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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of December 24, 2001 on GL
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Monday, December 24, 2001

by B.L.

Ross gathers the Cooper, Bauer and Marler children together for a special collection of Springfield holiday stories on Christmas Eve. Each story involves many of Springfield's residents who discover the magic of the holiday in spite of their many differences. In one story Josh and Phillip face off as dueling Santas when they both show up at the towers for a children's Christmas party. Reva, Edmund and Olivia stop their arguing for a night as they call a temporary truce on Christmas Eve. Kris the holiday mystery man returns to Springfield and works his magic, first turning the balmy weather into a snowy holiday setting for everyone. Danny, Frank, Rick and Buzz end up shopping at the mall for last minute gifts and, after a power failure, find help coming from Gus who offers to give up his four-wheel drive ride so that all four men can get home to their families for the holiday. Kris snaps his fingers so that the Lewis, Cooper, Marler, Winslow and Bauer families work together at the Towers to insure Edmund, Olivia and Gus are not alone on Christmas.

Tuesday, December 25, 2001

Due to the Christmas holiday, a special "classic" episode was broadcast today in place of a regular episode. Programming will resume on Wednesday the 26th where Monday's show concluded.

Wednesday, December 26, 2001

Lizzie is thrilled when Lorelei, still posing as Beth, lets her try on some lipstick. Phillip can't believe that Beth would allow their daughter to wear makeup before she's 16 as they once agreed. Playing with the new karaoke machine, Beth lets slip to Phillip about Edmund's short career in Chicago as a piano bar performer using the name Eddie Ivories. Phillip presses Beth for more information but she realizes her mistake and claims everyone knows about his "career." She then surprises him with a passionate kiss. After surprising her with a holiday pendant, Ben urges Marah to go away with him to Whitehorn Mountain on a weekend getaway and though she declines to travel with him, Marah changes her mind in front of Catalina and Tony and agrees to go with him. Eleni reveals to Frank that Marina told her she hates her and is going to live with her daddy. When Eleni blames herself for their daughter's troubles at school, Frank urges her not to do so. At the Bauer cabin Tory denies to Ross deliberately turning the gas on to kill herself and thanks him for saving her life. She explains that she ran out because she knew Blake would never believe her. Ross assures Tory that he believes what she claimed about her marriage and her love for her husband. He then complains about Blake's jealousy and how it always gets in the way. Unable to get his car out of the snow in the driveway, Ross calls a furious Blake and lets her know that he's spending the night at the cabin.

Thursday, December 27, 2001

Camille is obviously not at ease holding, and trying to comfort baby Will. When Cassie takes the baby, he immediately stops fussing. Camille tells Cassie that she wants a room closer to her husband, and whines that Cassie has so much while she has nothing. Cassie asks the young woman just what it is she wants, and insists upon knowing if Camille is changing her mind about the adoption. Camille finds Alonzo and begins ranting that Cassie has everything - that she can "buy any baby she wants." When Alonzo tries to tell his wife that Cassie doesn't care about the material things, but rather people, Camille shows her jealousy. He then goes on to tell her that their marriage is over. When Camille insists that Alonzo would feel differently if she got their baby back, he realizes that she is going to try to back out of the adoption. Angry that she has lost everything, and her husband doesn't want her back, Camille tells Alonzo "I'll do whatever I have to do to fight for what's mine."

A nervous Blake shows up at the Bauer cabin. When Tory emerges from the bedroom wearing only a short nightshirt, Blake is somewhat taken aback, but Ross soon arrives from outside carrying an armload of firewood. On the defense, Ross immediately tells Blake "I know what you're thinking and you couldn't be more wrong." Blake surprises Ross and Tory by telling them that she came up to apologize. A tearful Blake tells Tory that "the truth is, I'm everything I've accused you of being." Blake then goes on to explain that she never trusted men, and that Ross was the first man who ever "loved me for who I am." Blake confides to her rival that she never felt worthy, and so she ended up sabotaging everything. Blake admits that she is scared of Tory because she is "reminded of all the things I don't have to offer Ross." Ross comforts his sobbing wife and reassures her "it's OK - we're together - we're always going to be together." Still weeping, Blake asks her husband to forgive her. Ross reassures her again by telling her that she is the woman meant to be in his life. Blake and Tory then mend their fences. All seems well when Ross steps out to load the car, but suddenly, a cool, calm Blake turns to Tory and demands that the young woman "stay the hell away from Ross." Tory realizes that Blake's sudden change of heart, and tearful divulgence was all an act. Blake informs Tory, "I pulled the same act you did" and goes on to point out "only I'm better at it." When Ross returns from the car, Blake tells him that she and Tory understand each other so much better. Tory sarcastically adds that she feels honored to get a glimpse of the real Blake. When Ross and Blake leave together, Tory is left alone with tears streaming down her cheeks.

