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Danny resigned from Spaulding when he learned that Phillip was in on the FBI heist. Tony warned Ben not to mess with Marah, or he would answer to him. Cassie was disturbed that Camille was back in Alonzo's life and in no hurry to return to the states. Josh joined Reva in a past life, this time in Paris during World War II, and learned more about their future together. Harley admitted to Rick and Gus her feelings for Gus. Rick and Mel were troubled over Sam's illness. Alan dumped Olivia and gave her a taste of her own medicine. Phillip's feelings for Lorelei/Beth resurfaced. Lorelei/Beth taunted Edmund until he finally agreed to the divorce, but realized something very important in the process: Edmund really loved Beth and actually cared about Lorelei as Beth, and felt divorcing her was like losing Beth all over again. Holly got a glimpse of Edmund's human side. Blake's fact-finding mission about Tory's untruthful past marriage blew up in her face as Ross left her high and dry, and rushed off to the Bauer cabin to rescue his student/assistant. Holly and Buzz's night of passion kept getting interrupted by their adult children and their marital and family problems. Eleni returned to Springfield with news that Marina was missing.
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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of December 17, 2001 on GL
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Monday, December 17, 2001

by B.L.

Josh travels through the painting of Olivia and ends up in a loft in 1944 Paris. General Krieger, a Nazi officer and Alan-lookalike, quickly orders him and Reva placed under arrest for spying. Reva is thrilled that Josh has come to rescue her but before they can escape into the painting, Marie Lavalle, who looks like Olivia, points to Reva as the spy when Krieger asks for confirmation. Krieger orders the painting crated and sent to Otto Schenk for evaluation. Edmund announces to Lorelei, Phillip, Tory and Ross that he will not sign the divorce settlement. Lorelei, still posing as Beth, pleads with him to be reasonable but he claims he "created" her and storms out, refusing to sign. Back in Springfield, Carmen advises Babe and Gus that she's now in the antique business. After Babe orders Gus to move out of town to his next assignment, Phillip reveals that he was in on the sting from the beginning. Gus quits his job so that he can stay in Springfield to send Carmen and Danny to prison. After offering to help Mel and Rick uncover what's ailing Sam, Harley reads about the sting in San Cristobel and is furious when she realizes that Gus lied to her about his involvement with the FBI. Helen the librarian leaks to Blake that Stuart and Tory were arguing at a local nightclub just before he hopped into their car and was hit and killed by a drunk driver. A suspicious Blake looks it up on a nearby computer to confirm the story that they filed for legal separation.

Tuesday, December 18, 2001

Ben drops in on Marah hoping to make an impromptu skating date. Insisting that she must finish writing her paper, and adding that she has nothing to wear, Marah turns down Ben's offer. Not one to take no for an answer, Ben finds a cocktail dress in Marah's closet and suggests she wear that, and change their plans to dinner at the Towers. A teasing Marah begins to change her clothes in front of Ben, who stops her. Before she can zip her sweatshirt back up, Tony and Catalina arrive and get the wrong idea about what's going on in the dorm room. Ben invites Catalina and Tony to make a double date out of it. Although the girls aren't eager to make the dinner a foursome, the boys insist. When Tony and Ben go out to the hall to wait for the girls to change, they face off. Ben suggests that Tony wants to keep an eye on Marah, but Tony assures his new adversary that it's Ben he will be keeping an eye on. When Tony brings up the essay, Ben begins to have second thoughts about this double date. Tony puts Ben on notice: "Tony Santos protects his good friends, so you watch your step."

Rick and Mel are afraid they're running out of time on Sam's case. Mel makes a date with her father to get some historical information - she wants to know about "Zatunca" - the word Sam whispered. Her father tells her that Zatunca is the ruins of a city in the Andes. She wonders what the significance is. When her father innocently turns the conversation to Rick and his situation, Mel gets wound up and storms out, leaving her father to wonder what he said.

Harley is furious with Gus for lying to her. When he realizes that she's not just angry that he lied, but more that he lied to her, he's touched that she cares enough to be angry. He tells her that gives him hope. Harley tells Gus "there is no hope for us." She insists that she is done with him. When Gus informs her that he's leaving the FBI, Harley doesn't believe him. After Gus leaves, Rick arrives. Although somewhat surprised at how happy Harley seems to see him, he appears happy about it none the less. That is, until Gus returns. Harley then tells Rick that she hasn't been completely honest about her feelings for Gus. She explains that she's been trying to figure out how she feels about her former partner, but insists that she has realized she's not interested in him - it was just a crazy infatuation. Although Rick seems to harbor some doubts, Harley assures him that she is being honest. Hearing all this, Gus changes his mind about leaving - Harley, he says, just gave him a reason to stay.

Eager to get back to the sea, Alonzo doesn't want to stay at the palace any longer. He tells Cassie that as soon as the doctor clears him, he will leave. Alonzo admits to Cassie that he's beginning to like life at the palace "way too much." He asks Cassie and Richard to send Camille some pictures of Will. When Cassie balks at the request, Alonzo assures her that Camille is no threat to the family. Cassie tells Richard that he and Alonzo are right, Camille is no threat to her - she is, after all, in Iowa. While he's sleeping in the presidential suite at the palace, Camille slips into Alonzo's bed. He dreamily says aloud "I thought I was dreaming." Camille tells her former husband that it's not a dream and begins kissing him.

