One Life to Live Recaps: The week of December 10, 2001 on OLTL

Todd presented Blair with their son but didn't tell her it was really him. Bo realized that Max and Gabrielle had been framed. Alex bumped into Asa and demanded to be included in his scheme. Jessica met Roxy, her presumed real mother, for the first time.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of December 10, 2001 on OLTL
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Monday, December 10, 2001

Blair informs Cassie that having her infant's life back is the only present that would make Blair happy, and Todd prepares to make Blair's wedding wish come true. Starr finds the baby first, and Todd swears Starr to secrecy. Todd expresses his desire to come clean with Blair as he leads her to their son, and Blair reacts with shock when she finally sees her newborn's face.

Nigel does his best to keep Asa and Alex from discovering each other on St. Blaze's Island, but they finally come face to face.

Meanwhile, Nora patches her relationship with Sam, and Nora exclaims that the return of her happy memories has squelched all desire to get even with Lindsay. However, Nora appears less than happy when she spies Troy having a seemingly romantic dinner with Lindsay. As Troy charms Lindsay, he plans to uncover Lindsay's involvement in Nora's memory loss.

R.J. makes a heartfelt plea to Keri to allow him the opportunity to get to know her, and Keri appears willing to give R.J. a chance.

Tuesday, December 11, 2001

Palace Hotel

Nora and Sam arrive at the Palace to have dinner. Nora enters the room first and sees Lindsay and Troy seated at a table. They appear to be holding hands, however Troy has asked Lindsay if she wants to hold the "Talisman" (Troy's charm) and make a wish. Lindsay wishes that Nora would stay out of her life. Nora tells Sam maybe they should go somewhere else; however they end up staying and having a table close to Troy and Lindsay. (Troy has arranged this with the waiter). He is planning to trick Lindsay into confessing to having drugged Nora. After Nora and Sam are seated, Sam comes to Troy's table and tells him he would like to speak to him. When they leave, Nora comes to their table and asks Lindsay what is she up to, having dinner with a man she recently tried to smother. Lindsay tells Nora it is none of her business but that she is helping Troy with a fund-raiser for his clinic. Nora does not believe Lindsay she thinks she has an "agenda". Meantime Sam tells Troy he has forgotten their "deal". He is angry with Troy for giving Nora the memory treatment and not letting him know. Troy tells Sam it is Nora's business what she tells Sam. Troy then asks Sam what is he afraid of is he afraid that he can give Nora something that Sam can't? Sam tells Troy he should not mess with Nora's memories any more. Troy tells Sam that Nora remembers things about Sam and that Sam should be glad for that. In the meantime, Lindsay asks Nora why she cares if she is with Troy she asks Nora if she is interested in Troy. Nora tells her no, not in that way. Sam and Troy come back into the dining room Sam's cell phone rings; it is Jen telling him to meet her at the train station. Lindsay overhears the conversation and insists over protests from Sam that she is going with him. Seeing Sam and Nora, Troy holds his charm and wishes he could have some things come true (probably having Sam out of Nora's life). After they leave Nora comes to Troy's table and asks him why he is seeing Lindsay.

Viki's House

Natalie answers the telephone, hoping it is Seth. The caller is one of Jessica's friends. Natalie gets angry because Jessica has had so many phone calls while in New York. Natalie throws the message pad across the room. Jessica and Seth arrive back from New York and Seth again asks Jessica if she can ever forgive him for what he did to her because of Natalie. Natalie listens at the foyer door, as Jessica is about to answer Seth. Jessica tells Seth that she had said she could not forgive him for pretending to be her boyfriend and trying to take her life away from her. He was doing all he did because Natalie was telling him to. Jessica tells Seth that when he came to New York and helped her and Cristian that she now thinks of these things when she thinks of him so she forgives him. Seth is overjoyed and kisses Jessica while Natalie looks on. Jessica tells Seth he does not have the right to kiss her, that she forgives him but they cannot be friends. Seth leaves and Natalie is pleased. Natalie comes in to the foyer as Jessica is going upstairs. She questions Jessica about the trip to New York and Jessica does not tell her the truth but that everything was fine. Natalie questions her about Clint, her father. Jessica tells her that Clint said Jessica would always be his daughter. Natalie wants to know if Clint asked about her and Jessica tells her no. Natalie gets mad and tells Jessica she has been very busy since she left for New York. Jessica is puzzled not knowing that Natalie has taken steps to get everything that belongs to Jessica.

