One Life to Live Recaps: The week of December 3, 2001 on OLTL

Alex took Asa's ashes to St. Blaze Island, where Asa was in hiding as Jeb Stuart. Bo had questions for Max and Gabrielle. Todd successfully stopped Blair and Starr from leaving Llanview. Blair and Todd were married in a surprise third wedding.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of December 3, 2001 on OLTL
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Monday, December 3, 2001

Seth comes to the modeling agency with an urgent message for Jen which gets intercepted by Peg. Though Troy again attempts to convince her to nail Lindsay for her crimes, Nora explains why she no longer feels the need to dwell on the past now that the future looks so bright. Undaunted, Troy decides to take Lindsay down himself by setting a tender trap. Questioned by Bo, Gabrielle haughtily denies having anything to do with Asa's untimely demise. Antonio shows Cris the progress he's made in tracking down the hit man. Meanwhile, Keith arranges to bump into Jen, who blithely reveals details about her next photo shoot. After Sam calls her on the lie about going shopping with Keri, Nora invents an excuse to explain away the discrepancies in her story. Max comes to Gabrielle's defense in front of the police commissioner, who then points the finger of suspicion in a new direction. Nora finally comes clean with an angry Sam about the experimental treatment she's undertaken in an effort to reclaim her memory. Out of Bo's earshot, Max and Gabrielle each accuse the other of murder. Asa is revealed to be alive and well.

Tuesday, December 4, 2001

Todd arrives at Llanview Airport with the baby. At the same time Blair arrives with Starr on their way to Switzerland. Starr is still saying she does not want to leave town. Blair hears a baby crying and thinks it sounds like hers. Todd is trying to quiet the baby and finally does so by giving him a bottle as Blair begins to look around for the baby. Blair continues to look for the crying baby and Starr tells her to stop that she is acting weird, that it is not their baby who is dead. Starr tells Blair it would be better if Todd were here and Blair tells her it would not be better because Todd has done something. She then has a flash back about the conversation with Bo when he asked her about the poison and the receipt with her handwriting. They determined that Todd had forged Blair's signature to pin Asa's "murder" on her. Todd arrives at the house, finding Blair and Starr not there. Someone comes to the door and it is the nanny. She finds and shows a note that Starr left for Todd telling him that Blair is making her go to Switzerland to visit Dorian and Cassie. Todd is upset at the news and leaves to go to the Airport to try to stop Blair from leaving. At the airport Starr continues to argue with Blair about not going to Switzerland. Blair tells Starr that she might have to go to prison if they stay - Starr tells Blair that Todd can fix anything. Blair promises that if they go they will come back and Starr finally reluctantly agrees. Blair got the tickets, was about to board the flight when Todd arrives at the airport and calls out her name.

Antonio and Cristian have the New York Police staking out Keith's place. Someone comes to the door - it is Jessica and Seth looking for Cristian. Jessica tells Cristian that a guy is looking for him. Cristian wants to know why Seth is with Jessica. Jessica told Cristian that Keith had come into the coffee shop after he left saying that he knew him from art school. He asked where he could find Cristian. Jess told Cristian that when she wouldn't tell him that he attacked her. Cristian asked if he had hurt her and she told him that Seth had saved her. Cristian told Antonio that Keith could still find Jen. Antonio tells Cristian that Jen is back in Llanview. Seth and Jess tell them that Jen is still in New York. Seth had gone to the modeling agency looking for her. Antonio leaves to check with the police. Keith calls Cristian and tells him not to tell Antonio or the police but that he is with Jen, that he is watching her and if he tells anyone comes to the agency, he will watch Jen die, "up close and personal." He then tells Cristian to come to the agency in 5 minutes. Antonio and the officer come back to the apartment as Cristian is trying to leave to go to the agency; Antonio asks him where he is going and Cristian tells him he needs to take a walk. Still trying to find a way to leave, Cristian tells Jessica and Seth that he is cold and needs to turn up the furnace, but leaves the apartment. Jen is at the modeling studio getting ready for the shoot when Peg tells her she needs to relax. Jen says she is relaxed as Al comes in and tells Peg not to talk to Jen like that. Peg fumes and Al tells her he could buy the studio and then she would be out of a job. He asks to speak to Jen alone - he tells her she looks great and will be fine. Keith comes into the studio telling Peg he is one of the "extras." Al talks to Jen telling her she means a lot to him "as a friend." Al walks away as Keith comes up behind Jen and asks her if she is ready. Jen looks puzzled and a little upset. Al comes back and asks Jen what is wrong - she tells him there is a guy that keeps showing up and he is creepy. Later Al approaches Keith and lectures him about bothering Jen; Keith tells Al he will apologize; Al tells him to stay away from her. Keith asks Peg where Jen and she tells him she is in wardrobe but not to distract her. Keith lurks behind the clothing rack where Jen is changing. Antonio and the officer return to the apartment saying they have located Jen - then discover that Cristian has left. When Cristian gets to the agency he asks where Jen is and is told she is in wardrobe unaware that Keith is already back there. Peg comes in to get Jen and tells her to hurry then takes her out to the front to check out her outfit. Keith sees Cristian and says "gotcha."