Wednesday, December 19, 2001

Finding Alonzo anxious to return home, Cassie and Richard convince him to stay with them until his health is better. Camille later surprises Alonzo when she shows up in his bed. Harley lays into Gus for destroying any trust that existed between them. When he claims that he's the best partner she's ever had, Harley disagrees. He angrily guesses that her relationship with Rick will last less than a year and then announces that he's quit the Bureau. She laughs at his claim and guesses he's lying again. When Rick arrives, Harley admits to them both that she did have feelings for Gus but insists those are gone. When an upset Catalina admits to Tony that she saw him with Marah, he eases her anger with a few tender words and some kisses. Ben urges a determined Marah to forget about her paper for school and go out to ice skate with him around the town Christmas tree. He then offers her a dress he bought for the occasion and teases her into getting dressed in front of him. However, he stops her when she starts to disrobe and claims he wants her to adhere to her standards. Tony and Catalina arrive in time to find them together with Marah's shirt unbuttoned. Clayton informs his daughter that Zatunica is an ancient city in the Peruvian mountains. He's curious when she jumps all over him for mentioning Rick's living arrangements with Harley.

Thursday, December 20, 2001

Josh realizes that fate keeps putting him and Reva together. The couple formulates a plan to escape from General Krieger (Alan). Realizing that flirting with Marie (Olivia) might promote their plan, Josh asks to see her. When Marie arrives, Josh proceeds to charm her and tells her he needs her help; that he's afraid that "this woman" (Reva) is going to try to pin everything on him. Thinking the flirtation will proceed further, Marie agrees to help Josh, but worries that Reva will be a problem. When Marie asks how he will take care of Reva, he says "like this", and knocks Marie out. Hearing the commotion, the guard begins knocking on the door calling for Marie, when he finally comes in to see what's going on, Josh knocks him out too. Josh and Reva are now free to go in search of the painting. Hearing the tanks roar closer, they worry because they're not sure if the troops are "ours or theirs."

When Beth/Lorelei catches Edmund in the Spaulding study, she trips and falls into his arms. Edmund admits that he doesn't trust her. When Phillip walks in on the pair, Beth/Lorelei puts on a show and insists Edmund leave. Edmund warns them to "be careful what you wish for." And Beth/Lorelei wonders "when is he gonna let go?" When Beth/Lorelei realizes that Edmund took her new CD set that Phillip gave her for Christmas, she is furious. Phillip wants to go after him, but Beth/Lorelei insists she will take care of it and heads off to Towers for a confrontation. When Beth/Lorelei catches up to him, Edmund admits that he thinks she is going to leave him penniless. The two argue, and Edmund tries to convince his partner in crime that it is not just about he money. He confides that he is sad to be losing Lorelei, and says he took the CD set so that he could have something to remember her by. Lorelei is touched to realize that her "husband" cares. She suddenly realizes that he's fighting the divorce not because he can't let go of Beth, but because he can't let go of her (Lorelei). Edmund returns the CD's and tells his "wife" that he will quit fighting the divorce. When Beth/Lorelei returns to the mansion with the CD's, Phillip is elated to hear that Edmund will no longer fight the divorce, but she doesn't seem quite so happy.

At Inferno, Ross presents Tory with the keys to the Bauer cabin and insists that she take some much deserved time off, and enjoy the holiday season. Blake waits for Ross to leave Inferno and then drops the separation papers on a surprised Tory. Tory denies that the papers, filed shortly before the death of her husband, Stuart, are what they appear to be. Blake isn't buying the story. Ross returns and demands to know what's going on. Blake tells Ross that she's found proof that Tory lied to them. When Ross asks her for the truth, Tory turns on the tears and storms out. Blake shows the papers to Ross, and explains that this is proof of the young woman's lies. A shocked Ross calls the new facts "informative." Blake insists it's more than that; that Tory was using her husband's death to rack up points. When Tory arrives at the Bauer cabin and finds a gift basket, with a card signed from Blake and Ross, she sobs and whispers "Ross." Ross sends his wife home saying he needs some time to himself. Now alone at the restaurant, Ross places a call to Helen Simpson, the librarian from Tory's home town who gave Blake the information about the separation.

Friday, December 21, 2001

Ross makes a few calls and discovers that Helen the librarian in Pennsylvania had a vendetta against Tory. When Blake arrives, he lets her know that Helen hated Tory because Stuart ended their relationship after falling in love with Tory. He also reveals that Stuart and Tory's legal separation was rescinded one week after it was filed. Blake's unimpressed and resents it when he calls her a nosy busybody. Meanwhile, at the Bauer cabin, Tory becomes upset and decides to take drastic action. Ross arrives to straighten things out and finds the cabin filled with gas and Tory passed out. After a call to an operative in San Cristobel asking him to find out about the breakwater being constructed, Alan demands Olivia come see him. He advises her that she and Josh no longer have any control over him. He then rubs it in when he points out that it was the portrait of Olivia that led Josh back to Reva. Reva hides some important papers behind the painting. Before Reva and Josh can jump into the portrait and return to the present, a U.S. soldier who looks like Billy pulls them away to celebrate the repatriation of Paris. Frank interrupts Buzz and Holly's date to complain that he just heard from Eleni that Marina has been expelled from school. Buzz is impressed when Frank announces that he's getting on a plane tomorrow and flying to California to find out what's going on with his daughter. Eleni suddenly appears and warns him that Marina left her a note that she was going to Springfield.

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