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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of December 10, 2001 on GL
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Monday, December 10, 2001

by B.L.

Danny and Michele are in the bank in San Cristobel , waiting for the banker to prepare the $25 million in securities and they notice the computer is downloading the new pass codes that Phillip has entered. They panic and try to leave the bank before the banker comes back and realizes they are not authorized to withdraw the money. As they make an attempt to leave, the banker comes back to his desk with coffee for the two of them. Michele throws her purse onto the floor in front of him and he trips and spills the coffee into the computer, which shuts down. Michele persuades the banker to let her try the system, in an effort to block him from seeing the new pass codes. She is successful at calling up the last transaction, which went through before the codes were changed. The banker hands Danny a case of securities and they leave the bank. Later, they show up at their villa, where Gus is waiting for them.

When Gus shows up in San Cristobel , Carmen is furious with him and refuses to believe that he is telling the truth about Carlos' plans to double-cross her. She calls his bluff and tries to make him call for backup, then he breaks and confesses that he has been taken off the case. She then orders him to leave and they argue over who is going to turn Danny and Michele in. They are both waiting for Danny and Michele to return with the money.

Mara consoles Josh when she hears the news of Olivia's arrest. Josh tells Mara that Olivia cheated on him with Alan and Mara questions whether Olivia ever told the truth. Mara suggests to Josh that he still belongs with her Mother, Reva. Josh apologizes to Mara for making her and her brother respect Olivia in the first place. As she walks away, she tells Josh to 'trust his heart'!

On the balcony at Tower's, Alan tries to convince Olivia that she does have feelings for him. She slaps his face in a rage. She tells Alan that Josh will forgive her and come back to her eventually. Then she goes into the bar to have a drink.

Romeo tells Tony of Olivia's arrest and Tony feels he has to 'speak' to her about it. When Tony arrives at Tower's to speak to Olivia, she is very drunk. He tells her that he is pulling his business out of the Harbor Project and she continues to carry on in a drunken state.

Ben bumps into Holy and apologizes to her for not getting in touch with her sooner. Holy forgives him and is glad to see him. Ben visits Catalina and gives her a rose and tries once more to convince her that they can both have what they want if they work together.

An outraged Alan leaves Tower's and shows up at Reva's to see Josh. Josh is not happy to see him.

Tuesday, December 11, 2001

Sam came clean to Holly and Buzz about how he got injured. Both want the young reporter to back off the mob story. When Olivia comes to visit Sam, she meets up with Claire in the hall and the Dr. taunts her about her arrest. After getting Sam's test results, Claire determines that Sam not only has a "significant" infection, but it's affecting his heart as well. Olivia tells Sam about her arrest, and that Josh set the whole thing up to trap her. Still, she thinks, Josh will forgive her eventually. As he is resting alone in his room, Sam goes into cardiac arrest. Claire rushes to the room and calls a "code blue."

When she runs into Tony at the Towers, Marah discovers it was he who saved her father's name. The two finally admit that they loved one another. Meanwhile, over at Inferno, Ben and Catalina are at odds once again. When Ben's fraternity brother, Greg arrives, Catalina overhears the two talking about "the bet." Catalina buys Greg a beer in an attempt to get information from him - it works like a charm. Thinking that Catalina knows about the bet, Greg spills the details. Over at the Towers, Marah and Tony realize that had they expressed their feelings sooner, things may have turned out differently. While Marah and Tony are agreeing to be friends, Catalina arrives at the Towers. Before she goes to talk to her former friend, Catalina stops to have a few words with Ben, who is waiting for Marah. Catalina tells Ben that she knows about the bet, that she thinks that it's the most horrible thing a man could do to a woman, and goes on to say "I don't care if Marah was my worst enemy - I'm not going to keep this from her." Ben tells Catalina to have a look at Tony and Marah before she goes over to warn her adversary. Ben suggests that if Marah finds out what he's up to, she'll dump him and go back to Tony. Hearing that, and seeing the former couple talking and laughing with one another, Catalina changes her mind and leaves the Towers without a word.

Alan is certain that the SEC charges won't stick, and tells Josh just that. As the two are exchanging heated words, Alan says that all Josh needed to do to keep Olivia from straying was to satisfy her. Alan further insists that in spite of what Josh thinks, the relationship between Alan and Olivia is one based on love. But Josh warns Alan that Olivia will betray him, as well.