Gabrielle and Max come to see Bo who has accused both of them of murdering Asa. While they are waiting to see Bo, a clerk brings Bo a letter addressed to him in Asa's handwriting. Bo's phone rings; it is Alex. She tells Bo that his father is with her. However, Asa elsewhere, alive and well, in his room reading his obituary in the Sun. He gets angry by some of the statements - grumbles about Todd kidnapping him. He calls Todd at the Sun. He does not talk to Todd but to someone else and complains he is going to sue the Sun for the obituary they wrote about Asa Buchanan. He continues the conversation by disguising his voice and asks how Bo Buchanan's investigation is coming along concerning Asa's "death." They tell him that they are close to an arrest and tell him the suspects are Max Holden and Gabrielle Medina. Asa remarks he can rest in peace. Bo and Alex continue their conversation; Alex was referring to Asa's ashes when she said he is with her. Bo tells her Asa's ashes belong at the ranch. Alex tells Bo she needs more money to do that and Bo tells her he will not give her any more money. Asa's letter to Bo implies that he is dead if he is reading the letter. Bo does not get finish the letter as Gabrielle and Max storm into his office telling him to either arrest them or get the press of their backs. Bo, Max and Gabrielle continue to argue and Bo tells them to wait outside - he will make a list of suspects and may need to talk to them about them. Bo finishes reading Asa's letter, Asa telling him someone killed him that he has known a long time and that there a key in the envelope, that Bo will know what to do with it. Bo puts the key in his pocket. Meanwhile Asa is living the "good life."

Wednesday, December 5, 2001

At the airport, Todd finally locates Blair and Starr as they are about to depart for Switzerland. He's stopped by guards as he tries to go after them without a boarding pass, she denies knowing him. He only wants to talk, he tells her, he's sorry for letting her get away and he can't live without her. When Blair still refuses to listen, he begs her until finally, Starr interrupts. She refuses to go with Blair and insists rather loudly, that her mom listen, while even the guards are pleading with her by that point. Starr yells at her parents to quit acting like children and that they have 15 minutes to talk. While Blair thinks Todd is unable to forgive her lying about the baby, Todd talks about overall forgiveness. He wants to fix them and wants a chance to prove how much he loves her. Blair is thinking that he's had too many chances and now to top things off, she's a suspect in Asa's murder, having been tricked into signing for the chemical involved with his death by Todd. He is adamant that he will not let her be framed and he knows Blair is not involved in that. He admits that he can't promise never to lie or let her down but he wants to make a lot up to her. Starr returns with the guards and the couple embraces. They're both scared but decide to give it a go. While Blair and Starr rush off to stop their luggage from going overseas, Todd makes a quick call to announce their impending arrival home.

Alex arrives on her island with Asa's ashes in hand, while in the adjoining room Asa cozies up to a young woman. He has business to take care of though and tells her he'll see her later. He looks at the latest copy of The Sun, with pictures of Gabby and Max and the headlines TYCOON KILLERS? He drinks a toast to them and celebrates with a song. Next door, Alex speaks to the ashes-she can't believe it, Asa's spirit is visiting her. She orders some beauty services and sprays the room heavily with her perfume. She can even smell Asa's cigar. Asa, going by his old name, Jeb Stuart, calls the hotel manager and demands his neighbor be removed. He can smell perfume that reminds him of his "least favorite ex-wife." He finds out that he'll have to take care of this himself and tries to open the connecting door. He offers money and demands that the door be opened but Alex can't hear him; she's having a massage and wearing headphones, though she swears she can hear a voice just like Asa's. When the massage is through, Alex asks the young man to help her to reach Asa's spirit and they begin to call him. Asa can hear the chanting and is being driven crazy. He obtains a key to the shared door between the rooms.

Bo hands a key to a fellow officer (which was in an envelope from his father) and tells her to search for the locker that it fits, probably at the rail station or the bus terminal. Gabrielle and Max are in his office waiting, pondering on the envelope with Asa's writing. They wonder who could possibly be framing them, who would be an enemy of both Asa and them. Gabrielle thinks back and decides that it's Todd, who must be framing Blair as well. Max is disbelieving, especially since Gabby says it's her intuition. She denies having spoken to Todd and gives a rather confusing explanation, mentioning that Asa is the one who told her. They need to prove their innocence and they need to provide a suspect with more than her intuition, Max grumbles. Bo explains what's been going on to Hank, who can't believe that Asa actually set a trap before his death. The officer returns with another envelope, found at the rail station. Inside is a video tape and an audio tape. Bo lets Gabby and Max go, ordering them not to leave the area. He and Hank first view the video, which turns out to be the one of Gabby and Max at the lodge. They stop that and proceed to the cassette tape. It's Max and Gabby speaking of getting rid of Asa and planning his demise immediately.