The Docks

Max meets with a stranger. They exchange envelopes (Max gave him some money) in exchange for a passport. Afterward Gabrielle walks up and asks Max what he is doing. Max shows her the passport and Gabrielle is surprised it is for her. Max tells her that he saw a warrant for her arrest at the police station and this is her chance not to have to go back to jail. Gabrielle argues with Max that she does not want to leave he and Al. Max tells her that Al thinks they are both guilty of Asa's murder so he would go to the police if she tells him good bye. Max tells Gabrielle she has to leave now. She asks Max if they will arrest him to and he tells her not to worry about it that he will get a good lawyer and drag it out, in the meantime will find he real killer and she can then return.


Hank tells Bo that he went to the holding cell and that Gabrielle and Max are not there. He asks Bo why he has not arrested them based on the videotape of Max and Gabrielle. He says they plotted on the audiotape to kill Asa. Bo tells Hank that he has to wait on Ludlow's report on the audiotape, that it might not be the evidence they need. Hank and Bo continue to discuss the evidence against Blair and Max. Ludlow comes in and tells them the tape is not what it seems to be. He tells them that the tape was spliced. Bo and Hank listen to the tape again and agree it was rigged, possibly by the real killer. Someone that wanted to frame Gabrielle and Max. Bo then tells Hank that maybe Alex killed Asa.

Asa's Island

Asa walks up to find a startled Alex scraping up his ashes she has spilled from the vase. Asa is shocked to find the woman is Alex. Alex being in shock asks Asa if he is a ghost and reaches out to touch him. Asa sneezes and Nigel walks up just as she discovers it really is Asa. Nigel and Asa try to fool Alex into thinking he is someone else but Alex does not believe them. Finally Asa tells Nigel to forget it and tells her she is right. Alex tells Asa that Bo thinks he was murdered and Asa seems surprised asking Alex who was supposed to have murdered him. Alex tells him "Gabrielle and Max, that everyone thinks that." Alex then picks up the phone and calls Bo to tell him about finding Asa. Asa makes Alex hang up the phone. He tells Alex he should have her sent to the nut house and she said maybe but she would have to stop by and tell Bo that Asa is alive. Asa asks Alex what it would take to make her not tell he is alive and Alex thinks about what she can get from Asa for keeping quiet.

Blair' House

Unknown to Blair, Todd shows her their baby. Blair picks up the baby and is cuddling it when she tells Todd she has dreamed of a baby and that when she heard the baby at the airport she thought it was hers and that she thinks this baby looks like hers but she says she knows it is not. She asks Todd whose baby it is. Todd has a flash back of what could happen if he tells Blair the truth and thinks that Blair would be angry and leave town with the baby and Starr. He rethinks telling her the real truth. He then tells her that the baby is hers, that a woman that didn't want the baby gave it to him and now he is giving it to Blair for her wedding present. Blair seems to accept the baby for a while then abruptly hands him to Todd.

Wednesday, December 12, 2001

Nora is disbelieving when Troy tells her he's getting together with Lindsay solely because of the fundraiser she's helping him with. Yesterday he was outraged over her and today he's with her? Nora is confused. Nora doesn't want revenge so he's dropped it too, he explains. It still doesn't sit well with her and she tries to get to the bottom of it, especially when Troy starts to talk about being lonely and single. She realizes that he might be planning to seduce Lindsay so that he can get her to confess to what she did to Nora. She advises him that Lindsay would have to get something big out of the deal in order for her to talk. He hasn't worked out the details yet, Troy confesses, but Nora is concerned. She's fine with what she has, she insists, but Troy adamantly states he will get the truth for her. He feels guilty over what his brother did and he wants Nora to have happiness and peace of mind.

At the train station, Lindsay and Sam await Jen's arrival from NY with Lindsay going off about Cris as usual. She utters that she will kill him if he hurt Jen, because he ruined everything. Carlotta arrives and overhears her and suggests that Lindsay is the one that Jen needs to stay away from. The happy couple arrive, with Jen ecstatically telling her parents that Cris really loved her all along, he was only protecting her. Cris apologizes to them for hurting her but Jen understands. Sam is forgiving but not Lindsay. Antonio explains what caused the problem, that someone told R.J. about the undercover work that Cris was involved with. Lindsay recalls the conversation she had with R.J. when she passed that information to him. She tries to get Jen to go home with her but her daughter refuses. Her mother can't keep them apart and besides she's accompanying Cris to the doctor. A quiet Al takes everything in from the sidelines where Lindsay spots him looking forlorn. She thanks him for being such a good friend though she's not sure that Cris is telling the truth. She's convinced that Jen has been destroyed but she couldn't have made it this far without Al. He sings Jen's praises as well, while Lindsay suggests that they're more than friends. His and Jen's relationship isn't going anywhere, he tells her. Jen hugs Al goodbye while Lindsay wonders how Cris will feel when he learns that Jen and Al slept together.

