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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of November 26, 2001 on ATWT
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Monday, November 26, 2001

After stopping at the Intruder, Emily drops by Hal's carrying every New York newspaper she could get her hands on. She sits at the breakfast table and opens a section of one paper to a full-page article covering the BRO show. There is a huge picture of Jenn, Paul, and Carly taking up half a page. Hal is concerned about how much skin Jenn is showing, but Emily assures him it's the right amount and she looks stunning. Hal puts Parker's jacket on and heads out to take him to preschool. On the way out the door, Hal humbly, sheepishly, nervously, and excitedly asks Emily if she will move in with him

Carly is sleeping easy knowing what a hit her designs were at the show when Craig nestles up to her exposed shoulder and starts to kiss her awake. Carly opens her eyes with a smile and finds a basket full of food and all the New York morning papers. Confident that her life is on solid ground, she says, "Last night was one of the best night's of my entire life." Craig agreed and says he's glad she finally realizes that she loves him.

An excited BRO executive runs into Paul at the BRO offices. She says she hasn't seen this much business go through BRO since the company first started. Rose walks in bringing coffee and bagels. "Look at you--hittin' a home run!" Paul suggests that they both move to NY. Rose cuts to the chase with Paul telling him he only wants to stay in NY to avoid his mother. Paul resists, but she adds that if they don't go back to Oakdale, Craig and Carly could take away BRO. "Plus, I want you there." Paul was smitten and strengthened with Rose's words. Paul agrees they should return to Oakdale.

Barbara, too, was looking at the press reports on her companies fashion show - with contempt. Just then James makes his presence known. Seething, "That show is going to haunt me for the rest of my life. I've been making a listâ--¦I just keep imagining how I can get rid of all the people who made my life so miserable." Ever helpful, James coolly says, "Give that list to me Barbara. I'll get rid of them for you, and - LOVE doing it." "What's in it for you?" Diverting Barbara toward her feelings, he reminds her of the situation, "Emily has Hal. Rose has Paul. Carly has your business." Barbara laments, "Even if I got rid of them, my life would be in shambles, just like my face." James pushes her ever closer to the edge by dangling one more person in front of her. "We can even get to Craig" by taking Carly away. Barbara's hate is satiated with these comforting words.

Hal and Emily trade self-depreciating stories about why they shouldn't deserve each other. Then each tells the other why they are in love. Emily accepts Hal's offer to live together, saying that while he was taking Parker to school, she moved all of her things in, so he wouldn't have a chance to change his mind. "Emily - there's one thing you have to know before you do this - I love you."

Carly starts, "Last night-" Craig finishes, "-was delicious." Carly tries to be the voice of reason by trying to put their budding relationship into perspective. She told him he is still getting over Bryant's death, and she is getting her career off the ground. Carly suggests that they just have a physical relationship, and worry about the L-word later. A true no-strings relationship.

Jenn apologizes to Billy for forgetting him and getting caught up in the moment. She tells him the good news that a magazine offered her another job, only it's in Europe. She asked him to go with her, but Billy's heart sank knowing his future was in Oakdale, and not among the bright lights in Europe with Jenn. He declines her offer. Jenn doesn't want to choose between a glamorous new life as a model, and Billy. Later, Jenn calls Hal and tells her dad of the new opportunities that are opening up for her and that she is going follow up on a modeling job - in Rome. Hal restrains his anger as Jenn explains. Emily holds Hal's shoulder while he and his daughter try to talk it through.

Kim and Bob stop by Fairwinds to visit Barbara. Bob delivers news that Barbara can repair most of the damage through skin grafts, but it won't be possible to restore her to the way she was before the attack. Barbara accepts this news and says, "Everyone is getting on with their lives. I need to do the same." Bob and Kim try to comfort Barbara, but she is resigned to wallow in self-pity and anger. Bob and Kim leave Babs sulking in an easy chair. A tear rolls down her face and she whispers, "Monster--A monster for life."

Ben and Curtis stop by Java Underground on the way to school where they run into Jessica. Ben introduces Curtis to Jessica. Isaac sits down at the bar and looks defeated for going to New York to watch the show and then being treated as a servant by Bonnie at the after-party. He hopes she never returns to Oakdale. Bonnie walks in and apologizes without apologizing. She says she realized her old friends were boring so she came back to town. She turns and smiles to herself knowing Isaac has forgiven her, then walks her New York runway model-walk into the back room. Isaac smiles.