Cris disappears from his apartment and Antonio calls in for a search. He's not able to answer any of Jessica's and Seth's questions but orders them to remain behind to wait for Cris to call. Jess admits that she can think of other worse people to be stuck with and thanks Seth again for saving her life. She announces that her father convinced her to return to Llanview and that he himself feels closer to her now. They discuss their former relationships with Cris and Natalie and Seth is once again apologetic over what has transpired. He assures Jess that he had no idea that Allison would take control and wonders if Jess will ever forgive him.

At the modeling agency, Al runs into Cris and tries to toss him out. Jen hears Cris' voice and takes off, locking herself in a dressing room. Keith goes after her as Cris explains all to Al and frantically searches for her. Keith bluffs Jen into opening the door where he forces himself in and locks it behind him. He tries to force her into following his directions and as Jen argues with him, Cris hears her voice. He breaks into the room where he and Keith engage in a fight and Cris is knocked out. As he's lying on the floor, Keith picks up a piece of heavy lighting equipment to slam onto him but Jen finds a can of hairspray and quickly sprays it into his eyes. The cops storm in and arrest Keith, Cris awakens but passes out again.

Thursday, December 6, 2001

Cristian lays unconscious on the floor as the police arrest Keith and take him away. Antonio tries to get Jen to leave the room and give him some space, but she refuses to go. She's very thankful that Cristian showed up and saved her life. That's what he's been trying to do all along, Antonio tells her, but refuses explain exactly what he means as the paramedics show up and take Cristian to the hospital. At the hospital, while Jen and Al wait outside the room, Cristian is examined and found to have a concussion. Jen asks to see Cristian and enters his room.

Asa is about to open the connecting door and confront the annoying woman next door when Nigel rushes in and stops him. They're trying to keep a low profile, Nigel reminds him, at least until the transfer of the ownership of the island from Asa Buchanan to 'Captain Jeb Stuart' is complete. By faking his death, Asa is breaking many laws, including defrauding the insurance companies and Nigel worries about getting caught. Asa tells him not to worry, he will keep Nigel out of it. Nigel convinces Asa to go and get something to eat and the two of them leave. Alex then enters, having convinced the masseur to give her a copy of the key. The masseur also told her that Captain Stuart is a rich man, so she takes off her robe and climbs into his bed, saying to herself that Captain Stuart is about to become her next ex-husband.

Gabrielle tells Max that she thinks that Todd is behind the plot to frame them for Asa's murder. She 'speculates' that Todd was helping Asa with his first plan to appear dead to get back at Max. But when Asa didn't 'die', Todd decided to go ahead and kill Asa for real and put the plan in motion anyway. Max wants to confront Todd himself, but Gabrielle convinces Max to let her do it, knowing that Todd will spill the beans about Gabrielle being in on the original plan. She goes over to Todd's house, but runs into Starr outside. Starr bluntly tells her to go away, Todd is busy getting married. Todd comes outside and finds Gabrielle there. He agrees to talk with her and sends Starr back inside. After Gabrielle leaves, Max overhears Hank ordering arrest warrants be issued for himself and Blair. In his office, Bo continues to listen to the tape of Gabrielle and Max discussing Asa's murder and seems to hear something suspicious about it.

Heading back from the airport in a limo, Blair is very worried about what Todd has in store for her. In fact, when the arrive home she doesn't even want to go in the front door because she's scared about Todd's 'surprise'. But she does go in and finds that Todd has planned another wedding for them. Viki and Ben and Sam are all there, and Andrew is there to perform the ceremony. I can't marry you Todd, Blair says, worrying him for a moment. But then she says it's because she doesn't have a dress to wear or anyone to stand up for her. Just then Kelly and Cassie reveal that they are there and Blair is thrilled and gives them a big hug. Cassie has some jewelry for Blair to wear from Dorian, since she won't be able to make it to the wedding. Andrew asks to speak to the bride and groom and Cassie and Kelly have a brief conversation about Kevin. Cassie tells Kelly that Kevin is a wonderful guy and she hopes they will be happy together. The girls go upstairs to get Blair dressed, but Todd panics when he learns they went upstairs. He rushes upstairs and checks on the baby, who is still hidden and doing fine. After he goes outside and runs into Gabrielle, Blair comes down the stairs in a beautiful wedding gown. They are all ready to begin, but Todd is nowhere to be seen. Blair goes to look for him and stops suddenely when she hears the sound of a baby crying.

Thursday, December 7, 2001

Bo becomes suspicious of the tape that Asa left him. He believes that it was faked. He tells Hank to hold off on arresting Max and Gabrielle.

Blair avoids discovering the baby. Later she and Todd get married, finally.

Both Alex and Nigel are alarmed to see the other in "Captain Stewart's" room. Nigel says that he works for him. When he realizes that Alex is interested in the good captain, Nigel passes him off as gay, ugly, and married. She finally backs off when he says he is bankrupt. Nigel agrees to help her spread "Asa's" ashes.

Cristian tells Jen that he lied to her. Relieved, she admits that she never stopped loving him. This does not make an eavesdropping Al very happy.

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