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Passions Recaps: The week of December 10, 2001 on PS
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Monday, December 10, 2001

"Diana" sees a picture of the wharf in Harmony and it does bring back a memory. She remembers kissing Luis on the wharf. "Diana" feels that if a picture can spark a memory, being there in person will help her remember the past. Brian talks her out of getting her hopes up. "Diana" feels so defeated she tells Brain that she should not even sail to Harmony with him because Brian insists that she is probably having false memories. Brian can see how much the trip means to her and promises "Diana" that they will set sail soon for their practice run.

Everyone is at the Bennett's new house, helping paint. Reese tells everyone that they should not let Tabitha help because she will probably put a spell on the place. Reese is scoffed at but Tabitha does have plans for the house so it will not be such a happy place. T.C. asks Sam why David Hastings is helping. Both T.C. and Hank do not trust David, even though T.C. does not understand what David's motive can be. Grace tells Sam about Charity's premonition about Sam and Ivy kissing. David overhears and once again tells Sam that he will end up leaving Grace for Ivy. Reese sees Tabitha painting "hexes" on the walls and accuses her of witchcraft. As he gets the others to look, they see nothing but a painted wall. Then he accuses Timmy of painting over the "hexes." Everyone thinks Reese has gone over the edge this time with his accusations.

Pilar tries to tell Ethan the truth. Ethan once again states that if Theresa is keeping another secret, they are finished forever. Ethan thinks he knows the whole truth about Theresa and interrupts Pilar's explanation. Ethan thinks Pilar is worried that he feels Theresa is tainted and unworthy of his love because she married Julian. As Ethan pledges his undying love to Theresa and calls her his soul mate, Pilar relents and tells Eve she cannot tell Ethan the truth either. Pilar knows that eventually the truth about Theresa being pregnant with Julian's baby will come out but she cannot be the one to hurt him and crush both of their worlds. Ivy is suspicious of Pilar and thinks she had more to say.

The spell book is writing a new spell, just to help Kay break up Miguel and Charity. The spell book begins to smoke and Tabitha tells Timmy that the love birds will be separated as soon as tonight. Grace gets caught up in the smoke and kisses David passionately. Brian tells "Diana" a story about how his mother told him to follow a star to bring him back home to his loved ones. We can see in flashbacks that his mother is Pilar and he is actually Antonio Lopez Fitzgerald.

Tuesday, December 11, 2001

Brian tells "Diana" that even though he is far away from his family he misses them every single day. He begins to slowly open up to "Diana" about himself and cannot believe he opened up to anyone at all. Brian tells "Diana" that his family is better off without him.

Grace sees the real Sam and realizes that she kissed David. Grace seems to be caught up in Kay's spell and looks unbelievingly at David as Sam finds Grace to claim a kiss from her. Charity tells Miguel that the evil is back and it will destroy them. Kay recites the break up spell again in the hopes that this time it will work on Miguel and Charity. Charity calls on Father Lonigan to help her destroy the evil in the house. Kay goes to find Miguel to see if the spell is working and he pulls Kay into his arms for a kiss.

Theresa and Ethan begin to make plans for the future. Theresa wants to celebrate and go somewhere so she, Ethan Chad and Whitney end up ice skating at the pond. Whitney tells Theresa that she cannot marry Ethan with Julian's baby growing inside of her. Theresa is in denial and feels that something will happen that will make everything alright. Whitney begs her to call off the wedding. Theresa says that there is a chance that the baby could be Ethan's. Whitney fears that Theresa is thinking of "passing off" Julian's baby as Ethan's.

Luis remembers how close he was to his older brother Antonio. He gets angry with Pilar for lighting a candle and praying for Antonio's safe return. Luis tells Pilar that Antonio deserted the family when they needed him most. He is no longer part of the family and not welcome in their home. Pilar tells Luis that both Antonio and his father will be home someday. She says that god will bring them home safely and that she will never give up hope. Pilar says that Luis must have forgiveness in his heart. Luis states that he has no love or forgiveness in his heart for his brother. As they are talking, a registered letter comes for Luis. Pilar asks who it is from and Luis replies, "Sheridan."

Wednesday, December 12, 2001

Whitney desperately tries to talk Theresa out of passing off Julian's baby as Ethan's. Theresa says after she and Ethan have more children, she will tell him the truth. Then they will be bonded and he will not leave her. Whitney feels that Ethan would forgive Theresa but Theresa fears that Ethan would kill Julian and go to prison. Theresa then tells Whitney to give her another solution, which Whitney can't.

Grace goes to tell Sam that she accidentally kissed David and then backs out. Charity tells Grace she sees David coming between her and Sam. Grace gets worried about Charity's premonition and keeps the kiss to herself, much to Eve's disapproval.

Luis receives a letter from Sheridan. It was sent to him by her attorney. She wrote the letter incase she would pass on. Sheridan tells Luis how much she loved him and how much he meant to her. She begs him not to grieve for her and to go on with his life. She tells him to find someone new.

