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Bianca believed that Erica had killed Frankie, but it turned out that Erica was actually protecting Bianca. David stole a vial of Dixie's blood. JR did not enjoy his first therapy session and yelled at his parents. Mateo and Hayley pretended to be splitting up in an effort to trick Proteus. Anna spied David giving money to Roger. Mia revealed to Liza that she had once given a child up for adoption. Liza secretly plotted to gain full custody of Colby. Hank introduced himself to Opal and later rescued her when Palmer confronted her.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of December 3, 2001 on AMC
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Monday, December 3, 2001

Laura gleefully hints to Greenlee that she's going to spill her secret to Leo. Determined to tell his side of the story, Tad attempts to explain himself to JR but the boy angrily refuses to listen. Unable to recuse himself due to the lack of another available prosecutor, Jackson instructs Miguel to make his case absolutely airtight. After confessing to murder, Erica asks an appalled Chris to use his special skills to frame the boy Frankie was in bed with just before she died. Meanwhile, Miguel and his officers bring a search warrant to Tad's house after finding JR's fingerprints at the scene of a crime. Though Leo reminds her of their travel plans, Greenlee eagerly puts the trip on hold following a call from Val at Enchantment. After the police discover a small stash of marijuana in JR's bedroom, Miguel takes the boy down to the station house for further questioning. Changing her tale with every new breath she draws, Erica claims that the shooting was an accident but Chris points out to his client how her story is full of holes. Greenlee hurries to the loft to see Jake but is taken aback when Pat saunters out of the bedroom wearing only her lover's shirt. Erica is placed under arrest after Frankie's locket turns up at her house.

Tuesday, December 4, 2001

With just hours before JR's scheduled appearance before a judge for his parole violation, Adam showed up at Dixie's house to work out a strategy for how to handle their son's latest legal trouble. JR appeared indifferent about his potentially difficult legal situation. He snapped that he was sure his father would sleep with another judge to keep him out of jail. "I sabotaged my marriage to save your irresponsible behind," Adam snapped. JR merely rolled his eyes. Dixie was ready to discuss strategy and asked when Barry would be arriving. She was stunned when Adam revealed that his attorney would not be showing up. Dixie assumed that Adam had some sort of shady deal ready to help keep their son out of trouble. Adam tried to explain that he had no such dealing planned, but before he could say a word Dixie announced that she supported any underhanded chicanery that Adam might have planned. Liza appeared in a nearby doorway and Adam turned to greet her. He mentioned to her that JR feels that he is entitled to a "free ride" to get out of trouble. Liza remained silent. Adam handed Dixie the card of a psychiatrist that he said could give their son the help he needs. Adam questioned why they hadn't gotten JR professional help during his first bout with drug use. Dixie took a deep breath and asked to speak to Liza in private. "This whole thing sucks," JR grumbled as he walked out of the room. "I need to call in my marker with you," Dixie said. Dixie worried that if Adam didn't "pull string" JR would end up in jail. Liza was perplexed by Dixie's request to let Adam cheat and scheme. She believed that Dixie was panicking because of her marital problems with Tad. "I sit around and wait for everyone else to do what's right. That's just not working for me any more," Dixie snarled. As the two women talked, Adam blasted his son for lying about his drug use. "It was just a little weed," JR sighed. Adam reminded his son that he was on parole. He then asked what would have happened if JR had still been in bed when whoever murdered Frankie showed up. "Would you have been able to protect yourself?" he asked. JR was quiet. Adam returned to the room and Liza had still refused to cooperate with Dixie. Dixie angrily told Liza that she hopes she never has to go through something similar with Colby. With that, Dixie stomped away.

