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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of December 10, 2001 on ATWT
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Monday, December 10, 2001

It was another drama filled day in Oakdale, and our first stop is at Fairwinds. Barbara's curiosity about James' plan is getting to her as she looks at the latest clue he's left for her. She opens the book he gave her last week and finds a page from a telephone book from Atlantic City. She sees the name, Vincent O'Mally, and makes the connection that it must be someone from Rose's past. "You have been busy," she mutters about James. Just then Jack knocks at the door. He comes in with some disturbing news that his contacts seemed to have lost track of James once he entered Canada, and that James could be headed back to Oakdale. Barbara gently reassures Jack that if "I smell one whiff of cigar smoke, I'll call you." Jack leaves her, not sure whether to believe her or not. James comes out from a shadow and praises Barbara on her calculated handling of Jack. Barbara however, wants to know what James has up his sleeve for Carly, Emily, and Rose. Growing impatient, Barbara says, "It's all I can think about. I want to enjoy this WITH you, WHILE it happens. Not when it's all over." She asks about Vince O'Mally. James shrugs her off saying Vince will just add a note of confusion to Rose and Paul's relationship. This frustrates Babs and she says that his plan "better start happening soon, or the only person who will be eliminated from my life will be you!"

Paul and Rose get hot and heavy at Rose's new place. When they come up for air, Rose gets serious and tells Paul of her dream that "this would be a safe place" for the both of them. Emma stops by with Rose's first piece of mail. On Emma's way out, she invites both Rose and Paul up to the farm for a dinner sometime. Rose is excited about the letter because it looks "like it could be from my pop." As she reads the letter, the excitement drains from her face. "It's from Vince." An old flame. This piques Paul's interest, and he says he wants to know what his competition is like. He asks to see the letter and reads it aloud when Rose gives it to him.

Dear Rosie -

Congrats on your new job. Always knew you had it in you. Will be coming to Oakdale soon. Can't wait to get together again.

Love, hugs, and kisses,


Paul asks Rose if "this O'Mally guy was the reason you didn't move in with me?" Rose says no. She just wants to have a little romance and glamour before they take such a big step and move in together. Rose assures Paul that Vince is a part of her past. James' plan is beginning to work. Paul still asks, "What happens when he gets to town?" Paul is interested in every part of Rose's past with this Vince character. Rose says that she will deal with Vince when he comes to visit.

Tom stops by Hal's to drop off Daniel with Emily. He brings up the missing pre-school letter and how thoughtless it was of Emily to not follow through on something so important for Daniel's future. In front of Daniel, Tom demands that Emily make changes. Their arguments escalate when Hal offers to take Daniel upstairs and away from the shouting. After Hal and Daniel are gone, Tom turns to Emily and tells her, he won't live with her constant inconveniences. And Emily tells Tom she won't live with his rules. Tom says that he and Margo are Daniel's primary caregivers. "Make sure the next time you drop him off, his clothes and toys are clean." Emily asks if there's a slide show that comes with all the new rules. Tom says, "If this doesn't work, we could give family court another try." This stops Emily in her tracks. He then tells Emily that she needs to get Daniel at his place tomorrow by 10 am, or else. After Tom leaves, Hal tells Emily that it's not all Tom's fault. Emily has to bear blame too. Emily says that if she bends, Tom will walk all over her. Hal assures her that they have to make sure that everything goes right. That way, no one will take Daniel away.

Carly yells at Craig for interfering in her career and sending Barbara off the deep end for his own personal gain. She feels used by Craig in his vendetta against Barbara. Craig tells Carly to ask Jack if she doesn't believe him. Craig thinks Jack will corroborate his story and asks Carly why does she think he would sink that low. Carly responds, "Why? Because of Barbara. Because you hate her that much!"

In Craig's suite, Katie is trying on dresses as potential wedding gowns, but nothing seems to be flowing for her, cosmically. Bonnie knocks at the door and they brainstorm how they can acquire the perfect wedding dress for Katie's second wedding to the same man. Katie decides to call Carly and ask her to borrow the dress she made for the BRO fashion show. Carly politely declines her offer out of respect for Paul and Barbara.

