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Erica revealed to Opal that she was playing right into Jack's hands in order to protect Bianca. Bianca, meanwhile, trashed her mother's office because she believed that Erica had killed Frankie. Laura moved into a loft several floors below Jake. While trapped in an elevator with Greenlee, Jake and Leo both professed their love for her. Erica gave Greenlee her job back at Enchantment. Anna told Chris that David was not Proteus, but later changed her mind. Ryan and Mia spied Mateo and Simone kissing at a bar. Erica hired someone to flatter Opal.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of December 10, 2001 on AMC
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Monday, December 10, 2001

Mateo continued his phone conversation with Proteus as Hayley listens in from a few steps away. Proteus heaped praise on Mateo for the position he is in, and then asks him which woman he would chose if he had to make a choice. Proteus note Mateo is part of his family now so that means his sons are too. Hayley, having heard enough of it and feeling very scared for her child, wants to go to Lorenzo and take him to a safe place. Mateo tried to stop her, prompting Hayley to turn around and slap him. She then fell into his arms and cried. Mateo softly said, "You know I would never let anything happen to him." Mateo then tells Hayley that they need to pretend that their relationship is over so that they can stay safe. The couple leaves their secret hiding place and return home, staging another fight as they enter their condo. As Proteus watches on television monitors from within his lair, Hayley starts packing her belongings. There is a knock on the door and it's Simone telling Mateo that he had promised to take care of her "needs" - and she needs it now. Hayley asks Simone, "How does it feel to be my husbands whore?" Mateo then gives Simone money and tells her to go to the Valley Inn. Later, Hayley storms out of the house and Mateo sinks into a chair with a can of beer. In his lair, Proteus turns off his television monitors.

Greenlee is busy working in her Enchantment office when Leo walks in talking to her about some edible massage oil, He gets frustrated because she would rather work than play. Val walks in and tells Greenlee that Erica wants to shut down business until she's able to return to work. Leo asks Val when Erica decided to go against her decision to let Greenlee run things. Val promptly replies that Erica had never left Greenlee in charge. After Val leaves, Greenlee turns her attention to more playful idea. Leo wants to take Greenlee back to The Valley Inn, but Greenlee says she has other plans and begins to undo his belt. With his belt around his neck like a leash, Leo is led by Greenlee to Erica's private dressing room -- and its many, many mirrors.

In court, Erica pleads "not guilty" to the first-degree murder charges against her. However, Erica drifts off, having flashbacks of the events of the night of Frankie's death. After picking up the gun by Frankie's side, Erica noticed Bianca's locket. Erica picked up the locket and uttered her daughter's name. During her daydream, the judge presiding over the hearing had asked Erica if she understood the charges against her. Erica heard nothing because she was "distracted." Chris nudged his client and Erica quickly apologized for drifting off. "I am being charged with murder," she replies. As her flashbacks continue, Erica recalled opening the glove compartment of her car and taking out a gun, She later went to the boat house where she threw the gun in the water. After the boat house, Erica returned to her home and went to her closet where she had a lock box. She opened the box, found another gun and loaded it. At her desk she took some negatives and walks to the fireplace, where she sets them ablaze. Erica then took the locket and hid it in a flower arrangement above the fireplace. Erica headed back to Frankie's room where she picked up the phone and called Chris. Back in the present time, the judge set Erica's bail at $10 million. Chris tried to argue down the bail amount, but Erica said that she could cover her bail. The judge then informed Erica that upon making bail she would be fitted with a monitoring device and be limited to her home and office. Erica nodded in agreement. Jackson wanted to talk to Erica about Bianca and Erica agreed to speak with him. Jackson wanted to know who was going to take care of Bianca if Erica was convicted. Erica felt it wouldn't matter because she was innocent and would not be going to jail. Erica insisted that she did not kill Frankie Stone. "I wish I could believe you," Jackson replied.

