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Monday, December 10

Rafe was happy that he had gotten Jack and Livvie to talk as well as Lucy and Kevin. Alison snuck up on an unsuspecting Rafe. Rafe informed Alison that the had eyes in the back of his head as well. Alison told Rafe that Valerie had moved in with her and Jamal. Alison also said that she would give Valerie 2 weeks before changing the locks. Rafe asked Alison for help in getting Ian and Eve to talk. Eve and Ian were fighting over how to trim the Christmas Tree. Eve thought that they should string popcorn. Eve went through the mail and found the invitation to Kevin and Lucy's party. Lucy was planning her wedding to Kevin. Kevin was talking to a woman from his past that he was very happy to see. Alison and Rafe came to see Ian and Eve. Alison brought a present for Daniel. It was an ornament for the Christmas Tree with a dash of Rafe's magic. Ian said he needed to go out for awhile and asked Rafe and Alison to look after Daniel. A very irate Eve showed up at Lucy's. Lucy and Eve fought about Lucy sleeping with Ian. Lucy kept telling her that it didn't matter and that she was sorry for sleeping with Ian. Eve said it was a pattern with Lucy to take whatever she wants and damn the consequences. Lucy told Eve that she too had a pattern that she must break. Alison couldn't get Daniel to settle down so she asked Rafe for some Angel help. He made this bright shining light with little animals. Daniel settled right down. Alison was very impressed with what she witnessed from Rafe. A happy Ian returned home and Alison and Rafe left. Lucy told Eve that this party would help the town heal after Caleb and his terrible wrath. Eve called Lucy a "bitch." Kevin told the mysterious woman that Eve and he are divorced and that Lucy and he are engaged. He also said that Lucy and he needed more time. Alison and Rafe talked about helping Eve and Ian get back together again and Rafe said all that he does is shine the light in to open up their hearts. Rafe helped Alison bring out the light from within herself and Rafe almost kissed her but he stops himself. Eve returned home and was optimistic that Lucy would not get the best of her. Eve entered the apartment and Ian had the tree up with lights on it. Eve and Ian wished each other a very Merry Christmas. Lucy had a conversation with herself about the wedding between her and Kevin. Kevin and the woman kept talking and she said she had a surprise in the bedroom and Kevin followed her in there.

Tuesday, December 11

Rafe and Alison separately evaluate their feelings for one another. Guilty Alison struggles to reconnect with Jamal, and Rafe asks Victor for advice. Victor inadvertently reminds Rafe that he will leave Port Charles soon and that he must focus on his mission, and Alison feels the new distance when she approaches Rafe about troubles with Valerie and Jamal. Jamal admits that he does not intend to fight for Hope's custody, and furious Valerie blames Jamal's decision on Alison.

Meanwhile, the rightful owner of Livvie and Jack's enchanted home arrives and interrupts their magical moment. Livvie and Jack plead with Mr. Murphy to let them purchase the abandoned home, but Mr. Murphy informs them that the house has already been sold to a fast food chain. Mrs. Murphy arrives upon the scene after a heartwarming conversation with Rafe, and she convinces Mr. Murphy to give the house to Livvie and Jack instead. Finally, Chris assures Frank that he will save Karen if Frank agrees to disappear.

Wednesday, December 12

While Rafe secretly watches, Chris told Frank to stay out of Karen's life. He threatens that he will withhold the antidote for her illness unless Frank agrees to his terms. Karen comes in saying she's feeling a little bit better. At Chris's urging, Frank told Karen she should let Chris continue to take care of her. Frank explains he is taking time off to take Neil on a trip to visit Joe. Karen doesn't understand how Frank could leave her at such a critical time. She demands the truth about what is going on.

While Rafe silently pleads for Frank to do the right thing, Chris told Karen that Frank is hiding the truth from her. That Frank is sneaking around behind her back with Gabriela. Frank struggles with the dilemma of what to do. He finally blurts out the truth about Chris withholding the antidote. Karen claims she would rather die than be stuck with Chris. Chris says fine. Karen should enjoy her time with Frank, as she won't be alive much longer. All seems lost until a miracle happens. Rafe casts a spell over Chris. With the spell, Chris will be forced to tell the truth. He will not be able to utter a single lie until the day Rafe leaves town.

In a Jim Carrey, Liar Liar fashion, Chris confesses every single bad thing he has done to Karen and concedes the fact that he is a scumbag. He gives Karen the rest of the antidote while agreeing that he doesn't deserve her or anyone else for that matter. He seems shocked at the words coming out of his mouth, but is powerless to stop it.

Kevin receives a call from the mystery woman. He agrees to see her soon. First, he stops by the department store to pick up a present for her. He spots a lovely maroon scarf, which he asks the salesclerk to wrap up for him. Lucy is shopping with her assistant Don when she spots Kevin buying the scarf. Lucy hurries over to a surprised Kevin who comes up with the lie that he was buying her a Christmas gift. Lucy is pleased when he gives her the scarf. The moment is broken when Don shuffles over, laden with packages, and wonders if Lucy is done shopping for her wedding. Lucy scrambles to find and excuse claiming she is not shopping for herself, but for an employee who is getting married.

