One Life to Live Recaps: The week of November 26, 2001 on OLTL

Alex stole Asa's ashes. Allison demanded that Jessica's assets be turned over to Natalie. Hank tried to keep Keri's paternity a secret, while R.J. demanded to know the truth. Keith mugged Jessica in his search for Cristian. Gabrielle was suspected of Asa's murder.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of November 26, 2001 on OLTL
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Monday, November 26, 2001

Todd intends to tell Blair that their baby lived and that he will bring him home, while Blair fears Todd plans to kidnap Starr again. As a result, Blair prepares to steal away with Starr herself.

Meanwhile, Buck catches Todd with the baby, and Todd is forced to admit that he is the child's true father.

At the modeling agency, Cristian finds Jen in Al's arms and Jen insists that she has moved past romantic feelings for Cristian. Antonio counsels a torn Cristian, and encourages Cris to accept Jen's involvement with another man, hoping it will serve to keep her out of harm's way. However, Keith has seen Cristian with Jessica and now Jess is the one in danger.

At Llanfair, Viki is surprised when Natalie defends Jessica when dealing with Roxanne. Roxanne remains determined to meet Jessica, and later Natalie recoils from a sympathetic Viki when Viki vocalizes her concerns for Jess.

Tuesday, November 27, 2001

Keith has followed Jessica to the hotel where she is to meet Clint. Keith attacks her from behind and demands to know where Cristian is. Keith gets rough with Jessica and she manages to push him. Seth shows up and knocks Keith to the ground. A surprised Jessica falls into Seth's arms. Seth and Jessica leave the scene to call the police; when they return Keith is gone. The police arrive; Seth and Jessica tell them they have to leave and warn Cristian about Keith. The police tell them they have to file a report and that they will then help them find Cristian.

Buck caught Todd holding the baby – Todd tells Buck that the baby is his son and not Buck's son. Buck threatens Todd with killing him with his bare hands if he does not put the baby down. Todd and Buck get into a heated argument over to whom the baby really belongs. Buck tells Todd he does not believe him (that the baby is his). Todd asks Buck when he first saw the baby and how does he know it is his. Buck gets angrier and tells Todd that unless he puts the baby down that he is going to get physical. Todd finally puts the baby down and a woman comes into the room to say that the police are on their way. Todd asks her to tell Buck she did not give birth to the baby and she admits this is true. She tells Todd she is Buck's sister and that his wife claims she was in labor 36 hours having this baby. She says she knows that the baby does not belong to her brother, that she is tired of taking care of the baby and seeing his train wreck of a marriage. Todd tells him that the baby is his and he has the DNA to prove it! The police arrive and arrest Todd for trying to kidnap Buck's "baby".

Hank calls Keri telling her they need to meet and for her not to leave – that he is coming over. Keri is furious and as she is leaving the University R.J. shows up. R.J. asks her if Hank has warned her about him. Keri then tells R.J. that Hank probably does not want him to know that he is her uncle since Hank is her father. R.J. is shocked. He continues to question Keri about Hank. Keri shows him the copies of the cancelled checks that Hank wrote to her Mother for her child support. R.J. is surprised that Hank has tried to deny that he is Keri's father. He acknowledges Keri as his niece saying she had looked familiar to him, not knowing he is her real father, not Hank. In the meantime Hank tells Dr. Rae that he dreads telling Keri the truth – that R.J. is her real father. R.J. and Keri continue their conversation about Hank and R.J. welcomes her on behalf of the Gannon family. He tells Keri he hopes they can get to know each other. Keri tells R.J. she does not want to do that because she doesn't anything to do with anyone that reminds her of Hank. Keri leaves and R.J. waits for Hank. When Hank arrives R.J. confronts him about Keri's parentage. Hank tells R.J. that he is not Keri's father. R.J. asks Hank if it is not him, who is Keri's father?

Nora goes to Dr. MacIver's house for the memory restoration treatment. He tells her to sit down and relax. Her cell phone rings and it is Sam, asking where she is. She tells him she thought he was going to be out so she and Keri were going shopping (she did not want him to know she is having the treatment). He tells her he will have a surprise for her when he sees her and Nora tells Sam she may have one for him. After Sam calls Nora she has second thoughts about continuing with the treatment because she thinks of it as going behind Sam's back since he does not know she is doing this. Troy continues to try to convince her it is the right thing. He tells her she should consider this a gift to Sam. Troy goes into great detail with a hesitant Nora, telling her that after the treatment she would remember everything about Sam and Matthew. He emphasizes her good memories and downplays her revenge on Lindsay in getting her to agree to the treatment. Finally he takes Nora's hand, gives her the pills and she begins taking them. She relaxes and tries to remember the past. She remembers her confrontation with Lindsay at Colin's house when Lindsay threatened her with the drug that would get her out of Lindsay's life. As Troy tries to get Nora to relax and remember more, someone is at Troy's front door. It is Lindsay.

