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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of November 26, 2001 on GL
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Monday, November 26, 2001

Cassie, Richard and Alonzo receive news from Claire that Will has a rare liver dysfunction and his liver is shutting down. She tells them his liver could be damaged and that there may be little they can do. Cassie is clearly distraught. Cassie tells Claire that there has to be an alternative treatment for Will. Mel steps up to say there is and she thinks it is worth a try.

At the cabin, everyone is still looking for Lizzie and James. Beth tries to reassure Phillip that the children are alright. She thinks that she would know if they were not.

Claire introduces Mel to Cassie and Richard. Mel talks to them about a 'living donor, liver transplant' but so many more tests must be done. It becomes apparent that it should be a parent to donate the piece of liver and obviously Alonzo volunteers. The situation becomes even bleaker when Alonzo says he had a spiked fever when he was a kid that caused him to almost die and not be able to handle anesthetic afterwards. He couldn't think of a risk he would rather take. Claire says that if it happens they could loose the father and the baby. Mel announces that the surgery must be done immediately and with every word the predicament gets worse. Finally they decide to go ahead with the surgery.

Reva returns home and receives a phone call from Felecia concerned about her leaving the hospital. Reva relates to her that she told Josh everything about New Orleans. Reva believes that everyone thinks she is loosing her sanity and that Josh is trying to have her committed. Josh turns up at the door. Reva tells Josh what Olivia told her about him putting all his recourses in the Harbor Project and that he what's to put her in a hospital. She doesn't think he would intentionally hurt her but he says he thinks that going to a clinic would be best for her. Reva wants Josh to believe her and Josh finally tells her that she needs a better story if she isn't going to be around for a couple of days and everyone would believe that she is in a hospital. Reva is relieved that at last someone does believe her.

Rick and Harley discuss their living arrangement. Maybe they will find out that they should be together and maybe they won't but they agree to wait and see what happens. Phillip and Beth also stop and talk about themselves. Beth doesn't think she is cut out to be a mom but Phillip tells her what a great mom she has been. They finally get on with their search and Beth finds the kids. Lizzie says she knew that if she stayed in one place, Beth would find her. Beth admits that she was really worried. Phillip is so excited about the kids being found that he runs off to tell Rick and the two former friends forget their differences and end up talking about their kids. They disagree on which way to go so they go in different directions.

Reva and Josh talk about the affair between Olivia and Alan. Josh admits that he didn't want to see it. He tells her that Billy looked into Olivia's cell phone records and they found that she called Alan many times and at all hours of the day and night. Josh still has trouble believing that Reva is traveling back in time but he wants to set a trap for Olivia and Alan with Reva's help. He tells her that he is going to bring Alan down. Reva tells him it is dangerous and Alan loves theses kind of games and rarely looses, to which Josh replies there is a first time for everything. They continue to talk about what they are both about to undertake wishing luck to each other and Josh tells Reva to be careful and to always come back. They want each other to be happy and Josh tells her to trust her heart. Both agree that they will and Josh leaves. Reva prepares to go through the painting.

