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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of December 3, 2001 on GL
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Monday, December 3, 2001

Tory tries to assure Blake that nothing is going on between her and Ross, but Blake insists that she "saw plenty." Blake tells Tory and Ross that she doesn't trust Tory. Ross reminds Blake that she is the one who encouraged him to hire Tory. Blake concedes the point, but hastily adds it was for the purpose of helping Ross with his work. She now feels that Tory is spending too much time with Ross and not enough time with friends her own age. Tory realizes that Blake gave her a make-over so that she would start dating; hurt, she tells Blake "I thought you were my friend." Blake responds in kind with "I thought you would go after other men - not my husband!" Blake understands that Tory is sad & lonely but tells her, "you can't turn to Ross." As Tory turns to leave, Ross asks her not to go and tells her "I need you and I don't give a damn what Blake thinks about it." Although Ross assures her that they can find a way to work things out, Tory insists that she can't work for him anymore, apologizes to Blake, and leaves. Ross is furious with Blake and wonders what he did to make her so suspicious, and where her jealousy is coming from. Ross warns Blake that her jealousy will tear them apart. After Ross leaves to go pick up the children, a tearful Blake calls her mother for comfort.

Mel makes sure Rick sees the flowers she received from a "secret admirer." Rick is impressed with Mel when she gives the flowers to a patient. Mel asks Rick point blank if he loves Harley. Rick says he loves her as a friend, and apologizes to Mel for the way things played out with them. After Rick leaves, Mel asks Claire to change her assignment from the ER to pediatrics citing the need for a change of scenery. Later, while tending to a patient, Mel and Rick seem to be occupied with thoughts of one another.

Meanwhile, Gus tells Harley that it didn't look to him like Rick broke things off with Mel. He informs Harley that Rick sent flowers to Mel with a note that was signed "all my love, Rick", and reminds her of the kiss Rick and Mel shared. Gus tries to convince Harley that things were just not meant to be for her and Rick. Realizing Gus' intentions, Harley is furious with him for disguising his come-on by being "Mr. Sensitivity Guy." She then gets him to admit that he orchestrated the whole scene with Mel and Rick, right down to sending the flowers and writing the note. Now agitated, Harley asks Gus "what were you after?" to which he replies "you." Gus moves closer and admits to Harley that he can't get her off of his mind. She pulls away and asks him to leave again and chiding him for his "sick little scheme to wreck (her) relationship with Rick." Before leaving, Gus tries to give Harley his business card. Harley refuses the card saying she threw the last one away. In a last ditch effort to see her again, Gus ask Harley if they can work together, but Harley declines. After Gus leaves, Harley pulls his crumpled business card from her purse, and then tucks it back in the pocket.

Sam lies to Holly that the story he's working on is about the mob moving into legitimate business ventures. When Holly steps away to take a phone call, Buzz questions Sam about the real story and asks how he got the bump on his head. Aware that Sam is trying to cover by saying he got the bump in a fall, Buzz warns him to be very careful in his effort to try to prove himself to Marah. Sam tells Buzz he "just wants to get some bad guys." Against Holly's wishes, Sam leaves Company to return to work. As Holly is leaving Company, she finds Sam collapsed on the front walkway. Holly and Buzz take Sam to the hospital where Mel and Rick prepare to run tests on him.

Tuesday, December 4, 2001

Sam wants out of the hospital, but Rick insists that because he may have a concussion, he must stay. Sam calls Olivia and leaves a message that he's working on a story and she shouldn't expect to see him for the next few days.

When she runs into her at Company, Claire offers Mel the position in pediatrics she had asked for. Claire wonders why Mel is in such a rush to transfer out of the ER and questions her about her motives. Harley, who's been sitting at another table, approaches Mel after Claire leaves and the two decide to lunch together. Harley tells Mel that she knows about her and Rick, and that she's sorry if she's stopped Mel and Rick from taking their relationship further. Harley and Mel dish about men.

