One Life to Live Recaps: The week of December 24, 2001 on OLTL

Sam turned down Nora's wedding proposal. Jen took a home pregnancy test after sleeping with Al. Lindsay lied that the results were positive. Asa was arrested after confessing that he had faked his own death. Allison and Roxy plotted against Viki.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of December 24, 2001 on OLTL
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Monday, December 24, 2001

Trying out the calender on her new PDA, Jen suddenly realizes that it's possible she could be pregnant. She fakes a headache and tries to go to the drug store to get a pregnancy test, but as she's trying to leave Antonio, Carlotta and Seth arrive at Cristian's apartment. Carlotta's brought dinner with her and as they start to unwrap it, Jen feels sick and almost passes out. She insists on going to the drug store alone to get a "special headache medicine" despite Cristian's protests. Outside the apartment, she runs into Al, who's come to accept Cristian's invitation to dinner. He can see that his being there makes Jen uncomfortable, though and he pretends he had another invitation to go somewhere else and he leaves. Later, Jen comes back with a pregnancy test kit in her purse.

R.J. and Keri go to the coffee shop at the mall when Keri and Antonio first met. R.J. thanks Keri for sticking up for him with Renee and says he hopes they can get to know each other and become closer. Their conversation is interrupted by a phone call from Antonio, he tells Keri he'll come pick her up and take her to Cristian's apartment. He tells her that her father is invited, too (of course, Antonio doesn't realize the 'father' is R.J.). Keri hangs up and tells R.J. about the invitation and also tells her the person she's seeing is a police officer, but she doesn't give his name. R.J. refuses the invitation, given his bad relationship with the Llanview Police Department. Keri gives R.J. a gift, a framed picture of her at her graduation. R.J. leaves and Antonio arrives a few minutes later. R.J. watches through the window and Keri and Antonio greet each other. Antonio brings Keri back to Cristian's apartment to have dinner with his family.

Renee, Ben and Viki are in the solarium at Llanfair when the phone rings. It's a drunken Roxanne demanding to speak with her daughter. Which one, Viki asks. Whichever one has the money, Roxanne replies. Viki is disgusted and hangs up and tells Ben and Renee what Roxanne said, unaware that Jessica is standing by the door. She apologizes to Jessica, but Jess says it's OK, she knows Roxanne is only interested in the money and Natalie is the one that has all the money now.

Allison goes to see Roxanne in Atlantic City with a present and convinces Roxanne to let her in by claiming the present might be booze or cigarettes. But when Roxanne opens the box, she's angry to find it full of fake money. Allison tells Roxanne that she has a plan that will make them both filthy rich.

Natalie is looking at an ornament on the tree from Jessica's first Christmas when Starr arrives and startles her. The ornament falls to the floor and breaks. Blair catches up with Starr and Natalie is not very nice to her. Viki enters the library and Starr gives her the present they brought, then demands her own present. Viki sends her to the solarium, where Ben and Renee give Starr her gift, a telescope. Starr thinks it will be great to use to spy on people. Back in the library, Jessica is very upset when she finds the ornament is broken and accuses Natalie of breaking it on purpose. Natalie defends herself, saying Starr startled her and it was an accident, and is grateful when Viki decides to believe her. Viki gives the two girls identical cameos that used to belong to herself and her sister Meredith.

At the mill house, Cassie thinks that she has figured out what is going on about the baby. The baby is really Todd's baby that he had with Nellie, which is why he's so determined to keep the baby. Todd calls Cassie crazy and swears on Starr's life that he's never had a baby with anyone but Blair. Then he scoops the baby up and rushes out the door with Cassie following close behind. They end up at Llanfair in the solarium. Blair has gone outside to watch Starr using her telescope and is standing near the partially open solarium door. She overhears Todd telling Cassie how important the baby is to him, how he screwed everything up and this is his way of fixing things. He knows Blair will come to love the baby too if she will only give it a chance. Blair enters the room and finally holds the baby. Starr stands by Todd and Blair to see the baby, the entire family is finally together.

TUESDAY, December 25

Due to the Christmas holiday, today's episode was preempted. Programming will resume on Wednesday the 26th where Monday's show concluded.

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Wednesday, December 26, 2001

by Cheryl Paster-Di Pilla

Jen awakens next to Cris; he's thrilled that she's there and happy about so much, including the fact that they already know everything about each other. She admits she has something to tell him and proceeds to admit how upset she was when he left her, how she met up with Al at the quarry and that they eventually made love. An incredulous Cris throws her out of his apartment suddenly a moaning Jen is awakened by Cris. She's having a nightmare and he's curious about what she has to tell him as she keeps saying "I shouldn't have told you." Jen feigns confusion, finally tells him it was just a dream. She tries to get him to leave the apartment so that she can shower and take her pregnancy test (which is in her purse). She's startled when he has a key for her and picks up her purse to put it in. Jen makes an excuse for not letting him go into her things and for why she needs to take the purse with her to the shower. After Cris leaves to get breakfast, Jen is ready to take the test but decides she just can't. She places it on the counter and forgets about it.

