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Liza and Adam continued to deceive each other. Tad helped Liza as she plotted to throw Adam off-track. Mia admitted to Jake that Trey was not the father of her child. Simone went on a binge-drinking spree that landed her in the hospital. Frank Hubbard returned to town and got a job at the hospital.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of July 22, 2002 on AMC
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Monday, July 22, 2002

At the Chandler mansion, Mia tried to convince Jake that she wasn't having an affair with Adam, but he wasn't buying it. He suggested that she was seduced into sleeping with him and referred again to the cufflink that was found in her bed. Jake explained that he had known Adam for a long time and that it wouldn't be out of character for him to seduce a "lovely girl" to use for his own plans, even if she was his wife's sister. Exasperated, Mia told Jake that she would never do this to Liza and asked Jake to explain why he thought she would. Suddenly, Adam walked up behind them and stated that was exactly what Jake thought was happening. He explained to Mia that Liza had been telling him about her paranoid worries that they were having an affair and that he had been convinced. Mia re-stated that this was not the case. Adam explained that no one cared more for Liza's well-being than the two of them and that Liza was only falling deeper into her paranoia. They described her "mood swings" and memory lapses, but Jake was unconvinced and told them he had seen nothing of the sort. Suddenly quiet, Adam asked Jake what he would suggest they do. "Take acting classes, Adam, and next time, get a better audience," he retorted. Angry, Adam told him that he didn't appreciate his attitude and Jake replied that he didn't appreciate his low opinion of his intelligence. Jake stated that he was manipulating Mia and reminded her about Adam's sperm-switching scheme with Colby. Adam and Jake began bickering and Mia jumped in and suggested that they tone things down and think about Liza's well being. Jake informed her that there was no reappearance of Liza's tumor but Adam was unsure and reminded him about her strange behavior. Jake retorted that Liza was just as sane as himself and more sane than her husband but before they could continue, Liza walked in. Dazed and upset, she held up the shredded remains of Adam's "favorite" suit and 'wondered' why she would have done that. Visibly shocked and frightened, Adam approached his wife and she suggested that he might have asked her to have it altered but he replied that he hadn't requested any such thing. 'Confused,' Liza stated that she thought she shredded his "lucky suit" with nail clippers or a razor and that she didn't remember where she left them. She wondered if this meant she was crazy but Mia told her it didn't and took her upstairs to lie down. Alone, Jake began to say something to Adam, who was shakily holding his suit, but was interrupted by his cell phone. When he hung up, he told Adam that he knew he didn't sleep with Mia but that he wouldn't put it passed him. Adam angrily told him to leave and Jake did, but not before telling him that if he hurt Mia, he would come after him. Alone, Adam held the suit and wondered what had happened to Liza.

At the hospital, Anna hung up her phone and was about to leave when she was confronted by Jackson. Visibly tired, she asked him to stop by her office in the morning for whatever he had to say to her. Without flinching, Jackson told her that was "too bad" and asked her to surrender her weapon. He introduced Inspector Reilly from Internal Affairs and Anna scoffed as she admitted that she knew that was his next step. Reilly explained to Anna that firing into a crowd of people endangered many lives and that she had to surrender her gun. She attempted to explain that it was a "clean shot" but Jack was unconvinced and told her that he never even got a chance to question the "suspect." He also stated that the "accomplice" had been allowed to flee the country under her permission but Anna replied that Count du Pres had nothing to do with the Proteus case. As he inched closer to her, Jack wondered aloud why she was always blocking his way whenever he was about to get a lead in that case. Laughing, Anna asked if she was now going to get an obstruction of justice arrest but quickly quieted down when Reilly re-stated that she had to turn her gun over. Angry, Anna complied but told him that he wouldn't have that for long. Reilly only agreed that this may be the case and left. Alone, Jackson came down hard on Anna and asked her if she knew what her job entailed. An exasperated Anna replied that she only did what the job asked of her and that she shot Wolfe before he had a chance to injure anyone else. Jackson only scoffed and replied that he didn't believe her. He confided that he would "go to (his) grave knowing that (she) was the one" who flooded the evidence. Anna shook her head and told him that she didn't care what he thought. She turned to walk away but Jackson stopped her and informed her that he wasn't stopping with her weapon; he also wanted her badge. A shocked Anna looked on as Jackson stormed away.

