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Passions Recaps: The week of December 3, 2001 on PS
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Monday, December 3, 2001

Eve begs Theresa to tell Ethan the truth about carrying Julian's baby. Theresa is terrified at the prospect. She once again tells Eve that Ethan will be crushed because she kept yet another secret from him and that her first child will not be his. Ethan walks in on Eve and Theresa. He notices that Theresa has been crying and wants an explanation. Theresa says nothing is wrong and Eve covers for her. Ethan questions Eve if Theresa's birth control is making her sick. Then he goes on about how he wants to have children someday, after he starts his law practice. He is glad that none of their children will have a drop of Crane blood. Theresa cries on Eve's shoulder that she can never tell Ethan the truth.

"Diana" questions Brian as to why he no longer wants to sail to Harmony. She asks him if there is something in Harmony he is avoiding. He does not want to leave the island with her as she keeps going on about how she feels connected to the town. Liz keeps at Brian to try to change his mind. Liz tells Brian if he ever wants to open up about why he does not want to go to Harmony, she is always there to listen. Liz also says under her breath that Brian may be hiding something but so is she. Brian sees how much "Diana" wants to get to Harmony. He puts his fears of Beth and Luis to rest and makes "Diana" happy by agreeing to sail Beth's boat back to Harmony.

The new Charity (a.k.a. Kay) begins to work her wiles on Miguel. She kisses him passionately and takes Miguel by surprise. She also tells Miguel how much she loves babies. Miguel says that a baby will bring a couple closer together. Tabitha cannot believe how smooth Kay is. Tabitha points out to Timmy that Kay is already laying the ground work to get pregnant with is baby. Tabitha is delighted that Kay is working so quickly.

The real Charity cannot shake her premonitions that evil is close by and it has to do with a book. Grace questions Charity as to why she keeps thinking Kay has a book of evil. Grace asks Charity if she is afraid that Kay is trying to break up her and Miguel. Charity says yes that she does see Kay as a threat sometimes. She reminds Grace that Miguel and Kay have a past. Grace in turn, reminds Charity that Ivy was Sam's first love and she is no longer a threat to them. Charity says that she has a premonition that Ivy has not given up on Sam. Grace tells Charity not to worry and if it came down to her or Kay, she would back Charity instead of her daughter. As Grace and Charity come down the staircase, Kay frantically tries to find a spell to turn her back into Kay before she is discovered.

Tuesday, December 4, 2001

Kay frantically tries to change herself back into Kay before Charity and Grace find out that there are two Charities. Grace mistakes Kay for the real Charity. She once again tells "Charity" that she will back her against Kay when it comes to Miguel. Grace says that she loves Charity like a daughter and wishes Kay were more like her. Kay is hurt and says the gloves are off. She will do whatever it takes to get Miguel and damn the consequences.

Luis calls Liz and "Diana" picks up the phone. Unfortunately the connection is so bad that they cannot hear each other well enough to recognize voices. Luis is told that Brian and "Diana" are sailing to Harmony. Liz sets up dinner plans for the threesome. Luis tells Liz that he felt drawn to her island. Liz explains that Brian and "Diana" feel drawn to Harmony. "Diana" wants to hear the voice from the other end of the phone again. She says that even though there was static, it sounded familiar. Brian tries to talk her out of it.

Theresa is devastated over the tragic turn her life has taken. Eve explains to Theresa that her main concern now is to care for her unborn baby. Theresa gets the idea that she can say that the baby is Ethan's. Eve reminds her that Ivy destroyed so many lives with just the same secret. Ivy is trying to listen outside the library door. She nosily bumps her wheelchair into the door. Eve catches her and covers for Theresa. Ivy still intends to unearth Theresa's last secret.

Julian is forced to apologize for tricking Theresa into marriage. Ethan explains that if there were intimacy and a baby involved the annulment would be a lot more complicated. Theresa is then asked as a formality if she is pregnant. She is told to say no and to sign the papers. She does not say anything. Pilar tells her to say that she is not pregnant by Julian and sign the papers. Theresa remains silent. Both "Charities" come face to face.

Wednesday, December 5, 2001

Luis tells Liz he wishes Brian and "Diana" a safe trip. He is hoping that Brian and "Diana" can tell him more about the island so he can figure out why he felt so close to Sheridan while he was there. "Diana" wants to hear his voice again. As she grabs the phone, she realizes that Luis hung up. "Diana" says she can wait until she gets to Harmony to talk to him and hear his voice.

When Theresa is questioned about being pregnant, she gets faint again. As everyone waits for Theresa to sign, Eve asks for a moment alone with Theresa. Eve begs her to tell the truth to Ethan. Ivy tells Sam once again that she knows Theresa is keeping a terrible secret from Ethan. Sam tells her to let it go and leave Ethan and Theresa alone.

Charity comes face to face with Kay (under the spell that she looks like Charity.) She just looks at Kay and says "Evil!" She runs to Miguel and tells him that evil is in the house. To stop from being found out, Tabitha knocks out the electricity. Charity tells everyone that evil is in the house, disguised as her. Charity demands to know where Kay is. Kay is hiding in the living room behind a huge chair. As Tabitha tries a spell to turn Kay back into Kay, she accidentally makes two more "Charities." Theresa signs the papers. and Ivy vows that she will never marry her son. Luis goes crazy when he sees a picture of his Sheridan in Julian's living room. He calls him a hypocrite and says he never loved his sister. Luis blames Sheridan's death on Julian. He says the only reason they went to Bermuda was to get away from Sheridan's family. Luis says that if Julian ever comes near Theresa again, he will kill him. Pilar knows that something is going on between Eve and Theresa. She goes to the library to try to get some answers. Charity finds Kay hiding in the closet.