Meanwhile Bianca showed up at Enchantment in Erica's office. Still upset about her mother's "confession," Bianca flipped out. She smashed bottles, thrashed around and cleared Erica's desk of all its paperwork. "I hate you, You killed her because I loved her. She wasn't like you and I'm not like you," Bianca sobbed. Leo and Greenlee entered the office, both of them half-dressed. Smirking, Greenlee chirps, "Erica's gonna have a cow, Should I call someone -- maybe Oak Haven?" Leo promptly tells her to leave. Bianca later told Leo that she wishes her dad was there so she could tell her dad she was gay. She said if he was still alive she would be in Seattle with him - "and none of this would have happened." Leo took Bianca into his arms as she cried "I'm the one who fell in love with her and I know she loved me too. That's why she died," Bianca sobbed.

Back in court, Erica tells Jackson that the reason he is going after her so hard is because he is still upset over the way she treated him. The implication was that Jack wasn't over her yet. Jackson walks out of the room. Erica alone in the courtroom looks skyward and says, "It's working. They all think I killed her. My baby is safe."

Tuesday, December 11, 2001

At the health club, Ryan bumped into Mia on his way to the punching bag. The two chatted briefly before Mia excused herself. She quickly walked away and picked up her cell phone to place a call to someone to tell them that she's found Ryan. Later, Liza arrived at the gym and approached Mia. Liza thanked Mia for telling her where to find Ryan, but Mia questioned why she was so willing to help her half-sister. Mia grumbled that she's grown tired of doing favors for someone who obviously doesn't like her. Liza rolled her eyes and brushed off Mia's insinuation that she still wants a relationship with Ryan. When Liza approached Ryan, Ryan claimed to be surprised to see her. Ryan explained that he wasn't sure if Liza was mad at him because she'd apparently been avoiding him. Liza pulled Ryan to a quiet corner of the health club and told him that she needed him to help her out. Liza explained that she was planning to sue Adam for custody of Colby. The news came as a shock to Ryan, but not as much as the shock of Liza telling him that she had to play along with Adam and strike when he was least expecting her to make a move.

Bianca awoke from a nightmare screaming. She looked around and couldn't recognize her surroundings. Seconds later, Leo entered the room and told Bianca that she was at Greenlee's apartment. Before Bianca could panic, Leo assured her that Greenlee wasn't there. Bianca slowly became more alert and expressed her desire to find out what really happened to Frankie the night she was killed. Leo told his friend that he was certain that Jake kept some sodium pentothal (truth serum) in his apartment. Perhaps, he suggested, they could give some of the serum to Bianca in order to find out what really happened. Bianca was frozen in place until Leo cracked a smile. Unable to contain his laughter any more, Leo burst into a fit of giggling. Bianca puckered her lips and joined Leo with a few laughs of her own.

Tad showed up at BJ's with Jesse hot on his heels. Tad bragged that Dixie had asked to meet him at the restaurant - and he was sure that it was a sign that she wanted to get back together with him. Because of the meeting, Tad decided to pass on an order of onion rings just in case things got romantic. When Dixie showed up a short time later, tad immediately started apologizing for all the wrongs that he had done. Out of nowhere, Adam appeared tableside. Tad and Adam began bickering and Dixie was forced to shout in order to get the men to be quiet. Dixie stated that she had asked the two men to join her at the restaurant so that they could talk about JR's therapist. It became clear to Tad at that moment that reconciliation was out of the question. Dixie explained that Dr. McMillan wanted to meet with both Tad and Adam. The two men picked dates that were best for them, but neither one was all too thrilled about speaking to "a shrink." In addition to speaking to the therapist, Tad also wanted to sit down and talk to JR. Dixie and Adam both nixed the idea. "The less contact you have with him, the better," Dixie replied. A dejected Tad bowed his head and left the table. Adam went on to tell Dixie that he would do whatever he had to do to keep his son out of jail. Dixie reminded Adam that the amount of drugs JR had in his possession was immaterial; he was still using drugs. Liza arrived a short time later to discuss the situation with Dixie and Adam. Dixie smiled broadly and thanked Liza for being concerned about JR.