Carly hangs up the phone an returns to deal with Craig. Craig can't understand why Carly won't believe him. "I need you to accept my word without hesitation." "I can't do that, Craig." "You'd better try, or else all this time we've spent together will have meant nothing." That's all Carly can take. "I can't do this anymore, Craig. I have to move on with my life." She asks him to leave and it finally looks like Carly has control of Craig. He looks very unsettled. Carly firmly asks him to hold up his end of the bargain, and not sabotage her job opportunity with the French designer. Craig promises he would never do anything like that. He then professes his love for Carly, tells Carly that she too loves him whether she'll admit it or not, and leaves. Outside her door, he phones Jack and asks to meet him.

Not deterred by Carly, Bonnie and Katie try to come up with another way to get a dress that wouldn't ruin the flow of Katie's cosmic marriage. Should they go to a thrift store? A Salvation Army? Wear a white tennis skirt? Use Margo's water-stained wedding dress? Hope a dress falls from the sky? (They both look up toward the ceiling.)

As Carly is packing for Paris, she sees the wedding dress she was planning to wear when she married Jack. She packs it up and brings it to Katie. Katie is excited and accepts the dress as a sign of good karma.

Craig meets Jack at the station where he pleads with Jack to tell Carly that he wasn't involved in helping or hurting Carly at the show. Jack says that even if he went to Carly, she would suspect that "you put me up to it." Besides, Jack wouldn't do Craig a favor anyway.

Barbara needs more information. "Subtle hints will no longer do." James relents, "That's fair. Anything to make you happy Barbara." James details how Carly will soon travel alone to Paris and will be gone for a long time. Emily will soon learn that being a single mother will be worse than she expected. And Rose will be courted by an old flame who will put a strain on her relationship with Paul. "The wheels are in motion. Everything is in control." Barbara has a change of mood and asks James to, "Forgive me. I never should have doubted you."

James reaches up, touches Barbara's shoulder, and says, "It pleases me to hear you say that Barbara. Anything else I can do to put you at ease?"

"Kiss me."

James leans down and kisses Barbara. Who is manipulating whom here?

Tuesday, December 11, 2001

Simon walks into Craig's hotel suite and says hello. Craig says hello as he searches through his desk. Craig asks Simon if he has seen his yellow pages. Simon says that the book is in his room. Craig asks him to go get it and Simon tells him that he can't because Katie is getting ready for their wedding and he can't see her. Craig says that he will go and get it. Simon says that he can't go in there either. Craig says that Katie is his sister and Simon tells him that it is good that he remembers that. Simon reminds him that he is to give Katie away today at their wedding. Craig yells at Simon and reminds him that they are already married. He adds that Carly is leaving for Paris today. Simon tells Craig that there is a sure fire way to fix things with Carly. Craig asks him how. Simon says, "Stop being a selfish, spoiled pig!" Craig tells him to forget it and Simon leaves. Craig waves him off and he gets his coat. Katie walks out and yells Simon. Craig tells her that the coast is clear, Simon is not there. Craig puts on his coat and Katie asks if he is going to be at her wedding to give her away. Craig tells her that he has to go. Katie asks again if he will be there for her. Craig walks out the door and Katie looks upset for a minute and then remembers that she is going to marry Simon today.

Later, Simon comes back to the suite and Katie walks out with a hat on her head, a scarf around her neck and a big coat covering her body. She walks out with her dress in a bag and holding the bag in front of her face. She tells Simon that they can't see each other or touch each other until they are married. Simon tries to take a peek and Katie pulls the dress bag back up to her face. He asks if she is nervous and she says that she is not and she has not ever been so happy in her whole life. She tells him about when she was a little girl and she would play pretend marriage with her stuffed animals. She goes and says that just as the ceremony was about to begin, her stuffed animals would all come to life. She asks Simon if he is having second thoughts yet. Simon tells her that he is not. She adds one more thing about her pretend marriage. She tells him that it begins to snow, inside the church. Simon snickers. She tells him that she knows it all sounds crazy, but it is magic. Simon tells her that he is not sure how many miracles he will be able to pull off today. He adds that today is a miracle in itself and it does not matter what the weather is or who shows up. She looks at him from behind her scarf that she is covering her face with and asks if there is something that he is not telling her. He says that the only thing that he is not telling her is that he is going to spend the rest of his life making all her dreams come true.

