake said he thought it was a good move, kicking both him and Leo to the curb so she had some breathing room. Jake then said he wished Greenlee well, kissed her forehead and started out the door. Greenlee stopped him, and asked if he'd do something for her. She wanted his help in picking out a Christmas tree for her loft. They went to the tree lot and Jake found the perfect tree for her and said he needed to find one for his place. She wondered if it would be too cliché to ask if they could still be friends. He agreed and she said it would be rather silly for them both to get a tree, especially when Jake probably didn't have any ornaments. She offered to share her tree with him and they could celebrate the season together.

Leo and Bianca returned to Myrtle's after Frankie's memorial service. Bianca said she doesn't want to waste her time anymore and has her whole life ahead of her. She told Leo she's getting used to losing the people she loves and that she's got to stop the "junk relationships." Bianca decided it was time to take charge of her life and Leo said she is an inspiration to him. Bianca said she admired Leo for standing up to Laura at their wedding. Leo told her about proposing to Greenlee and that Jake Martin got in his way. He gave her the details about being stuck in the elevator yesterday and that Jake told Greenlee that he loves her. Leo said he could tell that Jake is under Greenlee's skin and that she couldn't forget him. Bianca gave him her sympathy and Leo said it was no problem, he was putting Greenlee on hold for right now and was there to help out his friend Bianca.

At home Erica gathered her purse and coat and tried to sneak out the front door while Chris was asleep on the couch. He woke up and told her to stay put. She explained that she was going to see Bianca at Myrtle's and Chris told her no way, that was too far and it would set off her ankle bracelet. She said she just couldn't do this anymore and had to get away. Chris said Bianca could come here to visit her mother but Erica insisted that her daughter hated her and would never come visit.

She lashed out at Chris and told him he was wasting his time with her. She said she couldn't give him anything in return. Chris said he loves her and Erica said she couldn't care for him in the same way. Opal arrived and Chris ran out of the house after telling her to keep Erica inside. Opal told Erica that Bianca held up well at the memorial service. Erica said she needed to see her daughter for herself and that she needed to get away from Chris. She explained that Chris opened up to her and trusts her and now she needs to put distance between them. Erica said she was afraid to get too close to Chris because then she would have to tell him the truth, that she didn't kill Frankie and that Bianca did. But she admitted to her friend that she loves Chris with all her heart. Opal told Erica that it was ok to love Chris and wondered what would happen when Bianca remembered what actually happened the day Frankie was murdered. Erica said she just couldn't ever get her memory of that day back. Opal encouraged Erica to tell Chris the truth.

Meanwhile Chris went to Myrtle's and interrupted Leo and Bianca's discussion. He asked Bianca to talk about her mother but she refused. Bianca said that every evil thing her mother has ever done has been because she loves her daughter. But now she insisted that she takes care of herself and said she wouldn't go see Erica right now. Chris wasn't happy but he left. He returned to Erica's where she greeted him with a big hug. Opal left them alone and Erica told him she had a confession to make. She apologized for treating him badly and he told her he'd just come from seeing Bianca. This rubbed Erica the wrong way and she forbid Chris from contacting Bianca again. Opal walked in as Chris wondered why Erica was turning on him. Opal said Erica always acts this way when she is in love.

Bianca and Leo had hot chocolate by the fire and discussed the Crystal Ball invitation lying on the table. Leo asked what her plan was and she said first she had to find out why her mother did this to Frankie. Bianca also told Leo that she is going to be hypnotized so she can remember what happened the day Frankie died.