Tuesday, November 27, 2001

Cassie and Richard are concerned about the outcome of Will's liver transplant. Edmund sees Dax at Company and learns about baby Will's health troubles. Concerned, Edmund rushes to the hospital, but Richard refuses to listen to Edmund and orders him to leave. Claire arrives and tells Richard and Cassie that Will is recovering well, but Alonzo is experiencing complications. Edmund returns to Company and notices Dax's extreme concern for Alonzo. Josh tells Olivia that Reva is on her way to a clinic in Austria. Progressing with his plan to set up Alan and Olivia, Josh "accidentally" lets it slip that he is planning to take Lewis Construction public. Olivia is convinced that now that Reva is out of the way, her relationship with Josh will flourish. She tries to seduce her husband, but he stops them. In Edwardian England, Reva comes face-to-face with John, who looks exactly like Josh. They are soon joined by Constance, the lady of the manor, who looks like Olivia. Reva questions Constance about the painting of Regina Robechaux and Constance reveals that Regina is her mother. Reva notices that while Constance is not married to John, she is definitely interested in him, despite John's attraction to Reva. At Moon Lake, Harley looks on in amazement as Lorelei helps Buzz in the kitchen. They start to become concerned about Rick and Phillip, who have still not returned from the woods. Phillip tries to call Lorelei on her cell phone, but the reception is bad and they are cut off. Rick breaks Phillip's cell phone while trying to get better service. Rick tries to take this opportunity to work through their problems and end their fight. Phillip is reluctant to talk and in an attempt to leave, Phillip twists his ankle. Phillip and Rick's argument escalates as they each explain why they are angry. Meanwhile, Lorelei and Harley set off to find the men. Lorelei asks Harley to admit why she is so angry with Beth and Harley lets everything off of her chest. After some talking, the women agree to let bygones be bygones and be friends. They overhear Phillip and Rick talking and decide to let them stay lost, hoping that they'll work through their problems. However, Buzz, who was looking for them as well, finds Phillip and Rick and brings them back to the cabin.

Wednesday, November 28, 2001

Josh assures Olivia that he wants to be with her but just not in that house, it is Reva's house. Olivia seems to think it would be fun. Shane and Marah come into the house looking for their mother and Josh tells them that she had to go away. Josh tells the kids that Reva loves them and won't be gone for very long.

Reva meets Rupert and notices that he is not allowed to see Tabitha, the daughter of the butler and the housekeeper. Alan, as Arthur, master of the house, inquires as to where his wife is. He tells Reva that every time he leaves she goes riding with John. John thinks he should keep a tighter reign on her. When Arthur leaves, John flirts with Reva. A door closes and John and Reva see Rupert and Tabitha together. Reva thinks they are in love but John says it is not allowed. They listen as Rupert tells Tabitha that he loves her. She says she is just the housekeeper's daughter and not good enough for him. After hearing this, Reva reveals that she said that once to someone she knows.

At the cabin, everyone is getting ready for more company, their families are about to arrive. Phillip intends to leave as soon as possible. Blake wants Holly to take the kids for a few days so she can spy on Tori. Frank and Harley discuss Marina and Rick. Harley doesn't think Rick can put his heart into this arrangement if it means risking loosing his best friend. Meanwhile, Mata and Michelle have questions for Rick about this same subject. Mata encourages Rick to tell Harley the truth if there is anything that should be told. Phillip tells Beth how he feels about Rick. Phillip feels like a failure because of his falling out with Rick but Beth, who puts her arms around him, tells him she doesn't think he is a failure.

Cassie tells baby Will how much his Mommy and Daddy love him while Dax visits with Alonzo, who is not awake yet and asks for Cassie. Richard and Cassie discuss how much they need Will when Dax comes out of Alonzo's room and Richard asks him why he was in there. Dax makes an excuse then tells Cassie that Alonzo asked for her. She enters his room leaving Richard and Dax alone. Cassie thanks Alonzo for saving her baby. He learns that Will is fine. Cassie tells him he has to fight, he can not die. He tells her about a dream he had of a mermaid who was as beautiful as she. The mermaid was Cassie. Cassie kisses his forehead just as Richard comes to the door. Richard is truly hurt.

Phillip almost kisses Beth then apologizes for it. Beth hopes she didn't give him the wrong impression and says she wanted to make him feel better. They talk about what happened between the two of them and the conversation returns to Rick. Rick tells Harley that he and Mel became close when Harley was away. He wants to be truthful with her and Mel and when they get back he will call Mel to make sure she knows that they are completely over. Phillip decides to stay for dinner for the kid's sake but chooses to remain outside. Beth wants him to think about his friendship with Rick while he waits. Holly tells Buzz that she is happy that he loves to have his family around. She reluctantly tells Buzz she loves him. He loves her too and they share a kiss. Mata calls everyone to the table and Rick watches for Phillip to come in but is down-hearted when Beth comes in alone.

