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Monday, December 3

Alison tried desperately to get inside the club to try and help all her friends inside. Rafe didn't hear any screams or sounds of distress coming from the club and told Alison that Caleb was dead. Livvie tried to explain her actions to everyone after she plunged the arrow straight into Caleb's heart. She also said that everything would be alright now that Caleb was dead. Kevin said it would not be alright but just then Lucy returned. Lucy told everyone that she was working with Livvie and that Livvie didn't kill her. Lucy told them that if it weren't for Livvie that Caleb would still be alive and the terror would have continued. Everyone looked at Caleb's body which had aged beyond belief. Chris tried to help Karen out of the club and left her inside while he went to bring the car around. Alison went to Jamal and ignored Valerie while they embraced. Jack and Lucy embraced as well. Livvie tried to talk with Jack but he didn't really want to listen to Livvie just yet. Karen and Frank talked about Caleb and how he was the one responsible for all their problems but Karen said no and Chris took her home. Eve wanted to take Daniel home but Kevin says that he was still legally Daniel's guardian. Ian and Kevin and Jack buried Caleb where Lucy was supposedly buried. After they were almost done filling in the whole Lucy threw the music box in on top of Caleb. Rafe told Lucy that she did a good job of helping Livvie get rid of Caleb. Karen told Chris that she thought because Caleb was dead she might go back to normal but said she hadn't. Chris told her not to give up because he was still working at trying to save her life.

Livvie explained to Jack that she tried to warn him about drinking the poisoned drink but the message got wiped off the napkin when they used it to clean up the spilled drink. Alison didn't want Rafe to leave. Alison invited Jamal, Valerie and Rafe to the Recovery Room because Valerie didn't want to be left alone just yet. There was a bright light of warmth that shone down from the sky making it like some kind of miracle had occurred in Port Charles. Rafe talked with Ed and Ed told him that he must get all those couples back together again by Christmas Eve or they would never get another chance at happiness with the each other. Rafe knew that it would be a very difficult job indeed.

Tuesday, December 4

Rafe tried to figure out how to put things right. Eve took Danny to see Ian despite Kevin's warnings and their Social Worker showed up. Alison and Jamal discussed Hope and Valerie and Jamal felt things were best left as they were while Alison was very understanding. Lucy tried to explain to Kevin what had happened and he said he didn't care which upset her a great deal. As Jamal left for work, Rafe showed up to see Alison. He told her that he had to reunite the couples by Christmas Eve and he had a plan. Alison told him he'd helped her and he said she was special. Eve and Ian decided to face the social worker who had come to tell them they had won Danny back. The sunrise had changed her mind. Kevin told Lucy how he'd been a mess after learning about her and Ian. He was hurt and needed to be there for Livvie while Lucy needed to deal with Christina. They decided to take a "break" - and the surprise wedding is off. Valerie got thrown out of the retreat and Jamal offered to let her stay with him and Alison. Eve and Ian planned to move back in together with Danny and try to fix their marriage. Rafe agreed to let Alison help him with a party - Lucy and Kevin's party.

Wednesday, December 5

At the lighthouse, Livvie is worried about the fallout and whether or not everyone will forgive her. Kevin suggests they go away for awhile to spend some time together. Livvie asks if something else is going on, and Kevin admits he and Lucy broke up. He feels there is no hope for his relationship, but he thinks there is still a chance for Livvie and Jack. He told her she should go to Jack and tell him how she feels. There is a knock at the door and a party invitation is delivered to Livvie. Kevin wonders what Lucy is up to and why she hasn't canceled the party.

After the announcement that Jamal has asked Valerie to move in with them, Alison asks him how soon this will happen. Before he can answer, there is a knock at the door. Alison is not pleased. While Jamal answers the door, Alison flashes back to a conversation she had with Rafe where she told him she wanted to be more angel-like. When Valerie comes in, Alison empathizes with her situation and tries to make Valerie feel welcome. Jamal wonders why Alison is being so nice, but he appreciates it. Alison claims Rafe inspired her. She leaves to go to work. Jamal went back inside the apartment to encounter Valerie in her underwear. She told him to get used to it; since they are living together, they will be running into each other a lot.

Lucy is frantically searching her apartment for the missing party invitations so she can throw them away. She told Rafe they called off the Christmas party along with the surprise wedding. Lucy cries on Rafe's shoulder while he tries to comfort her. He starts to tell her something when he is interrupted by the doorbell. Gale and Serena come in. Serena announces she received the party invitation and is full of enthusiasm for the idea. Lucy is speechless, unable to tell Serena that the party is off. Rafe agrees with Serena. He thinks a party is just what the town needs.

When Serena and Gale leave, Lucy told Rafe there won't be a party. She can't go through with the party without the wedding. Since the invitations are out, Lucy decides to call everyone to tell them it's off, but her phone is dead. Lucy then encounters numerous obstacles: her cell phone has static and the computer crashes when she tries to send email. Not to be deterred, Lucy decides to use the phone at her office. However, her keys are missing. Rafe puts out the idea that maybe the universe is sending Lucy a message. Lucy isn't listening. She is ready to leave when the phone rings. Kevin told her Livvie received an invitation and is excited about the party, while Lucy says Serena is thrilled as well. They decide to go ahead with their plans all the while thinking the other sent the invitations.

Livvie arrives at Jack's room to find it empty. Jack is gone.

Thursday, December 6

Rafe focuses his angelic energies on solving Livvie and Jack's dilemma. Chris hopes that his new formula will reverse the damage done to Karen's system by the original vampire serum. With Danny safely home again, Eve asks Ian if he still wants to be with her. Rafe gives Livvie a pep talk as she bemoans the fact that Jack has left Port Charles. Meanwhile, on the edge of town, another version of Rafe flags Jack's motorcycle down and urges him to reconsider his plan to split. Ian told his wife he loves her but he's not sure either of them can put the past behind them. After Frank forces his way into Ramsey's apartment, Chris coldly advises Karen's former fianc‚ to accept the fact that the woman he loved has moved on with her life. Rafe arranges a "chance" encounter for Jack and Livvie at a place which once was special to them both. Certain Chris has been supplying her with drugs, Frank carries a weakened Karen away.

Friday, December 7

Lucy wonders if Kevin sent the invitations with the intent of it being their wedding. She visits him, unaware that he thinks that she sent them. When it appears that they are making progress, Kevin gets a call from a woman from his past and rushes out. Lucy is upset, but Rafe comes. He makes a ring box with wedding rings to appear, leading Lucy to believe it will be their surprise wedding.

Karen told Frank the truth about the vampire serum. He went to Chris for help. Chris, who has just discovered the cure, toys with Frank about whether or not he will give it to Karen.

Livvie and Jack talk about their relationship. After Rafe stops him from leaving by making his motorcycle helmet vanish, they become the first PC couple to get back together by making love.

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