Elsewhere in the restaurant, Opal had another meeting with Hank. Upon seeing Opal, the waiter dropped off a Long Island Iced Tea - her usual. Opal smiled nervously and said that she wanted a regular, non-alcoholic iced tea. Embarrassed by her beverage of choice, Opal turned to talking about Hank's life. She said that she didn't really see him as the insurance salesman type. "You must be psychic," Hank replied. He admitted that before tackling his current profession he was a jazz singer. Opal claimed victory in his assessment of her new friend. "You have a musician's aura!" she chirped. On his way out of the restaurant, Tad passed by his mother and Hank and stopped to briefly say hello to them. Hank invited Tad to join them, but Tad politely declined. "Oh, God. You're on a date," Tad muttered uneasily. He then quickly scurried away and placed an order for a large helping on onion rings. Leo and Bianca entered BJ's and were promptly flagged down by Opal. Hank happily allowed Opal to invite Bianca to join them. Bianca, meanwhile, dismissed Leo from his duties of watching over her. Leo was reluctant to leave, but knew that Bianca would be in good hands with Opal. Opal asked Bianca if she had called Erica. "She is worried sick about you," Opal said softly. Bianca became distant and excused herself. While Bianca was gone, Opal gushed heaps of praise on Hank for allowing Bianca to join them. During the course of the conversation, Hank mentioned his wife. Opal was devastated; her psychic vibe never picked up on the fact that Hank could be married. Hank quickly assured Opal that he wasn't cheating on his wife. In fact, his wife had passed away. Hank then placed a small jewelry box on the table. Opal opened the box and eyed a butterfly pin that was inside the box. "I am not just an eccentric drifter," Hank offered. He then stated that the pin -- "colorful, exotic, gentle, familiar" - reminded him of Opal. Bianca returned to the table and became very unsettled when Opal showed her the pin.

"That might have worked for yesterday's Enchantment," Greenlee grumbled as she talked on the phone to someone within Enchantment. Erica stood in the doorway, horrified by the scene before her. Not only was Greenlee carrying on as if she ran the place, but her office had been destroyed. Erica slammed the door and marched towards Greenlee demanding an explanation. Greenlee stated that Bianca had destroyed the office, but Erica didn't appear to believe her. Erica called maintenance and asked that someone clean up her office. Greenlee, meanwhile, pleaded with Erica for a chance to remain onboard at Enchantment. Greenlee mentioned that she had single-handedly saved the Lacy's campaign. Erica shook her head and said that Enchantment and Lacy's have a wonderful working relationship and denied that the campaign had ever been in jeopardy. Greenlee smiled broadly and revealed the new ad campaign she'd come up with. She turned around a large piece of posterboard with a glamorous mug shot of Erica and the caption "Positively Arresting." Erica was mortified by the ad and threatened to "really" commit murder. Greenlee insisted that the campaign would sell a lot of makeup. Erica questioned the idea, asking what type of makeup they'd be selling. "Lipstick that doesn't clash with an orange jumpsuit?" Erica snapped. "I have never exploited somebody else's pain for my benefit." Erica went on the say that the campaign would tear out Bianca's heart. As Greenlee defended her work, Leo stormed into the office. Leo blasted Erica for claiming to be concerned about how Bianca was feeling. "It's a little late for that. Maybe you should have thought about [Bianca] before you shot her girlfriend," he yelled angrily. A furious Erica demanded that Greenlee clear out immediately. Greenlee continued to ask for another chance, saying that she was good for Enchantment. "You are not me," Erica responded. "The world does not need another me. And why would anyone want a copy when they can have the original?" Greenlee made her way towards the door, but stopped before leaving. "I have sucked up to you too long," she growled. With a cold look in her eyes, Greenlee announced that she was finally going to reveal what she really thinks of "the legendary Erica Kane."