Brian tells "Diana" a little more about his family. She cannot believe that he stayed away from them for so long. She says he should get in touch with them. She is only sorry that she cannot contact any of her family and does not know if she has any. Brian begins to feel guilty and calls home. Pilar answers the phone.

Kay passionately kisses Miguel and then she sees Miguel across the kitchen and realizes that Miguel turned into Reese. Reese is thrilled that Kay kissed him so passionately that she steamed up his glasses. Charity, sensing evil is in the house, calls Father Lonigan. He comes to the house to bless it and get rid of the evil. Father Lonigan walks around blessing the house with holy water, which Tabitha fears. Reese sees Tabitha's skin burning from being splashed with the water and declares once again that she is a witch. TC looks at Tabitha's burn and says it was caused by turpentine. Sam tells Reese to let the witch accusations go once and for all. He makes Reese apologize. Theresa considers having an abortion.

Thursday, December 13, 2001

Theresa tells Whitney that an abortion would solve all of her problems. Whitney cannot believe that Theresa is even thinking of it as an option. Chad asks Ethan how he would feel if he found out that Julian had slept with Theresa. Ethan said it would have torn him apart. Chad questions Whitney, who remains tight-lipped about Theresa's problem.

Brian calls home and Pilar picks up the phone. She is distracted by Luis as she says hello. Brian can hear Luis in the background saying how Antonio ran out on them and how he is no longer part of the family. After Luis leaves, Pilar asks who is on the other end of the phone. Brian says "It's me mama, It's Antonio." Pilar replies, "It can't be." and she passes out. Luis comes back to find her on the kitchen floor. She is mumbling something about Antonio. Luis says it was her imagination. She insists that she heard Antonio's voice. Luis warns her that Antonio better not show his face around Harmony because he is not welcome in their home and he is no longer part of the family. Luis reminds Pilar about the many holidays that they waited for him to come home and how disappointed they were when he did not show up. Pilar insists that Antonio is on the phone, when Luis picks up the receiver, "Diana" speaks into the phone and Luis recognizes her voice. He tells his mother it is not Antonio but a ghost.

Kay looks for another spell, even though she promised Father Lonigan she will try to be good. Tabitha tells Kay to do whatever she has to so she can get the boy she loves. As Kay leafs through the spell book, the book talks to her. It tells her that there is another spell but be ready because it is powerful and there is no turning back.

Whitney and Theresa see an old friend from high school named Lynn. She tells the girls that she is pregnant and her boyfriend wants her to have an abortion. Lynn tells them that she cannot go through with it. Since she did not have the abortion, she lost her boyfriend for good. She cries that the pregnancy ruined her life. After seeing Lynn, Theresa calls the Harmony Woman's Clinic.

Father Lonigan runs into Timmy. Timmy expresses his sorrow over not being a real boy and that he wants to be good. Father Lonigan tells Timmy that he is always welcome into the church. Simone sees that Jessica is jealous over the steamy kiss Kay gave Reese. Simone tells Jessica not to worry because Reese will be available soon, since Kay is after Miguel once again. Kay's spell causes her to sweat blood as it turns Charity to ice!

Friday, December 14, 2001

Kay casts a spell that turns Charity to ice. As she casts the spell, she begins to sweat blood. Tabitha tells Timmy that it is not Kay's blood but demon blood. Tabitha explains that the demon blood is strengthening Kay's spell and Charity is probably near death.

Lynn continues to pour out her heart to Whitney as Theresa watches and worries. Theresa is terrified of losing Ethan as she sees that Lynn lost her boyfriend when she turned up pregnant. Theresa still feels that an abortion is her only option. She knows that Ethan will leave her if she finds out the truth. She also fears that he will kill Julian and end up in prison. Chad and Ethan cannot understand Lynn's boyfriend Gavin. They cannot understand how he could be so callus toward Lynn and their unborn child. Ethan has some strong opinions about Gavin condoning an abortion.

Pilar and Luis argue over whose voice they heard on the other end of the phone. Pilar insists that it was her Antonio and Luis insists that it was Sheridan. Each believes that the other is hallucinating out of want. Brian orders "Diana" to hang up the phone. She refuses and tells Brian that if he won't talk to his family, then she will. Brian grabs the phone and hangs up before "Diana" can hear Luis. Luis gets violently angry and frustrated as Pilar tries to comfort him. Then Luis realizes that they can have the number traced so they can redial and call back the original caller.

Miguel and the others look for Charity. They believe they are involved in an innocent game of tag. Miguel tells Kay that he would die if something ever happened to Charity. Kay stands there looking guilty. Tabitha worries that Kay will relent and call off her spell. Kay realizes that she was Miguel's first crush, not Charity. Charity's ice block begins to float in the air.

Brian apologizes to "Diana" for speaking so sharply to her. He explains that he doesn't want to cause his family any more pain than he already has. "Diana" tells Brian that if his brother is so against him then he is someone she would never want to meet. When Brian's phone rings again, he can see that the call is coming from his mother's house. He tells "Diana" not to answer it. She says if he won't answer it then she will. Ethan hears Theresa make an appointment for an abortion. Miguel and the others see a puddle of demon's blood. The ice block spins and an evil looking Charity appears near it.

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