Cassie visits Alonzo in the hospital and tells him Will is doing fine after the liver transplant. Alonzo is anxious to get back to his old life. Although Cassie tries to convince him to stay in the hospital a little longer, Alonzo is determined to leave. Claire releases him, but admonishes him to take it easy. Before Alonzo leaves the hospital, Cassie brings Will for a visit. Cassie brings Alonzo home and convinces him to let her hire a nurse to look after him. While Alonzo is reminiscing with Cassie about their night on the island, a visitor arrives -- Alonzo is stunned when he opens the door and finds Camille. Camille tells Alonzo she is very proud of him, and very grateful, for what he's done for their son. She then announces "I want to see my baby."

Ben takes a blindfolded Marah to Inferno and feigns surprise at the news that Marah used to date the owner, Tony. When she sees Catalina, Marah decides that they will stay. When Marah introduces them, Ben gets Catalina to play along with his ruse that the two have never met before. Once they're alone, Ben denies to Catalina that he's up to something, but then tells her that the "offer" for them to help each other is still open. Catalina tries to cut him off at the knees, but Ben doesn't give up. When Marah and Tony bump into one another, Ben and Catalina can't help but notice that they can't keep their eyes off each other while exchanging pleasantries. Ben tells Catalina once again that she needs him to help keep Tony and Marah apart. Ben and Tony start off on the wrong foot when they come face to face. Ben brings up the incident of Catalina publishing Marah's essay on the Internet. When Tony defends Catalina, Marah tells Tony that Ben is telling the truth...Catalina was the one who did it. Tony continues to defend Catalina. As he's leaving, Ben tells Catalina "I did my part, now you do yours." When Marah returns to Inferno to retrieve her coat, she spies Tony and Catalina kissing.

When Harley and Rick meet up at Company, she tells him she had lunch with Mel. A squirming Rick wants to know what they talked about. Harley tells Rick that she knows about the flowers, and she knows about the kiss - then hastily explains that she knows he didn't send the flowers. She tells Rick that Gus sent the flowers and set up the kiss as a practical joke. Rick is furious with Gus, but Harley defends him. Rick tells Harley that Gus is scum, and can't be trusted. Harley tells Rick that Gus thinks she and Gus should be together. Harley denies she has feelings for Gus.

Wednesday, December 5, 2001

Carmen and Gus go over the details of the set-up involving Danny and Michelle. They agree that Gus will arrest the couple when they arrive back in Springfield with the stolen securities. When Carmen tells Gus that "Danny has betrayed me" and he will have to pay a price for such disloyalty, Gus admits he almost feels sorry for Danny. After Gus leaves, Carmen meets with Carlos and tells him that Danny and Michelle's arrest must take place in San Cristobel - nowhere else. She warns Carlos not to underestimate Danny or Michelle. After he leaves, Carlos phones an accomplice and makes plans to double cross Carmen - he will steal the securities, then kill Danny and Michelle to insure their silence. Gus overhears the plan.

Olivia, Josh, and Billy toast to Lewis Construction's stock going public. Josh continues to act the devoted husband. When Olivia receives a page from Alan, she fabricates a story, telling Josh and Billy that the page is from the mason at the lighthouse, and she must go meet with him. Josh later tells Billy that "in 20 minutes, Lewis Construction goes public, and my marriage is over." Sad that he has answered betrayal with betrayal, Josh feels he has lost a part of his soul.

Against his analyst's advice, Alan is champing at the bit to buy all the Lewis stock he can get his hands on. When Olivia arrives, she tells Alan that she answered his page only to say good bye. While Olivia contends their affair is over, self-satisfied Alan insists that she will be back. Suspicious, Olivia asks, "what are you up to?" Alan leads Olivia to the computer, and looking over his shoulder at the screen, Olivia realizes that Alan has purchased all available Lewis stock. A frantic Olivia screams "what have you done?" Alan smugly answers "I've just destroyed your husband."

When Camille complains that she didn't know of Will's illness until now, Cassie reminds her that it was Camille who wanted to cut all ties to the boy. When Camille asks to see Will, a reluctant Cassie acquiesces. In the hallway, Cassie runs into Dax and tells him she's worried about Camille being there. Although she feels badly for being jealous of Camille, Cassie mistrusts her nonetheless. Cassie goes with Camille to the hospital and is visibly troubled by the young woman's penchant for referring to Will as her baby. After their hospital visit, Cassie and Camille meet up with Alonzo and Dax at Company. Camille tells Alonzo she was delighted to see "junior." Although she apologizes for calling Will "junior", she thinks it an understandable slip since she is, after all, Wills mother while Cassie is his "stepmother." To save Cassie from further humiliation, Dax spirits Camille out of Company. Cassie tells Alonzo that now that she has seen Camille in action, she realizes that the woman is "about as far away from honest and simple as they come."