While Josh is still at Reva's house, Holly arrives looking for the former Mrs. Lewis. At first, Josh thinks that she is there to campaign for Olivia, but Holly quickly assures him that she can't defend her friend's actions. Both Josh and Holly are worried about Reva. In fact, Josh worries aloud, Reva may be in a place where if she's in trouble, they can't help her. Holly offers that she has been worried about Reva since she purchased the painting. She tells Josh that it was on that trip to the B & B that Reva first heard her mother's voice saying "trust your heart."

When Alan pages Olivia, she pays him a visit. Alan tries to assure her that he can make the charges go away. When Olivia tells him it's Sam she's worried about, Alan offers to get the young man another doctor. He then goes on to tell Olivia that he will protect her from Josh. Furious, Olivia reminds Alan that it is he she needs protection from, not Josh. She insists that not matter what, she and Alan will never be a couple. In an effort to persuade Olivia that she and Josh are through, Alan tells her that her husband hates her. Alan then fabricates a story about his conversation with Josh - it seems that Josh had nothing but hateful things to say about Olivia, but extolled the virtues of Reva. Olivia tells Alan that she loathes him.

Danny and Michele return to the hotel with the loot, knowing that it's the moment of truth. When Michelle heads upstairs to get Robbie so that the family can leave the island, she is met by Gus, who informs her that the only place she and Danny are going is prison. Gus smugly informs the couple that Carmen is Mr. Big. Although Carmen tries to twist the truth, Danny knows she's betrayed him and his wife yet again. Gus places Danny under arrest. Michelle is livid that Gus set them up. She dresses the agent down for going after Danny for something he didn't do - kill Gus' father. She goes on to criticize him for taking Robbie's father away by setting him up. When Robbie begins to cry, Gus tries to keep Michelle from going to him. She tells him "I'm gong to my son, and if you don't like it, you can shoot me." Michelle then tells Gus that Harley was wrong about him when she said he'd changed - he's still heartless. Just as Michelle heads upstairs to get her son, Carlos and his henchmen burst in demanding the money. Carmen is stunned to realize that she is being double-crossed.

Wednesday, December 12, 2001

Carlos and Bernardo showed up at the villa in San Cristobel and demanded that Danny hand over the securities. Carlos ordered Bernardo to take Michele and Robby as hostages. At that time, Danny provoked a fist fight with Gus as a way to get his hand on the alarm switch. The alarms went off creating an illusion that the cops were right outside and Carlos and Bernardo gave up, which allowed Danny and Gus to restrain them. As they were all discussing who was under arrest, the FBI walked in. Babe, Gus's boss, announced that the FBI was there to arrest Carlos and Bernardo and that Carmen had helped them in this sting, going right over Gus's head to do it. Gus was angry as Carmen told everyone that she did not do business with a little guy like him, she had been dealing with his superiors. Babe apologized to Danny and Michele for having to use them in the sting operation and told them that they were free to go.

Afterward, on the terrace at the villa, Carmen told Gus that he was a nobody and that he would be alone all of his life. She told him that he should let this anger against Danny go or he will be the one who suffers for it. As she went back inside the villa to 'celebrate' with Danny and Michele, they would have nothing to do with her. Danny told her that he was angry with her for putting Michele and Robby in danger and for killing his father.

Sam's health continued to deteriorate, as Doctors Ramsey, Bauer, and Boudreau had to come in with the 'cardiac crash cart' and resuscitate him. Rick and Mel were very puzzled about what would be causing Sam to be so sick. Harley watched them work together through a window and finally went in to speak with them. She tried, without success to convince them that she was born to solve mysteries.

At Tower's, Richard tried to persuade Cassie not to worry about Camille's actions, he reminded her that no one can take Will away from them. Alonzo saw that Camille was upsetting Cassie and took her off to a side table to have a little talk with her. At that time, Camille received a note from one of Dax's aides. She went to meet with Dax and he told her that Alonzo was the real heir to the thrown and was given away at birth by his father, and that it had all been covered up. She was delighted at the thought of becoming a princess. Later that evening, she set up a very romantic dinner for Alonzo in an effort to win him back.

Thursday, December 13, 2001

At the Towers, Richard and Cassie celebrate Wills recovery and their plans to take the boy home to San Cristobel. While Cassie is relieved that the boy's birth mother is returning to Iowa, her relief is tempered by her persistent worry over Camille's intentions. Richard suggests to Cassie that perhaps she should give Camille a chance to show that her heart is in the right place, but Cassie isn't sure that she can accept Camille.

