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Dixie told her son that she and Tad were separating again. Bianca caught Frankie and JR in bed together. Later, Chris found a distraught Erica standing over Frankie's dead body with a gun in her hand. Erica suspiciously confessed to Chris that she had killed Frankie. Mateo finally confided in Hayley about Proteus. Adam and Liza continued to have difficulty with their relationship. Opal confronted Vanessa about her lack of sincerity regarding her niece. Leo proposed to Greenlee. Laura overheard Greenlee telling Jake that she still had feelings for him.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of November 26, 2001 on AMC
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Monday, November 26, 2001

Laura told him that they were both to blame for what happened and that she wanted them to remain friends. Right before Leo came in the room, Laura was taking her engagement ring on and off saying, "now you see you don't" and after Leo left, she said, "Leo, I will take care of you." Just after that, she heard two nurses squawking about her in the hallway. When she confronted one of them, the nurse told her to watch WRCW. When she did, she found a gossip show showing her wedding and making fun of her and the "baptism" of Leo. Laura shut off the TV and threw the remote. After that, she kept hearing voices in her head laughing at her.

Leo left Laura and headed straight for Greenlee, who was in the middle of trying to set up a date with Jake. He asked to speak with her and took her out to the boathouse, where he told her that he could not live without King Kong in his life. Leo told Greenlee about his meeting with Laura. He asked Greenlee to marry him.

Dixie followed JR to the boathouse to tell him that she and Tad were splitting up. JR told her to go ahead, play out this drama, and let him know when they were back together. She told him it was permanent and he said, something to the effect of, "it always is" When she told him about Leslie, JR let loose his fury on cement weights hanging on the wall behind him. Dixie rushed her son go the hospital to have his hand x-rayed. Jake who wrapped up his hand and announced that the hand had not been broken. As Dixie was explaining what happened with Tad to Jake, JR sneaked away.

Bianca went to visit Frankie and found her in her room with music blaring. Still on the floor was the locket that she had given Frankie... broken. Bianca asked what happened and Frankie said she had no idea. She said she probably knocked it off the desk and accidentally "stomped" on it when she was dancing around the room. Then, Frankie got an eyelash in her eye and Bianca took it out. Then Frankie made a wish and told Bianca that she wished that she could have the strength to tell Bianca that she loved her too. Bianca got teary eyed but had to leave to do some errands for Erica. Once she left, Frankie tried to turn up the music (looked like she was trying to drown out the voices in her head). Finally, she gave up and went to the park where she lit up a joint out in the open. JR appeared out of nowhere and asked her to share a hit with her new friend.

Erica was devastated trying to get through Greenlee's office and thinking about Bianca being with Frankie. She talked to Chris about her frustration and somehow mentioned that she missed her father so much. That sparked a conversation about Erica's father and her birthday and all that occurred with Erica's rape. Chris told Erica to give Frankie a break and that if she really is a con, Bianca will see through it. Erica threw a temper tantrum about how she wanted Opal to plant drugs on Frankie to stop this problem. Bianca overheard this and barged in and asked Erica, "Who do you think you are?"

Tuesday, November 27, 2001

At the boathouse, Leo promised Greenlee that they could return to their days as a couple. Greenlee insisted that she has grown since she and Leo were first together. Leo surprised Greenlee with a gourmet picnic basket with the same items that she and her grandfather had eaten for her 16th birthday. As they ate, Greenlee was confronted by memories of her times with Jake and how he painfully told her that he could allow himself to fall in love with her while Leo was still present in her thoughts.

At Enchantment, Chris urged Bianca and Erica to take a few deep breaths before they said anything that they'd later regret. Erica and Bianca wanted to speak and Chris left the office to allow them some privacy. Bianca blasted her mother for always finding some sort of fault with the women in her life. Erica insisted that she was being as critical of the woman Bianca was dating as she would be of any boy. Bianca informed her mother that she was glad that her father had gotten custody of her. Travis, she explained, never had to tell her that he loved her - she could just feel it. Bianca wanted her mother to be accepting of her - and disregard her sexual preference. Erica, however, could not promise that Bianca's sexual identity would not play a factor in the way she handled things. Bianca was likewise furious that her mother had sworn that she would try to accept Frankie. She recalled her mother's words when they were standing by Mona's gravesite. In tears, Bianca stormed out of the office. Later, Chris and Erica discussed how best to handle the situation with Bianca and Frankie. Erica was floored when Bianca revealed that Frankie had told her that she loves her. A few moments later, Vanessa appeared in the doorway. Erica had summoned her presumably to discuss Frankie. Vanessa had overheard Erica questioning if she could have been wrong about Frankie. Vanessa played upon Erica's doubts, saying that she thought that Frankie and Bianca made a wonderful couple.