Constance (Olivia) admonishes Reva for reading a book that has been banned in their parish. When John (Josh) arrives, he sides with Reva. In an effort to distract her, John offers to take Constance for a stroll in the woods so that she can see the fox den he found earlier. When a coquettish Constance goes to change her clothes, John warns Reva that she is on the woman's bad side. But, he tells Reva, "when I'm walking with her, I'll be thinking of you." He then recites a love poem to Reva and admits that he "fancies" her. Reva tells him they must proceed slowly.

Tabitha (Tammy) is beside herself when she discovers that Cook has found the letters from Rupert in her room. Reva tries to comfort the young couple, but an enraged Constance sends them from the room. Constance then blames Reva for the young couple's secret romance saying that Reva is not in her right mind. As John looks on, Constance announces that Reva must leave Thronwood at once. When Reva asks Constance "are you dismissing me?" Constance replies "no, I am having you committed to an asylum.

Thursday, December 6, 2001

In an effort to get information from Richard, Edmund suggests they bury the hatchet, but Richard wants no part of it. At Edmund's urging, Lorelei/Beth bumps into Richard. When Phillip arrives, the conversation turns to Will, and Richard says he is happy that he was at least able to give blood for they boy. When Phillip spots Edmund, Beth goes over and creates a scene for Phillips sake, but in reality, she is telling Edmund what she found out; that Richard, Alonzo, and Will all have the same blood type. At first, Edmund doesn't think that means much, but then thinks better of it.

John & Reva Seek Asylum:
Constance (Olivia) suggests to Arthur (Alan) that Reva should be sent to an asylum. Arthur is concerned about his wife's unhealthy interest in John. When Arthur touches Reva, John hits him. Arthur taunts John by saying that perhaps he will spare Reva from the asylum so that he may touch her whenever he pleases, then tells John has signed his own arrest warrant. Knowing their only hope now is to run, Reva tells John that although she knows he's her destiny, she cannot go with him. Before leaving, John tells Reva "trust your heart." Seconds after she arrives in Springfield, Reva lands in Josh's arms. Reva tells Josh that she went back to England 1901 and that she believes Josh is in danger from Alan and Olivia. Josh tells Reva he is aware of the danger the two impose, and asks her to go with him so she can see for herself what he's done about it. Reva is taken aback at what Josh urges her "trust your heart."

Who's Zoomin' Who?:
Olivia tells Alan that he's miscalculated - Josh will make it to the top. Alan insists that there is not way - in fact, by tonight, Alan expects Josh will be so destitute that Olivia will have to choose between the two men. When Alan insists he won't let Olivia go, and tells her he does not believe that passing along the stock information was a slip of the tongue. After he gets a phone call, he tells Olivia that he now owns 51% of Lewis Construction. "I now control your husbands company" Alan gloats. As Alan is tormenting Olivia and urging her to let go of her husband, Josh arrives with Reva. A gleeful Alan announces to Josh that he's arrived just in time to be fired. Josh turns the tables on Alan, informing him that "no, I've arrived just in time to have you arrested." As he is being led away in handcuffs, Alan tells Josh that he now owns 51% of Lewis Construction. Unfazed, Josh informs Alan that he has some "bad news - the stocks you purchased for Lewis Construction; null and void. And by the way, your assets have been frozen." Thinking that Alan's arrest is her salvation, Olivia rushes to Josh's side, but is stunned when she is handcuffed and led away while her husband watches in silence.