Sam is at a jewelry counter shopping for a stone to have a necklace made for Nora when he starts considering getting her an engagement ring. Lindsay walks up and sees Sam looking at the rings and asks him if he is going to buy Nora another engagement ring. Sam tells Lindsay it is none of her business. Lindsay further annoys Sam by telling him of her visit to New York and how she saved the day for Jen. Sam told Lindsay he would like to hear Jen's version of the story. Lindsay continues the conversation by making hints about Nora's former relationships and tries to drive a wedge between Sam and Nora. She hints that Nora might also be interested in Troy. Sam does not believe anything she says. Later, Sam runs into Keri and asks where Nora is. Keri does not know that Nora told Sam they were going shopping. Sam wonders where Nora is and if she is okay.

Blair is planning to leave town with Starr because she mistakenly thinks Todd has not forgiven her for losing the baby. She does not know that Todd has the baby and was trying to tell her when Starr grabbed the phone and threw it down. Blair became angry with Todd but did not know Todd had their baby and was planning to try to get him back. Starr then tells Blair she is not leaving without Todd. Blair continues to try to convince Starr they need to leave, that she is afraid Todd might take Starr away from her again. Starr tells Blair she is acting like Todd by trying to keep her away from him. Blair tells Starr that when they leave and Starr wants to see Todd that she will call Sam and he will arrange for Starr to see Todd in a safe place. Does Starr agree? Starr still does not want to leave but Blair convinces her if she doesn't that Todd will come back and separate them again. Starr still does not want to leave without Todd and plays a trick on Blair, telling her she has to take her rabbit with her on the trip, that is on the top shelf of the closet. When Blair goes to the closet to get the rabbit Starr locks her in!

Wednesday, November 28, 2001

Cris daydreams of Jen following him home but is rudely interrupted by Antonio's knocks on the door. His leads on Keith's whereabouts are pretty much all dead-ends and they need another plan to flesh him out. Cris offers to be used as bait but Antonio won't hear of it. He wants to pass as Cris himself and the brothers argue over the plan until they decide to try to find another way. The younger Vega assures his brother that they won't be running into either Jess or Jen; they don't know where he is. Cris confides that he can't live without Jen and though Antonio empathizes with him, he can't get Cris to believe that he'll find someone else some day. In the meantime, Antonio fantasizes about Keri and confesses that Professor Reynolds is very special to him.

Jen and Al decide to stay in NYC for dinner where she runs into trouble when she imagines seeing Cris in the waiter's place. She doesn't want to discuss him and Al doesn't want to hear his name. They agree that what happened between them was caused by their mutual vulnerability at the time and that they made each other feel better. They are best friends and plan on staying that way.

Seth and Jess answer the policeman's questions regarding her mugging by Keith. Seth notices that she's being evasive and not quite telling the truth. She insists it's because they don't know the whole story behind this guy looking for Cris and besides, she wants to know what Seth is doing in NY anyway. He confesses to having followed her after reading her note because he was afraid he'd never see her again. She grudgingly thanks him for helping her and as they chat, Keith lingers nearby. They agree that they need to warn Cris; they know that Jen and Cris still love each other, but have no idea on where he is. Jess reluctantly decides to let Seth help. She remembers that Jen is in NY having won the modeling contest and after a little pondering, remembers the name of the agency also. Seth urges Jess to meet her dad while he searches for the address and phone number of Beaucoup de Beaute. After they split up, Keith makes a quick cell phone call for that same information.

Keri and Sam get to Nora's place where they find a note saying she had an appointment and will be back soon. There's a message from Hank to Keri on the answering machine so she tells Sam how she came to Llanview to meet Hank and how she doesn't much like him at all. Sam talks him up, saying what a great guy he is, especially a great father. He warns her to stay away from his brother R.J. though, filling her in on part of his background; the man was in prison, set fire to his own club, involved with murder, etc.