Jess recalls her last conversation with Seth but is interrupted by a visit from Allison who insists on coming in to leave Natalie a note. Jess decides to pump Allison for information on the baby switch and why she did it. Allison explains how she was brain washed by Mitch Laurence but when he died before his plan was finished she didn't know what to do. She thought about the power she had to change lives so just decided to change baby Buchanan with the baby of the friend she was staying with. Just as she mentions Roxy's name, Viki and Ben show up and do their best to get her out of the house. Before she heads out the door, she manages to tell Jess that she resembles her real mom greatly though her mother is certainly lacking in the social skills, while also being an alcoholic and gambler. She also states that Viki doesn't want Jess to know the truth which prompts Jess to ask her mother if she knows Roxy. Viki confesses to having gone and seen Roxanne and she and Ben fill Jess in with some tidbits of information. They know that Natalie wasn't treated very well which explains her personality. Viki also mentions that Roxy stopped by but it was only for a handout, though Jess thinks maybe her mom wanted to see her. Jess is warned to stay away from Roxy, that if she were a better person and anything good would come from it, they'd encourage her to see her. Jess asks to be left alone and after Ben and Viki leave, she finds Nat's address book. Upon opening it, Jess discovers Natalie's former address in Atlantic City noted inside the cover page.

At Break Bar Seth gets drunk, confessing to Chad that he's lost the best thing that ever happened to him. Natalie, who has come looking for Seth, overhears but sits down next to him and suggests he talk his problem over with her. He tells her she's it and he really doesn't want anything to do with her. Nearby, R.J. receives a phone call about Keith's imprisonment and then calls the hospital to check on Cris, but learns he's been released. Allison storms in and grabs Natalie, demanding to know why she gave Viki extra time to peruse the papers she gave her because she doesn't trust her. Natalie informs her that Viki stood up for her and she wanted to do this. Allison turns nasty and mentions that she is the one who put Natalie in the mansion however Nat matches her by reminding her that she is also the one who took her out. R.J. and Chad demand that a drunken Seth leave the club and while Nat goes off to call a cab, Allison begins to mutter to herself, saying that she needs to get rid of Viki permanently. Though in a drunken stupor, Seth overhears her but is brushed off. When Natalie returns, the women begin to argue, Allison spitting out that she wants her money. The younger woman urges her to back off. R.J. breaks them up and again tells them to leave. He then makes a phone call to Keri, suggesting that they get together, but before he can finish Antonio disconnects the call. He accuses R.J. of attempted murder and figures out that Gannon is making a call to check out what happened with Cris and Keith. He warns the bar owner that he will have limited freedom in the days ahead. After Seth and Natalie depart for Llanfair, Allison begins to jot down notes on getting rid of Viki. She begins with Plan A.

Nora receives a call from Sam who is still at the train station. She suggests he call her in the morning. She turns back to Troy and tells him she can't let him do what he has planned; she told Sam she'd stop pursuing the truth about Lindsay and she feels like she's lying. Troy informs her that she can't stop him-he HAS to do it.

Natalie and Seth have quietly gone upstairs to Nat's room while the others were talking in the library. Ben and Viki spot Nat's light on and mention that they didn't know she was home. Nat helps Seth out of his clothes and into bed. He falls asleep while she sweetly tells him she'll make him forget Jess.

Thursday, December 13, 2001

Cristian and Jennifer

Cristian is being kept for observation in Llanview hospital and dreams Keith is still after Jennifer. Jennifer wakes him up and he is happy she stayed all night with him. She is thankful he saved her life and they confess their love for each other. Cris wants her to understand how sorry he is that he hurt her and Jennifer also apologizes for the ugly things she said to him when she thought Cristian was using her. Cris says that the only thing that got to him was when he saw her kissing Al and was glad that was over. While discussing this, Al walks in the hospital room. Cris says he knows about Al and Jennifer; he then thanks Al for being Jennifer's friend and it is clear he does not know Al and Jennifer made love. However, Cristian notices they are acting strange and asks if there is anything else he needs to know. Al and Jen cover, Cris says that whatever happened was his fault. Privately, Jen tells Al they need to talk about that night they made love and Al notices Cristian standing behind Jen.