Frankie took JR back to her room at Cortlandt Manor with the clear intent of having sex with him. JR, innocent and inexperienced, was more interested in the young woman's music collection. Frankie appeared frustrated and angry and JR called her on it several times. Eventually, JR and Frankie shared a kiss and that eventually landed them in bed together. Fresh from her argument at Enchantment with her mother, Bianca arrived at Frankie's room and looked on in horror as she spotted Frankie kissing JR. Bianca didn't realize that the young man with Frankie was JR. Bianca raced out of the room in tears. Frankie tried to get to her to stop her, but she was too late. In tears, Frankie told JR that he had to leave.

JR re-injured his hand during his encounter with Frankie and headed back to the hospital to have it looked at. Jake stitched him up, but called him on his drug use. JR seemed indifferent to the fact that his uncle knew he was high, but did agree to return the next day to talk things over. Tad and Dixie, meanwhile, squabbled over the way that Dixie had told JR about Leslie's reemergence in town. Dixie also revealed that she and JR would be remaining in the house while Tad moved out. Jesse appeared to Tad and urged him to remain patient and not pressure Dixie and JR into anything.

A tearful Frankie called Erica to tell her what had happened. She pleaded with Erica to find Bianca and swore that she was sorry for hurting Bianca. Erica screamed into the phone that she would kill Frankie for hurting Bianca. Frankie sat down at her desk and hurriedly scribbled something on a pad of paper.

Erica drove around town, her thoughts haunted by the phone call that Frankie had made to her. Later, Erica sat down in a chair in Frankie's room with a gun in her hand. A few feet away, Frankie laid face down on the floor.

Wednesday, November 28, 2001

In the ER exam room Jake checked Roger and apologized for having to keep him in the ER rather than taking him to a private room. Roger insisted that he was feeling fine and that he was being discharged. Jake told him his heart rate was elevated and they still haven't solved that "pesky amnesia problem" so no, Roger wasn't being discharged. Jake left to check on a room for Roger and Roger tried to get out of bed but fell back exhausted. When he opened his eyes he found Mateo standing over him. Mateo wondered why he was in the ER and Roger said it was Mateo's fault. He insisted that Mateo's demands on Proteus were hampering his own duties and Proteus "punished" him for it. Roger said now he can't get into Enchantment and his own daughter thinks he's had a heart attack. Mat grabbed Roger by the throat and demanded to be told what Roger was doing in Enchantment. Roger couldn't breathe and his heart monitors went crazy. Jake rushed in and Mat let go of Roger's neck and made up a story about the oxygen tubing coming loose. As Jake checked things out Mateo left the room.

In Hayley's living room Ryan asked if Mateo was working late. She told him they were fine, not to worry but Ryan didn't believe Hayley. She admitted that the baby is alot of work and that she feels alot of "new mother angst." Ryan said he had an idea that would cheer her up, and explained that he went back to work at WRCW. He told her that everyone there wants her to come back to the WAVE program and suggested that she start back early from maternity leave. Hayley wasn't sure about this so Ryan tried to sell her on it by saying she could do 2 weeks worth of programs about motherhood, then take 2 weeks off, then come back for another 2 weeks, ect. She warmed quickly to the idea and then told Ryan it was a "no brainer!." Mateo walked in and Hayley excitedly began to tell him what Ryan had suggested. Mat cut her short and told her no way was she going back to work. Hayley tried to convince Mateo that this was a good idea but Mat flashed back to his "meeting" with Proteus when he was told that his family was his weak spot. Mat barked "Are you deaf? I said no!" He went on to say he was sick of coming home and finding Ryan there. Ryan removed himself from the tense family situation and Hayley looked at Mateo with disbelief. "Who are you?" she asked. She told him he was unrecognizable but Mat defended his behavior by saying he was trying to protect his family. Hayley argued with him saying she can work part time and take the baby to the station with her. Mateo got very agitated and said she was not taking his son out of the condo. Hayley was visibly hurt and told Mat it was obvious that he didn't trust her. She stormed into their bedroom and Mateo left the condo. A few minutes later Ryan returned to Hayley's condo and said he'd seen Mat speed away. He apologized for causing problems between Hayley and Mateo. She took the blame, saying she brings this out in people. Hayley said Mateo is becoming controlling and manipulative, just like her father.

Mateo arrived at Enchantment and broke into Greenlee's office. He looked around and then spied her laptop computer. He unplugged it and took it with him.

