One Life to Live Recaps: The week of December 17, 2001 on OLTL

Todd hired an actress to play the baby's mother, but Cassie was suspicious. Bo flew to St. Blaze Island; he spotted Gabrielle and Max on the same plane. Alex demanded that Asa marry her. Keri decided to accept R.J. as her father. Ben banned Allison from Llanfair.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of December 17, 2001 on OLTL
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Monday, December 17, 2001

Nora ultimately declines to tell Lindsay about Troy's plans to uncover her involvement in Nora's memory loss. Sam interrupts Nora and Troy's clandestine meeting, and Sam warns Troy to stay clear of Lindsay. Nora keeps her presence hidden, and afterward, Nora gives Troy the green light to move forward without interference.

Meanwhile, Jen backs down from telling Cristian about her brief affair with Al. Instead, Jen runs to her mother and asks Lindsay to keep the secret in order to give Jen the opportunity to tell Cristian at a better time. Lindsay agrees to Jen's request in the hopes of restoring their mother/daughter bond, but Lindsay privately plots to have Cristian hear about the affair.

R.J. spies Antonio and Keri together, and he later questions Keri about their relationship. Keri appears reluctant to get closer to R.J., and she denies R.J.'s claims that Hank has influenced her feelings.

Jessica surprises Viki and Ben when she reveals that Natalie defended Jessica at Roxy's home. However, Natalie takes another step backward when she points out that Seth's watch was found in Natalie's bed.

Tuesday, December 18, 2001

Blair's House

Starr studies her Christmas list, then has a fantasy about asking for a baby brother for Christmas. Todd comes home; Starr asks where Blair and the baby are; Todd tells her they are gone. Starr then asks Todd why he took the baby away and Todd tells Starr that Blair could not handle the baby situation because it reminded her too much of her own baby that died. Cassie and Blair come in from shopping and Starr yells at Blair about why she made Todd take the baby away. She demands they return the baby. Cassie tries to interfere and Starr tells her to stay out of it. Cassie leaves and Todd and Blair continue to talk about the baby situation. Blair tells Todd she knows he was trying to help. The door bell rings and it is an acting student that Todd has hired to pretend that the baby is hers but that she wants to give it back to Blair. Blair tells Todd they can't keep the baby and as Todd prepares to give the girl money for her and the baby Blair tells them to wait. She tells them the baby can stay; Starr is thrilled; Blair tells Starr they can't keep the baby, that they have to find it a home. The baby cries and Starr tells Blair he needs her.


Jessica discovers Seth's watch on the desk on the den. She asks her mother about it. Viki does not have time to tell Jessica the truth before Natalie walks in and tells Jessica that the watch was found in her bed. She tells that Jessica that she might have thought Seth cared about her but that he had never forgotten how good it was between she and Seth. Jessica gets angry and asks Natalie why she helps her then tries to hurt her.

Sam and Natalie's lawyer arrives with the papers for Jessica to sign over her money to Natalie. Allison comes over to Llianfair to be there when the papers are signed. Seth is there telling Ben about Allison being out to get Viki. Ben keeps Allison from going into the house; Allison tells Seth he will regret warning them about her.

Sam tries to tell Jessica that some of the issues in the will are contestable and Jessica told Sam she doesn't care; she doesn't want to go to court and contest anything; Natalie is entitled to the money and that she that she can choke on it for all she cares. As the papers are being signed, Viki tells Natalie that she may be wealthy now but that she will have to be careful she will not know who her real friends are. She tells her that Allison is not her friend. Natalie does not appear to be very pleased.

Allison is outside Llianfair; she and Seth argue about Natalie and Jessica. Allison tells Seth he could have had it all. Seth reminds Allison about her past situation with Ben, and then discovers that Allison still cares about Ben.

Ben has decided to press charges against Allison after Seth's warning. Jessica asks Ben and Viki who told them about the threats; Viki told Jessica it was Seth. Seth arrives to see Jessica.