Among the Christmas trees Dixie ran into Stuart and asked if he'd seen JR. Stuart told her no, but he pointed out Tad. Dixie told Stuart that she and Tad were no longer together and left. Meanwhile JR hid behind some trees and pulled a cigarette out of his pocket. Mia was close by looking at a tree so he asked her for a light. She told him she didn't have one and even if she did she wouldn't give it to him because smoking was bad. JR got a little testy with her and she recommended a work out to let off some steam. She handed him a coupon for a free session at the health club and walked away. Dixie found JR but he just blew her off and headed off in Mia's direction. As Greenlee and Jake giggled about sharing a Christmas tree they knocked over a large tree and it hit Mia, throwing her to the ground. Jake ran to her side and started playing doctor as Greenlee stood by jealously. Mia insisted that it was just a sprained ankle and that she knew what to do for it since she is a physical trainer. They traded banter while Greenlee seethed. JR saw Jake helping Mia and stopped by to see what happened. Greenlee continued to watch while hearing Laura's voice saying she couldn't go 3 months without chasing either Jake or Leo. Greenlee asked JR to help her get the tree to her car and they walked away. Jake didn't even notice.

David and Anna were still trying to decide on a tree when David spied Dixie crying. Stuart walked over to her and Jesse appeared close by to watch. Stuart told Dixie it was Christmas time and things would be all right. Dixie said it would take a miracle. Jesse looked up to heaven and asked "Can I pop one for this 'burg?." A golden gift magically appeared under a nearby tree and Jesse looked up again saying "Thanks big guy!." Stuart told Dixie she wasn't alone and David watched as Anna tried to get his attention. Dixie explained to Stuart that she was crying because she's been trying for several weeks to get Tad to accept that their marriage is over and it seems that now he has. David walked over to Dixie but she just told him to leave her alone and walked away. David turned around to find Anna but she was gone. She had gone further into the tree lot and left a message for Chris regarding Proteus. Stuart looked down and saw the heavenly gift. He picked it up and Jesse watched as Stuart wondered who left it and who it was for.

Thursday, December 20, 2001

Greenlee receives a call from the department store telling her the gift she had ordered for Leo was being delivered despite the fact that she had canceled the order. Greenlee decides to sneak in and steal the present before Leo opens it. Of course, she is caught red handed by Leo. He wrestles the gift from her, opens it, and finds it is a picture collage of him and Greenlee. Leo makes some snide remarks about the gift causing Greenlee to storm out. After she leaves, Leo makes a call to a company called "Rushed Love."

Greenlee is working late at the Enchantment offices when Leo's surprise package is delivered. The first thing she sees in the box is an axe. "It's an exact replica of the one you used to trash Ryan Lavery's computer after he dumped you." Leo explains as he walks into the office. He goes on to explain the other items in the box. "The berries are the closest thing I could find to the poisonous ones I ate on the island and the wine is..." "the same as the one we scarfed from the wine cellar at the Valley Inn." Greenlee adds. Leo explains that the gift took weeks of thought and planning. Greenlee refutes this claim when she finds a receipt in the box proving that he placed the order 40 minutes ago. She accuses Leo of being a liar and a manipulator while he claims Greenlee staged the whole gift incident at Myrtle's to snag him again. Greenlee's rebuttal? "You are so in orbit, you loser!" Leo leaves as each of them believe the other still wants them.

Dixie becomes short of breath at the tree lot. While JR attends to her, Stuart goes in search of help. He finds David, who is talking to Anna, and asks him to help Dixie. Dixie is rushed to the emergency room where there is no other doctor available to take care of her except David. Dixie does not want David to treat her, but relents when he promises to examine her in the waiting room with Stuart and JR looking on. As Dixie is being treated, a figure can be seen in the hospital parking lot, opening the hood of a car, and cutting the brake line.

Meanwhile, at the tree lot Edmund and Anna discuss her relationship with David. Anna tells Edmund how lonely she felt until she met David. He is her lifeline, she explains. Brooke interrupts with news that Dixie was taken to the hospital. After Anna leaves, Brooke begins talking about plans for the Crystal Ball, but Edmund is distracted. He can't believe Anna has fallen in love with David.

Erica is furious with Chris for talking to Bianca behind her back. She tells Opal that she doesn't love Chris, or even trust him anymore. Chris tries to explain his actions when Erica suddenly collapses. She is rushed to the hospital where Jake tells her she is suffering from dehydration and exhaustion. Bianca comes in to check on Erica. When she sees Erica is going to be fine, Bianca asks for Erica's permission to be hypnotized. Erica is against the idea, causing Bianca to believe that Erica must be guilty. Erica asks Bianca to send Chris in. Bianca does so, then leaves. When Chris comes in, Erica apologizes for her earlier behavior and is now ready to tell Chris the truth.