June goes to Liz's island looking for a job. (June was the woman who was paid by Julian to help blow up Sheridan and Luis' boat.) When "Diana" sees her she thinks that she recognizes her. June recognizes her but tells "Diana" that they never met. Liz clues June in that "Diana" has amnesia. Liz explains to June that "Diana" being alive is nothing short of a miracle. June calls Julian and tells him that she has something he should know.

Chad and Whitney celebrate with Ethan and Theresa.

Pilar finds the pregnancy test. She fears the worst that Theresa could be pregnant with Julian's baby. Julian walks into the library and Pilar calls him an animal and threatens to kill him. She hides the test and tells him he is not worth killing. Theresa confides to Whitney about being pregnant with Julian's baby. Ivy may be listening outside the door.

Thursday, December 6, 2001

Theresa tearfully confides to Whitney that she is carrying Julian's baby. Even Whitney does not want Theresa to rush forward with the truth. She says that this truth will destroy Ethan. As Theresa talks to Whitney, her bedroom door opens.

Julian has little patience with June and abruptly dismisses her because he is sure she is after more money and out to blackmail him. He tells June off. As June tells Julian that his sister is alive, he hangs up on her. June says to herself that she should just tell Sheridan the truth. But then June tells "Diana" once again that she never saw her before. "Diana" asks June is she knows anything about a town called Harmony. June says that it doesn't ring a bell. June wishes "Diana" good luck with her trip. June goes to warn Julian that Sheridan is coming his way and then changes her mind. She says that Julian deserves everything he gets.

Luis thinks he hears Sheridan's voice. He cannot understand why he feels like she is still alive.

Pilar walks in on Theresa and Whitney. Pilar demands that Theresa come forward with the truth. She forbids Theresa to keep the secret because the stress of keeping the secret will harm her and the unborn baby. Pilar tells Theresa the truth is coming out and she loves her too much to have her keep her secret. Pilar asks Theresa why she never listens to her. Theresa insists that Pilar is a wonderful mother but loves Ethan too much to take a chance on losing him and that is why she never follows her advice. Ivy comes into Theresa's room and wants to know what is going on. She resolves to find out because she knows that it is something big.

Charity runs into Kay. Kay moves in the exact same way that Charity does. Charity sees her image and tells the others. Everyone decides to search the room for the "other Charity." Just as Kay thinks she is about to be discovered, Sam finds a mirror in the closet. He tells Charity that is how she must have seen her image. Once Kay is left alone, the spell begins to wear off. She starts to spin back into Kay again. As Timmy watches her from the window, he falls to the ground and knocks Tabitha out. Everyone finds Kay. She claims that she was in the attic the whole time. As Ethan assures Ivy that Theresa is no longer keeping anymore secrets, Pilar opens up and says there is something she must say. Eve begs Pilar to keep quiet. Pilar insists that Ethan must know what Julian did to Theresa.

Friday, December 7, 2001

Luis tells Chad that he just cannot stop thinking about Sheridan. Chad tells him that he has to. He says that people only come back from the dead in Stephen King novels. Luis resigns himself to the fact that Sheridan is gone forever.

Pilar begins to unravel as she talks to Eve. She tells Eve that she cannot give Theresa anymore time to do the right thing and tell the truth. Pilar insists that she must protect her daughter and her unborn grandchild by coming forward with the truth. Ethan, Luis and the others sees how distraught Pilar is and begin to ask questions. Everyone tries to guess who is the source of Pilar's problem could be. Ivy listens with interest as Luis goes down the list of possibilities. Pilar tells Eve that she will tell everyone the truth. Eve does her best to stop her. Pilar then blames herself. She says that a better mother would have kept Theresa from the Cranes. Pilar feels that she failed Theresa and did not protect her.

"Diana" goes on to Brian about going to Harmony. Brian fears the trip and speaks sharply to "Diana." "Diana" asks him if he has changed his mind about sailing to Harmony. Brian apologizes and tells her that he still intends on taking her to Harmony. Liz and Doc can see that Brian is showing fear over going to Harmony. They both have never known him to be afraid of anything. They are sure that there is something in Harmony he is afraid of.

Julian rejoices thinking that his problems are all over. As he celebrates with Harper, Julian brags that he is free, good-looking and rich. He says that he is on top of the world. He tells Harper that the last thing in this world he would ever do is get married to Rebecca. Rebecca overhears and storms in and demands that Julian marry her. Julian tries to placate her by saying that they can still be a couple and continue with their bedroom games. Rebecca calmly and sweetly reminds Julian that Luis would love to know that Julian had his beloved Sheridan killed. She smiles as she tells Julian that Luis would kill him or better yet, have Julian sent to the electric chair. Rebecca wants to throw a lottery to see who would get to pull the switch on Julian. She smiles as she tells him that this will happen if he does not go through his promise to marry her. Julian relents and tells his "little prickly pear" that they will get married even though he plans on dragging his feet. Rebecca waltzes into the library with a preacher and says they are getting married right now. Brian looks up Harmony on the internet. As he looks over pictures, he seems to recognize Luis. "Diana" walks in and looks at the screen and says "Oh my goodness, I remember!" Rebecca and Julian are finally married. Ivy tells Theresa she is hurting her mother and should feel guilty.

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