Fresh from a bitter encounter at Enchantment with Val, Erica's secretary, in which she was told that her help at the company was not needed, Greenlee showed up outside Jake's loft and began pounding on the door. Inside, Jake and Pat had just sat down for some breakfast. Jake carried on as though he didn't hear Greenlee, but Pat wasn't as able to ignore the incessant banging. Dressed in Jake's Stanford t-shirt, Pat walked over to the door and allowed Greenlee inside. Pat agreed to allow Greenlee and Jake to talk, saying that she'd wash up and get dressed. "You just try to save the cosmetics industry before I get back," Pat groaned as she headed off to the bathroom. Greenlee badmouthed Jake's relationship with "Florence Nightingale." Jake noted that Florence Nightingale was a nurse - and Par is a physician. Greenlee claimed to be seeking out a floppy disk that she might have lost during her move to her new apartment. Jake surprised Greenlee be revealing that he had made copies of all of her work and put it on his laptop computer for safe keeping. Greenlee was thankful for Jake's help, but put off when he claimed that he was no longer interested in her. Greenlee claimed that she had only accepted Leo's proposal because Jake hadn't offered her anything better. Jake lectured Greenlee on the dangers of "settling." Greenlee stormed out of the loft and headed back to Enchantment. Later, Pat, fully dressed, was annoyed by Jake's inability to take his mind off of Greenlee. She reached for a glass of milk and dumped it over Jake's head. "Wake up, Jake. You want Greenlee back and you're the only one in this room that doesn't know it."

Leo showed up at Greenlee's old office at Enchantment toting a log, a log that he said he wanted to use to start a fire. He then produced a skimpy red negligee that he envisioned Greenlee wearing in front of that fire. Greenlee suddenly concocted an idea to hire Leo to help her out at Enchantment. Leo promptly reminded her that she didn't have the authority to hire or fire anyone. When Val called to tell Greenlee that a client meeting was about to begin, Greenlee pretended that it was Erica on the other end. She chattered on as Val tried to figure out what she was doing. In the end, Greenlee claimed that Erica had given her permission to hire Leo.

Vanessa dropped by Leo and Laura's condo to demand restitution from Laura for ruining her son's life. Laura was furious by Vanessa's amusement in the television program that had poked fun of her wedding day. "You did look like a drowned rat, didn't you," Vanessa chuckled. Laura accused Vanessa of being a fan of the show, but Vanessa quickly corrected her; she was a contributor - she had sent the wedding video to the television program. Laura threatened to sue Vanessa for slander, but Vanessa was not at all concerned. Cornered, Laura decided to wage another attempt to get Vanessa to back down. Laura tried to appear unshaken by what Vanessa had done. "I am dealing with a woman whose own family pretends not to know her. Her husband won't even write her in his Will. You're the town joke, Vanessa." Vanessa stepped towards Laura until she was just a matter of inches from her face. "Little girl, I am not a joke," Vanessa said with an eerie twinge of rage. "And you have no idea what I am capable of. So if you have any brains left in that addled little head of yours, you never confront me this way again. I am one woman you don't want as an enemy." Laura looked on in stunned silence as Vanessa picked up her coat and walked out of the condo.

At a breakfast meeting at BJ's, Brooke chattered on about an upcoming Tempo article on gun control. Edmund didn't want to talk shop, but Brooke prevented him from talking about what was on his mind: Laura's mental health. As Edmund tried to convince Brooke to have Laura checked out, Leo entered the restaurant and urged Brooke to listen to her colleague. Brooke was furious to learn that Leo had taken Greenlee with him to the condo to clean out his belongings. Later, Brooke reluctantly admitted that her daughter was beginning to unwind. She angrily fought off Edmund's attempts to comfort her. Upon showing up at the condo, Brooke found the place pretty much emptied. Not only had Leo cleared out his things, but Laura's belongings were gone as well.