At the boathouse Greenlee still hadn't given Leo an answer to his marriage proposal. She reminded him that he's still married but Leo told her it was completely over with Laura. He said he knows he's put Greenlee through hell but also knows they have the "real thing." Leo's cell phone rang and at first he refused to answer it but Greenlee insisted. He did and it was a frantic Erica, begging him to find Bianca. She didn't go into details but told him Bianca was very upset. Leo tried to get more information but Erica just told him to find Bianca and take her to their house. She said she had to go and hung up. Greenlee insisted that Leo go find Bianca. Leo said she was "unbelievable" and kissed her. He told her this time things would be different between them and left to find his friend. Greenlee grabbed her phone and called the hospital to see if Jake was on duty. When told that he was, she left for the hospital.

Erica hung up from speaking to Leo and stood up. She was in Frankie's room at Opal's and she had a gun in her hand. In rushed Chris, who stumbled upon Frankie's lifeless body. Chris looked at Erica and asked "Who killed her?." Erica said Frankie killed herself, "she was very disturbed." Chris took a towel and took the gun from Erica's hand. Chris called the police then kneeled on the floor by Frankie's and examined her hands. He told Erica he was looking for traces of gunpowder to prove Frankie had actually killed herself. Erica rattled on and on about how she knew Frankie was no good and that she was so glad Bianca didn't find Frankie like this. She also told Chris that there was no one at home when she arrived. Chris started to look for signs of foul play but Erica insisted that it was a suicide. She then told Chris he was acting very suspicious of her and he explained that she picked up the gun, she called him not the police, that it was just very strange. He told her to make one more phone call, this time to her lawyer. After the police arrived and made a quick sweep of the room, the paramedics covered Frankie's body and took it away. Chris pointed out all the mistakes Erica had made that day and that she is probably a suspect. She looked worried and he told her she has a reason to be worried and that she should keep her mouth shut. Jackson walked in and Erica started towards him. Chris was furious that she called the DA to come act as her attorney. Erica told Jack that the police wouldn't let her leave and Jack said no, she wasn't going anywhere yet. She began to give him her version of the events leading up to finding Frankie's body but Chris told her to stop talking and wait for her lawyer. She asked Jack if he believed her and Jack told her that according to the medical examiner who took the body to the ambulance, there was no way this was a suicide. Erica began to rant and rave and Jack told her she had to come down to the station to answer questions. She got very upset and asked if she was under arrest. Chris tried to keep her quiet, to no avail. Jack said she wasn't under arrest but that she did have to go to the station. She continued to argue and Chris stepped in, saying he was now Erica's attorney. Chris told them he has a degree in criminal law and that he passed the bar so he could act as Erica's counsel. Jack told Erica not to accept him but she told him she wanted to speak to her attorney alone. Jack left Chris and Erica alone in Frankie's room. He demanded that she hand him a dollar so she'd be protected by attorney/client privilege so she did. Chris then asked her to tell him the truth and she said she already had. Chris said "No, you know who shot Frankie, tell me. Tell me the truth, trust me. You have to, I love you."

Leo went looking for Bianca in the woods by the stables on Wildwind. After a few minutes of hunting he found her lying unconscious on the ground. He picked her up and drove her to the hospital.

Greenlee found Jake in the hospital and he told her Roger was doing well. She asked him for a few minutes of his time and they sat down. She told him that Leo proposed to her and Jake was taken by surprise at first. But he recovered quickly and gave Greenlee a hug. She was stunned and confused that Jake could be happy about this. He wondered what she expected and she said she knows how he feels about her. Jake reminded her that he had told her that everything between them would change if she crashed Leo and Laura's party. She started to argue when Leo arrived with Bianca. Jake ran to take over and Greenlee joined Leo. Leo called Erica's voicemail and left her a message regarding Bianca. Then he turned to Greenlee, who told him she had come to the hospital to tell Jake about Leo's proposal. Leo said she still hadn't answered him on that question. She said she didn't really want to talk about it there in the ER. Leo told her how much he regretted the way he'd treated her in the last few months. He said he realized that she'd lost alot this year and Greenlee smiled at him saying "It looks like I'm getting something back!." They discussed their relationship and looked forward to the future. They kissed then Greenlee told Leo he was the big hero for bringing Bianca in. Greenlee then said that yes, she'd marry him and they hugged. While in Leo's arms Greenlee remembered a hug she shared with Jake. Leo told her he'd never let her regret this.

In the exam room Bianca came around and Jake asked her why she went riding alone at night. She looked away from him and he continued to ask her questions. The only thing she could say was "Frankie."