Lucy asks a skeptical Kevin if he has time to talk, but Kevin has other plans. He told Lucy he has a patient waiting. Reluctantly, Lucy backs away then went off to find Don. Suddenly she realizes she forgot the present from Kevin. She rushes back in time to see him buying another scarf. Kevin told her it is a gift for Livvie. Lucy explains that he is committing a gift giving faux pas by giving his daughter the same gift as the woman in his life. She helps him pick out a scarf in a different color. Afterwards, Kevin agrees to meet Lucy at the Lighthouse so they can talk.

Eve makes plans to take Danny on his first sleighride, but first, Ian wants to talk. He told her he is still having problems with her believing the lies about him. Eve agrees that things are still a bit strained between them. She confesses to still being upset over Ian and Lucy, but believes it is time for her to accept some of the responsibility for things going wrong. Eve and Ian apologize to each other and agree it will take time to sort out their relationship.

Eve and Ian are interrupted by a call from Alan Quartermaine who wants Eve to speak at a conference that night. Eve declines. Ian calls Alan back and accepts the offer for Eve. Ian then explains to Eve that attending a conference is the first step back to a normal life for them. Eve leaves. Later, while Ian is spending quality time alone with his son, Eve is making a call on a payphone asking for directions. Someone approaches her from behind and strikes her with a lead pipe rendering her unconscious.

Thursday, December 13

While writing in his journal of the good he is doing Rafe encounters Alison questioning him as to why he is brushing her off. Rafe told her to go back to Jamal where she belongs. Meanwhile Jamal told Val that he is going to see the Hartmans and relinquish his parental rights to them. Val want to go with but Jamal tell her no way, and adds that when he returns from seeing them Val needs to find a place of her own. In the meantime he would appreciate her getting lost for a couple of hours while he is with Alison. Alison is grateful for the time alone but Jamal begins to question her friendship with Rafe, in the heat of the argument, Alison blurts out that Rafe is an angel. Jamal seems a bit jealous of the relationship that Alison is having with Rafe. But he does leave her on a happy note. Alison talks herself into not talking about Rafe anymore with Jamal. While in the shower, Rafe delivers a package to Alison, not knowing she is there. Just as he is looking at a picture of Jamal and Alison, she asks him why he is there.

Chris, in a truth telling stupor, confesses to Jack that the reason he left Jack with child services was because he didn't want him beaten by their father. Not understanding what is wrong with himself, he leaves only to confront Livvie outside the bar and told her that she picked the right brother to be with. Rafe meanwhile is enjoying his little "miracle" of making Chris tell the truth all the time.

While Lucy is going crazy planning the Christmas party, Kevin seems to be in a world of his own only to be brought back every so often by a question from Lucy. While hugging Livvie walks in only to mistake the embrace as them getting back together and married. Kevin and Lucy straighten her out that the wedding is off and they are just planning a party. Doc receives a phone call and takes it in the other room and Lucy confesses to Livvie that the wedding is on. She found the rings and knows that Doc is making all the plans. She swears Livvie to secrecy. Livvie leaves to pack a few things to move in with Jack and Lucy hovers over the phone wanting to pick it up and find out what is going on. She does only to find out that Doc is trying to find a way to get rid of Lucy and go meet Eve.

Friday, December 14


Ian receives a call from the police about Eve. When he gets to the police station, Andy told him that Eve's car was found totaled in a ravine. He told Ian that the police have not found a body, but no one could have survived that wreck. As Ian argues, Eve enters demanding that the person who knocked her out and stole her purse and car be caught. Ian hugs her and told her that he thought the worst had happened to her.


Lucy becomes suspicious when she picks up the phone and hears Kevin say he'll "be there as soon as he gets rid of Lucy." When he leaves to "visit a patient", she went to the hospital to check up on him. Unfortunately for Kevin, the nurse told Lucy that Kevin hasn't been in all day. Lucy takes a walk in the park, where she spots Kevin and the mystery woman on a bench. He is hugging her, and she is wearing the scarf she helped him pick out for Livvie.

Alison/ Rafe: Part 1

Alison is shocked to see Rafe in her living room, especially since she has nothing on. Rafe explains that he was only dropping off a package that arrived at the recovery room for her. He says that he called first, and since there was no answer he thought she was out. She forgives him, and they work to clean up the mess that was made when he dropped the package. It was full of glasses, syrups, and jams for the muffin shop. As they work, she asks him why he has been blowing her off, and she believes him when he says that he has a lot of work to do. Alison says that his plan is working given Jack and Livvie, Frank and Karen, and even Jack and Chris. She then realizes that Rafe will be gone after Christmas, and told him that she will miss him....

Jamal/Valerie: Part 1

Jamal arrives at the airport, only to be surprised by Valerie. He is upset that she came even after he told her not to. They argue about Hope. Valerie thinks that Jamal should sue for custody. Jamal gets furious when Valerie admits that she wants him, Hope, and herself to be a family. He demands that she go back to his place, pack, and get out...

When Storylines Converge - Jamal/Valerie and Alison/Rafe:

...Jamal arrives at his place with Valerie. He opens the door just in time to see Alison and Rafe kiss.

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