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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of December 24, 2001 on ATWT
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Monday, December 24, 2001

At Holden's house, Holden finishes a call with Abigail's parents, where he just finished explaining what's been going on with Abigail lately. Diana and Mitchell are happy to have Abigail again until things settle down. Molly says, "I wish we had some other way to get rid of him." Holden sounded defeated and says, "She wants to be with Nick. We're making the right choice here." It has to be done. Abigail's adoptive parents, Mitchell and Diana, originally had some serious doubts about Molly raising Abigail. "I have to give Abigail back because I've failed her as a mother." I should have stopped this from the very beginning. Holden tells her, "You can't go back and change the past." Holden says she'll resent us, but one day she'll come back to Oakdale and it'll all be ok. Molly wants to find Abigail and talk with her. Holden goes with her.

In Nick's apartment, Abigail and Nick hug. Nick pulls away and says, "It's a big commitment, and you're not ready" to move in with me. Abigail is upset and says, "Why not?" "No, Abigail. Maybe you should go with your instincts." Abigail practically begs Nick to be with him professing her desire saying, "I've been searching my heart and I've realized that I need you." "Are you sure you can do this?" "Nothing matters except us. You mean everything to me." Abigail tells Nick that Molly threatened to ship her back to her adoptive parents. Nick says, "The last thing I want to do is take you away from the people you love." Abigail asks, "Are you sure your feelings for me are real?"

Tom asks Jessica in the police station conference room to press formal charges against Emily, but Jessica wants Tom to calm down and to try to be objective about the situation. "I AM being objective Jessica." She asks, "What proof do you have besides a glove and those plane tickets?" She encourages him to slow down and to let cooler heads prevail. Just then, Hal bursts in and demands to know where Margo is keeping Emily.

Emily asks the mystery man driving the car how much longer until they meet this mystery man. He ignores her. Emily grows impatient and raps on the glass barrier demanding to know where he's taking her. He tells her to relax. "You'll know soon enough."

James is at Hal's place planting evidence making it look like Emily has left town. To top everything off, he leaves a typed good-bye letter on the kitchen table.

At Java Underground, Bonnie updates Lisa on budget numbers for the benefit. Isaac mentions that he hopes to hold the benefit there every year. Lisa prods John Dixon to buy a ticket. Bonnie asks Lisa if she could sing at the benefit, but she respectfully declines the invitation. John tells Bonnie the secret to getting Lisa to participate is to beg.

Tom wants to know why Emily isn't being questioned. Hal says there's no way Emily would leave town. Hal looks straight at Tom and says this has all been a set up. Tom becomes violent and yells, "Are you suggesting I'm framing Emily of attempted kidnapping of my own son?" Margo thinks all the info points to Emily. Hal says, "Let's be reasonable about this. This doesn't make any sense." Tom chimes in saying, "Sleeping with the chief of detectives might make it easier for Emily to pull this off." Jessica tries to cool off both Tom and Hal. "Speaking from the heart won't help. Let's bring Emily in for questioning tomorrow morning." Margo asks Hal if she should send a car for her, or if he would bring her in himself.

Carolers come to Fairwinds, and Barbara barks at them to just leave her alone. James comes in and says, "I remember when this was your favorite time of year. Would you like to see what I brought you for Christmas?" He brings her luggage with the monogram ES on it. Barbara snidely asks if it was Ebenezer Scrooge's luggage. James says Hal will notice her missing suitcase, and will think Emily left all on her own. Barbara says, "This suitcase proves nothing." James says, "Tell me what you need. What can I do to make all this easy for you?" "I don't need you're help. I'm going to find out for myself," and she walks out the door.

Abigail asks Nick to explain the ring. Nick says, "I bought the ring in Chicago, long after I met Molly." He offers to find the receipt for Abigail, but she believes him. "You could have any woman you want. Why me?" Nick lays it on thick, "You really want me to tell you? Can you really not know how beautiful and talented you are? I see honesty and intelligence in you." She's blown away. Nick continues, "You've allowed me to dream about the future again. Everything I'm going to be is because of you. I love you Abigail." "And I love you Nick. Every minute of every day." They hear carolers. Abigail thinks its time to give Nick his Christmas present, "There's something I want to give you and I can't think of a better time." "What is it?" "Me."