Ross brings the turkey to the table and Mata gives thanks for families and wonderful friends. She gives thanks for those who sacrificed their safety and comfort in order to help others and Claire brings Will in to see Alonzo. As she continues to give thanks, Josh dances with Marah and hugs her and Shane. Olivia is left alone and sad, at the table. Mata gives thanks for those far away and prays for their safe return. She speaks of this as a very special Thanksgiving and they lift their glasses in a toast.

Reva relates the story to John of how she too was the housekeeper's daughter and fell in love with the master's son. She thinks she was brought back there to learn something important about whom she really is.

. Phillip finally enters and takes a place at the table and he and Rick have an old time, friendly argument about, how to cut and who will serve the turkey, and to everyone's delight, they are friends again at last.

Thursday, November 29, 2001

Sam asks Marah for help writing his expose on the Mob. Marah refuses to help him and Sam leaves. Ben soon arrives and smooth talks his way into getting Marah to join him for a cup of coffee. He tells Marah how impressed everyone is with her stance on virginity. Meanwhile, Rick is surprised to see that Danny and Michelle invited Carmen over. Carmen tells Danny and Michelle that she has a plan for how they can safely withdraw the money – do it from a bank in San Cristobel. Danny and Michelle are skeptical about trusting Carmen. They ultimately decide that they don't have a choice and agree to pull the heist off in San Cristobel. Carmen goes to Company where she tells Gus about Danny and Michelle's new plan. She then meets Maurice at the warehouse. Sam looks on as Carmen discusses her secret shipment. Sam sees that the package is stamped "Zatunica" and when Carmen leaves, Maurice spots Sam. At Company, Gus asks Harley about her living arrangement with Rick. Harley leaves and Mel arrives. Gus feels badly when he sees how ecstatic Mel is to receive flowers that she thinks are from Rick. Rick promises Harley that he is going to tell Mel that they are finished because he and Harley are trying to make a family. When Rick arrives, Mel is happy and wants to thank him for the flowers. Gus arranges for Harley to see Mel thanking and kissing Rick. Harley leaves and Rick tells Mel that he didn't send the flowers and they can't continue to see each other.

Friday, November 30, 2001

Tory shows up at the Marler house just as Blake is leaving for her overnight trip. A worried Blake watches Ross and Tory through the window. Hearing the conversation turn personal when Ross compliments Tory on being "the whole package", an upset Blake knocks over a flowerpot and is caught spying. Angry, Ross chides Blake for lying, spying, and trying to entrap him.

When Maurice catches him opening Carmen's shipment crate, Sam manages to knock his would-be captor out long enough to retrieve a statue, which he drops and breaks. After Maurice comes to, Sam knocks him out again, but not before he manages to strike Sam on the back of the head. An injured Sam heads for Company where he finds Holly, but collapses before he can give her the details of what he's learned about the mob.

Regretting all he gave up to marry Olivia, Josh tells Billy of his plan to use her to bring Alan down. After feeding Olivia bogus information about future harbor projects, Josh reminds her that it's "top secret." Just after Josh leaves, Alan arrives at Company and mocks Olivia, angering her and tricking her into spilling the beans about the projects that will be funded by the profits from the Lewis Construction public offering. Alan phones his associate and instructs him to purchase some IPO stock.

Reprimanding Reva for filling Esmee's head with "matters that should be left to gentlemen", Constance (Olivia) fires her, but Arthur (Alan) insists she remain in their employ. When they're alone, Arthur (Alan) tells Reva he has plans for her. Fearing that Constance (Olivia) has her eye on John (Josh), Arthur (Alan) wants Reva to capture his heart and marry him. Later, Reva overhears Arthur (Alan) accuse Constance (Olivia) of being jealous.

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