Wednesday, December 5, 2001

Brooke walked through the empty condo looking for clues at to where Laura might have gone. She called Edmund at the office and told him what was going on and asked him to check for a message from Laura. He didn't find one and could tell Brooke was upset. Within minutes Edmund arrived at the condo to give her support. Brooke was very upset and Edmund told her she didn't have to do this alone anymore. He put his arms around her and she leaned on him sadly. She told Edmund she didn't know why she wouldn't listen to him when he told her Laura was acting strangely. As she told Edmund about her fear of not finding Laura, the condo door opened and in walked the missing Laura. She was acting very oddly and told her mother she had to "act quickly to get what she wanted." Laura also said she had to "do this alone." Brooke and Edmund wondered what she was talking about and asked where she was moving. Laura was very evasive but finally said she found a "loft space." She was vague on the details but Brooke quickly figured out that she got a loft in Greenlee's building. Brooke went off on Laura, who claimed this was just a temporary situation. Edmund asked when she would find a permanent place and Laura got snippy, saying she wasn't a child anymore, she was married. Brooke jumped in and said "Not for long!" which made Laura furious. Brooke went on to say that Leo would want a quick divorce and that she now realizes that Leo never wanted to be married to Laura in the first place. Laura screamed at Brooke and Edmund and demanded that Edmund take her mother away. Brooke told her she needed to see a shrink and Laura said the only reason she's behaving this way is because Greenlee drove her to it. But finally she agreed to see a psychologist. Brooke looked relieved and said seeing a psychologist was the right thing to do and Laura woodenly agreed. Brooke offered to help pack up her clothes and Laura accepted. Brooke went into the bedroom and Laura turned on Edmund, saying it was all Edmund's fault that her mother wanted her to see a shrink.

In her office at Enchantment Greenlee rushed around getting things ready for the meeting with representatives from Lacey's. Leo grabbed her for a kiss and Greenlee demanded that he help her with the meeting. She said it was her "once in a lifetime chance to shine." Leo couldn't understand why Greenlee cared so much about impressing Erica. Greenlee stopped what she was doing and told him Jake would understand completely. Leo was a bit surprised by this and said he didn't want to fight about Jake. He agreed to help with the meeting but said he didn't know anything about cosmetics. Greenlee told him to follow her lead as they heard a knock at the door. The Lacy's employees walked in and showed Greenlee the front page of The Exposer, saying Erica was charged with murder and ruined for life. Greenlee was taken back for a second but managed to pull it around, reminding them that Erica is innocent until proven guilty. They still weren't convinced that their company could continue to do business with Enchantment because of the bad publicity. Greenlee was doodling on The Exposer cover as Leo told them they might just benefit from this publicity buzz because Erica will be found innocent. Greenlee held up The Exposer, and showed her alterations. Where it had previously said "Erica Arrested," Greenlee had scribbled "Positively Arresting." They agreed to stick with Enchantment for the time being and Greenlee handed them a new contract she had the lawyers prepare. The Lacey's reps say they have to get it approved but it will be contingent on Greenlee handling the account. She was thrilled. They left the office and Greenlee and Leo laughed with joy. Greenlee asked Leo to walk them to the lobby and as soon as he left she called Jake. She left him a quick message saying she had pulled off a miracle today.

Bianca was asleep in her hospital bed as Opal sat across the room reading the Exposer. She gasped in horror and woke Bianca up. Opal tried to cover up but finally told Bianca that Erica had been arrested for Frankie's murder. There was a knock on the door and in walked JR, looking very nervous. He asked Opal if he could speak with Bianca alone and she left the room. JR sat down next to Bianca and told her how sorry he was to hear about her friend Frankie. She could tell he was upset and he told her he knew Frankie meant a lot to her, he'd seen it in her face when she found them together. Bianca realized then that JR was the boy she'd seen in bed with Frankie. JR said he'd had no idea that Frankie and Bianca were together, that he'd just met Frankie that day in the park. He adamantly told Bianca that he didn't have sex with Frankie, things never got that far. Bianca asked if Frankie seemed angry or upset when he found her in the park. JR said she seemed like she was trying to prove something, making things move too fast between them. Bianca looked hurt and JR asked if she was ok. She fell back on her pillow and said "The girl I was crazy about is dead and my mom's arrested for her murder. I'm just great." JR tried to comfort her but she turned away from him.

