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Theresa ignored Whitney's advice and decided that she would go forward with her decision to have an abortion. Chad spotted the two women leaving an abortion clinic. Kay got help from a zombie version of Charity. Brian became increasingly uneasy when Sheridan's desire to go back to Harmony soared. Grace wanted to tell Sam about the kiss, but decided against it. Miguel was furious when he saw 'Charity' plant a passionate kiss on Hank.
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Passions Recaps: The week of December 17, 2001 on PS
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Monday, December 17, 2001

Everyone panics when they find a puddle of blood and cannot find Charity. Simone and Whitney fear that Kay may have "done something" serious to Charity.

As Brian's phone rings, Luis keeps praying that Sheridan will pick it up. Brian refuses to answer the phone and throws it into the ocean so "Diana" cannot answer it for him. Luis keeps trying to call the number he traced. Luis keeps insisting that he heard Sheridan and Pilar insists that it was Antonio. Luis wants to know why they would be together. "Diana" has a feeling that she is close to something from her past, unaware who was on the other end of the cell phone.

Timmy is confused when he sees a new Charity as the old one is still on ice. The new Charity is a gift from the demons. She is like a zombie and will do whatever Kay demands of her.

Ethan catches Theresa making an appointment for an abortion and demands an explanation. Theresa hurriedly explains that he she is trying to make an appointment for Lynn. Ethan appreciates how Theresa is trying to help but cannot condone Theresa trying to set up an abortion for her friend. Ethan tells Theresa that a pregnancy should pull a couple together not apart. He says that if she got pregnant before they were ready to afford a baby, they could work through it somehow. Theresa explains to Whitney how she got out of trouble by lying to Ethan about making an appointment for Lynn. Whitney once again pleads to Theresa to tell Ethan the truth. Theresa refuses and tells Whitney that Ethan must never know that she is pregnant. Theresa still plans on an abortion. Theresa gets ill when she sees lox and bagels put in front of her. Lynn announces that Theresa is sick over the sight of the food because she is pregnant. The others laugh it off. Lynn says that she is serious and would bet her life on it. Lynn then asks Theresa to say it is not true. Theresa remains silent.

Kay gives the new Charity orders. Tabitha assures Timmy that the old Charity will never be found or see the light of day. "Diana" lights a candle for her lost love. It reminds Antonio how his mother would light a candle every night for his father. Pilar lights her two candles and tells Luis to have faith. She reminds him that he was very faithful when he was younger. She tells him to believe in the power of prayer and miracles can happen. The new Charity makes an appearance and Miguel believes that it is his Charity. Meanwhile, Reese and Jessica are still searching for Kay and Charity. They come across the cave that the "iced" Charity has been hidden in and decide to check it out. Luis lights a candle for Sheridan and prays. He begs God on his knees for a miracle. As he does, the flame on "Diana's" candle grows bigger.

Tuesday, December 18, 2001

Ivy and David meet secretly. Ivy keeps pressing David to continue to try to break up Grace and Sam. David says he heard that Grace caused an earthquake while she was in the hospital. Ivy shrugs it off and tells David all the Standish women think they have supernatural powers and Grace tried to curse her but nothing happened. David reminds Ivy that she got struck by lightening, fell from a ladder is paralyzed and in a wheelchair. He recalls Charity's premonition that Ivy was kissing Sam and then a baby is going to be born that will cause nothing but pain and misery. He tells Ivy that he has a hunch who is having the baby. David says that the baby is a secret which causes Ivy to think of Theresa. Ivy is sure that Theresa is pregnant.

Ethan explains away Theresa's nausea to Lynn by telling her about Theresa's stressful annulment. Lynn backs off in front of Ethan but presses Theresa when Ethan leaves. She guesses the entire truth about Theresa's pregnancy, including Julian being the father. Theresa denies it and then later confesses all to Lynn. Lynn tells Theresa that if Ethan finds out she will lose him forever like she lost her boyfriend Gavin.

Ethan and Chad go to a bar to talk some sense into Gavin.

Kay and the new Charity find the others. "Charity" tells Miguel that she is glad he worried about her but to hug Kay so she knows he was worried about her too. "Charity" is trying to throw Miguel into Kay's arms. Reese and Simone almost enter Charity's cave and find her on ice. Tabitha howls to distract them. Kay stops them from going inside. Reese still wants to explore the cave but Kay kisses him to distract him. Jessica and Simone wonder what is up. Whitney tries to get Theresa to stop planning on an abortion but Theresa's mind is made up.

Sam and Grace spends a quiet evening alone, in front of the first fire in their new home. Sam pledges his love once again to Grace. Grace still does not tell Sam about kissing David. Timmy climbs a tree and dumps snow all over a snooping Reese. Reese tells the others about Timmy but no one will believe him. Tabitha is thrilled that Timmy made "Ross" look stupid. Kay makes the entrance to the cave close up so no one will ever find Charity. She promises herself to go back and get her cousin after the thaw and after she has Miguel. New "Charity" snaps at a bewildered Miguel. Then she asks him to take Kay home. Gavin apologizes to Lynn and wants to be with her and the baby. Chad thinks he has Theresa's secret figured out.