Isaac and Bonnie put on a charade in front of Lisa. Bonnie asks who in the world can she get to sing at the benefit. Isaac thinks he can do it and starts singing, horribly. Lisa doesn't buy their routine. Then they get down on their knees and beg as John suggested. It works. Lisa gives in to the pressure and leaves to go condition her voice. A delivery man gives Bonnie a present. She opens the box up and finds a leather notebook. Bonnie thinks the present came from her mother. I don't know who else could have sent me this. There's a symbolic message attached with the leather case that Jessica is proud that Bonnie is handling her job well. Bonnie doesn't like to be pigeon holed and is going to return it. Just then, Jessica calls Bonnie wanting to spread a little holiday cheer. After talking with her mother, Bonnie realizes Isaac gave her the gift. Nick and Abigail move to the bed and make out. He breaks the embrace and says, "You deserve better than this. A beautiful place, for a beautiful moment." Abigail says, "Where's that going to be?" "An island in Florida. The first night we're there, I'm going to take you to the beach and make love to you under the moonlight. But first we have to leave town. Go home and act like everything is fine. Meet me tomorrow and we'll take off." They kiss again. Just then, Holden and Molly break in to Nick's apartment. Molly yells, "Let go of her Nick. Let go of her before someone gets hurt!" Abigail says, "Get out! You have no right to be here." Nick adds, "I'm asking you to leave or I'm calling the police." Molly says, "Holden, take Abigail with you, I have to say something to Nick." They leave and she turns to Nick. "I don't know why you're doing this. You've kissed my daughter for the last time." That's where you're wrong Molly. The good times have just begun."

Hal gets home and looks for Emily. He yells all over the house for her and then finds the note:

Good Bye my love,
Em, Sorry.

Lily finishes reading a story to Luke and Faith when Holden comes in with Abigail. Lily asks Abigail if she's spending Christmas with them. She sighs and says, "Looks like it." Lily takes the children to bed, leaving Holden and Abigail to talk. Holden says, "There's something I have to tell you. Molly and I wanted to tell you together. We're sending you to Rotterdam to live with your parents." A stunned Abigail asked if he just wanted her gone. Holden firmly says, "It's not up for discussion. I'll be on the plane with you. This is not a punishment. You're going to live with your family. Your home." Abigail defiantly says, "That is not my home. My home isn't with Molly and Jake either. My home is now with Nick."

Nick says, "Abigail loves me and there is nothing you can do to keep us apart. You can't brain wash her. She begged me to be her first." Molly is disgusted at this thought. "You will not take advantage of my daughter." Nick continues, "I wouldn't be surprised if we end up getting married." "Why would you ruin a little girls life like that?" We finally get a glimpse of what Nick wants from Molly. "Why would I stop? No one has offered me anything not to." "What do I have to do to get you out of her life?" "Finally! I have an answer, and it's not going to be cheap."

Emily knocks on the glass barrier of the car again and says, "Excuse me. Where are we going? Are we lost?" He ignores her and turns the radio on. Emily has finally had enough and she tries to get out, but the doors are locked. She starts to hyperventilate. "Who are you? Where are you taking me?" She looks claustrophobic.

Barbara stops by to visit with a present for Will and sees a depressed Hal. "Are you ok?" "I'm fine." "Tell me what's wrong. Maybe I can help?" He shows her Emily's letter. "I'm sorry Hal." They hug and Barbara's face lights up like the brightest light on the Christmas tree.

Tuesday, December 25, 2001

Due to the Christmas holiday, a special "classic" episode was broadcast today in place of a regular episode. Programming will resume on Wednesday the 26th where Monday's show concluded.

Wednesday, December 26, 2001

Simon and Katie open their Christmas gifts. One of her gifts to him is a bag filled with a stuffed animal (Rex, the golden retriever), a pink Barbie house (a house she says they will have), a car key chain (a Lamborghini she is convinced they will one day own), and coins (for money they will have). Simon says, "You are a freak." Katie replies, "A good one though right?" Katie says she would like to get a job too. Simon laughs and says she has a hard time keeping her jobs. She gets insulted and he later apologizes. She thinks about the offer she had to teach aerobics.