Meanwhile, down the hall, a livid Greenlee stood next to a drowsy Vanessa. Greenlee exploded and blamed her mother-in-law for Roger's death. She hissed that she wasn't going to live in fear anymore and pulled out a small knife. Holding it next to Vanessa's throat, she asked Vanessa if she was faking and wondered how long she could "take before freaking out." As she inched it closer to her throat, Greenlee challenged her to try to stop her but Vanessa only stared off into space. Backing away, Greenlee yelled at her for blackmailing her father into joining her drug dealing business and, as she crossed to the other side of the bed, informed Vanessa that she had married Leo. As she placed the knife next to Vanessa's throat, Leo and David walked in and pleaded with Greenlee to stop.

Outside Vanessa's hospital room, Dr. McMillan and a detective whispered that they would enter the room quickly and try to diffuse the situation as calmly as possible. Once inside, David and Leo told the pair they weren't leaving and Leo pleaded with Greenlee to give him the scalpel. Holding it against Vanessa's throat, Greenlee explained that she wanted to let Vanessa feel what it was like to have someone else in total control over you. David jumped in and replied that Vanessa probably couldn't even hear her and Dr. McMillan reiterated that she was "completely incapacitated." Nevertheless, Greenlee held the knife to her throat. Suddenly, Leo reminded her that they had just begun their life together and asked her to remember their plans for moving to Paris and living in an apartment on the river. She replied that Vanessa would always be in their life but Leo remained firm on the fact that she would not. He told her that the only people that mattered were each other and asked her again to hand over the knife. Finally, Greenlee complied and gave him the scalpel. She retreated into his arms as she quietly admitted that she wasn't really going to use it. Greenlee glared at Vanessa as she promised to "bury" her and Leo quipped in and told her that she was "dead to him." They exited her room and ran into Anna who asked what was going on. Greenlee explained that she had "tried to get into the mind of Vanessa" but Leo admitted that was futile because "she lost her mind a long time ago" and the pair left.

Inside Vanessa's room, David asked Dr. McMillan if he thought her condition was legit and he confided that they hadn't seen a change in her expression since she got there. David left the room and Anna quickly asked him what had happened in there. "Greenlee started a psycho drama with my psycho mama," he joked but Anna was in no laughing mood. She admitted she had a drama happen to her and David told her she could tell him all about it on the way home.

In the sunroom, Greenlee apologized to Leo for making him "scared" but he replied that the only thing he was scared of was losing her. Greenlee assured him that was never going to happen. Suddenly, she turned and saw her mother crying by the doorway. Greenlee approached her and asked her if she was crying for Roger. "No," Mary explained, "I'm crying for you." She apologized to Greenlee for never being there for her as a child, to bake cookies with her or gossip about boys. Greenlee replied that she never "expected (her) to be like other mothers" and stated that she loved her. Shocked, Mary told her she didn't have to say that to make her feel better but Greenlee assured her it was true. Mary admitted that she was going to miss Roger and that she wanted to "be there" for Greenlee in the future. She suggested that they stick together to get through the tough times ahead and Greenlee agreed. Suddenly, she burst out into tears and kneeled down next to her mother, as she buried her head in her stomach. Greenlee stood and she and her mother agreed that they both felt better. Leo suggested that they leave and Greenlee complied. "Aren't you coming?" she asked Mary and told her that they both wanted her to be with them. As Greenlee walked ahead, Mary stopped Leo and thanked him for not telling Greenlee about her involvement with the wedding. Leo only told her that he was going to protect his new wife at all costs and would even put up with "anyone" to make her happy.