Surprised and happy that Troy is still beside her, Lindsay awakens. They have a talk and Troy tells her he wants them to trust each other, that they should know everything there is to know, both good and bad. He proceeds to tell her about a boyhood incident with Colin and how sneaky he was, that he isn't all good as Lindsay thinks and in fact no one is all good or all bad. Lindsay thinks that Nora is all good but she's not really all bad as everyone thinks. Troy wonders what evil things she's done; he likes the bad side of her, he smiles. Lindsay reveals what she did to Jen and Cris and how she paid Shawna to lie. He again insists that everyone's done awful things that they keep secret, afraid that people will stop liking them. He even had to love Colin so that people would like him too. Lindsay has to leave but not before mentioning that she's hurt other people as well. Unfortunately, she'll have to tell him about it next time, she says.

Al is at Break Bar, typing an email to Jen, advising her that he is leaving town because Asa's gone and he feels too strongly about her to stay while she's with Cris. He mentions their love-making at the quarry that he'll never tell anyone about. Just then, Shawna and Mollie arrive and wonder what he's so intent on. Mollie distracts Al by urging him to help her outside with a car problem while Shawna steals over to the laptop to read what Al's been typing. He and Mollie return and he demands to know what Shawna was doing, going into his private email. An argument ensues but then Cris comes in, asking everyone what's going on. Shawna announces that she's found something out and Cris won't like it.

There are big happenings on the island of St. Blaze's. Gabrielle and Max are still on the island looking in the desk for the picture of the person who seems to be Bo's new suspect (where he had been showing it). They locate Alex's picture and Gabby surmises that she is the true killer, though they wonder how Asa was poisoned if Alex was not in town. This leads she and Max to believe that Alex is working with an accomplice. Nearby, Asa is hastily packing to make a quick get-away before he has to marry Alex but he learns that she has someone watching the entrance to the hotel. He urges Nigel to pick up the wedding license that they luckily had to wait 24 hours for; he has another plan. After Nigel leaves, Asa is about to follow when Alex comes through the adjoining door. She can't imagine where he could be going for after all, she'll have to tell everything to Bo if he doesn't go through with the marriage. As she walks into Asa's room, stopping Asa in his tracks, Hank and Bo are let into her room by the hotel manager. Bo finds his poor father's ashes in the trash but they are disappointed that they haven't found Alex. They do find Asa's previous will and learn that Alex would stand to inherit lots of money if Gabby were in prison.

Nigel arrives for the marriage license while Max and Gabby, in the same location, don janitor's clothes to disguise themselves. The man who has the license stamps many copies for various authorities while the "janitors" come by, doing their work. Max trips Nigel who falls, dropping the papers. Gabrielle picks them up quickly, scanning them for info and learns that there is to be a marriage between Alex and Capt. Jeb Stuart. Once Nigel is off, Max and Gabby figure that Nigel is Alex's accomplice! Asa makes one weak attempt to get out of Alex's clutches, but it doesn't work. Bo and Hank are busy going through Alex's things when they notice the key in the door to the adjoining room. Bo finds several items including suntan lotion with an SPF 75 which could only belong to one person-Nigel!

Max and Gabby are ordered to mop up before the ceremony starts but have to quickly take cover again as Nigel marches in, followed by Alex and a desperate looking Asa. Nigel suggests his boss go to Plan B. A smelly, drunken janitor strolls into the room but the wedding party is urged to ignore him. Max and Gabby think something funny is going on and as they leave their hiding place, the arrival of Bo and Hank causes them to dash back out of eyesight again. The ceremony has started in the other room and the janitor keeps annoying Alex. The man performing the ceremony has Alex to say "I do" but when he asks Jeb Stuart to do the same, the drunk is the one who says "I do." Hank and Bo are dismayed that no one seems to be around but they hear voices so decide to check it out.

Lindsay drops in on Jen who notices that her mom seems to be wearing the same clothes as the day before. Lindsay wants to take Jen and Cris out to brunch but Jen is able to get out of it since she's busy moving in. She ushers Lindsay out the door, but Lindsay turns around to get a glass of water first. She spots the pregnancy test on the counter.

Troy leaves a message for Nora-he informs her that he'll have "Lindsay's head on a silver platter," a gift for Nora.

Everyone converges at the same time-Bo, Hank,Gabrielle and Max-they all see each other, they all see Nigel, Alex and Asa! The ceremony is over.

