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Passions Recaps: The week of November 26, 2001 on PS
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Monday, November 26, 2001

"Diana" and Brian once again miss seeing Luis, even though "Diana" tried to see why he sounded so upset. Beth gave Luis the news of Theresa's marriage to Julian. When Luis found out that Julian got Theresa drunk, he vowed to kill him for taking advantage of his little sister. Luis got a car to the airport and he and Beth are flying home to Harmony. Brian tells Liz that she really upset "Diana" with all her talking of having to meet Luis. Liz wants to make it up to both "Diana" and Brian and asks them to sail Beth's boat back to states to a place called Harmony. Liz knows that the name of Harmony sounds familiar but cannot place where she heard of it.

Theresa opted not to tell Ethan the truth about sleeping with Julian. She plans on keeping yet another secret. Both Pilar and Whitney caution her against it. They warn her that the secret will eventually come out and that will be the last straw for Ethan.

Ethan and Theresa are headed for the Crane mansion to finally get her sham of a marriage to Julian annulled. Both Harper and Julian are under the mistaken impression that Ethan knows about Julian sleeping with his bride-to-be and has forgiven Julian. Julian feels very lucky that Luis is out of town and Ethan has been so forgiving. He plans on thanking Ethan for acting so gracious about it.

Ivy is furious that Ethan has forgiven Theresa. She tells Theresa to come clean with her last secret that she is hiding. Ivy then calls Sam and begs him to go to the Crane mansion for Ethan's sake. She calls David and puts even more pressure on him to destroy Sam and Grace's marriage. David goes over the line with Grace when he once again bad-mouths Sam. He tells Grace that Ivy calls and Sam runs to her and leaves Grace out in the cold. Grace gets angry with David and walks out on him. She understandingly hugs Sam goodbye as David watches and vows to destroy her marriage to Sam.

Tuesday, November 27, 2001

Ethan and Theresa arrive at the mansion. Ivy arrives at the same time. Ivy gets outraged at the maid when she addresses Theresa as Mrs. Crane. Theresa imagines herself as the rich Mrs. Crane for a moment.

Theresa is still determined not to ever tell Ethan about sleeping with Julian. Pilar and Whitney beg Theresa to come clean with the truth. Whitney tells Theresa that Julian may accidentally let the truth slip. Theresa panics and tries to get to Julian to warn him before Ethan talks to him.

Ivy and Pilar once again argue over Theresa. Ivy says that she will not stop until she uncovers the last secret that Theresa is hiding. She warns Pilar that she saw a look in both her eyes and Whitney's and Ivy has no doubt that there is something else Theresa is not telling Ethan. She vows to uncover the truth no matter what. Ivy reminds Pilar that she does not give up on things easily. Pilar throws it up to Ivy that her love for Sam was not enough to get her to leave Julian and the Crane fortune. Ivy gets angry and says she never stopped loving Sam and won't give up on him. Sam overhears. Ivy hastily explains to Sam that no matter what, she has never stopped loving him. She lies and says that she knows he'll never leave Grace and she wouldn't try to come between them, especially sitting in a wheelchair. She cries on Sam's shoulder and Pilar can see she is lying about not trying to come between Sam and Grace. Pilar even calls Ivy a liar under her breath.

David starts to paint Sam and Grace's new house because he still claims to Grace that he loves her and wants her to be happy. Grace is very honest and tells David that she does not love him. David claims that Grace doesn't see him as a threat but Sam does because he still has feelings for his first love.....Ivy. Grace is unaware that Ivy has cooked up a new plan to try to break up her marriage, still using David. After listening to Ivy, David claims that this idea just might work. Jessica catches David on the phone as he lies about his whereabouts. Kay tries to find a spell to break up Miguel and Charity. She stashes the evil spell book when she hears the others coming. The book levitates itself and Tabitha snatches it up before anyone else can see it. Charity doubles over in pain. Tabitha said that the door is opening for Charity to ruin them and get her full powers. Theresa goes to find Julian and thinks she has him cornered in the bathroom. She begs him through the locked door not to tell Ethan about their night together. She is unaware that she is really talking to Harper. Julian walks into the library as Ethan is going through his desk. The drawer with the gun is open. Julian begins to talk to Ethan about how gracious he has been about "everything." Ethan seems confused as to what Julian is referring to.

Wednesday, November 28, 2001

Luis and Beth land in Harmony. Beth is worried about what Luis may do to Julian. Luis keeps telling Beth that he will kill Julian.

Theresa realizes that she was talking to Harper through the bathroom door. She gets frantic when Whitney tells her that Ethan and Julian are alone in the library. As Theresa rushes toward the library, she doubles over in pain. Harper sees Theresa and then realizes that Ethan does not know Theresa and Julian slept together. Charity has serve pain as she has a premonition of a baby causing everyone pain. Tabitha explains to Timmy that Charity is having labor pains. Tabitha and Timmy begin to look for spells that will help Kay get Miguel. As they search through the "book", Timmy raises havoc by casting many different spells. One spell causes the kitchen to become full of crying babies in bassinets. Reese hears the babies crying and walks in on the scene. He rushes back to tell the others. When they come into the kitchen they see only Tabitha and Timmy. Timmy luckily got rid of the babies in time. Reese carries on about the babies and everyone tells him for the billionth time not to keep calling Tabitha a witch.