Asa's house

Gabrielle and Max are preparing to flee the country. Al comes in and asks about the suitcases. Max lies and says they are old clothes of Asa's to be given away. Al does not believe them and tells them he knows they are running away because they are being accused of Asa's death.They admit they are running. As they are leaving, Gabrielle begins to have second thoughts about leaving Al and he tells her not to go. Al leaves; Gabrielle argues with Max about going by herself. She wants Max to come with her. Max tells her he should stay in town. Gabrielle asks Max if he is not going with her because he does not want her. Max tells Gabrielle he was willing to kill Asa for her and that should tell her how he feels about her. Gabrielle continues to beg Max to come with her. Max agrees and as they share a kiss Al comes back. He tells them he is glad to see they are still "getting along".


Hank tells Rae that Carrie found out that R.J. is her father. Rae asked how Carrie took the news; Hank said that Carrie hates both he and R.J. for withholding the truth from her. Bo comes in and tells Rae he needs to talk to Hank about something important. Bo tells Hank that he has proof from the key he found that Alex is Asa's killer. Hank and Bo discuss how they can find Alex. Rae overhears their conversation and tells them she can help them find Alex. She can also compose a profile on Alex that will help them.

Asa's Island

Alex makes herself home in Asa's quarters and asks him to make a toast. Asa is angry with Alex. Alex tells Asa she will put him in prison if he does not give her everything her heart desires. Alex tells Asa she still cares for him but Asa is not buying her story. He asks her how much it will take to make her be quiet about his being alive. Asa tells Alex he wants to see Gabrielle and Max in Statesville prison. Alex tells Asa it won't cost him anything and he asks what she does want in return. Alex tells Asa she wants to be married to him again. In the meantime Alex tries to strike a deal with Asa he marries her and she won't tell anyone he is alive. Asa is furious.

Wednesday, December 19, 2001

Cassie comes upon Todd giving a young woman money and wants to know what's going on, while in the other room Blair is attempting to get someone on the phone at social services to come and get the baby. Todd hedges and finally says that he feels sorry for the woman, the baby's mother. He tells Cassie that Blair changed her mind about keeping the baby. The baby is crying and Starr is trying to get her mother to pick him up but Blair doesn't really want to be too close to him. When Cassie and Todd look in on Blair she tells them that the baby needs a good home. She finally gives the phone to Todd and urges Cassie to pick up the baby, telling her that she really wants her own son back. Todd makes up a story to the people on the phone, identifying himself as Dr. Rae Cummings and wishes he could tell Blair the truth. He tells Blair that social services is backlogged, takes the baby from Cassie and holds him out for Blair to take. She eventually does but when Cassie offers to take the baby off her hands temporarily, her cousin quickly agrees. Todd orders Cassie to remove her hands from their baby.

Allison visits Natalie and tells her she thought she was more appreciated, especially after going to all the trouble to prove Nat was Viki's daughter. She wants to celebrate but Nat turns her down. Allison wants to make plans for all of the money they will have and talks about "our" money and the house "we" will buy. Natalie informs her that she will be staying at Llanfair and furthermore Allison will not be getting a dime. Ms. Perkins vows to sue Natalie as they have a signed contract. The new Ms. Buchanan isn't moved, she has a new slew of top lawyers. Allison tries to explain the "divide and conquer" method that the Buchanan/Davidsons are using to split them apart but Natalie doesn't buy it. She knows that Allison only wants her money.

Greevy visits Roxy and demands that she have money for him in 24 hours. She should have loads of it, he tells her.

Jess spies Seth outside and wonders why he's there. He has something to tell her about him and Natalie and though she insists she doesn't want to hear anything, Seth finally manages to speak out. He tells her that he was drunk and that Natalie brought him back to Llanfair, which he doesn't even remember except that he woke up there the next morning. Nothing happened and he doesn't want to see her upset, it's just that he himself was upset that Jess no longer wanted to be friends. He wants nothing to do with Natalie. Jess believes him. Just then Roxy calls and tells her daughter she wants one more chance. Jess hangs up on her. She fills Seth in on her meeting with Roxy and how horrible she was. As Seth comforts Jess, Natalie opens the door and sees them together. She is visibly hurt.