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Thursday, December 27, 2001



After Max, Gabrielle, Bo and Hank find Alex with Asa, Alex tries to convince them it's Jeb Stuart, not Asa. No one believes her. Hank questions Asa, who claims he is just on vacation and didn't know everyone believed he was dead. Max and Asa then do some verbal sparring about how and why Asa hates him enough to set him up for murder; Asa lets Max know that Gabrielle was in on the plot from the beginning that is why he married her! Alone, Gabrielle tries to explain to Max her part in the scheme and how she could not go through with the plan, she reminds them of their love. Max is angry and walks out on her. Meanwhile, Hank lets Alex go and tells Nigel to stick around on the island. Alex finds out that Asa did not legally change his name to Jeb Stuart and her marriage to him is null and void. As she is packing for the airport, Nigel comes in and tells her that Asa left her a gift the janitor as her husband. The janitor was the person that changed his name to Jeb Stuart and she is married to him. Alex leaves running for the airport trying to leave her new husband behind as he is chasing her. Meanwhile, after Bo berates Asa for hurting people, especially Jessica, with this scheme, he then starts to arrest Asa.


Lindsay figures out that Jen thinks she is pregnant with Al's baby. Naively, Jen thinks she can't be pregnant after only one time of unprotected sex, but Lindsay assures her that she can be; the two bond over the situation and Jen's fear. Jen takes the pregnancy test and waits on the results. Meanwhile, Carlotta stops by with a poinsettia and tries to water it in the bathroom. Jen stops her and takes her outside where she professes her love to Cris, no matter what may happen in the future. While she is outside in the foyer, Lindsay looks at the results of the pregnancy test.

Nora and Sam

Nora and Sam talk about their love for each other and trying to start a future together. Nora finds a box in her Christmas stocking and believes it is an engagement ring. Sam gets her to open it only to find a necklace with a whistle on it that she can blow anytime for him to be there. Nora is disappointed and when Sam questions her on this, she drops to one knee and proposes to him!

Cris and Al

Shawna saw the email Al was sending Jen and makes snide comments to Cris about it, trying to inform him that something else is going on with those two. Cris takes up for Al and says he knows everything, so she leaves. Nervously, Al questions Cris a little and finds out he thinks Al and Jen only kissed in New York. However, Cris wonders if there is more since Al is in such a rush to leave town. Al explains he has personal issues right now and Cris offers his friendship. Al then goes back to his computer and deletes the email he was sending Jen.


Troy orders expensive perfume for Lindsay as part of his plot to get her to confess what she did to Nora; he then daydreams about Lindsay admitting all. After this, he pulls out a tape recorder in which he has been recording all their previous conversations and plays it back. He is sure he will catch her admission on tape.

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Thursday, December 28, 2001



Jen asks Lindsay if she is pregnant or not. Lindsay realizes that the test is negative and stalls. She asks Jen how late she is. Jen says that her last period was way before her and Al. Cristian enters and asks why she is talking about Al. Lindsay uses a pen to make the test appear positive, hoping that it will break her and Cristian up. Jen tells Cris that she did something that will make him break up with her. As Jen is about to admit what she did, Lindsay interrupts and badmouths Cris. He kicks Lindsay out, but Jen says she has to talk to her mother. Lindsay shows her the test, and Jen thinks she is pregnant.


Troy, expecting Lindsay, is surprised to se Keri standing at his door. Wondering if she is one of his brother's old flames, he stresses that he is Dr. TROY MacIver. She explains that she is there to drop off a present from Matthew. Troy inquires why Nora couldn't drop it off. She says that she is busy with Sam. Troy thanks her for stopping by.


Nora asks Sam to marry her, but he says no. Sam says that he said no because, even though he loves her, their past relationship is history and this is a new relationship. He knows how much she loves him and wants her to stop pressuring herself, he won't leave. Later, Nora listens to Troy's message about being close to nailing Lindsay.


Nora tells Troy never to leave a message about Lindsay on her machine ever again. She claims that she doesn't want him to nail Lindsay. Later, Sam arrives at Troy's. Troy says that he is just the person he wanted to see.


Blair has obviously taken a liking to the baby. As she takes care of it she notices that Todd has again altered the portrait at the top of the staircase to include the baby. Blair tells Todd that she wants to keep the baby, so she has hired a therapist to help her through her feelings. As Todd asks who, Rae comes by. (IS RAE THE ONLY THERAPIST IN LLANVIEW!?!?) Todd tells Rae to stay away from him, he "doesn't want to be shrunk by association". Blair tell the shrink about the baby. Rae's advice is to take her time and not rush things. Todd and Starr break into Rae's house. As Todd is stealing her files she walks in, so Starr stalls.


R.J. is at the police station to obtain a permit to start a new club. Antonio offers him a deal. In exchange for testimony about Keith, he will get immunity and that permit. As R.J. calls Keith. When R.J. threatens him, he threatens Keri, saying that he has people on the outside. Fearful of his daughter's safety, R.J. declines the offer.

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