In her room, Liza quietly wondered aloud to Mia why she had torn the suit and explained that it was as if someone else had done it. She reasoned that she wasn't feeling like herself because of her pill and began to lay down on the floor to go to sleep. Mia went to help her to her bed and Liza became irritated but went anyway. As Adam stood in the doorway, Liza asked Mia if she loved her and when she replied that she did, Liza told her she was happy to have her for a sister. Adam approached the bed to say goodnight to his wife and Mia left. Alone, the pair just looked at one another. She asked Adam if he figured out why she tore up his suit but he admitted that he hadn't. Liza apologized for not remembering but Adam only assured her that it was fine. Suddenly, she rose from the bed to go check on Colby but Adam told her that she was fine and that he had just peeked in on her. He told her that he would check on her again for her. "She's having sweet dreams," he explained. "Why don't you try having some too?" Liza agreed to get some sleep but confided that she didn't want to have any bad dreams. As Adam closed the door, Liza suddenly sat straight up. "Actually, it's a great night," she smiled.

As the opened the door to the cabin, David assured Anna that she would be able to relax and get all of the voices out of her head. Anna paused and replied that she could still hear Jackson "barking" at her. David held Anna as he told her she didn't do anything illegal and Jack knew it but Anna was still unsure. He reminded her that they got married to cover for him and Anna confessed that it was too late to go back and change any of that. Suddenly, David handed her a piece of paper and informed her that it wasn't. "That'll start the ball rolling on our divorce," he told his shocked wife. "Don't be silly," she replied and stated that she didn't want a divorce. David tried to convince her by telling her that he was the "worst thing to ever happen to (her)" but Anna only told him that he was, in fact, the best thing and the two shared a passionate kiss.

As Jake and Dr. McMillan exited Vanessa's room, Dr. McMillan confided that he didn't think Vanessa was acting this time. He described her "catatonic" state and explained that she didn't even flinch when Greenlee was threatening her with a scalpel against her throat. Jake was not entirely convinced but agreed that it was possible that she was really in a "disassociative state."

In her bed, Mia was awakened to Adam who assured her that everything was okay. "Liza's asleep, the coast is clear," he whispered, as he crept closer to her. Confused, Mia asked him what he was doing. "What we've both been dreaming about," he explained and passionately kissed her. Suddenly, Mia jumped up and realized that it had only been a dream.

Tuesday, June 23, 2002

At the hospital Leo and Greenlee prepare for Roger's funeral. She tells Leo she feels bad giving her father such a bad funeral but the hospital chapel was all that was available on such short notice. A heartbroken Greenlee leaves to get ready. Mary shows up to see if she can comfort her at all. Leo tells Mary that the funeral is for no one but Greenlee.

Frank(ie) Hubbard returns to Pine Valley and greets Jake and Joe at the hospital. He is now a doctor and joining the staff as an intern. Jake gets called away and Frank decides to stay behind to start meeting the staff.

Simone goes to see her father. She tells him she is there because she heard that Roger's funeral was there but her father warns her to stay away. Simone tells her father that she doesn't plan on attending; she just wants to see Roger again. He father shows disdain forwards her and she questions what she as done. He implies that she kept the relationship a secret because she was embarrassed about. Simone tells him that Roger mattered to her but her dad thinks it just another desperate ploy.

Anna and David awaken after a night of passion but David goes right into the divorce discussion again. He tells Anna that a divorce will give her the freedom to be the woman he fell in love with. David thinks the marriage change them and he's not sure if it was for the better. Anna disagrees and refuses to even talk about it. David swears to her that it is only a document and will not change the way they feel about each other but Anna believes it will change their relationship. The David's phone rings and Leo tells him about Roger's funeral.