As Alonzo tells Camille that the have no future together, he becomes angry with Camille when she suggests that it's because he wants Cassie. She tells Alonzo that she's upset at the way the Winslows treat her; after all, she too cares about Will. Alonzo assures his former wife that he will never forget her, but she should go back to Iowa. Soon after Alonzo leaves, Dax arrives to find a disappointed Camille. It seems that she's not going to be a princess after all, she tells him. Dax tells Camille it's a pity that she and Alonzo were divorced, and then hastens to tell her not to worry, that he has another plan. "There is still hope; you may yet wear a tiara."

Phillip is relieved to learn that the FBI sting came off as planned, and that Danny and Michelle are both OK. Lorelei/Beth is surprised to learn of the tremendous amount of money that was at stake. Lorelei/Beth tells Phillip that she is ready to divorce Edmund. Phillip offers to contact Ross to handle things for her. He wants to be sure, however, that this is what "Beth" wants, and not just what she thinks he wants. She assures him, it's what she wants, and that she will call him on it if he pushes too much. Phillip is elated.

When Blake arrives at the Towers for her "kiss-and-make-up-date" with Ross, she gets more that she bargained for. It seems there will be a third guest at this intimate dinner party - Ross has invited Tory. Ross wants for the three of them to get things back on track. He tells Blake that she needs to trust their love and realize that Tory is no threat. Tory is reluctant to let it go, but will agree with the condition that she and Blake will be friends again. Blake manages to hide her true feelings about her husband's young assistant and even manages to own up to her mistakes and admit that she jumped to conclusions. Blake agrees to be Tory's friend. When Ross receives a phone call from Phillip, he excuses himself from the dinner party so that he can meet with his nephew. Blake sends Tory along with Ross saying "you're his assistant, go assist him." Blake heads for Tory's hometown in Pennsylvania to dig for dirt on her rival - she's determined to "find the real story on Tory Grainger."

While Phillip is getting the legal wheels in motion, Lorelei/Beth heads off to meet with Edmund. She gleefully announces to her "husband" that they're going to get a divorce. Edmund is somewhat hesitant, and admits that he hates the thought of divorcing Beth. He also concedes that he will miss Lorelei, too. When the subject turns to the settlement the jilted husband can expect, Edmund is surprised to learn that Lorelei intends to give him nothing - "bupkiss, nothing, you're out of the chips."

Friday, December 14, 2001

Beth/Lorelei is having breakfast at Tower's and even though he was not invited, Edmund joins her anyway. He is not happy about the fact that there will be no monetary settlement in their divorce, but Lorelei manages to convince him that he will come out better in the long run. After Lorelei leaves, Tory seeks out Edmund in an effort to explain the legal documents to him. Edmund was quite impressed with Tory and began flirting with her. Tory returned the flirtations. Ross walked into Towers, just in time to see Tory and Edmund and did not seem happy about their meeting.

Later, at the mansion, Beth/Lorelei, Phillip, Ross, and Edmund meet to sign the divorce documents and Beth/Lorelei suddenly has a change of heart, and decides she wants to give Edmund a settlement. Ross recommends that she sign the divorce documents and decide the settlement at a later date.

Holly visits Phillip at the mansion for business reasons and runs into Ross. Ross tells Holly of how he arranged for Blake, Tory and himself to discuss the issues between them and that they worked everything out. Holly tells Ross that she does not believe Blake has accepted the working relationship with Tory and warns Ross that Blake is up to something.

Meanwhile, Blake meets a lady who has known Tory all of her life and begins to tell Blake all about Tory's past.

Josh meets with Reva's friend, Dr. Felicia Boudreau and tells her how concerned he is about Reva being in the past and possibly not being able to return to the present. Felicia tells him that he will have to take a 'leap of faith' to find Reva. Josh goes back to Reva's house and Olivia shows up. Olivia tries to tell Josh that the reason their marriage did not work is because he could never let go of Reva and that Reva was always there, between them. She blames Reva once again for their problems and Josh asks her if it was Reva's fault that she slept with Alan. She tells him that her relationship with Alan was "just sex" and it meant nothing. Josh tells Olivia to leave him alone and leave Reva's house. Once Olivia leaves, Josh struggles with his feelings of finding Reva. He stands in front of the portrait of Olivia and takes a leap into the portrait and into the past, landing in the W.W.II era. There, he sees Alan as a General and German soldiers bringing Reva to jail. Alan then orders that Josh be arrested for treason.

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