Craig brings Carly and Parker home and they find someone has left flowers. Craig denies they are from him and suggests they are from one of her many newfound New York admirers. They are from an admirer. Jack. Craig feigns disinterest in Jack's display of attention and leaves to get in touch with Lucy. Carly smells the flowers after Craig leaves and is touched by Jack's thoughtfulness. Outside her door, Craig says that Jack is no match for him.

Rose and Paul are the next visitors to stop in at Fairwinds. Paul tells his mother he wants to move the BRO headquarters to Oakdale. Babs is excited at the suggestion, as she thinks Paul would still live at home with her. Barbara's happiness was short-lived as Paul says it's also time for him to move out, and start a new home with Rose. Mommy Dearest heaves more codependent behavior at Paul when she says, "Is this some sort of punishment for my bad behavior?" Paul defends himself, "Since when is living my life a punishment for YOU!?" Realizing that aggressiveness didn't work, Barbara reaches out her hand, "You're abandoning me Paul!" Rose speaks up, "Hey! That's not fair Ms. Ryan." Babs throws her a look that would stop a hurricane. Rose simmers down. Paul says they need to separate the business from the personal. Rose pleads that she is not "stealing your son. This is his decision." Paul agrees and says, "I will live my life the way I want." Barbara knows when she is licked. While Paul and Rose make their case, she smoothly adorns her black veil to complete her Black Death look. She sits in a chair as Paul tells her they have an appointment to see a property. As a tear rolls down her cheek, Barbara touches her sons hand resting on her shoulder. She says, "Go--You don't want to be late for a real estate agent." Paul assures his mother that everything is going to be OK. "I promise." Rose and Paul leave.

As Barbara rises from her chair, James enters from the shadows.

"That plan you have for Carly - Emily - and Rose."

James whispers, "Yes?"

"Do it!"

James removes the shroud from Barbara's head like a wedding veil, kisses her cheek, and whispers, "I love you like this."

Tuesday, November 27, 2001

Molly arrives at Carly's door with flower and congratulations. Carly gushes about Craig and tells Molly that they slept together. Molly wonders where that leaves Jack, and reminds Carly how many times she's said that it's over with him. Carly says that if she and Jack were meant to be, it would have worked out between them already. Molly decides she wants to interview Carly about her overnight success in New York on the evening news.

As Paul & Rose wait for the realtor, she tells him she thinks that Barbara is softening towards their relationship. Paul says that's not like her, and wonders if she's being persuaded by James. He becomes more suspicious that his parents are plotting together when he finds out that Barbara refused to press charges against James. After meeting with the realtor, Rose admits that she's not ready to move in with Paul. He accepts her decision, then receives a call that Carly is going to be on the news. He and Rose rush off, vainly hoping to speak to her before she goes on the air.

Craig visits Margo at the police station and runs into Jack, who wants his job back. Margo's thrilled to reinstate Jack. Craig & Jack trade barbs before Craig asks if they can speak privately. He can barely wait to inform Jack that he and Carly slept together. Margo walks in on them and berates Craig for his callousness. When Tom shows up, Margo tells him that Emily is moving in with Hal. Craig shows up at WSPR and watches Carly's interview. Paul & Rose arrive just as Carly is stating that Paul is responsible for her success. Paul promises her an extended contract at BRO, much to Craig's chagrin. Jack telephones Carly, but hangs up when he gets her machine.

Susan arrives at Hal's to speak to Emily. She berates her daughter, saying that Daniel needs a stable home. Hal interrupts, telling Susan that they're in for the long haul. Susan believes that Hal is, but says she know Emily better than that. Susan shows Hal a page from The Intruder that ridicules Barbara. Emily insists that she knew nothing about it and is surprised when Hal believes her. Before she leaves, Susan warns Hal about getting involved with Emily. Tom shows up with Daniel, but refuses to leave him, since the custody agreement stipulates that he be in Susan's home.