Kendall and Palmer meet up again. Kendall feigns concern over his heart condition. She tells him that he has shown her more kindness than anyone ever has and wants to repay him somehow. She gives him a picture of Dixie when she was a child and his is genuinely touched. Kendall tells him she got it from Del. Palmer reminisces about Dixie. Palmer questions why she had the picture but she tells him that Del did it to help her create a family. Palmer finally asks her what she wants. She tells him that all she asks is that he not tell anyone about her just as Opal walks up. Opal tells her again to stay away from Palmer. He asks if she is spying on him and she says no as she presents him with a card from Petey. He tells her that he and Kendall are having a private conversation. She lectures him again on how Kendall is after him for his money but he denies it. She tells him that Kendall is after his soft spot for Dixie but Kendall interjects that she just wants to thank Palmer for helping her. Opal tells them she doesn't believe it but Palmer asks her to leave. As Palmer leaves to take a call, Kendall's phone rings. A creditor is hounding her for payment on her maxed-out card but she tells them that the check is in the mail.

At the Valley Inn, Bianca meets up with Aidan. He asks to join her and she complies. They exchange small talk and Aidan finally asks her on a date. Bianca asks him if he always dates the boss's wife. He questions if there is another guy in the picture and Bianca tells him she is gay. He still pursues a dinner with her. Aidan tells her that she's smart and funny and that he's drawn to her. She laughs it off. They both chuckle at surviving Kendall just as they notice her in the restaurant. They finish and decide to go visit the penthouse together.

Opal approaches Kendall and tells her to stay away from Palmer. She knows she is using Dixie to get to him but Kendall denies it. Opal tells her that she'll be watching her. Palmer pays his bill and seeks out Kendall again.

At the hospital, Jack runs in to Mary. He asks her how she's holding up. She admits that she's not feeling right. She tells him that she's burying her ex-husband, her daughter's father, and feels nothing.

As Simone cries over Roger in the chapel Greenlee enters. Greenlee berates her for being there but Simone tells her she didn't think she'd run into her. Simone admits she always wanted to tell her about Roger but Greenlee just went on and on. Simone tells her she didn't to hurt her. Simone leaves in tears and Greenlee breaks down. Outside the chapel, Greenlee's grandparents arrive just in time to see Simone and discern how Simone fits into the whole picture. They also notice that Jack is there and decide that Mary brought him as her date. They are disgusted. They berate her for being such a horrible parent. Mary tells them that she is trying to change all that.

Simone runs into her father again and he tells her that he really doesn't have time to help her. He thinks all she wants his pity from everyone but she says no one understands her. Her disgusted father leaves her in turmoil.

The reverend arrives for the funeral and tries to council Greenlee by asking her to talk about some of the good things her father did. As she tries to answer his request she can hear her mother and grandparents quarreling outside. A distracted Greenlee leaves to go confront them. Jack tells them that this is not the place. Mary's father shows disgust over her mothering skills. Mary tries to defend herself by saying that she really does care about Greenlee and that they've connect but he just keeps battering her. As he tells her that she loves Greenlee for only one reason - MONEY - Greenlee approaches. At the Valley Inn, a heartbroken Simone makes it to a bar and orders a double vodka and guzzles it with a handful of pills. And then she orders another double vodka....

Wednesday, July 24, 2002

Simone downed drink after drink at the Valley Inn's bar. Tad strolled over and asked if she has fun hurting people. Simone told him to go away and he asked if she had fun telling Edmund about the kiss she saw Brooke and Tad share. He told Simone that Brooke was just helping him get through Dixie's death and Simone said her mother told her that "women mourn, men replace." Tad asked if she has feelings for Edmund and was going after him now. She vehemently denied this and asked him again to leave. Tad refused and wanted to know why Simone was trying to trash a good woman's reputation. Simone said Brooke could always get another one. Tad told her what really happened between him and Brooke and told Simone to keep her misguided opinions to herself. He then suggested she "dry up" and walked out. Simone ordered another drink.