Simon and Katie arrive at the church and Simon makes Katie close her eyes and takes her into the sanctuary. He tells her to open her eyes and when she sees the church all decorated she tells him how beautiful everything is. The Reverend of the church comes in and asks if they are ready to get married. Katie turns around with the scarf in front of her face and says, "Are you kidding? Does a bear..." Simon shushes her and tells the reverend that as soon as the guests arrive they will be ready to get married. The reverend tells them that he will be back in plenty of time for the ceremony. As he leaves, Katie asks Simon if there will be guest at their wedding. Simon tells her that her sister is taking care of all that. He tells Katie that they only thing that she has to worry about is looking beautiful and being happy today. She smiles at him, with the scarf still in her face, and tells him that this is going to be the happiest day of her life. She picks up her dress and leaves the sanctuary. As Katie leaves, Simon turns to the front of the church and looks up and says, "Do not let her be alone today, please!"

Later, Simon is walking around the church and Katie walks in looking beautiful in her wedding dress. Simon takes a look at her and tells her that she looks incredible. The reverend walks in and asks if there is some confusion because their guests have not arrived yet. Simon tells him that they will be there shortly. The reverend asks if they have witnesses to stand up with them. Simon asks, "Witnesses?" Then he covers and says that they will be there also. When the reverend walks away, Katie says that they don't have anyone to stand up with them. She adds that there will be no guest showing up because she does not have any friends. As she is feeling down, they hear a door open. Simon tells her that the guests have arrived. Two lambs walk in. Katie tells Simon that her pretend wedding is coming true. The lambs have come to life. The reverend walks in and sees the lambs and says that he can't have any livestock in the church and he leads the lambs out of the church. Simon tells Katie that he is sorry; he tried to make all her dreams come true. Katie tells him not be sorry, she is very happy. Just as she is saying this, it starts to snow inside the church. They both look up and Simon says, "What the...??" Katie says, "Simon, all my dreams are coming true!!"

At Al's Diner, Adam meets Billy outside and Billy tells him that he has a plan to get Brandy to confess about Nick. Billy goes inside and sits down at the counter with Brandy and starts to make small talk. He asks her about her college and they find out that they like old comedies. She tells him that they are showing "Duck Soup" at her campus this weekend. He asks how can he get a ticket. She says that she can take him if he will spring for dinner. He tells her that she is on. He asks her about Adam and she tells him that what she had with Adam was just a stupid prank. Billy asks her to explain. She finally tells him that this guy she knows wanted her to divert Adam's attention so he could get with Adam's girlfriend. As they are talking, Billy sees Abigail walk in. Brandy tells Billy that she regrets what she did one hundred percent. Billy tells her that everyone makes mistakes. She says that all she can do is brush herself off and move on. Billy says that he has to be moving on himself. He says that his boss is a real stickler for being on time. He looks at her and whispers, "I'm self employed." She asks what it is that he does. He says that he is a renaissance man. She gives him her number and tells him not to forget about calling her. He says that he would never forget a beauty like her. He heads for the door and as he gets there he hears Abigail tell the waitress that she is waiting for someone. He goes outside and meets up with Adam. He tells Adam that he got the goods on Nick. They leave to go find Hal.

Molly knocks on Hal's door and Emily answers. Emily tells Molly that Hal is not there and she is very busy. He closes the door in Molly's face and then has a second thought. Emily opens the door and tells Molly to come in. She apologizes to Molly and Molly tells her that she can see that she is very busy. Emily invites her to sit down and Emily brings her a cup of coffee. Molly asks if she is being nice or is she looking for a story. Emily tells her maybe a little bit of both. Molly tells Emily the whole story about Nick. Emily informs Molly that in Abigail's mind, Molly has turned Nick into the hottest thing in pants.

At Carly's apartment, Hal is there to pick up Parker. Carly tells Parker that his mommy is going away for a little while to find a wonderful job. She shows him on an advent calendar how long she will be away. She points out Christmas on the calendar and then she asks him what is the next holiday after Christmas and Parker yells, "My birthday!!" Carly tells him that he is right and then she will be back for his birthday. She tells him to give her a big hug and Parker jumps into her arms. As they are hugging, Carly tells Hal that she doesn't know what she would do without him. Hal tells her not to worry about Parker, he will be taken care of. There is a knock at the door and Carly tells Hal that it must be her cab. When she goes to the door, Jack is standing there. She looks at him and says, "Hi, what are you doing here?" Jack tells her that he came by to say goodbye. He adds that that is what friends do. He tells her that he had some things on his mind that he would like to talk to her about. Hal and Parker leave.