Wednesday, December 12, 2001

Anna walked into the hospital looking for David. She found Jake who pointed her in the right direction. David had just come from surgery and was sitting in the waiting area, exhausted. She tried to talk to him but got no response. Anna asked if she could take him to his room at the Valley Inn and he said yes, but that most people in his life die. She got him into his room and he sat on the bed with his head in his hands. Anna asked about his earlier comment and he said he lost his young patient in surgery. He felt that his luck had run out and told Anna he wanted to be alone. She said she wasn't leaving him on this of all days and David said "So you found out?." She admitted to running a complete back ground check on him and that yes, she knew today was the anniversary of his father's suicide. David wondered if that information would help her "bring down the enemy." Anna said she didn't consider him her enemy. David told her the details of the day his father shot himself and was visibly upset. Anna tried to comfort him by taking him in her arms. She then settled him down on the bed and covered him with a blanket and looked at him while he slept. Chris Stamp opened the door and she quickly went out the door and into the hallway with him. Chris told her they had business to discuss and ordered her to accelerate her relationship with David. He said she had to move in with David and Anna agreed to do this. But she told Chris that David is not Proteus, and Chris asked for hard facts before he would believe it. Anna wondered if he's keeping her focused on David to keep her away from something else. Chris denied this and walked away. David had been listening at the door and he hopped back on the bed as Anna returned. He walked over to her and asked her to come to bed with him. They began to kiss.

Chris met with Jackson in the D.A.'s office, at his request. Jack told him he knows all about his job as an undercover agent working on a drug case. Jack wondered if Chris was Erica's attorney to help her or to help his FBI case. Chris said he is Erica's choice and that her case is very personal with him. Chris believed that Jack was just being a jealous ex-lover. Jack denied this and said he doesn't trust Stamp. He then asked about Proteus and Chris stood up to leave. Jack offered his help but Chris refused it. Then Jack asked why Chris had been suspended from the bureau and said if he shortchanges the bureau again they won't give him a second chance. Chris just stomped out of the office, after giving Jack a dirty look.

Erica and Greenlee began to argue and Leo tried to get Greenlee to leave with him. She refused so he left without her. Erica picked up the phone to call security but Greenlee hung it up and told her that if she tried to throw her out she'd have another death on her hands. Erica was horrified at the analogy but Greenlee said she meant the company would die. Greenlee went on about how she'd been there for Enchantment, and how she saved the Lacey's account. Erica was not impressed and reminded Greenlee that she had been fired. Greenlee began pouring on the compliment and Erica's ears perked up. Greenlee said she could be useful to Erica as she headed towards the door. Erica stopped her and asked her to sit down. She said she appreciated Greenlee's efforts and that she would rehire her. Greenlee yelped with joy and said she couldn't wait to tell Jake. Erica wondered why she didn't say Leo and Greenlee tried to cover the mistake. Erica told her she was getting her old job back, not the helm of Enchantment but Greenlee didn't care, she was just thrilled to be back. As she was leaving Opal walked in. She told Erica that Bianca was at Myrtle's but was a heartbroken young lady. Opal said Bianca even believes that Erica shot Frankie. Erica told Opal to be there for Bianca, now and during the trial, but especially after Erica is convicted and sent to prison. Opal tried to bolster her "gal-pal's" spirits by telling her she knows she didn't kill Frankie. But Erica wouldn't say anything. Opal wanted Erica to tell her the truth and all Erica would say was that there's a good chance she'll be convicted. She told Opal that Bianca will need someone and asked Opal to be like a mother to Bianca. Opal agreed but said she knows Erica won't be going to the slammer. Erica said it was better for her to save Bianca and have her hate her forever. Opal was confused by this and asked how this became Erica saving Bianca. But Erica just talked her way around the question and Opal compared her to a greased pig, much to Erica's disgust. Erica said that Chris has everything under control and Opal didn't buy that. Erica finally admitted to her friend that she thinks Bianca shot Frankie. Opal was horrified by that statement. Erica told her what she knows about that night and that this was a crime of passion. Opal said if Bianca did it she could plead temporary insanity. Erica refused to even consider that, saying she didn't want Bianca to be exploited. Erica made Opal swear that she wouldn't tell anyone else about this just as Chris Stamp walked in the office.

