As The World Turns Recaps: The week of December 17, 2001 on ATWT

Paul believed that Rose was carrying on with Vince after finding Vince's room set up for a night of romance. Rose confronted Barbara, accusing her of setting her up. Sierra denied Lucy's request to stay in Oakdale and blamed Craig for trying to use his daughter as a tool to get over Bryant's death. Lucy canceled her school registration. Tom and Margo accused Emily of kidnapping Daniel, a charge Emily denied. Later, two tickets to Mexico were found in Emily's house. A mysterious caller promised to help Emily find out who had taken her son.
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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of December 17, 2001 on ATWT
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Monday, December 17, 2001

Today in Oakdale, Katie and Simon celebrate their honeymoon as only they can; Bonnie tries to come up with entertainment for the Burn Unit Benefit; Craig has a surprise visit from Lucy...and Sierra; Carly is chauffeured to the famous French designers far away chateau; and Hal and Emily try to figure out how Daniel wandered off in under sixty seconds.

In their part of Craig's suite at the Lakeview, Simon and Katie are in bed, with all of their presents. Katie wants to open presents, but Simon wants to consummate the new marriage. Katie finds a blender and starts to make cocktails. Simon just wants to have a little fun, so he tries to distract her while she adds ingredients to the machine. Simon finally succeeds and wins Katie's attention. As they fumble around, Katie's hand hits the blend button and the mixture flies all over the place, covering both of them with strawberries, rum, and ice. What are they to do? Simon starts to lick it off Katie, of course.

Bonnie is on the phone at Java with a local entertainer she found in the Yellow Pages, but he's booked. Jessica stops by to see how she's doing, and Bonnie admits to her mother she doesn't have anything lined up. She feels like she "bit off more than I can chew." Her mom thinks she just doesn't want to let Isaac down. Over at the bar, Isaac asks Jack if he'll work security at the benefit. Jack agrees on the condition that Isaac set two tickets aside. One for him, the other for Carly.

Lucy gives Craig a big hug in his suite. She's in town on break from school. They talk about how much they miss each other, and Bryant. Lucy wanted to say good-bye to him, but Sierra didn't tell her about Bryant's death until after the funeral. Craig asks Lucy why she's come home. Lucy is having problems with mom suffocating her, and treating her "like a baby." Craig zooms in on the growing rift, hugs Lucy and says, "I missed out on Bryant's life. I don't want to miss out on yours too." Just then Sierra comes in asking if Lucy was ready to go see Grandma Lucinda. Lucy asks if she could stay with Craig for the night. Sierra agrees and tells her to go pick up her overnight bag in the car. After Lucy left, Craig says, "She's growing up so fast." (Lucy is now sixteen.) Craig wants to spend more time with his daughter, but Sierra has other ideas. Craig says, "Don't take Lucy away from me." Sierra says, "You have Carly. Bad guys only exist in books for Lucy." "Do you think I will mold her into evil?" They continue to argue until Lucy returns with her things. Lucy wants them to repeat what they said behind her back. Neither parent takes the bait. Sierra leaves to stay with her mother for the evening.

Carly and her chauffeur banter back and forth as they drive closer and closer to the final destination. Finally Carly drifts off to sleep, and the chauffeurs friendly face turns sinister.

Emily and Hal talk about how Daniel could have possibly walked away in sixty seconds. Emily fears that Tom will use this latest lapse in judgment against her. She says, "Somebody was waiting. Somebody was watching. My kid just doesn't run away." Emily wants to prove it to Hal, so they go to Al's and reenact the scene. After hearing all of Emily's details, he tries to console her by saying, "It's still possible to be a good parent and make a mistake." Emily bristles, "Why do I think you're interrogating me instead of helping me?" She walks out of the diner, leaving Hal behind.

Ben stops by Java and walks in on Jessica and Bonnie's conversation about the benefit. Jessica suggests they make Oakdale the star. Ben suggests there are many talented performers. Abigail can sing, Simon plays the guitar... Bonnie takes the idea and runs to a phone to start booking the talent. Ben and Jessica talk about who they want to go to the event with. Playfully testing each other, they admit their mutual interest, but agree to keep their budding relationship a secret for now.