As they plot against her enemies, Barbara fills James in on Emily's recent history, as well as all she knows about Carly and Rose's pasts. James advises her to reconnect with her family and friends, so no one becomes suspicious that they are working together. She decides that they should start with destroying Carly. They realize that Carly has no idea that Craig wants her to fail at BRO. After hearing about Carly, Rose & Emily's lives, James assures Barbara that he can destroy them all, using decisions that they themselves will make. Recap --->

Wednesday, November 28, 2001

Margo encourages Jack not to give up on Carly but he admits he saw Carly with Craig and wants nothing to do with her. Paul leaks to Carly that it was Jack who arranged for her name to finally be announced to the press as the BRO designer. Paul hands Carly her contract and is surprised to find her less than excited about it. He convinces her to call Jack and the two agree to meet later. Craig offers to read over Carly's contract but she turns down the offer. He secretly reads it anyway and noticing the 5 year length, vows to prevent her from signing the legal document. Carly finally meets with Jack but Craig spoils the meeting.

Snooping for a sign that Simon's going to spring their wedding on her at any moment, Katie downplays Craig's boasting about his relationship with Carly. Simon approaches Lily and asks for her help in planning a surprise wedding for Katie. Meanwhile, Katie mistakes the BRO bridal gown as the one Simon's purchased for her.

Hearing Rose is in the market for a house, Lily urges her to buy Cal's place.

While Jake offers Adam advice, Abigail discovers Molly's lied to her. Adam said he will stay clear of Abigail and hopefully things will clear up between them. Adam tries to offer a note of apology but Abigial isn't interested in what he has written. She blasts her mother for lying to protect her again and runs out. When Abigail stops by to see Nick, he secretly sends away from his mystery woman. Meanwhile, Molly and Jake run to warn Holden about Nick.

Thursday, November 29, 2001

Lucinda heads over to Barbara's after she reads that James was arrested and later released. Lucinda warns Barbara that if he hurts anyone in her family, she will seek revenge on both of them. Later, Lucinda tries to discourage Rose's relationship with Paul.

Molly and Jake ask for Holden's help with Abigail, but Holden has no luck getting through to her. By this point, Nick has progressed his relationship with Abigail by kissing her and telling Abigail that he is in love with her. Later, Jake attempts to find out more information about Nick. Jake, with the help of Nick's landlady, learns of the kiss as well as Nick's involvement with another woman. Molly decides that it is time to tell Abigail the whole truth about her past with Nick.

Craig returns Carly's BRO contract to her, again advising her not to sign it. Paul and Craig begin to argue about it until Katie, wearing Carly's finale wedding dress, mistakes the Lakeview dining room as the site of her wedding. Simon apologizes to Katie for her embarrassment and for any misunderstanding, but assures her that the wedding he has planned will prove his love for her.

Carly tells Paul that the only way she will sign the contract is if Barbara agrees to have her join BRO. Paul is surprised in how quickly Barbara accepts the proposal and then accuses her of collaborating with James. Meanwhile, Craig apologizes to Carly and tells her he has contacted a famous designer about her work. Captivated by the news of working for a world famous designer, Carly gets romantic with Craig.

Friday, November 30, 2001

Hal calls Bonnie looking for Jennifer because he has not heard from her since she left for Europe. Hal tells Emily he contacted the magazine and found out about Jen's photo shoot schedule, but still has not been able to reach her. He tells Emily how much he misses his kids and wishes they were all there with him now.

Emily tries to press a jacket for Daniel to wear to a preschool interview, which Tom has arranged. Tom gets really angry with her when he finds out she may have forgotten to mail the application papers for the preschool. Emily wants to see Daniel before Tom takes him to the interview, but Tom tells her she can't because there is not enough time. Emily is upset because she thinks Tom is rearranging their custody agreement without consulting her. Tom tells Emily he is dropping Margo off at the police station and she can pick Daniel up there.

Abigail and Molly face off about Nick. Molly is finally able to tell Abigail about going to jail for Nick, but Abigail accuses Molly of lying to her because she is jealous. Abigail insists that she will not make the same mistakes Molly has made because she is not Molly. She also asks Molly why she should believe her now when she is telling her things about Nick that are different from what Molly told her earlier. Abigail tells Molly she would know if Nick was trying to use her and how helpful and supportive he has been to her. In frustration, Molly tells Abigail about having had an affair with Nick and warns Abigail that Nick is trying to do the same thing with her. Abigail gets really upset when she finds out Molly and Nick have been lovers. She defends Nick, telling Molly maybe Nick has changed and gotten his life together, too. She refuses to stop seeing Nick just because Molly was once intimately involved with him. Abigail leaves and Molly is so upset she calls Holden to tell him what has happened. Holden reassures her that Abigail will come around. Molly shares with Holden her fears of losing Abigail for good. She tells Holden she is going to make things right with Abigail if it is the last thing she does.