At Tempo, Edmund walked into Brooke's office and said he came by this morning early to talk but she had already left for work. Brooke said she was busy and he said they could either talk like two people who love each other or just end it right here. Brooke was startled and told Edmund to go ahead and talk. He asked why she'd lied to him about the trip to Nevada. Brooke said she and Tad aren't having an affair and Edmund said he knows that. He said she and Tad have some sort of weird connection and that Tad is trying to hang onto Brooke. Edmund said it wasn't Brooke's job to help her ex-husband through his crisis. Brooke wanted to tell the whole truth but couldn't bring herself to do it. Broke said Edmund is her whole world but he didn't believe her. He said he didn't know who she was anymore and she said she was the woman who would do anything not to lose him. Edmund asked if she'd cut Tad out of her life for him. Brooke said she's not in love with Tad so there was no reason to cut him out. Edmund said maybe they should postpone their wedding but Brooke said no, he is her future. Brooke asked Edmund to trust her and he said she's not being honest with him. Brooke flashed back to Maria's face in Nevada and said it was time she was honest with him. She said this has been a hard time for Tad and Edmund interrupted, saying he understood because Maria meant the world to him like Dixie did to Tad. Brooke yelled "I don't want to hear about Maria!!" She then apologized and said he could talk about Maria whenever he wanted. Edmund said Maria was dead and he's moved on and that Tad should do the same. Brooke said she realized that Maria was mostly a memory now. She said she wants to be open and honest now but the phone rang. Someone needed Edmund immediately in layout so he left. Brooke called Tad.

Outside the hospital chapel Greenlee stood speechless as her mother and grandparents tried to cover up their argument. Greenlee finally told her mother that she was poison and wanted her out of her life for good. Mary tried to explain that her feelings were real for her daughter but Greenlee said she was just a means to a financial end for Mary. The Reverend said it was time for the memorial service and Greenlee told everyone to stay out. She said she was the only one who loved Roger and she would be the only one to mourn him. Mary begged her to reconsider but Greenlee stood fast. She and Leo went in the chapel with the minister. Mary and her parents left the hospital but David, Anna and Jackson stood in the hallway. Jack said he was there on official business regarding Anna. He said Anna should've resigned by now because her family is a "conflict of interest." Anna said she's launching a full investigation and said she was sick of defending herself to Jackson. Jack said Leo and Greenlee weren't walking out of the hospital today without answering questions. David and Anna jumped all over him, and told him to let Greenlee say goodbye to her father. Anna told Jack he had no compassion and he finally agreed to hold off on questioning Leo and Greenlee. He left and David asked Anna what they should do now. Anna said they are Leo and Greenlee's only family and they went into the chapel.

Inside the chapel Leo told the minister to begin the service. He said he didn't know the deceased well and asked for Leo's help. All Leo could come up with was that Roger was married to Greenlee's mother. The minister commented that Roger was a husband and father. Leo told him to get to the Rest In Peace part and get it over with. The minister quoted some scripture. When he was through Leo stood up and said "The bummer about family is that sometimes you need one and sometimes you don't." He talked about Roger's faults but said at least Roger tried to to be there for Greenlee. Leo said that deep down Roger wanted to be a better person, a better father and that's what they should remember about him. He walked to the coffin and told Roger that he would take good care of his little girl. "Rest in peace buddy" Leo said and then walked back to Greenlee. The service ended and David hugged Greenlee. In walked Craig Lockwood, funeral director. He told them there was a problem with internment. Greenlee said they had no family lot. Mr. Lockwood suggested cremation and that she could make that decision because she is the next of kin. Greenlee said "Torch him" but Leo asked to let them get back to him. Greenlee told Leo she wanted to leave and they headed towards the door. Anna stopped them and said she couldn't let them leave yet. She told them she had to question Leo about Wolf. Leo said it had to wait and Anna said it couldn't wait. She said if he fought her on this she'd have him arrested. David, Leo and Greenlee were speechless.