Katie and Simon are finally about to consummate their second marriage when there's a knock at the door. Simon yells at them to go away, but they slip an envelope under the door. Katie has to find out what's inside. The envelope could have cosmic repercussions. She opens the package and finds an early edition of The City Times. She pages through to the society section and finds her wedding announcement. She reads aloud the part about their nuptials, then continues reading. She gets to the part about Simon's four previous marriages and Simon's face turns sour. He doesn't want his past, or present, announced in a paper. (Who might be reading the paper? One of his ex's?)

Craig and Lucy snuggle up on the couch and Craig says, "Being here with you is the first good thing that's happened since Bryant died." (What happened to falling in love with Carly?) Lucy says, "I need you daddy." Craig says, "And I need you. Oh, how I need you."

Carly's driver hits a few bumps in the road wakeing her up. Carly looks around and is surprised that they're still driving. She starts to get suspicious and asks how much further until the chateau. The driver no longer responds to her, but reaches forward and flips a switch. A glass partition slowly separates the two, and Carly becomes frantic. Beating on the glass, she yells, "Where are you taking me?!"

Tuesday, December 18, 2001

Molly and Abigail's reconciliation is shattered when Nick arrives and accuses Molly of having Hal run him out of town. After Jake throws Nick out, Abigail overhears Molly tell Jake that she wished Nick were dead and runs out. Later, Abigail accepts Nick's ring, and he tells her the only way for them to be together is for her to run away with him.

Emily comes home to Hal and they resolve their differences. Later, Tom arrives, and tells Emily that after what happened with Daniel, it would be best if her time with him was limited to a few hours at a time and only in Tom's presence.

Mitzi assures Paul that he is the love of Rose's life and should not be jealous of her old flame, Vince. Meanwhile, Rose goes to Lily for help with Paul. While at Lily's, Rose gets a call from Vince where she learns that he is staying at the Lakeview and leaves to confront him.

Bonnie meets with the hospital benefit committee and pitches Jessica's talent show idea as the entertainment instead of a celebrity that she had originally promised. With Isaac's help, her idea meets with approval.

Wednesday, December 19, 2001

Nick tries to convince Abigail to leave Oakdale with him. She says she is afraid to leave behind school and her family. His response is that Oakdale University isn't the only good college and that her family doesn't understand her. He suggests that they do another documentary together and send it to the Sundance Film Festival, and maybe win another prize. Abigail leaves the diner and Nick mutters, "Damn." The mystery woman, who is sitting in the booth behind him, says, "Was that part of your master plan?" Just then, Hal walks into the diner and says, "Enjoying that milkshake Nick?" Hal tells Nick to get in his car alone and leave Oakdale. He also mentions that he ran into Nick's parole office and let it slip that Nick was fired. The parole officer is not happy and wants Nick to contact him. Hal leaves and the mystery woman says, "It's all falling apart. You're blowing it for both of us."

Molly searches for information on Nick. As she tries to figure out a motive, she wonders, why Nick wants Abigail. Abigail comes in and apologizes for running off and says that she was with Nick. Molly asks if Abigail is "careful" thinking that she had sex with Nick. Abigail is mad at Molly for thinking this. Molly tells Abigail she misses her daughter and her best friend. Abigail says she misses her too. Then, Molly sees the ring that Abigail is wearing around her neck - the ring Nick gave her. Molly says that she gave it to Nick for their anniversary. Abigail doesn't believe it. Molly insists that Nick wanted Molly to see the ring so that Molly and Abigail would fight. Abigail says that Nick asked her to leave town with him. Molly says she will do whatever she can to prevent Abigail from doing that, even calling her adoptive parents and sending her to be with them in Europe. Abigail insists that Nick has changed and that he loves her. She points out that both Molly and Jake have made mistakes in the past and changed, so why can't Nick be given a chance to show that he has changed. Abigail tells Molly and Jake that at first she wasn't sure she could leave her family but now she knows she can.