Allison calls Roxy and tells her they have to talk.

Alex moves into Asa's room and prepares to marry him while he pleads with Nigel to get him out of it. Alex threatens to call Bo and tell him that Asa is alive everytime that Asa says something she doesn't approve of. Asa reluctantly agrees to the marriage while Nigel suggests that Alex leave so that he and Asa can make the wedding plans. She orders Asa to propose and he does, as Jeb Stuart. She wants to marry Asa, not Jeb, she whines, she wants that lifestyle that she's accustomed to. Asa informs her that Jeb is actually wealthier and besides, Asa is either dead or married already if still alive. She finally consents to marry Jeb and leaves the men alone as Nigel tells Asa that he has an idea. Later, we see the couple ready for the wedding.

On the plane bound for St. Blaze's, Gabrielle and Max wonder why they boarded so easily and were not asked to present their passports. Gabrielle thinks that Bo wants them to escape. Suddenly, who should appear but Bo who asks them why they are leaving Llanview. Though they give conflicting stories, he tells them he believes them. He assures the pair they are no longer his main suspects but thinks they are going to St. Blaze's for other reasons, besides the fact that there is no extradition treaty with this country. He informs them that once they land, the plane will turn around and fly back, with the two of them on board. Now Max and Gabrielle are wondering why they haven't been arrested. Max gets up to check with Bo but Bo is no longer on the plane; they've landed. At the airport, Bo phones back to Llanview to inform the police department to tail Gabby and Max upon their return. He asks an airport security person if he's seen Alex (he has a picture of her) and they agree to check and see if there's a record of her arrival. Max and Gabby lurk nearby.

Thursday, December 20, 2001

Todd tries to prevent Cassie from taking his baby, and he even resorts to bringing up her past psychological problems as reasons for keeping the boy from Cassie. Blair remains adamant, and the infant goes home with Cassie. Cassie grows closer to the child, but Todd threatens the forming bond when he arrives and addresses the child as his own within Cassie's earshot. Starr convinces Blair to take her over to Cassie's to visit the baby.

Troy turns on the charm for Lindsay. Lindsay learns that Jen intends to move in with Cristian while at Troy's loft, and Lindsay shares her disapproval with Troy. However, Lindsay feigns support when she visits Jen. Later, Troy turns up his manipulative seduction by kissing Lindsay, and Cristian questions Jen about her new closeness to Lindsay.

R.J. confronts Hank about turning his daughter against him, and Hank warns Keri of R.J.'s volatility. Keri opens up to Nora about her mixed feelings about R.J., and she decides to take the time to get to know R.J. better.

Sam arrives and questions Nora's earlier whereabouts, and guilty Nora digs a deeper hole for herself.

Thursday, December 21, 2001

Cassie assumes that Todd only wishes that the baby belonged to him. However, Cassie's suspicions grow when Starr and Blair arrive and Todd is persistent in trying to change Blair's mind about the baby. Finally, Cassie confronts Todd when she surmises that the baby does in fact belong to him.

Al visits Cristian and covers for Jen, stating that Jen never caved to Al's advances, because of her unwavering feelings for Cristian. Jen remains unable to tell Cristian about sleeping with Al, and Jen panics when she realizes that she missed her period.

Lindsay gives into passion, and manipulative Troy takes Lindsay to bed. Afterward, Troy appears successful when Lindsay admits that she feels close enough to Troy to tell him anything.

At the same time, Nora works on gaining ground with Sam as he assembles a present for Matthew, and Sam responds to Nora's declaration of love with a passionate kiss.

Finally, Keri agrees to go to dinner with her father, but unsuspecting Renee puts a damper on their plans when she tells Keri to stay clear of R.J. Keri surprises R.J. when she defends him and informs Renee that R.J. is her father.

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