Thursday, November 29, 2001

Adam worried about Liza's condition and asked for Hayley's advice on how to help Liza. Hayley said that she believed her father should back off and stop trying to control Liza's grief. Adam finally noticed that Hayley is close to tears and overwrought. When Adam asked what was wrong, Hayley brushed him off, saying that she was sleep deprived. Adam continued to sense that Hayley and Mateo were having some sort of issues. This forced Hayley to defend her husband. As the bickering continued, Liza walked downstairs to see what all the fuss is about. Liza listened to both sides of the story, then told Hayley she should go to Mateo and work things out.

After Hayley left, Liza told Adam that they needed to talk. Liza felts that she needed to accept responsibility for her role in the loss of her baby. She was wracked with guilt over the fact that she lied to Adam and betrayed him with another man. She had judged him by one set of rules and herself by another. Adam attempted to comfort Liza by holding her and telling her that everything will be okay.

Mateo sat in his office at SOS trying to figure out the password for the laptop he'd stolen from Enchantment. Simone poked her head into the office and offered to help him crack the system. Mateo reminded Simone that he had fired her. However, seemingly out of nowhere Mateo announced that there was a reason he had kept Simone around as long as he had. With that, he pulled her into his arms and kissed her. Simone reminded Mateo that he had a wife and baby at home, but Mateo seemed unconcerned. He poured champagne then makes a toast: "Here's to all the things that I can do with you and not my wife." Hayley, who had been standing in the doorway, seized that moment to intervene. Holding in her temper, she asked Simone to leave before turning on Mateo.

Hayley told her husband that she'd tired of his lies. She did, however, say that she doesn't believe for a minute that he is involved with Simone and believes he is putting on an act for some reason. When Mateo remained silent, Hayley decided that she would find out on her own what is going on. Mateo pulled her into an embrace then whispered instructions into her ear. He told her to trust him, then asked her to shove him then run and hide. Hayley did as she was told and told Mateo that he was free to carry on his affair with his "slutty" bartender.

Chris reminded Erica that he is her attorney, then asked her to tell him everything that went on. He implored her not to lie. Erica reluctantly went over the events starting with Frankie's phone call and ending with her finding Frankie's lifeless body on the floor. Chris proceeded to poke holes in her story, but Erica seemed to have an answer for everything. Since Chris was sure Erica was leaving out vital information, he told her he couldn't be her lawyer. Desperate to keep Chris on her side, Erica threw herself at Chris, kissing him.

Erica begged Chris to help her, but he refused to fall for her feminine wiles and accused her of playing him. As Chris turned to leave, Erica suddenly remembered that she saw a straggly haired man leaving in a white van, a van that had a crescent-shaped dent on the passenger side and screamed down the driveway at 40-miles-per-hour. She wondered if perhaps it was Frankie's lover racing from the scene after killing her. A skeptical Chris considered this new information as Jack arrived to tell Erica that Bianca was injured in a riding accident.

At the hospital, Greenlee stopped Jake to inform him that she accepted Leo's proposal. Greenlee, expecting something else, was shocked to hear Jake wish them the best then calmly say he's over her. While Laura eavesdropped, Greenlee used a painful ice cream analogy to explain the feelings she still has for Jake. Jake believed what Greenlee really wanted is a double-dip; Greenlee wants both him and Leo. Jake walked away and bumped into Laura, who tried to chide Jake into admitted that he was furious with Greenlee for ditching him. Leo revealed to Greenlee that his cousin, Frankie, had died, but Greenlee appeared unconcerned. When pressed for why she was so distant, Greenlee offered no reply.

Erica rushed into the hospital looking for Bianca. Jack explained that Bianca and Erica are both material witnesses in his investigation, so he couldn't let Erica visit Bianca alone. Jack and Chris accompanied Erica to Bianca's room. Erica stroked her daughter's hair as Bianca's eyes slowly fluttered open.

Friday, November 30, 2001

When Hayley meets Mateo at the secret meeting place, she confronts him with the question, "Are you having an affair?" When Mateo responds that it is more serious than that, Hayley asks what could be worse than betraying your wife and baby. He assures her that he would never cheat on her and that there are certain things she can't know because it would put her and Lorenzo's life in danger. Hayley tries to convince Mateo to tell her what is going on despite his pleas that he would be putting their lives in jeopardy. Hayley challenges Mateo to tell her what is going on saying that because of the love they have for each other they need to be 100% honest with each other or otherwise pack it in. Mateo continues to avoid telling Hayley the truth until Hayley asks the question, "If the roles were reversed what would he do?" "Total honesty" responds Mateo. He confesses the details of his encounter with Proteus and the drug ring. Mateo tells her he can take Proteus down by making Proteus think that he has gone over to the dark side.