Mary walked into the bar and found Simone drinking. She told Simone she was pathetic, the perfect bait for Roger. Simone asked why Mary wasn't at the funeral but Mary ignored her. Mary berated Roger and Simone tried to stick up for him. Mary just kept on bad mouthing Roger and Simone. Simone told her that Greenlee needed her right now. Mary ordered her to stay away from her family and left to sit at a table. Simone popped more pills and ordered another drink. A little later Simone told the bartender she didn't feel well and it was time to settle up. He asked if he could call someone for her but she said no. She stood up and passed out. He called for an ambulance.

Joe and Jake chit chatted with Frank Hubbard about him switching careers. Then Jake told him that Palmer donated a huge amount of money for a new wing at the hospital in Dixie's memory. They asked Frank to help out and he agreed. Tad walked in and was stunned to see Frank. They hugged and Frank told Tad how sorry Angie was about Dixie. Tad invited Frank to dinner sometime and he accepted. They talked briefly about Jesse and Frank said sometimes he still feels like Jesse is beside him. Tad agreed. They all sat down to discuss the new hospital wing. Tad's phone rang and it was Brooke. He left the table to take the call. Brooke was upset and told him that Edmund keeps asking her about the trip to Nevada. Tad told her to tell Edmund the truth about the trip but said he still doesn't believe that Maureen Gorman is Maria. Brooke said if she tells Edmund the truth she'll lose him forever. Tad said Edmund will understand but Brooke said if she tells him there is someone who looks like Maria he will want to investigate for himself. Tad said she shouldn't tell him then and that she is always putting other people's feelings ahead of her own. Brooke hung up and asked out loud "What am I going to do?." She paced in the office and Edmund returned. He said he loves her and that he crossed the line, he shouldn't have asked her to cut Tad out of her life. He said he knows that Brooke would never have gotten in the way of Edmund and Maria as parents. She thanked him and Edmund asked that she always stay the same, "so damn honest."

Jack arrived at the bar and found Mary at a table. He ordered a drink for her and sat down. She told him that she thought she was in Pine Valley just to attend Greenlee's wedding and stay in her father's will, and then go back to her life. Jack asked if that would make her happy. Mary said she didn't know what happy was until Greenlee said she needed her. She told Jack that she's staying in Pine Valley until she earns Greenlee's love and trust back.

At the hospital a nurse told Jake and Frank that a patient had just been brought in after having ingested a cocktail of drugs and alcohol. The two doctors went into the exam room and were shocked to find Simone.

Thursday, July 25, 2002

While Mia is playing with Colby when Adam comes in looking for Liza. Mia tells him that Liza went out to run a few errands. Adam is furious that Mia let Liza out of her site and loses his temper in front of Colby. He immediately regains his cool, sends Colby to the kitchen with Winifred then apologizes to Mia.

In the meantime, Liza has gone to find Tad. She tells him that it is time for Adam's payback. Liza explains about how Adam tried to make her think she was still sick and that the tumor may be coming back. Now, she's turning the tables on him to keep him off balance. Liza also tells Tad that the money she siphoned from Chandler Enterprises, she took before she got sick, not after. Her plan is to prove that Adam is intentionally trying to make her crazy.

At the Chandler mansion, Adam is frantically calling all over trying to find Liza's whereabouts. Tad comes in, but Adam brushes him off until Tad says, "Look what I found!" In waltzes Liza, dripping wet, wearing a big straw hat and sunglasses. She is complaining about the sun even though it is nighttime, and fanning herself though she should be cold from her wet clothes. Adam is practically speechless. As he and Mia rush Liza off to be changed, Tad sneaks into Adam's office to get the security tapes. He hopes to find the tape of Adam planting his cuff link in Mia's bed, and of Adam cutting up his own shirt. Later, Liza sneaks in saying Adam and Mia took Colby to get ice cream. She and Tad are ready to take a look at the tapes when Adam walks in and asks what they are watching.