Paul goes over to Rose's place and sees her answering machine blinking. He listens to the message and hears Vince who says that he heard the news that Rose dumped Paul. Angry, Paul storms out. Rose goes over to Vince's hotel room. No one answers but the door opens so Rose walks in. At first she doesn't see anyone but then the maid appears. The maid tries to throw Rose out of the room. Rose says she is Lily's sister (owner of the Lakeview) but decides to leave anyway because she doesn't want to make a scene. Meanwhile, Paul goes to the bartender at the Lakeview and slips him money for Vince's room number. While he is waiting, Rose walks in and the bartender asks if she is looking for Paul. "Definitely not", she says. She hands the bartender money to make sure he never saw her there. Paul hears the whole conversation, including her mentioning Room 221 and decides to visit Vince. No one answers so Paul kicks the door open. In the hotel room, he sees lingerie and champagne glasses. The maid walks into the room and says she just cleaned it - where did all this stuff come from? Rose goes home and talks with Mitzi. Mitzi tells Rose that she went to Paul and explained that Vince is nothing and that Paul is everything. Rose leaves to go to the Lakeview and tell Vince she is not interested.

Tom tells Emily that he needs to limit her exposure to Daniel to only a few hours and with supervised visits but "just for the time being." Emily says she has a right to have time with her son alone and she won't agree to it. "My time with Daniel is my time", says Emily. Tom says he will take her to court and then she could possibly lose Daniel. She says she will do whatever it takes - lie and cheat - in order to make sure that no one takes her son away from her. Emily says that when Daniel gets older, she will tell him that his father kept him from his mother. Then, Tom will lose his son. Emily gets so upset and angry that she throws Tom out of the house. When Hal comes home, she tells him what happened with Tom. Emily still thinks something else happened in that diner. She doesn't believe that Daniel would just wander off and finds it odd that he ended up at the police station with his stepmother. She thinks someone was involved in this incident. Emily says, "Maybe they just wanted to prove that he wasn't safe with me. Daniel wasn't the target - I was." And, she says, Tom Hughes is responsible.

Barbara tells James she wants things to move quickly. He tells her things are moving and to be patient. Carly is already gone and soon they will be rid of Emily and Rose. He tells Barbara that the diner incident was just the beginning and that more will occur so that Emily is separated from her son. In regard to Rose, he has already planted doubts in Paul's mind. James then holds up a flame next to Barbara. She is afraid. He calms her fears and then lights three candles - symbolic of Carly, Rose and Emily. James says the candle flames are flames of triumph for what they have accomplished together. He takes Barbara's hand and together they snuff out one flame at a time. James says, this is for Carly for tying to steal your business, this one is for Rose for attempting to steal your son, and this one is for Emily for attempting to ruin your family. "The light of your enemies is out Barbara. Victory is close at hand."

Thursday, December 20, 2001

Lucy announces that she wants to remain in Oakdale after the holidays, but Sierra will not have any part of it. Later, Lucy, determined to stay with her father, calls her school and cancels her registration.

Convinced that Tom is the one behind Daniel's disappearance, an upset Emily follows Hal's advice and goes to see Daniel. Adam is reluctant to let Emily see her son, but Billy convinces him otherwise. Later, an attempted break-in to Daniel's room has all the evidence, a glove found outside his window, pointing to Emily.

As Katie and Simon await their table for dinner at the Lakeview, a woman named Dahlia observes them. Later, while the two ladies are alone, Dahlia offers Katie a job as an aerobics instructor.

An angry Paul confronts Rose about her visit with Vince at the Lakeview. Paul brings a slip he found in the hotel room, but Rose denies it is hers. Unfortunately, when she goes to prove it, her slip is gone. When Paul plays the telephone message that Vince left for her, Rose insists the voice is not Vince's, but Paul does not believe her and storms out. Rose wonders who is doing this to her.