Hal takes Parker to preschool and then goes home. He finds Molly and Emily talking in the kitchen. Before Emily can tell Hal what Molly is there for, Adam and Billy busts in the kitchen and start talking at the same time. Hal tells them to slow down. Billy tells Hal that he and Adam had been doing some investigating and they have some news about Abigail. Molly tells them thanks but she is there to talk to Hal about Abigail. Adam tells her that Billy has got proof that Nick wanted he and Abigail to break up and he did everything he could to make it happen. Billy tells Molly about talking to Brandy and she had admitted that some older dude was trying to hook up with Adam's girlfriend and he was the one that put her up to all this. Molly says that this is great news and she can't wait to tell Abigail. Hal asks Billy if Brandy said what this older dude's name was. Molly tells Hal that this is not a court of law. All they have to do is tell Abigail what Billy had found out. Emily reminds Molly that anything she does could make matters worst. Billy tells them that he could have found out more, but Abigail came in and he heard her tell the waitress that she was waiting for someone. Molly says that she was meeting Nick. Hal tells Billy and Adam to go back to Al's and see if Abigail is with anyone and get back to him. Adam and Billy leave. Hal asks Emily if he can have a minute alone with Molly. She kisses him and leaves the kitchen. Molly looks at Hal and says, "Ok, what is the game plan?" Hal tells Molly to go home and wait for Abigail. He adds that she should not engage anything with her, just listen to her and he will take care of Scudder. Molly asks what it is that he is going to do. Hal says that he is going to make him too afraid to see Abigail again. Molly says thanks, picks up her coat and leaves.

Back at Al's, Nick walks in and sits with Abigail. He tells her that he went to a job interview but had no luck. He tells her that it is hard to get a job without any references. He reminds her that it is going to be bad when his parole officer finds out that he doesn't have a job. Abigail says that she is sorry. She adds that he has worked so hard to change his life and now he is in a lot of trouble because of her. He tells her that he is more upset that she doesn't trust him anymore. She says that she does trust him. She tells him that she wanted to meet him to apologize for asking those questions about Brandy. He tells her that he has to get it through his head that no matter what happens that Adam is going to win. She tells him that this is not a competition. She tells him that he is the only person that she loves and the only person that she trusts. She reaches for his hand. She asks him to please forgive her. He says that he can't forgive her, because there is nothing to forgive. He explains that he overreacted and when you have been kicked around as much as he has been, you tend to be a little gun shy. She tells him that she understands and they should just call it even. He tells her that he has a present for her, but it is at his place. She asks, "What are we waiting for? Let's go." Billy walks up as they are walking out of the diner.

Back at Carly's place, Jack explains to Carly that the last time she was off to Paris to make it big as a designer she was being kidnapped. She adds that she missed the wedding of a lifetime. She tells him that it is nothing like that this time. He tells her that he hopes that she gets everything she wants. She tells him that she wishes the same for him. He says that he would have a better chance of winning the lottery. She asks what it is that he means. He says that when she goes out the door, everything he wants goes with her. She loses her smile and hits him in the arm. She says, "You insensitive creep!" She adds that he makes her so mad that she doesn't know whether to cry or smack him. She goes on to say that for months now she has waited for any sign from him for her to stay in Oakdale. Now, that she is packed, he comes to her door and declares his love for her. She tells him to forget it. She doesn't have to listen to it. He tells her that he did not want to stand in her way of something that she has wanted for a long time. He adds that he stepped aside and look what happened, world famous designer. He says that he just wanted to stop by and say that she should knock those fashion designers on their derrieres. She says, "Merci." She tells him that she promised Parker that on his birthday, she would be standing at his door. He asks when she returns, will she have some time for an old friend and they could talk about the future. As they are talking, at the open door, Craig walks up. He hears Jack's voice and holds back. Jack says that his feelings for her have not changed. He says that if she has room left in her heart for him, he wants to be a part of her life again. Carly closes the door and Craig moves closer. She asks him why he didn't say this before she got involved with Craig. He tells her that if she is in love with Montgomery, then he will deal with it. He adds that he couldn't let her leave the country until he told her that no matter who she loves, no matter where she goes in the world, no man will love her as much as he does. She runs into his arms and says that she had been waiting forever to hear him say those words. Jack asks what about Montgomery. Carly says that it is done. She has already told him that it is over. A car horn starts to blow outside. Jack tells her that they have a lot to talk about when she returns. The horn continues to blow. Carly goes to the door and Craig slinks away. Carly steps outside and yells at the cab driver. She says to knock it off; people are trying to have a life changing conversation. She steps inside and smiles at Jack. She writes down her return information for Jack. She hands him the piece of paper and asks if he will pick her up from the airport when she returns. He says that he will be there with bells on. She says that she doesn't need bells or whistles, just him. She asks, "Just be there?" He says, "No matter what." As they hug, Craig looks at them through the window. Jack helps Carly to the cab. As they walk away, Craig walks up with a bouquet of flowers. He stops in front of her door and says, "That is why we could never talk about love, it is always Jack." He lays the flowers at her door and walks away. Recap --->