Frankie sits with Simone as she sleeps. He gently rubs her forehead as he tells her to open her eyes and rise and shine. Slowly, Simone wakes up. When Simone asks what happened, Frankie tells her that booze and pills don't mix. Simone's next words are, "Please don't tell my dad." Frankie promises her dad won't find out because hospital records are confidential. Frankie next goes out into the emergency room to help. A police officer is brought in. The officer sees Frankie's nametag and asks if he was related to Jesse and Angie. Frankie says yes. The officer goes on to tell Frankie how proud his dad would have been.

Afterwards, Frankie goes to the chapel. He talks as if his father is there listening to him. Frankie talks about his day and how hard it is to be a doctor. He's afraid he'll mess up people's lives. Jesse is there and wants to reach out to his son. He wants to tell Frankie to feel good about himself.

When Leo resists coming in for questioning, Anna has him brought in by force. As Anna is about to start asking questions, Jack intervenes. He tells Anna that since Leo is her brother-in-law, that constitutes a conflict of interest. When Anna asks to observe, Jack shuts her out. Anna is livid, but listens at the door. Jack asks Leo about his trip to Paris and his relationship with the Count. When Jack calls Wolfe the Count's accomplice, Leo objects. Jack continues to drill Leo with question after question, but Leo keeps his cool. Finally Jack asks why he should believe Leo isn't sitting on Proteus' millions right now? Leo wants Jackson to prove it.

Greenlee is pacing the floor, wanting Leo to return from the police station. She can't decide whether to mourn her father or be glad that he is gone. She and David compare father stories until Greenlee begins to cry for Leo. David goes in search of Kleenex, but can't find any so he tells Greenlee she will have to stop. As he tries awkwardly to comfort her, Greenlee makes sarcastic remarks about his rather robotic approach to emotions.

Jack stalks out of the interrogation room. When Anna tries to get information from him, he informs her she is off the case. Anna immediately goes into the room and tells Leo to leave. She is releasing him. When Jack returns, he asks where Leo is. Anna says he's gone. Jack can't believe it. He yells at Anna that Leo was being held without bail. He is ready to call internal affairs and have Anna arrested herself. Anna takes the phone from him and tells Jack he's not being a team player. She knows he made a big mistake by leaving her out of the loop. She asks who is a judge going to believe? An uninformed police chief or a control freak DA?

David takes Greenlee to an small hangar. They meet Leo dressed as Humphrey Bogart in a trench coat and hat. He sweeps Greenlee off her feet telling her they are leaving on their honeymoon. David has borrowed a plane from one of his grateful patients. After they leave, Anna comes out of the shadows. She tells David, "Of all the hangars, in all the airports, in all of Eastern Pennsylvania." He replies, "I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship sweetheart."

Friday, July 26, 2002

At Brooke's house Hayley, Brooke, and Maddie were sitting at the table so Brooke could finish addressing the wedding invitations. Maddie chatted about her mommy Maria and asked if Maria will be coming to Booke's and daddy's wedding. Brooke nervously tipped over a glass of water. She tried to explain it was the jitters but Hayley was not buying it. After sending Maddie upstairs to play, Hayley talked with Brooke about her fear. Brooke admitted she was afraid the wedding would not happen because she is afraid Maria is back. Hayley thought Brooke meant Maria's memory. Brooke listened as Hayley explained her own fears about her mother messing up her wedding to Mateo. Brooke tried to explain she thought she had seen Maria but was not able to tell this to Hayley. Brooke flashed back to the last time she saw Maria in the plane wreck and her promise to Maria to always take care of Maddie and keep her safe. After Hayley left Brooke's house, Brooke began to doubt that she really saw Maria in Nevada. She called someone on the phone and gave instructions to stop the search for Maureen Gorman. She was shocked to hear that Maureen had been found.