Hank denies being Keri's father to R.J. and tells him that her mother is the one who wanted the father's identity kept a secret. He tries to prevent R.J. from digging for the info stating that the real father hates family, doesn't want to be and can't be a father. R.J. thinks about Hank saying the same things about him. Hank further states that the father doesn't know about Keri. R.J. learns that the mother's name is Elizabeth Coleman but wonders why Keri has been treated as family. Finally the truth hits him; he dated a Liz Coleman and he is Keri's father! He is astonished but also agitated and angry that this has been kept from him. His brother reminds him that he was in prison at the time and Liz turned to him for help instead. They have words, R.J. tells Hank that he makes him sick and stalks off. Hank calls Elizabeth to warn her about R.J., that he's looking for her.

Under the influence of the memory drug, Nora starts to remember Lindsay and her imprisonment at Colin's. She remembers Matthew's birth and her love for Sam. While this is happening, Lindsay arrives at Troy's for their meeting on the fundraiser for Troy's clinic. He tries to get rid of her and reminds her that the meeting is tomorrow. Lindsay can hear Nora muttering inside and realizes that Troy has a woman there. He claims it's the television and agrees to meet her later just to get her away. She needs to make a phone call, claims her cell phone is dead and asks to use Troy's. He agrees but then sets off his pager and denies her, stating that he's on call and has got to go. Back inside, Nora awakens and tells him she has her memories back, though she can't prove that Lindsay stuck her with the needle, she's only seen her holding it. Troy is anxious to give her another pill but Nora decides she's satisfied enough with the good memories she's gotten back. After she leaves, Troy calls Lindsay to arrange their meeting, telling himself there's more than one way to get the proof he's after.

R.J. stops at Nora's house to visit with Keri.

Thursday, November 29, 2001

A disappointed Buck appears with the results of a DNA test proving that he is not the baby's father. Buck frees Todd, and the infant eventually finds its way back into Todd's hands. Meanwhile, Viki rescues Blair from the closet and convinces Blair not to run off with Starr, encouraging Blair to work out her differences with Todd instead. However, Bo arrives to interrupt the upcoming reunion with news that a bottle of medication lethal to heart patients and taken out in Blair's name was found at Asa's lodge. Alex attempts to join forces with Bo to solve Asa's murder case. Alex later sneaks into Asa's bedroom. Gabrielle and Max realize that Bo tried turning them against each other, and the discovery ends up bringing the two closer together instead. Rae urges Hank to tell Keri the truth quickly, but R.J. beats Hank to the punch and shocks Keri with the news that he is her father.

Thursday, November 30, 2001

Todd get on a plane with Baby. Todd goes crazy when the flight attendant gets near him, thinking she will take him. He promises Baby thatt no one will ever take him ever again. He is haunted by the young kid, his son, that visited him on Halloween. He says that his mother will be angry at Todd, but Todd says that she will be so happy to see him that it won't matter.

Keri can't believe that R.J. is her father. R.J. tells her that she looks exactly like her mother. When Keri says that he didn't know her, he retorts that he loved her. Hank enters and tells her the truth. When the Gannon brothers start to fight, she kicks them out.

Viki talks to Clint on the phone as Natalie listens. She tells him to keep stressing to Jessica that she will always be their daughter. After Viki hangs up, Natalie asks if he asked about her, but Viki says no. She explains that it is a lot for Clint to handle all at once, and she will have to give him time. Viki says that she would like to talk with Natalie to get to know her better. At that moment, Allison enters speaking of Natalie's inheritance. A lawyer is with her, with papers that will give Natalie what is rightfully hers. However, remembering how Viki stood up for her against Roxanne, Natalie sides with Viki and Ben. Alison storms out declaring that she needed that money. She privately declares that she will get revenge against Natalie and Viki.

Blair can't believe that Bo found her signature on a receipt for poison. When she is shown a copy of the receipt, she admits that it is her handwriting. When he asks her where she was on the date of purchase, she checks her calendar. She remembers that Todd had her sign some papers that day. Bo realizes that Todd had no reason to want Asa dead, but both he and Blair remember seeing Todd with Gabrielle. Bo gets a call after he leaves. The final coroner's report shows that Asa was poisoned.

Alex enters the mansion to steal Asa's ashes. She is caught by Gabrielle, however. After a struggle with the urn, it flies out of Alex's hands. Alex is able to catch it, and she leaves with it. She goes to the airport, orders two tickets, one for her and one for "Asa". Bo later visits Gabrielle and tells her that she is his #1 suspect in Asa's murder.

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