Friday, December 21, 2001

Molly goes to Lily and Holden's house looking for Abigail. Lily tells Molly that she has not seen Abigail all day. Molly tells Lily that she is afraid that Abigail has run off with Nick. Just as Molly says this, Abigail walks in with Holden. Abigail tells her mother that she thought that she was going to be trusted. Holden suggests that Molly tell Abigail all about Nick and how they had met. Lily leaves the three to talk. Molly starts telling Abigail how she had met Nick Scutter. She tells her how he hung around the bar that she was working in and had given her all kinds of compliments. Molly told Nick about giving up Abigail for adoption and later he had used that information to get Molly to do something that she had regreted. Abigail starts to let the information sink in. She starts to realize that a lot of what Molly had told her was the way Nick had acted around her. Then Abigail stands up and tells Molly and Holden that Nick is no longer that way. He has learned his lesson and she would know if she was being fooled. Molly pleads with her daughter to please open her eyes. Molly tells Holden that Nick wanted Abigail to run off with him. Holden tells Abigail that that is the last straw. He says that they must call her adoptive parents. Abigail pleads with them not to make the call. She tells them that she will not leave with Nick. Holden tells her to look in his eyes and promise. She does and then she says that she has homework and needs to leave. Molly says that they can go together. Abigail tells her mother that she has her own car. Molly looks at Abigail and Abigail says that they must trust her. Holden tells Molly to let Abigail go and then he tells her to go straight home. After she is gone, Molly tells Holden that she knows that Abigail will go to Nick's house. Holden tells her that they must have trust in their daughter. Molly holds the phone out to him and says that she knows their daughter and she orders him to make the call to Abigail's adoptive parents.

Abigail goes to see Nick. When he lets her in, he says that he thought that he would never see her again. Abigail announces to him that she has made a decision, she is going to leave town with him.

Rose pops in on Barbara. James has just left the room to get something to eat. Rose tells Barbara that she knows that she has something to do with her ex-boyfriend, Vince O'Malley, showing up in Oakdale. Barbara, of course, denies that she has had anything to do with such a thing. Rose tells her that she is sure she would do this underhanded thing to break up her precious son and Rose. Barbara tells her that she is wrong. Rose threatens to go to Paul and tell him what Barbara has done. Barbara stops Rose and tells her that maybe it was Lucinda that has found her long lost boyfriend. Rose tells her that it isn't Lucinda's style. Barbara brings up another point. Maybe it is Vince, himself that has found Rose. Rose tells Barbara that it could be. Rose says that she knows that Barbara does not want to lose her son and neither does she. Rose leaves. James has been listening at the door and walks in after Rose leaves. James acts like he knows nothing about Rose. Barbara tells him about Rose's visit. James says that she acted innocent because she is. James warns Barbara the Rose is street smart and they have to play it smart with her. Barbara tells James that she should have got an academy award for her performance and she thinks that she is worthy of having full disclosure. James tells her in due time.

Emily walks into Hal's house and sees the light blinking on the answering machine. She pushes the button and hears a message to Hal that there has been a break-in at Tom and Margo's. She rushes out and over to Tom's. When she gets there she finds Tom and Hal at each other about Emily. When she questions Tom, Tom tells her that they suspect that she tried to break into Daniel room. Emily denies it and tells Tom that she has suspected him of staging the kidnapping of Daniel. Margo tells her that is outrageous and Tom would never set up such a thing. Margo then reminds Emily of all her evil doing in the past. Emily is beside herself and doesn't know where to turn. Margo asks to if she can take a look in Emily's bag. Hal informs Emily that she doesn't have to do it. Emily hands over her purse with confidence. Margo opens the bag and dumps the contents out onto the counter. Margo picks up two enevelopes that contain airline tickets. Emily tells her that she doesn't know how they got there. Margo tells Hal that she can take Emily home, but she wants her back at the station first thing in the morning. Hal and Emily leave and go home. When they get there, Hal tells Emily that she should sit down and relax and everything will be ok. He promises to make sure everything will turn out alright. Hal leaves the room and Emily gets a call. A man on the other end tells Emily that he saw the whole thing with her son. Emily questions him, "What thing with my son?" He says that at Al's Diner, he saw a man talk to her son and get him to leave the diner. Emily asks if he will come forward and tell the authorities that. The man tells her that they have to meet and he doesn't want to meet in public. Emily tells him that she will do whatever it takes. He tells her to go down the block and he will be waiting in a car and they can talk there. Without telling Hal where she is going, Emily leaves and goes down the block. She gets into a car with a man. The man in the car is the same man that picked up Carly in Paris. Emily is not sure that she wants to go with the man. The man tells her that if she wants to find out what happened with her son, she must come with him now. She reluctantly gives in. As the man starts the car, the doors lock.

Back at Barbara's house, she is still bugging James to give her the details of what is happening with his plans. The phone rings and the call is for James. James talks with the person and says that he understands. When he hangs up, Barbara asks what is going on. James looks at her and says, "And then there was one!"

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