Barbara goes over to Hal's to bring a gift for Will. While she is there, she plays the part of a sympathetic, caring person and asks him questions about Emily. Hal tells Barbara that Emily has left and convinces Barbara to stay because he needs a friend. He just can't believe that Emily would leave him and her son. Barbara says to look at Emily's patterns; she is a "fight or flight" kind of person. Barbara then asks about Carly when Hal mentions that Parker is upstairs sleeping. Barbara pretends not to know anything about Carly and asks how she is doing in Paris. Hal says that except for one phone call, he hasn't heard from her. Barbara leaves and James meets her at the door. They go back to Tradewinds and she says that Hal doesn't even know Carly is missing. She asks about Rose and James says he will tell her when the task is completed. Barbara tells James she was surprised to see how upset Hal was that Emily left but that she could take care of Hal. James wonders if Barbara is getting soft and says that since his plan is working, he wants to know when they can be together again. Barbara tells him he already has enough women to take care of.

Abigail and Holden argue about Nick. Holden tells Abigail that he is sending her back to the Williams, her adoptive parents. She is very upset and refuses to go. Holden says he loves her but in order to assure that she is safe, he will risk losing her. Abigail says if Holden sends her on a plane to her adoptive parents, she will get right back onto another plane and go to Nick. With tears in his eyes, Holden says he will never get over it if she cuts him out of her life and that he will always love her and think about her until the day he dies. Later on, Abigail watches Holden puts the house alarm on. She walks to the door and looks up at the camera.

Molly asks Nick what he wants. He tells her he needs a future and someone rich to help him get there. He says that Molly's husband Jake is the one to do it and proceeds to ask for $500,000 or else he will take Abigail out of Oakdale and out of Molly's life forever. Nick taunts Molly and says that Abigail is just like Molly, she will do anything that Nick says and that Abigail wants to "lick his wounds." He will let her do this unless Molly gets the money from Jake before midnight tomorrow. Molly slaps Nick and this angers him. He continues to tell Molly that Abigail thinks her mother is pathetic. Molly asks Nick not to hurt her daughter. Nick says if she doesn't come through with the money, he will enjoy having a pretty girl around but he hopes he doesn't lose her in a card game. As Molly leaves, she tells Nick she will never let him hurt her little girl. Molly goes home to find Jake resting on the couch and to see cookies for her baked by the twins. She goes over to Jake and asks him to hold her.

At Nick's apartment, the mystery woman appears, (her identity still hidden) and they talk about how their plan is finally coming together.

Thursday, December 27, 2001

Holden and Lily discover that Abigail is gone. Holden goes to look for her as Molly begins to panic, thinking Abigail had already run away with Nick. As Molly asks Jake for the money to pay Nick's blackmail, Abigail arrives and they fill her in on Nick's demand. Unable to deal with the situation, Abigail goes to her room, as Jake and Molly agree to consult with Jack. Before they leave, Molly places a call to Adam and asks him to talk to Abigail.

Waiting for the guests of the hospital benefit to arrive, Bonnie attempts to apologize to Isaac about the gift, but her efforts are barely accepted.

Both Rose and Paul individually seek Lily's help on their relationship. Lily convinces Paul that Rose loves him and will be at the benefit later that evening. Meanwhile, Rose accuses Lucinda of being behind her break-up with Paul. As Lucinda offers to track down Vince, Rose realizes her mistake about Lucinda being the one trying to pull them apart. Later, Rose responds to an anonymous note to meet Vince at Al's diner and Lily agrees to pose as Rose at the benefit.

Stenbeck convinces Barbara that she needs to go to the benefit so that she will have an alibi when Rose disappears that evening. Bob, Kim and Nancy are delighted when they see Barbara arrive at the benefit.

Friday, December 28, 2001

Hal asks his forensics experts to examine the good-bye letter Emily left. When Margo questions him about it, he tells her he believes she is too biased against Emily to do an effective job in the kidnapping investigation. She agrees and asks Jack to take over the investigation for her.

Jack asks Hal if he can get off early so that he can take Parker to the airport to meet Carly. As he finishes speaking with Hal, the door opens and Jake, Molly, and Holden arrive. They let Jack know what Nick is up to and ask for his help. Jack suggests one of them wear a wire and Molly insists she be the one to do it. Jack leaves to go pick up Parker and go to the airport.