Jake left the hospital and went back to his loft. He listened to his messages and found one from Greenlee, telling him she'd pulled off a miracle at Enchantment. He said out loud "Good for you Greenlee!" as Leo walked in the open door. Leo said he needed Jake's key to Greenlee's loft but Jake said he'd already returned it. But he handed over the spare Greenlee had made for him and told Leo to keep it. Leo thanked Jake for looking after Greenlee while the two of them had been split up. Jake said Greenlee talks to him "Is that a problem for you?." Leo said no but now they're engaged and Greenlee will be talking to him only. Jake smiled and said Leo was "scared spitless." He told Leo that Greenlee is a complicated woman and that she needs a steady and mature guy in her life, which Leo is not. Leo got defensive and then spied Greenlee's scarf on Jake's sofa and wondered when she'd been there. Jake told him yesterday but he guessed Greenlee didn't see a need to mention that to Leo. In walked Laura (doesn't anyone shut their doors in this town?) who said "Hi neighbors!" and asked for a cup of oil for a dish she was cooking. Leo and Jake were stunned. She strolled right on in and Leo said he couldn't believe Brooke would let her live in the same building as Greenlee. Laura got nasty and said she was a grown woman and could make her own decisions. Leo said she was living there because she knew he was living there with Greenlee. Laura denied this and then tried to flirt with Jake, who would have none of it. He told her she needed to get some help. Laura then started talking about getting ice cream together sometime, and guessed that Jake would like Rocky Road. Leo asked why she kept bringing up ice cream and she finally told him about the conversation she'd over heard between Greenlee and Jake, where Greenlee referred to Leo as her vanilla and Jake as her Rocky Road. Jake walked to the door and ordered Laura out, and she just stood and argued with him. In bounded an ecstatic Greenlee, who threw her arms around Jake in joy. Leo watched in silent horror and Laura grinned maliciously.

Thursday, December 13, 2001

David wonders if Anna is fishing for more tidbits about him to feed to Chris Stamp. She assures him she isn't about to take advantage of him, in fact, she no longer believes David is Proteus. David seems disappointed the game is over, but Anna isn't ready to give up all of her suspicions about David. She still wonders why he has all the hi-tech equipment in his mountain cabin and what his connection is with Roger Smythe. David has a question of his own: Who does Anna think is Proteus? "Chris Stamp," she tells him.

David laughs at the idea of Chris Stamp as Proteus. He doesn't believe Chris has the intelligence or imagination to pull it off, though he does take pleasure in the idea that Erica is dating a drug lord. Anna vows she is going to find something to prove her suspicions. She calls someone and asks them to meet her. After Anna leaves, David sits at his desk typing on his laptop. He is startled by a noise in the hallway. David opens the door while Roger collapses on the floor asking, "What the hell did you do to me?"

Ryan is in the bar drinking when Mia enters. She thought he was taking an awfully long time to leave town, but was grateful something was keeping him in Pine Valley. Ryan tells her he is staying because of Adam then rails on about Adam causing Liza's miscarriage. Mia offers to help him, but Ryan doesn't want her involved. He is afraid she wants something from him that he can't give her. He doesn't believe he can ever care about anyone ever again. Mia is hurt and walks away. Anna comes in and takes the seat across from Ryan. She tells him Agent Stamp has been lying to him about his father and urges Ryan to invoke the Freedom of Information Act to find out the truth.

At the Enchantment offices, Erica tells Opal she is afraid Bianca killed Frankie. Chris comes and only catches enough of the conversation to know that Erica is discussing the murder with someone other than her lawyer. He demands to know what is going on. Erica claims she confessed to Opal that she was the one who killed Frankie. Chris is angry that Erica made this admission and asks what Opal will do when Jack calls her to the stand. He reminds them that perjury means jail time. When Chris leaves, Opal asks how long Erica can keep this information from Chris. Erica decides she can't be completely honest with Chris. Because of this, she cannot give in to her feelings for him.

Later, Chris comes to Erica's house to keep her company since Opal is busy with the new man in her life. Chris goes on to comment on how excited Opal seems. "She can't be serious about Hank." Erica says. When Chris asks why, Erica tells him that she hired Hank to lift Opal's spirits and raise her self esteem which was severely bruised when Palmer left her. She only told Hank to show Opal a good time, not become involved with her.