Meanwhile in the hospital lobby David gave Roger a list of rules to follow as he was being released. Roger scoffed at them and said a heart attack sounded like a pretty good way to go compared to what was probably going to happen to him. Roger continued having a pity party for himself, complaining that he had no money, no job, no place to go. David handed him a wad of cash and Anna watched the transaction. Roger left and Anna joined David but didn't let on that she had seen what had just taken place. She did try to get him to tell her what he'd been doing lately but David wouldn't reveal anything. Anna asked him to go to lunch but said he could pay since he didn't seem short on cash. David wondered what that was supposed to mean but got distracted when he saw Dixie standing alone. He rushed to her side and asked why she was in the hospital. Dixie told him that she and JR were there to visit Bianca. She wondered why he didn't seem very upset that his cousin Frankie had been murdered and David said he had never really known Frankie but he did think it was a sad loss of a young life. Dixie went off on him saying he tried to ruin JR's young life and that JR had been questioned about Frankie's murder because his finger prints were on file with the police due to David's using JR to get at Dixie. David tried to apologize but Dixie wouldn't listen. She told him not to come near her again and then wobbled a bit on her feet. David sat her down quickly and grilled her on her health. She told him to leave her alone and stormed off. David went back to Anna, who asked what his feelings for Dixie were. David told her it wasn't open for discussion. Anna told him that she thought perhaps they were moving towards something but she won't stand by and watch him "fawn" over Dixie. David said it was her call and walked off.

Dixie returned to the lobby and found Opal who told her about Erica being arrested. Opal went on about the police needing to find the boy that was with Frankie and Dixie stopped her, saying that JR was that boy. Opal was stunned. Dixie told her JR was with Bianca right now telling her that he was the one with Frankie when she walked in on them. Opal though this may be a good time for Tad and Dixie to patch things up but Dixie said no way. Opal was very flustered and said she needed to get home to get some sleep. She asked Dixie to give a package to Bianca that she had forgotten to give her earlier. Opal gave Dixie a hug and left the hospital in tears. Dixie took the package and went into Bianca's room. She gave it to Bianca, who took one look at the handwriting and threw it down. She recognized it as being from Frankie. Dixie and JR offered to stay with her while she opened it but Bianca refused. They left her alone and she looked at the package, and then threw it in a drawer. She turned on her side, saying "Damn you, Frankie."

David stopped a nurse who was taking blood samples to the lab. He volunteered to take them for her since he was going that way. In the elevator he looked through the names on the samples and found the one he wanted. He pocketed the vial of blood.

At BJ's restaurant, Opal ordered up some food to go. As the waiter took her order to the kitchen she hunted through her purse for her wallet. She realized she'd left it at home and moaned that she didn't have any money. A handsome man came up from behind her and offered to buy her meal. It startled Opal, who turned quickly and whacked the man in the stomach with a curling iron she'd taken out of her purse.

Thursday, November 6, 2001

At the hospital, Dixie notices David carrying a tray of blood samples. She is suspicious and asks him why he is doing a lab tech's job. David innocently explains he was just being a nice guy and helping out the busy staff. They are interrupted by Bianca's screaming. Entering the room, they try to comfort Bianca who had a nightmare about seeing Frankie in bed with JR.

David tries to empathize with Bianca telling her he knows what it's like to lose someone you love. He tells her about losing his father to suicide. Bianca opens up to David telling him a little about her relationship with Frankie and Erica's interference. He asks if she thinks her mother was the one who killed Frankie. Bianca doesn't know what to believe anymore. She wonders if maybe Erica was right all along and Frankie was just using her. Bianca is worried about another thing, what really happened the night of the murder? She can't remember anything after seeing Frankie in bed with JR.

David reveals to Bianca that he is arranging a memorial service for his cousin Frankie. Since he didn't know Frankie very well, he asks for Bianca's help. Bianca confesses that maybe she didn't really know Frankie either, but agrees to help in any way she can. When David leaves, Bianca turns on the television news to see that it is the day for Erica's arraignment. She dresses, then makes her way to the courthouse for a confrontation with Erica.

Dixie leaves Bianca's room, to ask the nurse if she could find out the results of her blood test. The nurse calls down to the lab then informs Dixie that her sample isn't there. Somehow, it got lost. When David comes out, Dixie accosts him, accusing him of taking her blood sample.