Jessica phoned Al and asked him to cover for her with Viki while she visits her biological mom in Atlantic City. As Jessica knocks on the door, Roxanne scurries to clean up and spray perfume for Jessica's arrival; she opens the door and tells Jessica to call her Momma. Jess notices the horrible condition of home and empty beer bottles everywhere and Roxy tells her that she is a sitter for other people and all that mess is someone else's. She tells Jessica that she wants to know all about her. Jess only wants to know how Roxy could not know her baby was different when returned from being kidnapped; Roxanne says she was just stressed out after the baby. When Jessica questioned the whereabouts of her biological father, Roxanne told her he was in a jar in the closet, dead. Roxy said she was not good with Natalie because they were not related but wants a chance with Jessica. Roxanne starts planning on a Vegas getaway to teach Jess how to gamble, etc. and wants a little money to get this plan started. Jessica is furious and realizes she only wants the Buchanan money.


While in bed with a drunken, sleeping Seth, Natalie tells him that she loves him and will make him feel better. Viki walks in and thinks the worst and Natalie lets her believe that she and Seth made love. Viki demands he leave or she will call the police, she then tells Natalie that Natalie is selfish. Meanwhile, Seth remembers hearing Allison plot to get rid of Viki and rushes to tell Viki of the plan. Natalie tries to stop Seth and he tells her it is over and wants nothing to do with her. When Seth tried to talk to Viki, she would not listen to him and threw him out.


Working as a hospital volunteer, Allison works on her plan to bring stress on to Viki and have her split into another personality. However, Ben sees her and snatches her book on DID away and figures out her plan. Allison pretends to be only worried about Viki, but Ben does not buy it, they then trade insults. Ben sees Rae and together they pressure Allison to quit her volunteer work. After turning on the tears for Ben's benefit, Allison sits down to work on Plan B' for Viki.

Todd and Blair

Todd wakes up Blair very romantically and she wants to know where the baby is; she thinks he has taken the baby back as she requested. Blair tells Todd that it's not fair to keep the baby just to fill a void in their lives, she then blames herself for bad choices. Todd has another opportunity to tell her the baby is theirs but does not. Blair then hears the baby cry and is angry Todd has not taken him back, she feels unworthy to be his mother and is only reminded of their baby that died. Blair begs Todd to get the baby out of their home; however, after she leaves from the room, Todd tells her "No", he will not let go of his son.

Thursday, December 14, 2001

Allison/Natalie/Roxy/Jessica (Plus Greevy!):

Allison shows up at Llanfair. She wishes Natalie a merry Christmas, saying that by then she will have everything she has always wanted. She also reminds her that she wants her cut of the money. Natalie realizes that someone was in her address book. Together, Allison and Natalie figure out that it was Jessica. They assume that Jessica wanted to know where her biological mother is. Natalie wonders if Jessica went all the way to Atlantic City. Roxy tries to get Jessica to give her some money. Roxy feeds her a sob story - a fake one- about her house being foreclosed. Jessica throws her for a loop by telling her she's broke. She tells Roxy that all of her trust funds now belong to Natalie. Jessica says that she figured out what was missing from Roxy's house. She asks her where all the pictures of Natalie growing up are. Roxy tells her daughter that she is just like Natalie... a loser. She tells her to get out, she never wanted Jessica as a daughter, she just thought she was getting lucky. Jessica says that she would never want her as a mother. Roxy is about to slap Jessica when Natalie enters and tells her not to go near Jessica. Roxy, thinking Natalie is the rich one, tries to make up with her by getting her a gift from the bedroom. While Roxy is in the bedroom, her ex-boyfriend Greevy arrives. He notices Jessica and says he should get to know her a lot better.


Lindsay receives flowers from Troy. As she is admiring them, Sam arrives and gives her a gift from Will that arrived that morning. When he sees the flowers, he warns her to stay away from Troy.


Nora tells Troy to stay away from Lindsay. She tells him that his idea to seduce Lindsay to get her to confess is crazy. He tells her that deep down, she doesn't want him to stop. Nora says that she doesn't object to nailing Lindsay, just nailing Lindsay this way. She tells him that if he doesn't stop, she will tell Lindsay what he's up to. He calls her bluff and hands her the phone. She dials Lindsay, who answers.


Jen and Al suspect that he heard them talking about their night together when Cristian asks to see Al alone. However, Cristian just apologizes to Al for making him think he had a shot with Jen. R.J. shows up. He tells Cristian that he doesn't have to move out of his apartment since he sold Break Bar to Max. Meanwhile, Jen decides to tell Cristian about her night with Al before Lindsay does.


Antonio visits Keri. They talk about his trip to New York. She tells Antonio how dreadful it is that someone would hire a killer. She asks who it was, but stops Antonio mid-sentence, seeing how upset he is. Both are unaware that R.J. is outside the door.

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