Opal goes to the bar to meet Hank all the time feeling guilty that she is having a good time while her best friend is in so much trouble. Hank pulls out a sprig of mistletoe claiming it has healing powers. He kisses Opal then tells her he felt a connection with her the first time they met. He asks her to go somewhere quieter.

Greenlee comes to Jake's loft, surprised to find Laura and Leo there. Immediately Laura is on her case about the ice cream analogy. "Vanilla and Rocky Road have met." She chortles. Jake orders Laura to leave, but Greenlee follows with murder in her eyes. Jake and Leo are concerned about what Greenlee might do, so they follow. Greenlee accosts Laura in the elevator. There is a shoving match, which is broken up by Jake and Leo. During the scuffle, the elevator begins to move then stops. The four are trapped inside.

Greenlee and Laura blame each other for the mess they are in while Jake and Leo take turns playing referee. When Greenlee begs Jake to get them out, Leo is irritated that she is always going to Jake for help. He is also annoyed that she compared him to vanilla ice cream. Finally, Greenlee asks Leo what more he wants. After all, she's marrying him isn't she? Greenlee then goes on to ask why Leo hasn't given her a ring yet. Leo angrily pulls a ring box out of his pocket then says he has been carrying it around waiting for the right moment. He asks Greenlee if she's "gonna marry him or not?" while a stunned Jake and Laura look on.

Friday, December 14, 2001

Anna is talking with Ryan at BJ's and gives him the phone number of the FBI so he could learn the truth about his father. Ryan questions her why is she giving him this information. She replies that she will always feel responsible for Gillian's death because the assassin was supposed to kill her instead of Gillian.

Mia interrupts Anna and Ryan wondering what is going on between the two of them as she sits down with Ryan. Anna excuses herself and walks away. Ryan says Anna gave him a phone number to call at the Bureau for information about his father, Patrick Curry. Ryan then calls the number and the person he speaks to tell Ryan his father is deceased and to have his attorney contact them in the morning.

Just outside her door at the Valley Inn, Anna is suddenly confronted by Chris who is now aware she gave Ryan the Bureau's phone number. Anna is surprised how quickly Chris knew about the exchange. "You're good. That didn't take you long" she comments to him. Chris warns her about interfering and accuses her of trying to win points so she can get back her job back with the WSB. Anna gives Chris a challenged look as he quickly leaves the hallway.

Ryan sees Mateo and Simone enter the restaurant. Ryan becomes annoyed when he sees Mateo and Simone kiss and comments to Mia about the infidelity he is seeing between Mateo and Simone. Mia reminds him about his seeing Hayley when Mateo and Hayley had previously split. Ryan decides to confront Mateo and Mateo replies that Hayley has left him. Mateo warns Ryan to stay always from Hayley. The two argue as Mateo tries to justify his "affair" with Simone to Ryan hoping Ryan will buy his act. Mia has enough of the exchange and breaks off the argument. As she and Ryan sit down at a table, Mia asks Ryan what is all his anger about. It isn't really about Hayley and Mateo. It's about your father's death and what you don't know about it, isn't it? She asks Ryan. Ryan replies that nobody tells the truth anymore and he is sick about the lies. Ryan reviews his childhood and how that was built on a lie as well as his mother's life and Gillian's. All, he says, to protect one another. He questions why does he really care about his father's death. He is mystified why someone is lying to him in order to protect him. From what?

Chris comes to the restaurant looking for Ryan as Chris is now aware that Ryan had contacted the FBI inquiring about the details of his father's death. Chris tells Ryan that he wants to tell all of the truth about Ryan's father's death. "It was me, Ryan, I killed your father."

David opens the door to his room at the Valley Inn and Roger Smythe stumbles into the room, falling to the floor. David angrily scolds him for drinking while he is on the drug. Did anyone see you come in here asks David. No Roger says and pleads with David to help him. David grabs Roger and helps him through the doorway into the hotel hall when Vanessa and Palmer walked by. Palmer and Vanessa ask if Roger is ill. David explains away Roger's visibly drunken appearance as having too much to drink at the bar downstairs. Roger looks at Vanessa and begins to ramble about the good old days when they were a twosome and comments about their pet names for each other. Vanessa sheepishly denies any such thing and makes excuses to Palmer that Roger is mistaken. David covers by saying Roger must have had too much to drink and was making a scene so the manager asked him to take care of Roger. David tells Vanessa he has called a cab for Roger as they continue down the hallway.