Before her arraignment, Erica is sitting on her cot when she is recognized by her cellmate who introduces herself as Trudee. Trudee is impressed to be sharing a cell with a celebrity and eagerly asks for an autograph. Chris arrives to inform Erica she needs to hire another lawyer, as he doesn't feel he is qualified. Chris has never tried a murder case before. Erica protests claiming he is capable of establishing reasonable doubt by bringing up Frankie's lover. At that moment, Adam arrives angry that Erica is trying to "pin this on my boy!"

Erica is shocked to learn that JR was the one with Frankie. Adam threatens her to leave it alone, then delivers the news that he's lined up a "dream team" of defense lawyers for her. Erica is suspicious though Adam insists there will be benefits for both of them. Erica will be found innocent and JR's name will never become public knowledge. Erica has a different viewpoint of the situation. She thinks it is a conflict of interest. Having been married to the man, Erica knows how ruthless Adam can be. Chris, however, agrees with Adam and thinks it is a great offer. Erica continues to insist that Chris stay on as her counsel. No amount of persuasion will make her change her mind.

Liza is at the park watching Colby on the swings when Mia approaches. She tells Liza how sorry she is. She believes she understands Liza's pain because she too lost a child. Mia tells Liza about how she had to give up her own baby for adoption. For a moment they seem to bond when Liza notices Mia curls her hair around her finger just like Colby does. The moment passes, and Liza abruptly tells Mia they are going home. After Mia leaves, a man comes up to Liza. He is a family lawyer helping Liza to gain custody of Colby. He asks Liza if she is prepared for a nasty fight with Adam in court. Liza is ready. She will do anything it takes to keep Colby.

A flustered Opal accidentally spills her drink on a man at BJ's restaurant. He helps her wipe up the mess and then asks her if she would like to have breakfast with him. They sit together and make small talk. Opal finds out his name is Hank and that he is a traveling insurance salesman. Before she can learn more, Palmer comes in angry that he can't find his son. Opal assures him Petey is fine and dandy at Erica's house where they are now staying. Palmer gloats at how foolish Opal was to invite a stray like Frankie into her home while Vanessa chimes in that now Opal is living with the woman who killed Frankie. Soon, the three are engaged in a shouting match culminating with Palmer proclaiming Opal an unfit mother. Hank steps in and defends Opal. Palmer backs down and he and Vanessa slink away. Afterwards, Hank invites Opal to have dinner with him. She accepts.

Friday, December 7, 2001

Adam meets Hayley outside her condo as she fumbles in her purse to find the front door keys. He thanks her for meeting with him to talk about JR. Hayley appears rattled as she explains to Adam that she's stressed because she has to pick up diapers for the baby at the store and then take them over to Mateo's mom who is taking care of the baby. Adam questions why Mateo isn't helping her with anything these days. Hayley briefly excuses Mateo's lack of attentiveness as she and Adam enter the condo and discover Mateo kissing Simone on the sofa. Mateo quickly stands up and whirls around looking sheepishly upon hearing Hayley and Adam. Adam tells Simone to put her clothes on and she quickly buttons her sweater over her very lacey, very revealing bra.

Mateo defends his actions as protecting Hayley from the rumors flying all over town. Adam, not believing what he is hearing, emphatically repeats to Mateo, "You're having an affair with Her?" This sparks an argument between Mateo and Adam with Mateo declaring to Adam that Adam doesn't tell him what to do in his house. Tearfully, Hayley questions Mateo why he is seducing Simone in their home. Mateo replies it is the best he has had in months causing Adam to forcibly grab his arm. Mateo jerking away from Adam, angrily demands him to leave and when he does, Mateo follows him outside the condo where the argument continues. Hayley joins with Adam, demanding Mateo tell her where he is getting all that cash he is flashing around town. Unseen by the threesome, an unknown male figure watches them at a distance. Hayley and Adam leave as Mateo shouts after her that they are through.