Edmund went to SOS to talk to Mateo about not having the annual memorial service for Maria. Mateo at first was furious and accused Edmund of wanting to get Maria out of his life because he is marrying Brooke. They talked to each other about keeping Maria's memory alive as it will be at the Crystal Ball each year. Mateo talked through his objections and finally agreed it was ok with him to not have the memorial service anymore.

At Pine Valley Hospital, Simone was intent on making sure her father didn't find out she had been admitted for a drug and alcohol problem. She approached the nurses' station to try to get her medical records but found out the records were kept in the computer. Simone fretted over what to do next. When the nurse stepped away from the computer, Simone quickly tried to find her record in the system. She didn't notice Frank, the new intern, had approached her. He asked what was she doing and she explained about keeping her record a secret. Unfortunately Zeke, her father, surprised them at the nurses' station and told Simone he knew she was there-hospital gossip. He gave her a card with the name of a therapist much to Simone's objection. He then told Frank the important point to remember about being a doctor is not to get emotional involved with the patients. He then left as Simone muttered, "No one knows better how to do that better than my father."

Mia was praying out loud in the hospital chapel as Jake stood in the doorway unknown to Mia. She asked that William be kept safe because this day was his birthday and to help Liza know she is loved by her family. Jake interrupted Mia. She was not happy he had heard her prayers. He told her he was asking for her forgiveness for his behavior at Adam's house. He loses all sense of objectivity when Adam is involved. He told Mia she must miss a part of her because William was given away just as he missed Colby when he found out Adam had switched the sperm donation. Jake tried to explain to Mia his heartache for losing Colby because Adam manipulated the results. Mia confessed to Jake she had been lying to him and now that she sensed he was trusting her she wanted to tell him the truth. Trey was not the father of her baby. She never told the real father he had a son. Jake was upset with Mia's decision and tried to convince her the father had a right to know he had a son. Mia explained the father was irresponsible and wouldn't take care of the baby. Jake implored Mia to tell the real father about William.

Adam interrupted Tad and Liza who were about to look at the surveillance tapes. Liza tried to explain what they were doing with a flimsy excuse, which Adam wasn't buying. Tad convinced Adam to step out into the hallway to give Liza time to hide the tapes and told Adam he wasn't sure what Liza was doing and didn't know what was on the tape. Adam bought his explanation and agreed with Tad that Liza's mental state was fragile and that she is confused. Adam and Tad returned to the room and Liza played the tape-the tape of her wedding to Adam. She told Adam she was sad she isn't the person now as she was then. Tad excused himself to leave but before he left, Liza reminded him to take his shopping bag (where she had hidden the surveillance tapes). Liza tried to get Adam to confess his plan to make her crazy but Adam didn't tell her what she wanted to hear. Liza, disappointed, left the room.

Morning arrived at Chandler Mansion. The security guard told Adam he turned the security system back on as it had been off several hours the night before. Adam was surprised to hear this and then realized that Liza knows his plan to make her crazy and that she has been pretending to be confused.

Liza visited Tad and asked what was on the tapes. Tad looked puzzled and replied the tapes were blank. They had been erased.

Mia arrived at the nurses' station at the hospital and asked for Jake but he was not in yet. The nurse promised to tell Jake she had stopped by and as Mia walked away, she bumped into Frank. She was shocked to see him. "Rocky," long time no see." Frank greeted her.

At Brooke's house, Edmund found no one answered the door bell when he rang it. Picking up the door key hidden in the flowerpot outside the front door, he let himself in. He walked though the rooms calling out Brooke's name. He gazed at the opened box of wedding invitations that had not been addressed on the table.

Brooke went to the nurses' station at a hospital and asked for Maureen Gorman. She was directed to a woman standing nearby, her back to Brooke. As the woman turned around, Brooke discovered it was not Maria. When the woman walked away, Brooke turned towards the nurses' station and muttered to herself she must have been mistaken and really didn't see Maria in Nevada. As she turned back around, she saw another woman standing in front of her. It was Maria. Brooke was speechless!

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