Paul is very surprised and suspicious when Barbara readily agrees to give Carly a contract with BRO. When he brings up James, his father appears in the room. Paul gets really angry when his father appears and asks him how he dares to show his face in Oakdale. James tells Paul he is there for Barbara and Paul confronts his mother about associating with James again. Barbara defends herself by saying James is all she has left now that Paul has betrayed her and wants to live his life independently of her. Paul tells James he had better go back where he came from because he is not welcome at Fairwinds. Barbara insists James is only there to help her. Paul warns her again that James is only there to use her and when she starts to trust him again, James will close in for the kill. James asks Paul to have a heart and Paul turns on him and tells him to shut-up because James doesn't have a heart. Paul tells his mother James is responsible for the photos of Carly and him as well as for the design dress Barbara received. Barbara is surprised and asks James if he sent her the dress. She then accuses James of trying to manipulate the situation to drive her and Paul apart. The three of them have a bitter argument and James tells Paul he has made serious mistakes, both by hiring Carly at BRO and by allowing Rose into his life. Paul starts toward his father in an angry manner, but Barbara stops him. Paul orders James to leave the house and get out of Oakdale. James asks Barbara if she is sure she wants him to leave and she tells him yes. Barbara hugs Paul and asks him to forgive her, telling him she has been very foolish. Paul admits to his mother that he was wrong for not being honest with her and asks her to forgive him. Barbara reassures Paul she is not angry and she loves him. She tells Paul he was right about the fashion show and they should hire Carly if Paul thinks they need her. Paul offers to stay with Barbara for the night, but she tells him it is not really necessary. Paul insists, but leaves for a little while so that he can let Rose know where he will be staying. Barbara is delighted that Paul is once again acting like a dutiful son.

Bonnie and Isaac are going over Java Underground business and Isaac is surprised and pleased at how much initiative she is showing. He goes downstairs to do an inventory. Otis comes in and tells Bonnie her purse was ringing as he arrived. Bonnie hears the message about Jen, and thinking something may be wrong with Jen, leaves quickly to go see Hal. When Isaac returns, Otis tells him Bonnie left in a hurry, saying she had to go to the police station. When she gets to the police station, Hal wants to know if she has heard from Jen. Bonnie reassures Hal that Jennifer is in very good hands and the photographer working on the shoot will be able to make her career. She also reassures Hal that if anything were wrong, Jen would have called already. She promises Hal she will let him know if she hears from Jen. As Bonnie is leaving, Isaac rushes in and wants to know if she is okay. Hal reassures Isaac that Bonnie is not there on a police matter. Bonnie gets angry with Isaac and tells him she doesn't need his help and she can take care of herself.

Tom arrives at the police station really angry with Emily because the preschool did not receive the application papers. Hal defends her, which causes Tom to get even angrier. When Emily gets there, Tom accuses her of being a poor mother and constantly behaving in an irresponsible manner, leaving messes that he and Margo always have to straighten out. He tells Emily he thinks it is time for him to look at their custody agreement again. After they leave, Margo asks Hal if he is okay. They begin to talk about Emily and Tom, but it is quickly clear that their feelings are strong and they disagree. Margo stops the conversation, telling Hal they should leave it alone. She leaves to do a follow-up investigation. Tom arrives at Hal's to see Emily and tells her he does not think moving in with Hal is a good way to provide Daniel with a stable environment. Emily tells Tom she is moving in with Hal because she believes it will be better for Daniel, but Tom tells her she is only thinking of herself and not Daniel. Tom threatens Emily about the custody agreement again and tells Emily he will do anything to make sure Daniel is safe and cared for.

Abigail goes to see Nick and lets him know Molly has told her all about their history. When Nick begins to make excuses, Abigail tells him she doesn't care about anything except whether he and Molly were once lovers.

After Paul leaves, James returns and compliments Barbara on her ability to pretend with Paul. He warns Barbara that she is going to have to be very discreet in the coming weeks and that he has to be her best-kept secret. James then takes an envelope out of his pocket; it is the preschool application Emily filled out and put in the mail. James promises Barbara that soon they will have everything they want.


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