Adam has a heart-to-heart talk with Abigail about Nick. Adam asks Abigail why she is questioning her decision to go with Nick. Abigail tells him if she believes Nick then that makes Molly a complete liar and that has not been her experience with Molly. Adam asks Abigail some really good questions, which cause her to think very hard about her decision to leave town with Nick. He points out to Abigail that he has felt very pushed away from her since Nick arrived in town. Adam apologizes to her for sleeping with Brandy and tells her he thinks he did it because he was tired of feeling like a loser. Adam tells Abigail he thought Nick was cool at first, but then it began to seem as though all Nick wanted was to get rid of him. He tells Abigail about Billy's chat with Brandy and asks Abigail if it was Nick who told her to go looking for him the night he was with Brandy.

Rose arrives at Al's and waits for Vince O'Malley to show up. Eventually James arrives, pretending to be an acquaintance of Vince O'Malley's. He tells Rose he came instead of Vince because Vince is in danger and that she may be in danger as well. He tells Rose that Vince got in with the wrong people in Atlantic City and saw things he should not have seen. Afterwards, he went to the government to let them know what he knew in exchange for their protection. When Rose points out that that is really Vince's problem, James tells her Vince is worried about her because he thinks his enemies may use her to try to "smoke him out." Rose is suspicious and asks James what's in it for him. James says it is his job to protect Vince, but Rose does not buy James' story, telling him it is baloney. She lets James know that she is aware of his true identity and tells him she is going to let Paul find him. Just then, she begins to get dizzy and realizes as she starts to pass out that James has slipped a "Mickey" into her coffee.

Bonnie and Isaac worry about whether the burn unit benefit will be successful and take place without any glitches. Isaac is still feeling hurt about Bonnie's reaction to his Christmas gift and is not very sympathetic about her worries. When the number to be performed by the hospital nurses gets canceled, Nancy Hughes takes over to perform an act.

Barbara returns from her meeting with James and pretends she only left the benefit because she was feeling nervous. James calls Barbara to reassure her and lets her know he has Rose in his sights. Just as Barbara disconnects, she looks up and sees Lily arriving at Java pretending to be Rose. Barbara tries to tell everyone that Rose and Paul have decided to go their separate ways, but Paul comes up behind Rose and puts his arms on her shoulders, telling everyone that he and Rose are still very much together. He tells everyone he has been a jealous fool and apologizes to Rose. Rose(Lily) forgives him and they decide to dance. She tells Paul she would never lie to him, but just then Lucinda walks up and asks her whether she was able to find Vince. Paul gets angry again, but Rose(Lily) explains that she was only looking for Vince to prove to Paul that the whole thing was a scam. Lucinda realizes that Rose is actually Lily and demands to know what is going on. Before she can answer, Paul returns and tells her it is not necessary for her to prove anything. He tells her he loves her and starts to kiss her. Rose(Lily) is startled and does not really kiss him back. Paul backs off and looks at her and says, "Ok, Lily, where's Rose?" Paul is angry and asks Lily if she and Rose are trying to make a fool out of him again. Lily tells Paul he needs to go to Al's diner if he really wants to know what is going on. Paul tells Lily he wishes just once Rose could spare him from "whatever" and be honest with him about what is going on.

Meanwhile, Nick is talking to his mystery woman on the telephone, telling her to wear something sexy when they leave town at midnight. When Molly gets home, she finds Adam alone and asks him where Abigail is. Abigail arrives at Nick's apartment and tells him she wants answers from him. Adam tells Molly that he thinks Abigail has gone to Nick's apartment to tell him good-bye. Molly gets very worried because she is afraid that Nick might become violent with Abigail. Nick keeps trying to manipulate Abigail and asks her when she stopped believing him and started believing everyone else.

Hal gets the forensic results and finds out that there are no prints or fibers of any kind on the good-bye note left by Emily. He heads to the airport to talk to Jack. Meanwhile, Jack, who is still waiting at the airport, finds out that Carly was not on the return flight from Paris and starts to get suspicious.

Paul arrives at Al's to find Rose's feather boa and a coffee cup with her lipstick on it, but no people. Over at Rose's, James leaves a stack of letters tied with a red ribbon out in the open where they can easily be seen.

Colleen Zenk makes surprise appearance as Y&R's Aunt Jordan
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