Wednesday, December 12, 2001

After Billy mentions seeing Abigail with Nick, Hal decides to pay Nick a visit. However Hal finds Abigail upset leaving Nicks. Hal decides to warn Nick about doing a last goodbye, however, Nick gives Abigail one of his rings and calls it a going-away present. She pleads with him not to go but Nick claims Molly has made it impossible for him to stay. Devastated that he's leaving Oakdale, Abigail hands back his ring and then runs out in tears. Hal confronts Nick and suggests in no uncertain terms that he leave town and never see Abigail again. Molly comforts her daughter and guesses that the problem is over. Meanwhile, Nick makes a mysterious phone call.

As snow falls inside the chapel, the Reverend reveals to Katie and Simon that the roof is being worked on and the tarp must have blown away. Margo arrives followed by Tom, Lily, Luke, Lisa, Bonnie, Isaac, and Nancy who gather to celebrate Katie and Simon's wedding/vows renewal. Margo says yes to being Katie's maid of honor while Tom helps Simon by being the best man. Craig arrives with Snickers the rabbit and offers to "give her away." After exchanging their vows, the Reverend pronounces them husband and wife. Katie urges her brother to chase Carly to Paris. Katie offers to repay Margo for helping make her day special and to pay she and Tom back, Katie gets to babysit Daniel some time.

When Lucinda announces to Rose and Paul that Vince called for her last night, Paul reveals to Rose that Lucinda tried to order him to end his relationship with Rose. Rose is furious and finally convinces Lucinda to leave their relationship alone by threatening to quit Worldwide. Paul's surprised when Barbara agrees to send out a press release congratulating Carly on her new job, however it is a front.

Thursday, December 13, 2001

Barbara, growing more and more impatient with James, wants to dismiss him from her life. James tells her not to worry that all his plans are coming to fruition.

Hal visits Barbara, wondering if she has heard any news from Jennifer. When Hal tries to encourage her to be more like her old self, she angrily lashes out at him for moving on with his life with Emily and not being there when she needed his support.

At the airport, Craig pleads with Carly for another chance to accompany her to Paris. Paul shows up to wish Carly well and makes one last attempt to sign her on with BRO. Craig tells Carly he has no life without her.

Rose is unsettled when she finds an old photo of her and Vince, that she never owned, sent in her belongings from New Jersey.

A stressed Emily tries to juggle motherhood and The Intruder and heads off to an interview with Daniel in tow. While Emily takes a telephone call, Daniel mysteriously disappears.

Friday, December 14, 2001

Paul stops in to visit with Barbara and smells cigar smoke. He accuses her of having James in the house again. She tells him that she found a cigar butt outside and brought it in and threw it into the fire. He says that he can't have any part of that man in the house and goes to the fire to fish the butt out. Barbara runs over and tires to stop him. She becomes hysterical when they fire flares up. Paul tells her to calm down. She says that she is still having posttraumatic stress from the explosion. She tells him that he has received some mail and hands him an envelope. She says that she noticed it was from Atlantic City and asks him whom he knows from there besides Rose. He says that it is probably from one of Roses friends. He goes on to tell her that they were going to send him pictures from Rose's birthday party. He takes out a picture, but it is not a picture of Rose's birthday party. It is a picture of Rose and her ex-boyfriend. Barbara asks if it is a good picture and Paul answers, "No, it is not good at all." Paul reads the back of the picture and it says, "Vince and Rose, first anniversary, 12/7/99." Paul says that it is one whole year and then he adds, "Lucky you, Vince." He takes out a note that is also in the envelope. The note basically says that Paul does not know him (Vince) but he was supposed to marry Rose D'Angelo. He writes that Rose had disappeared and he had been searching for her when he saw a picture of the two of them in a newspaper. He adds that he just wanted Paul to know that he is going to get Rose back and if they have anything together, he should take a good look at the picture he sent. He says that the picture speaks for itself. Barbara watches her son intently. She can see that her son is upset. She asks if he will stay for dinner. He says that he can't and he asks if she is going to be ok. She says that he doesn't have to worry about her. He says that he can see that. After Paul is gone, James walks into the room and tells Barbara that she had a magnificent performance. She turns around to him and tells him to never smoke those filthy cigars inside her home again. She reminds him that their son is smart and he will catch onto them. James says that he just wants to keep things interesting. He asks her what are they having for dinner. She says that they are having lamb and if he keeps toying with her she will lace his meat sauce with arsenic.