Wednesday, December 19, 2001

Ethan goes to the Book Cafe to hear from Beth that Theresa got sick at the sight of her breakfast. She tells Ethan the last time she saw someone react like that, they had morning sickness.

Tabitha shows Timmy the scrapbook she is making, detailing how Kay is breaking up Miguel and Charity. It is her way of celebrating Kay's success.

Pilar is convinced that Antonio will be home for Christmas. She tells Miguel about the strange phone call she got. Miguel tries to get Pilar not to get her hopes up. He believes that both Pilar and Luis imagined the voices they heard on the other end of the phone last night. Pilar buys all of Antonio's favorite foods for the homecoming she is dreaming about. Brian fantasizes about coming home for Christmas as Luis fantasizes about seeing Sheridan. Brian's homecoming is bittersweet because of Luis. He tells Luis that he will not be staying. Luis warns him not to hurt their mother or anyone else in the family again. Brian wakes up determined not to let his dream become a reality.

Ethan has a potential client. He tells Theresa about it over breakfast as she is getting sick at the sight of her food. Ethan brings up Lynn's theory again. Theresa is still determined to go through with the abortion. "Diana" and Liz discuss "Diana's" trip to Harmony. "Diana" dreams about talking to her lost love over the phone. Liz tells "Diana" that her memory could be wrong. Her love could still be alive and be wondering where she is. Liz wonders if Brian's family is in Harmony. Kay gives the "New Charity" orders to push Miguel away so he will end up in Kay's arms. Simone questions Kay about Charity's new "attitude." Theresa leaves the Book Cafe to keep her appointment at the Women's Clinic.

Thursday, December 20, 2001

Kay put her breakup plan into motion. She has ''her Charity" being sweet to Miguel so no one will become suspicious. Kay intends for "her Charity" to "zap" Miguel every now and then until they break up so she can console him. Simone is suspicious of Kay. Simone cannot believe it when she sees that Kay gave Miguel tickets to the "Nutcracker Ballet" and tells him to take Charity. Miguel watches in disbelief as Charity grabs Hank and kisses him under the mistletoe.

Theresa goes to the Harmony Women's Clinic. Whitney goes along with her as she sees one of the counselors. Theresa tells the counselor the whole story of how she ended up pregnant. The counselor wants Theresa to take her time with the decision. She gives Theresa some literature to read about other alternatives. Theresa tells Whitney that she does not see any other way out for her. She honestly believes that an abortion is her only real option.

Ethan goes shopping and runs into Chad. Chad sees Ethan buying a teddy bear for his first born and asks if Theresa really is pregnant. Ethan runs into a couple that he knows and they tell Ethan that they saw Theresa on Fourth Street. Ethan and Chad decide to run over to meet Theresa, unaware that she is not shopping but at the Women's Clinic.

Kay drops a glass and shatters it when she sees Charity in her ice cube. She tries to stop Reese from picking up the glass and getting suspicious.

"Diana" cannot wait for her trip to Harmony. She tells Brian that she is packing all her clothes because she feels that she will not be coming back. "Diana" prays before the trip that she finds someone that knows her in Harmony. Liz guesses that Brian's family live in Harmony. He refuses to agree to see them when he gets there. He also forbids Liz to tell "Diana" that his family is in Harmony. Luis tells Hank about the strange phone call where Pilar heard Antonio's voice and he heard Sheridan. Hank tells Luis that miracles can happen, especially for such good people like Sheridan and Pilar.

Friday, December 21, 2001

Brian and "Diana" set sail for Harmony. "Diana" wishes on the bright Christmas star she sees in the sky. When she looks at it she feels warm, like she is being wrapped in a blanket. Luis is wishing on the same star, praying that Sheridan returns to him. Brian's wish is that no one will ever take "Diana" away from him. Before Brian set sail, Liz questioned him about why he seemed upset when she said that he deliver the boat to Luis Lopez Fitzgerald. Timmy wishes to be a real boy with a real heart. Tabitha puts down the tradition of wishing on the star and calls it a sappy tradition thought up by do-gooders.

Ethan and Chad go to Fourth Street to find Theresa and surprise her. They are unaware that she is at the Women's Clinic. Ethan is sure she is just Christmas shopping. Theresa insists that abortion is her only option and signs the papers for the abortion.

"Charity" lays one hot kiss on Hank as she takes him by surprise under the mistletoe. Miguel fumes as he watches the kiss and Tabitha spies in delight. Miguel punches Hank and yells "What the hell are you doing Hank?" Hank says that he is asking the wrong person. He tells Miguel to ask "Charity." Luis hears the fight and rushes in. Luis takes Miguel's side over Hank. After the others leave, Luis calms down and listens to Hank. Pilar and Luis cannot believe how "Charity" was acting. Miguel questions "Charity" why she let Hank kiss her like that. "Charity" says she kissed Hank. She tells Miguel that he is making too much out of a Christmas tradition and she gets Miguel to apologies to Hank. Later Kay tells her "Charity" that she did a good job. Ethan and Chad accidentally walk unaware into the Women's Clinic. When they finally catch up to Theresa and Whitney, Ethan shows Theresa her gift. He takes out the teddy bear he bought for their first born child. The bear says "Mama." Theresa looks at it and cries.

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