As Palmer and Vanessa walk toward their hotel room, Vanessa steps aside to use the hotel courtesy phone. She asks to be connected to the bar and inquires if Roger Smyth is there. She is told he hasn't been there all day. Vanessa looks inquisitive as she is told this information and wonders aloud, "Oh, David, David, what are you up to?"

At his mountain hideaway where David takes Roger, Roger, sweating profusely, pleads with David to help him. David vehemently scolds Roger for messing up. David screams at him you promised me total access and unwaived loyalty and I gave you what you wanted. You promised me and what do I get? Roger, babbling almost incoherently that he's sorry. I won't screw up again. David continues with his verbal attack. You doubted me and everything I have offered you I delivered to you. You call this gratitude? Roger desperation continues as he replies, No I'm grateful to you. He frantically asks David, are you going to let me die? I'll die if you don't...David picks up his medical bag and walks away from Roger as he continues How many times have I warned you, Roger? You are stupid, weak and you're a threat to everything I have worked for my entire adult life. Roger replies he's so sorry. David counters with I'm saddle with you, Roger, and your lousy lack of discipline. Roger, his discomfort and pain increasing, desperately promises he won't mess up again. David replies I can't trust you Roger. You are of no use to me. Roger replies, you needed me. But David counters with "A dog of the street would have done the same job." Roger continues his pleas to not let him die. He implores David to help him. David, now strangely calm, fingers his medical bag and bargains with Roger, "I own everything you are and everything you ever be will belong to me. You'll do exactly as I ask. No questions, no doubting" Roger quickly agrees, wanting to save his life and end the pain. David pulls a vial from his medical bag and loads the syringe. Thank god, Roger replies over and over again as he frantically rolls up his sleeve. Meanwhile Anna has arrived at the mountain cabin and peers into the window seeing David giving Roger an injection. "My, God" she exclaims to herself. "David is Proteus."

Greenlee, Laura, Leo and Jake are still trapped in the elevator as Leo proposes again to Greenlee, this time with a ring. While placing an engagement ring on Greenlee's finger, Leo tells her he lied to her and that he never took into account her feelings. You need someone to count on. You needed someone to talk to and Jake was there for you. But I'm here for you. You can take my ring. We can be together. I forgive you. Greenlee snatches her hand away, throwing the ring aside. You forgive me? Where do you get off duPres? You forgive me for what? Laura steps in to translate for Greenlee what Leo means. He's forgiving you for falling in love with Jake. Jake meanwhile decides he'll stay in the background and try to fix the elevator electrical box mumbling to himself " Just fix the elevator Jake. You're not here and they can't see you."

Laura and Greenlee bicker between them until the elevator lights suddenly go out and the elevator falls briefly and then stops. The lights come back on. His patience now taxed, Jake has reached his limit with the deception among the other three. He tells Laura that she's a waste of Gillian Lavery's heart and because she knows Leo doesn't lover her after all, she wants to make his life as miserable so she can feel good. Leo, he says, you're the Peter Pan of Pine Valley. He then turns to Greenlee and says "I love you, damm it." Greenlee is stunned. Jake says he can't continue to live his life with this heavy weight upon him-his love for Greenlee as she has a need for creating turmoil in the lives around her. He wants love to be simple and Greenlee can't do that without tearing it apart. Greenlee protests she does know how to love. Jake counters saying she should accept Leo's proposal and the ring. This is Leo's cue to ask Greenlee to show her love for him as Laura looks on totally annoyed. Greenlee suddenly turns away from Leo and slowly sinks to the elevator floor sobbing. Laura approaches her, crouching next to her, and asks, "What is it going to be Greenlee. Rocky Road or Vanilla"?



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