Hayley later meets Mateo at their secret hiding place. They compliment as well as critique each other on their performance. They argue a bit briefly and then sadly realize for their own safety that it is necessary to continue to give the illusion to others their marriage is over. Mateo's cell phone rings. Proteus tells Mateo, "Well done." Mateo, as well as Hayley, realize Proteus saw everything that happened at the condo.

Meanwhile Simone hastily meets with Dr. McMillan at the condo and tries to explain what was happening with Mateo and Hayley. The doctor cuts her off, saying, "We had an agreement. I don't want to talk about it" as he walks away.

While at Pine Valley Hospital, Dixie questions David the whereabouts of her blood work. It seems to be missing and she believes he took it. David confesses he took it and defends his action because he wanted to send it to a private lab that is the best in the country. He believes they are in the forefront of innovated testing. Dixie is dumbfounded and can't believe what she is hearing. She questions David's authority to intercept her blood work. She accuses him of trying to take control over her life again. As their verbal exchange continues and gets louder, Vanessa suddenly appears behind Dixie and abruptly interrupts them. Livid, she grabs Dixie's shoulder and whirls her around demanding, "Who do you think you are?" David grabs Vanessa's wrist as she raises her arm in an attempt to strike Dixie. David takes Vanessa aside and demands the motivations of her actions. Vanessa questions David's feelings for Dixie and then confesses she is not herself because she can't find Frankie's mother to tell her about Frankie's death. David assures Vanessa he will take care of the memorial service arrangements. Vanessa asks David why he is defending Erica's innocence in Frankie's murder. David counters, asking Vanessa why she feels the need to provoke people. Frustrated, Vanessa leaves the hospital.

While David gazes across from the nurse's station at Dixie, JR returns from his session with the hospital psychiatrist, Dr. Macmillan. JR definitely expresses to Dixie his displeasure about attending these forced counseling sessions. Dr. Macmillan talks with Dixie and JR about the session's ground rules and inquires about the whereabouts of JR's father. Adam hasn't returned her phone call, she replies. JR comments about the reliability of his father as Adam hastily joins him and Dixie at the hospital. JR vents his frustration with Dr. Macmillan and the sessions and wants out of his commitment for continuing them. Adam tells him that he screwed up royally and he will complete his treatment. Dixie is amazed at JR's attitude and is equally furious with Adam concerning his tardiness to the family session. Adam wonders aloud if he has messed up his entire family listing JR's sullenness and defiant attitude and the argument between Mateo and Hayley.

David, still watching Dixie from the nurses' station, makes a phone call and gives instructions to cancel his afternoon appointments. He pulls the vial containing Dixie's blood sample from his pocket, looks at it and replaces it back in his pocket. He then leaves the nurses' station.

Bianca rushes from her hospital room to the waiting area outside the courtroom where Erica's arraignment is scheduled to begin soon. Erica is stunned to see her and tries to console her distraught daughter. Bianca implores her mother to tell her what she knows about Frankie's death. Erica wants Bianca to go home and rest and cautions her not to talk to anyone. But Bianca continues her pleas for the truth. Bianca is confused why Erica has been arrested. Bianca tearfully asks Erica, "I killed Frankie, didn't I?" She accuses her mother of covering up for her but Erica denies it. Bianca, now in desperation, goes over the past events trying to fill in where her memory is lapsed. Erica assures Bianca she knows that Bianca didn't do it. And when Erica states that Frankie deserved to die, Bianca concludes that Erica must have killed Frankie. "You did it, didn't you, mom?" she asks Erica.

Chris Stamp appears in the courtroom corridor as Erica attempts to quiet Bianca's loud voice. Bianca becomes uncontrollable and accuses Erica of killing Frankie to keep Frankie from loving her. Distraught and feeling betrayed, Bianca shouts at her mother, "I hope they find you guilty" and runs from the courtroom lobby. Erica frantically pleads with Chris to find Bianca as Erica is led reluctantly into the courtroom for her arraignment.

During the court proceedings, Erica flashes back to her entering Frankie's room at Opal's house. Upon finding Frankie dead on the floor, she picks up the gun lying next to her body and exclaims "Bianca, what have you done?"

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