At Rose's house, she is getting calls, but the other person is not answering her. She tells the person on the phone that she knows who it is and she hangs up. The phone rings again and when she answers it nobody answers her. She yells in the phone that she knows it is Vince (her old boyfriend) and that he had better stop calling her. She hangs up the phone and the phone rings again. She answers again and no answer. She yells some threats into the phone and the person hangs up. Rose is scared and she calls Mitzi and asks her to buy an answering machine and to bring it out to Cal's house. When Mitzi arrives, Rose is too scared to open the door. When she hears Mitzi's voice, she throws open the door and grabs Mitzi and pulls her inside. Mitzi can tell that Rose is upset about something and Rose finally tells her that she is getting calls where no one is talking on the other end. Mitzi asks if she thinks it is Vince and Rose tells that she thinks it is. They get the answering machine hooked up and then Mitzi fixes Rose some hot cocoa to settle her nerves down. There is another knock at the door and Rose hides Vince's picture in a desk drawer. She asks Mitzi if she looks ok. Mitzi says that she looks great. Rose opens the door and Paul is standing there. Rose kisses him and tells him that he is a sight for sore eyes. As Paul enters, Mitzi makes a hasty retreat. Rose tells Paul that she has made some ziti and she has a great bottle of wine. After they eat, they sit on the couch to cuddle and smooch. Rose asks Paul if he would like some espresso. Paul says that it will keep them up all night. Rose answers, "That is the idea!" She leaves to get the coffee. Paul picks up two candles and puts them on the desk. He dims the lights and opens the desk drawer to look for matches to light the candles. When he opens the drawer, he sees the picture of Vince and Rose. Rose enters the room and Paul holds the picture out for her to see and asks about it. She says that it came in a box of things her father had sent. Paul yells that he can't trust her to tell him the truth if she is going to hide her feelings for her ex-boyfriend. He gets his coat and walks out the door. Rose runs after him, but he is gone before she can catch up with him. She is left standing out in the cold.

Emily is at Al's Diner and she has lost Daniel. She is running around the diner looking for her son and asking everyone if they have seen him. The waitress holds up a mitten by the door and asks Emily if it belongs to her little boy. Emily becomes hysterical and runs outside to try to find him. He is nowhere in sight. She gets on her cell phone and calls Hal. She tells him that she can't find Daniel. He tries to get her to settle down and take a deep breath. She says that she can't breath. Hal tells her that he will radio for an officer to come to the diner and he tells Emily to stay there. She says that she can't, she has to go and look for Daniel. Hal tells her to stay there and tell the officer all the information they will need to find Daniel. Hal tells her that he will be right over. She agrees and hangs up. Shortly after an officer shows up and she gives him all the information about Daniel. Hal comes in and tells her that they are looking but they have not located Daniel yet. Emily calls and leaves a message for Tom. As Emily is talking with Hal, Margo walks in with Daniel. Emily runs to Margo and grabs her son. Margo walks over to Hal and tells him that he was found on the steps of the police station. Hal berates Margo for not calling and telling them that she had Daniel. She tells Hal that she busy trying to calm Daniel down while she was bringing him back to Emily. As they are arguing, Tom comes in and scoops Daniel up in his arms. He asks if Daniel was hurt and Emily tells him that she thinks he is fine. Tom says that he was not talking to her. Margo answers him and says that he was a little shaken up, but he seems to be ok. Tom tells Daniel that he knows it was scary but he is with his daddy now and his daddy will not ever let anything like this happen again. Emily looks at Tom with a scared look on her face. Emily tells Tom that she was only on the phone for a few seconds and then she turned and he was gone. Tom asks her if she was on the phone getting a scoop and ignoring her son. Emily starts to argue with Tom, but Tom interrupts her and tells Margo to take Daniel to the hospital and see if his dad (Bob Hughes) can check him from head to toe. Emily tells Tom that Daniel is fine. Tom hands Daniel to Margo and Emily reaches for her purse. She tells Margo that she is going to the hospital with her. Tom tells her that she is not going with them. Emily informs Tom that this is her day with Daniel. Tom tells Emily that he will be taking Daniel home with him. Emily says that she will not allow it. Tom questions her, "You will not allow it?" He tells her that she has got the nerve. She reminds him about her visitation order. He tells her that the visitation order will be ruled null and void. Hal tells Tom that he is not the judge and jury. Tom interrupts him and tells him that he doesn't have any rights and he can keep his mouth shut. Emily says that she did not dessert her son. Tom says that they will let a judge decide that. He adds that until then, Daniel will stay with he and Margo. Tom walks out and leaves Emily sobbing.