Jessica confronts David about lying and she even accuses him of spying on her parents. Grace sees them and David explains his lie. Jessica tells David that she is not buying it. Grace hears Charity cry out in pain and rushes to her side.

Ivy goes after Theresa again and Pilar warns her not to try to hurt any of her children. Sam comes to Theresa's defense. Pilar explains to Sam that Ivy lies so much she thinks every other woman in the world is a scheming liar as well. Ivy threatens to fire Pilar and Pilar tells her that she does not care.

Harper manages to warn Julian before he can completely spill the beans to Ethan. Julian panics and puts his gun in his coat pocket in case he needs it to defend himself. They hear banging on the door as Luis storms into the mansion. He goes for Julian's throat. As Julian breaks free, he panics and pulls out his gun. He starts to wave the gun around and a shot rings out. Theresa falls to the floor.

Thursday, November 29, 2001

Julian fires his gun in the living room and Theresa falls to the floor. For a moment, everyone thinks she is dead. Ivy smiles smugly and says that now she can't hurt her son anymore. When Theresa comes to, Ivy is disappointed and the others are relieved. Luis tries to strangle Julian. Julian tells Harper that he almost lost his life for just marrying Theresa. Harper assures him that he will be murdered if the whole truth comes out.

Ivy watches Theresa and Whitney whispering together and wants to know what Theresa is still hiding. Julian assures Harper that the whole truth will never come out. Harper says there is one way. If he got Theresa pregnant, then the truth will come out and he will be a dead man. Eve walks in on the scene. She wants to examine Theresa before Theresa signs the annulment papers.

Ethan thanks Sam for coming to the house but tells him to go home to Grace. Ivy stops Sam by telling him that Theresa is hiding one last secret and Ethan is going to need him when it comes out. Sam reluctantly agrees to stay.

Charity passes out and when she comes to, she is craving all of Theresa's favorite foods. Tabitha talks Grace into putting Charity to bed so no one will see the spell book levitating again. Tabitha grabs the book and finds the perfect spell for Kay to use to get Miguel.

"Diana" has bad feelings from being on a boat again. Brian curses himself for not being more sensitive. "Diana" hears the name of Harmony and tells everyone she knows of a town called Harmony.

Eve examines Theresa and after hearing Theresa's latest symptoms, she gives an unsuspecting Theresa a pregnancy test. The spell Kay uses turns her into Charity. After she sees her new self, she passionately kisses Miguel. Eve gives Theresa the shock of her life. Theresa is pregnant!

Friday, November 30, 2001

Theresa is devastated to find out that she is pregnant. Eve is kind and understanding since she had been in the same position herself years ago and with Julian's baby. Theresa then remembers that she slept with Ethan and she tells Eve that she is sure the baby is his. Eve cautions Theresa that is she had sex with Julian in the same cycle, it could be Julian's baby. Theresa won't hear of it. She tells Eve that she is carrying the baby of the man she loves. Ivy tries to listen in on their conversation but Sam wheels Ivy away. Eve makes Theresa realize that she took birth control when she made love with Ethan but not Julian. Theresa begins to cry at the realization. Theresa tries to talk herself into not being pregnant by asking Eve to run another test. She says she is sure the first test was wrong.

"Diana" cannot remember why the name Harmony sparked a memory. "Diana" then remembers playing football with Luis in the snow. Liz keeps repeating the word Harmony. Brian asks what was the name of the woman who wants her boat taken back to Harmony. When Liz says the name "Beth Wallace" Brian looks a little uncomfortable. Liz wants to push the issue if Brian knows her but they remember the promise they made to each other not to pry in each other's past. Brian gets uncomfortable when he hears that the name of the man in number nine is Luis. He says that it cannot be. He remembers "Diana" saying that name. He fears that Liz could actually have been right about "Diana" and "number nine." Brian refuses to take the boat back to Harmony. He says he wants to stay and be around for "Diana." Liz asks him is it because he recognizes the name Beth Wallace or if he is afraid to run into Luis.

Ethan and Luis walk on the Crane grounds. They see the rose bush and Ethan tells Luis that Sheridan's spirit will never leave him. Luis tells Ethan he is glad that he will be his brother in law. They look at the gazebo Martin built. Ethan tells Luis that he had never heard anything about Martin Fitzgerald when he was part of the Crane family. Ethan then says that if he had heard anything, he would have told him.

Sam tries to talk Ivy into letting Ethan run his own life. He reminds Ivy that she raised Ethan well and trusts him to make his own decision about Theresa. "Diana" tells Brain that the town of Harmony has a hold on her and she wants to sail there with him. Theresa's second test comes out positive. She is definitely pregnant. Theresa weeps, "I'm pregnant with Julian Crane's baby."

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