Opal finds Bianca outside of Erica's hospital room. She gives Bianca the gift from Frankie. Bianca debates whether or not to open the gift. Finally deciding that something from Frankie might spur her memory, Bianca unwraps the present. It is a book of Shakespeare's Sonnets. There is also a handwritten note from Frankie. After reading it, Bianca tells Opal that she was wrong in thinking she knew what happened to Frankie.

At the hospital, Jake treats Mia for a hurt foot. She asks him about Greenlee. Jake replies they are no long dating. Mia asks Jake to go out with her. He accepts.

Friday, December 21, 2001

As Dixie is driving to the Christmas tree lot to find JR, she realizes the brakes on Tad's car aren't working. However, she is able to bring her car to a stop by driving against the guard rail. Edmund and Brooke stop to help Dixie when they see the disabled car. Shaken, Dixie is mystified why the brakes failed on Tad's car. Edmund checks under the hood and discovers the cut brake line and tells Brooke about it. David Hayward, also traveling on the same road, sees Dixie standing by the disabled car and stops to help also. Edmund scuffles with David, pushing him against the car and accuses him of tampering with the brakes and asks why he just happens to be on the same road at this time of night. In defense, David says the only person who could have possibly done such a horrible thing is Leslie Colson. Dixie, knowing that Leslie is securely locked up in a hospital, denies that it could be Leslie and demands David to leave, insisting she is ok. As David leaves, Brooke comments about how well the situation was handled with all that testosterone in the air. Dixie tries to convince Edmund that David couldn't possible have tampered with Tad's car. Brooke agrees with Dixie. Edmund wonders who wants to kill Dixie.

Hayley breathlessly enters the secret hiding place to meet Mateo, struggling with a huge, wrapped Christmas box. The box is opened to reveal the federal files on Proteus she was able to get from a federal employee who was a TV guest at WRCW. Mateo reveled in their contents. He rewards Hayley's accomplishment with a passionate kiss. As Mateo begins to read the files, he discovers a profile that has been compiled on Proteus by a forensic psychologist who has talked with former associates of Proteus. These associates have been in unfortunate accidents as a result of Proteus' temper. Mateo realizes that it will be easy to catch Proteus when Proteus becomes careless in his operation. When Proteus makes mistakes the worldwide drug operation is moved to a new location and usually targets companies run by women. Mateo looks over the list of companies involved in the drug operation and realizes that Enchantment is not on the list. He wonders about Chris Stamp and his involvement with Enchantment. He thinks perhaps Chris is pretending to be a Fed as a cover. Mateo wonders if Proteus could be a woman. Suddenly Mateo quickly kisses Hayley telling her he just figured it out, as he rushes from the hiding place. I'll contact you by sending you a sign when you least expect it he tells her. Astounded, Hayley asks herself, "What did he just figure out?"

Recovering in the hospital room from her fainting spell, Erica asks Chris and Opal to wait outside her room while she talks with Bianca alone. Bianca tells Erica that she has a letter and a book of sonnets from Frankie that was left in Bianca's hospital room. She had forgotten to take them with her. Dixie had found them and gave them to Opal to give to Bianca. Bianca gives the letter to Erica to read after Erica asks if she would share it with her. In the letter Frankie tells Bianca that she hopes that where she is going she will stop hurting people. She didn't mean to hurt Bianca but in the beginning of their friendship she had planned to. Frankie confessed she had planned to hurt Bianca by doing drugs and sleeping with a boy in order to be in control but didn't like that part of her and wanted to change. I never fooled you, she writes in her letter. All she really wanted was to be happy with Bianca because she loved her. She begs Bianca not to change who she is because of her and what she has done. Frankie continues in her letter that Bianca's mother was right about me but she was wrong about you, Bianca. Distressed, Bianca tearfully tells her mother that Frankie sacrificed herself for her because she didn't trust Frankie and shut her out. "She's dead because I loved her" declares Bianca. Erica denies Bianca is right and tells her that she now truly believes Frankie loved her. Erica tries to console Bianca by telling her because Frankie had so much of Bianca's love she didn't know what to do with it, that's what killed her. Erica breaks into sobs as she tells Bianca she is so sorry Bianca had to experience such heartbreak. Erica begs Bianca not to say out loud that she hates her. Her heart would break. Bianca leaves Erica's room. Erica is devastated.