Leo and Greenlee enter Leo's condo, prompting Greenlee to say, "We aren't starting a new life at the condo you and Laura shared." Leo assures her that he's just there to gather up his things. Greenlee, sensing his pessimism, asks what's wrong. The short list, Leo replies, is that his cousin was just gunned down, his best friend was almost killed falling off her horse and he just wasted the last 5 to 6 months of his life being married to the wrong person. Leo laments that we don't get a contract when we are born telling us how long we will live, that every second and every breath is precious and there's no guarantee for happiness. He promises Greenlee he will never take her for granted. Greenlee assures Leo that no one has ever loved her as much as he does. While Greenlee helps pack Leo's things, Leo discovers the letter he wrote Laura telling her he wanted a divorce so he could be with Greenlee. He had thrown it away and never gave it to Laura. He is astounded that Laura must have fished it out of the trash and read it.

In the lobby of Pine Valley Hospital Vanessa approaches Jake and asks his advice on how to tell a family member of a death. It seems it has fallen upon Vanessa to tell her sister, who is Mary Frances' mother, that Mary Frances is dead. Vanessa was curious if Jake would have any additional news about Frankie's death that she could tell her such as suspects or clues. Jake firmly tells Vanessa she needs to get that information from the DA and that he is not a liaison between the police department and City Hall. When Jake leaves to check on a patient, Vanessa, greatly displeased at Jake's refusal to give her information, makes a call on her cell phone.

Bianca opens her eyes in the emergency room with Erica by her side along with her uncle Jack and Erica's attorney, Chris. When Erica tells Bianca that Frankie is dead, Bianca becomes agitated upon hearing the news, confessing she doesn't remember anything. Erica assures her it was a tragic accident. Jack, feeling uncomfortable in his role as the DA, asks Bianca if she can tell him anything about the events surrounding Frankie's death. Erica counsels Bianca not to say another word. Bianca asks Jack is Frankie really dead. He responds that she is.

Jack becomes impatient with Erica's coaching of Bianca's responses to questions about the event He takes her aside and cautions her not to interfere. Erica justifies her behavior of defending Bianca by saying it is to soon to be questioning her daughter about events she doesn't remember. Jack wants Bianca to regain her memory without Erica's influence. Bianca implores her uncle to take Erica out of her room. When Jack escorts Erica out of Bianca's room, an out of control discussion occurs between them. Erica accuses Jack of being a cutthroat DA with a political agenda lusting after someone to prosecute as well as forgetting he is Bianca's uncle. Chris steps between a confrontational Jack and Erica, as she challenges Jack, "Are you implying that I am somehow involved with the shooting. Chris demands Erica to be quiet and advises Jack to back off.

Jack, seeing Detective McGill enter the hospital, approaches him. He tells the detective that there was a boy with Frankie Stone before she died and that Bianca walked in on them. He also suspects that Erica is running interference for Bianca possibly out of maternal concern and wants the detective to question Bianca without Erica there to influence her answers. Jack asks Erica to come to the police station to answer questions. Before leaving for the police station, Opal appears at the hospital totally distraught about coming home to the crime scene at her house. Erica fills her in on the details of Bianca's accident and asks Opal to look after Bianca while she goes to the police station.

Before Opal can go into Bianca's room, Vanessa confronts her. Vanessa is hoping Opal will tell her information about Frankie's death but when Opal refuses, Vanessa implies that maybe Erica is the guilty one since she had attempted murder before. Opal defends her loyalty to Erica by telling Vanessa to 'bring it on and make her day.' She advised Vanessa "to run on out of here before I scratch that homicidal itch you're giving me."

When Chris and Erica arrive at the police station, Jack tells them the gun that Erica gave to the police is not the one that killed Frankie. The bullet came from a gun registered to Chris. Chris can't account for his backup gun, saying it was stolen from the limo where he kept it. Erica confesses she and Chris are the only ones who have keys to the limo. Jackson tells Erica she is free to go home for now.

As Jack leaves his office to talk with one of the detectives, Vanessa breathlessly enters the police station. Determined, she quickly approaches Jack, telling him she knows who killed Frankie. She heard Erica say she would kill her. Jack was astonished by her declaration.

Chris talks privately to Erica in Jack's office. He demands she tell him the truth and that if they don't work together as a team, he can't help her. He knows she is protecting Bianca and that there are three people who have keys to the limo: "You, me and Bianca." Chris asks Erica who else would have motive, opportunity and means to shoot Frankie. "I did. I killed her," states Erica.



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