Craig meets up with Carly in the airport and pours out his heart to Carly. He tells her that she is his whole life and he has to go to Paris with her. He tries to kiss her and she pushes him away and tells him to get off her. He says, "Despise me or adore me, I am the one sitting beside you on that plane to Paris." She tells him that he can't be this dense. She asks him what part of "its over" does he not understand. He answers that it is the part that refuses to see how in love he is. He tells her that the flight to Paris takes 10 hours and by the time they land she will feel differently about him. She looks at him and shakes her head. She walks over to the counter and asks for a refund on her ticket. Craig asks what it is that she is doing. She tells him that she will rot working for BRO or she will go out on her own, but she will not go to Paris with him nipping at her heels. She tries to explain to him that she wants to do this on her own. She tells him that if he won't let her do that she will turn in her tickets for a refund. He asks if this is her way of staying in Oakdale. She doesn't understand what he is talking about. He asks if she wants to stay in Oakdale to be with Jack. She tells him that if he loved her as much as Jack does....he interrupts her and tells her not to go there. She tells him that if he were man enough he would let her go. He grabs her and says that he just lost his son and he doesn't want to lose her too. She asks him when was the last time that he talked with Sierra and she reminds him that she has lost a child too. Craig tells her that Sierra is too busy blaming him for Bryant's death. Carly asks if he has talked with Lucy and he tells her that Sierra won't allow him to see her. The flight attendant announces that the flight to Paris is about to board. Craig begs her to let him go. She tells him that for once in his life, don't do anything, don't say anything, just let her go. He finally confesses and tells her that he overheard her and Jack talking. He knows that they are going to give it another go when she returns. He tells her that Jack won't tolerate her lies, but he will forgive her over and over. She says that that proves how diseased her life will be with him in it. He says that it is not diseased, it is healthy and she will realize that he is the one person that will accept her as she is. He tells her good luck and leaves her in the airport. Carly gets on the plane and Craig goes home. When he gets to his hotel suite, Lucy is there waiting for him. She tells him that she wanted to see him sooner, but her mother made her wait until the holiday break from school. He tells her that her timing is perfect.

In Paris, Carly arrives and she has a driver waiting for her. When they are in the car, he gives her a note from the businessman that she is there to see. It says that she is going to his chateau instead of the hotel. She tells the driver that she is very excited to see the chateau and she bets that it is beautiful. She tells him that she needs to call home and tell her family where she will be. She calls on her cell phone and gets Hal's answering machine. She explains that she is going to the chateau and because of the time difference she will call him. She tells him to leave any messages for her at the hotel. Just as Hal and Emily walk in to their kitchen, Carly cell phone loses its signal. She tells the driver that she doesn't know why it does that. He tells her that they are outside the city. He says that she will be able to call when they get to chateau.

Back at Barbara house, she is sleeping in a chair. James comes up and kisses her. She wakes up and asks, "What do you want." James says that he just wants to spend some time with her. She asks if he has any news for her. He says that all her request are being met. He tells her that Rose is without Paul and Emily is without her son. Barbara asks about Carly and James says that she is bound for parts unknown. She asks, "Carly is really gone?" James says, "And then there were two." Barbara lays her head back and lets out a sigh.

Colleen Zenk makes surprise appearance as Y&R's Aunt Jordan
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The Young and the Restless star Marla Adams dies at 85
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