In the hallway outside Erica's room, Chris quizzes Opal wondering what Frankie wrote in her letter to Bianca. Opal tells him she doesn't know. Chris tells Opal that Erica has told him she loves him but he can't understand why she is shutting him out. Opal's not surprised. Chris leaves to go talk with Anna as she enters the hospital lobby. He tells Anna to stay away from his suspect. Anna's replies that David isn't who Chris thinks he is. Chris, trying to get more information from Anna, asks her if she knows who is Proteus. She replies she thinks it's him and she's watching him. At the nurses station Anna asks where is David and finds out that he has left the hospital.

Chris returns to Erica's room, only to be sent away. Erica cries herself to sleep. A mysterious figure enters Erica's room, stealing the book of sonnets Bianca left behind.

Opal tries to comfort Bianca in the waiting area outside Erica's room. When Biance sees the butterfly pin Opal is wearing, she fingers it and flashes back briefly to events that happened with Frankie and their closeness. She suddenly sees a flashing light and then bends over crying out because of severe pain in her head which passes quickly. Erica and Chris join Opal and Bianca in the hospital lobby because Erica is being released. Bianca asks where is the book of sonnets and when Chris returns to the room to get it, he finds it missing. Erica and Bianca wonder what happened to the book.

The mysterious figure enters David's unlit office. The book of sonnets is tossed on David's desk after the desk lamp is turned on. A page is torn from the book with the letter opener found on the desk. Picking up the cigarette lighter, the mysterious person sets the page on fire.

Later, David enters his now lit office to find Anna sitting at his desk toying with the letter opener. When he asks her what is she doing, she replies she wanted to talk with him as she has doubts about him and their relationship. They begin to argue. David lashes out that he is sick and tired of being blamed by everyone for every bad thing that happens in Pine Valley and having to defend himself for doing his job and minding his own business. He justifies his ongoing feelings for Dixie, tells Anna about Dixie's car accident and mentions that Edmund believes he is responsible for it. Anna questions why Edmund was there and asks if Dixie was hurt. She muses that most of the women in his life seem to be accident prone lately. Anna tells David she really cares about him. They embrace and kiss near the trashcan holding the sonnet book and burnt page.

At the Christmas tree lot, Stuart hands Myrtle the mysterious box he had found under one of the trees telling her he can't get it open. Myrtle knows this is a special gift that has magical powers. She tells Stuart and JR that we are all going to need guidance from the main man, the one who is in charge of Christmas, to find out what is in the box. JR, unbelieving, looks on. Stuart convinces JR that he needs to talk to the man upstairs to found out what is in the magic box and they must pray together to make this happen. In the prayer, Stuart gives thanks for the wonderful box that glows and asks how does he open it. JR adds, "It didn't come with instructions."

Stuart wonders aloud that maybe there's something greater that will open it so he asks for a sign. JR expresses doubt that they will ever get a sign. Stuart, undaunted by JR's negative attitude asks JR if he ever prayed for something other than materialistic things. He implores JR to believe just for a few minutes and think about the possibilities the world can offer. JR, still not believing any of this, said he would try. Stuart asks him to find one good in something. JR replies that he never believed in anything good. As Stuart tells JR to let the goodness in him out, Stuart looks skyward. I believe in you, Uncle Stuart, because you always see the good in everything, says JR. JR stares in amazement at the box as it begins to glow. Impatiently he tells Stuart to open the box. Gleefully, Stuart begins to remove the lid.



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