Josh and Reva are in Paris, 1944, celebrating the city's liberation from the Nazis. Although they're happy at this moment in time, Reva wonders if they will ever get it right, while Josh is thankful for "the opportunity to get to know the real Reva again." Reva admits that she was insecure as a kid - and tells a surprised Josh that she knew her place better that he thought. When Josh says that Reva's mother was a member of the family, she says no, that she always felt like the housekeeper's daughter, on the outside looking in. She tells Josh that it was John, in 19th century England who made her wonder if she could love as an equal; and made her question her ability to stay put and work things out. While Reva worries that she and Josh can't get it right, he says it's time now to stop talking and start living. Josh reminds Reva that not everything was her fault. The couple toast to the future and share a kiss.

When Phillip walks in on Beth/Lorelei admiring Lizzie's first Christmas ornament, he remarks that she looks as if she's never seen it before. While the couple "reminisces" about their daughters first Christmas, they kiss. Edmund walks in and admonishes Phillip "that's still my wife you're kissing." When they're alone, Beth/Lorelei warns Edmund that he must stay away or Phillip will catch on. Although the plan all along was for Beth/Lorelei to marry Phillip, it has just dawned on Edmund that Lorelei "plans to sleep with Phillip." Edmund asks Lorelei if she's falling in love with Phillip. After unsuccessfully trying to avoid the question, Lorelei admits that she's falling in love with being Beth, and tells Edmund "I like these people and they like me." Edmund hastily reminds her that it is Beth they like. He then goes on to remind his partner in crime that phase 2 of their plan involves her walking away from Phillip. Lorelei wants to know if Edmund is going to be there for her when the plan comes to its completion - she's feeling badly about tricking Phillip and the children. Edmund is greatly concerned when Lorelei tells him of her earlier slip-up of mentioning "Eddie Ivories" to Phillip; but she insists that she covered her mistake beautifully by saying that she overheard Buzz teasing Edmund. Edmund tells her that she must be careful and admits that he worries about her. In a close moment, Edmund and Lorelei nearly kiss, but he pulls away and admonishes her to stick to the plan, then reminds her that it's much better for her if he is her friend rather than her enemy.

After Edmund leaves the mansion, Beth/Lorelei and Phillip share another personal moment together. When Beth/Lorelei leaves the room, Phillip calls Buzz and asks him if he will help catch Edmund in a lie. Phillip asks Buzz what he remembers about when Edmund was in Chicago, "Who did he know, and what did you tell Beth?"

Friday, December 28, 2001

Distraught, Olivia decides to destroy the portrait of Regina, the symbol of her failed marriage. She deposits the painting in a warehouse with directions for it to be incinerated. In Paris, Reva stops things from heating up with Josh. She is concerned that something is wrong and they should return to Springfield to uncover Alan's plans for revenge. They leap through the painting, just in time, and find themselves in the warehouse. Reva discovers General Krieger's secret papers hidden in the portrait and gives the worker orders to ship the portrait back to New Orleans. Josh and Reva put their heads together and figure out that Alan intends to destroy the Harbor Project. Mel discovers a bug bite on Sam's finger that may be the cause of his mysterious illness. Olivia sits by Sam's bedside and prays for him to wake up. In San Cristobel , Alonzo tells Cassie that he will go away with Camille to ensure Will's safety in Cassie's home. Cassie tries to persuade Alonzo not to throw his life away on Camille, but Alonzo insists. Unbeknownst to Cassie, Richard encourages Alonzo to take Camille away with him. Alonzo agrees and promises to keep their plan a secret from Cassie. Meanwhile, Alan arrives for the unveiling of the Harbor Project.

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