Have Your People Call My People:
While lunching at the Towers, Holly warns her daughter to be smart - to at least give the appearance of being honest and straightforward or "you will alienate the man you are trying to keep." Ross arrives to go over some dates with Blake. While they are comparing calendars, Ross asked Blake "and what date are we going to discuss the Tory situation and what you've done to her?" Blake tries to explain her mistrust of Tory to Ross again, but he is adamant that his wife must apologize to his young protegee. So adamant is Ross that he tells Blake "if you don't have the decency to do this, I will." After Ross leaves, Holly urges Blake to trust her husband.

A Woman's Prerogative:
Tory at first seems nervous when Romeo, the bartender at Inferno, begins to flirt with her. It soon becomes apparent though that the young widow can give just as good as she gets. After slipping her cardigan off to expose a more revealing sweater, Tory orders another drink, and openly flirts with Romeo. The two begin to dance, and soon, the couple is kissing. Ross arrives at Inferno but remains in the doorway watching the couple in their fervent embrace. Suddenly, Tory changes her mind about going home with Romeo and pushes him away. When Romeo protests her change of heart, Ross comes to Tory's rescue, offering to take her home.

Friday, December 7, 2001

Just as Danny and Michelle are about to go after their freedom by withdrawing the funds from the bank in San Cristobel , they get a frantic phone call from Meta - Robbie is missing. Carmen shows up at Danny and Michelle's hotel with the boy. Carmen tries to calm the angry parents with her declaration that she's changed. In fact, she asserts she took Robbie to protect him from Mr. Big, who is angry that Danny and Michelle are taking so long. In spite of Michelle's suspicions about Carmen, she and Danny head for the bank where they dupe the bank officer into preparing the negotiable securities for them. But while they are waiting for the loot, trouble strikes. Fearing that security has been breached with Alan's arrest, Phillip is changing the access codes at the very moment the San Cristobel bank is verifying them to finalize Danny and Michelle's transaction. While an elated but nervous Michelle is pacing the room in anticipation of the end of their troubles, she sees the computer screen and the couple realize something is wrong. Danny and Michelle agree that they had better get out of there before they're arrested.

Meanwhile, back in Springfield, Gus is still determined to get Danny and Michelle. Still, he doesn't trust Carmen. When Gus tells the agency that he's learned that Carlos is planning a double cross, and the he wants to go to San Cristobel to keep Danny and Michelle alive, he's taken off the case. Furious that he has worked so hard only to have the "collar" taken away, Gus ignores his orders and heads for San Cristobel. He arrives at Danny and Michelle's hotel room only to find Carmen there.

Alan returns home from his night in jail. He vows to Phillip that Josh and Reva "will pay with everything that is dear to them." Phillip is afraid that Alan's fixation with Josh is getting out of hand. After Alan and Beth/Lorelei have a heart to heart about love, Phillip informs Alan that his attorneys strongly advise him to stay away from Olivia.

Josh pays Reva a visit. Although he feels badly for hurting Olivia, he can't forget that "she was Alan's partner in crime." Olivia shows up at Reva's looking for Josh, and asks him "did you sleep here?" When he tells her he slept at a hotel, she wants to know when he's coming home. Josh tells his wife he won't be coming home. Olivia begs Josh for forgiveness telling him "please don't destroy this, you'll regret it for the rest of your life." Olivia tries to convince her husband that she never meant to hurt him, and that everything she did, she did for him. "What about sleeping with Alan? Did you do that for me?" Josh asks. Josh tells Olivia that it's over, but she doesn't want to give up so easily. She leaves declaring to Josh that "you'll change your mind."

As she's leaving the house, Olivia runs into Reva and tells her "well, you won again." The two women have it out and it's clear that Olivia blames Reva for all her troubles. Olivia reminds Reva that they were once friends, and that she saved Reva's child. Reva remembers that, but she also remembers how Olivia stepped in and took over her life not once, but twice.

Distraught over all she's lost, Olivia goes to the Towers and heads for the balcony. Fearing that she's about to jump, Alan rushes over there to stop her. Olivia informs Alan that she's not going to jump, that she was just thinking about how good it would feel to push him over the edge.

Certain that every event she has witnessed in the past is connected to the future, Reva is determined to go back. She tries to convince Josh that she needs to go back so that she can learn the truth. Josh wants her to forget about the picture. When he leaves the room to get a drape to cover the picture, Reva goes through it. Josh returns to find Reva gone.

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