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Kendall narrowly avoided getting raped. Palmer admitted to Erica that Dixie's death had been troubling him. Greenlee mourned her father's death, and Leo tried to console her. Liza lashed out at Mia and Adam. Greenlee went to visit Vanessa. Brooke fainted after realizing that Maureen was really Maria.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of July 15, 2002 on AMC
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Monday, July 15, 2002

Displaying the slashed shirt, Adam slyly works to convince Liza that she could have done the deed. Tad quizzes a motel clerk about "Maureen Gorman." While an agitated Simone fills Edmund in on the disastrous end to the planned nuptials, Jake cautions Mary that Roger's spleen will have to be surgically removed to extricate the bullet. Leo surprises a delighted Greenlee with the real wedding of her dreams at the boathouse. After stonewalling Tad, Nancy phones "Maureen" to warn her about the stranger who was asking for her. Liza begins to worry that she can't be trusted alone with Colby. Mary bitterly blurts out to Simone's father how his daughter has been carrying on a tawdry affair with Roger. David persuades Anna not to ruin Leo's big moment by delivering the bad news about the bride's wounded father. Later, with Anna and David looking on, a beaming Greenlee and Leo finally tie the knot. Brooke and Tad get a line on "Maureen" by sneaking a peek at the motel's computer.

Tuesday, July 16, 2002

Edmund and Simone argue about Brooke's whereabouts. Simone again tells Edmund what she witnessed but Edmund is in denial. He storms out.

At the hotel, Tad and Brooke find Maureen's name in the computer but get caught by the desk clerk. TO cover they say they were looking for a themed room. The desk clerk believes them and gives them a room. Maureen watches the entire incident.

In the room, Brooke and Tad discuss Maureen. Tad thinks Brookes is obsessed with finding her. Brooke tries to call Edmund but gets no answer. She questions her own reason and then decided that they've come this far m they have to find her. They decide to watch the hotel exit. As Tad heads to the back, Brooke walks to the lobby and sees Maria, who is hurriedly trying to check out. As Brooke sees Maria she faints. Maria tries to help her by wetting her bandana and using it as a compress. As she's trying to bring Brooke to she hears Tad approached and runs off, leaving the bandana behind. Tad runs to Brooke and revives her but Brooke is in a panic. She sees the bandana and realizes she wasn't dreaming. She tells Tad that they must return to their room so she can tell him happened.

At the hospital, Greenlee, Leo, Anna, David, Jack and Mary discuss Roger's condition with Jake. Greenlee wants to talk to him but Jake warns her that he is still heavily sedated and in and out of consciences. Greenlee still wants to talk to him and she and Jake leave. Before she goes into his room Simone catches her and wishes her good luck.

Leo tells Anna and David that he suspects Guy in on the Vanessa/Proteus problem but David reassures him that he is not as Guy approaches to comfort Leo. Guy embraces Leo as Anna and David leave. Leo confronts him and asks if he is involved. He tells him he is not and that he is going to look into Wolf's involvement in his own company. Leo believes him and decides he should tell him that they are not father and son. They leave and end up in the park where Leo tells a very disappointed Guy that they are not father and son.

Mary confronts Simone and tells her to stay away from Greenlee. Simone tells her that it's Mary who is the one shouting her and Roger's affair with Roger from the rooftops. The sad pair discusses the circumstances surrounding them such as Vanessa and Wolf, and Leo tells Guy he can return to Paris. Guy tells Leo that he must answer some questions with the police but he is determined to find out if Wolf corrupted his company. They embrace and part ways.

As Greenlee tells her father her happy news he starts to mumble "Come back to bed, Simone ..." and "Greenlee never has to find out about us.", among other details. A stunned Greenlee leaves Roger's room and asks Mary to find Leo. As she sits in a daze Simone comes up and asks what's wrong. Greenlee flips out and calls her a "skank." Greenlee is furious that a near-death Roger is calling out for Simone rather than her or Mary. An upset Simone tries to explain that she didn't even know that Roger was Greenlee's father the first time they were together. Greenlee gets more angered and Simone starts to cry. Greenlee accuses Simone of going after her father. Simone tells her she wanted to tell her but Greenlee says Simone took her father away. Leo approaches and Greenlee tells Leo about Simone and Roger. Simone tells Greenlee that Leo already knew.

Jack tells Anna to turn in her badge. He is disturbed that she fired her gun in a crowded room. Jack tells Anna that he still thinks David is involved and that she shot Wolf to protect her husband. Anna tells Jack to stop obsessing about her husband. Anna thinks Jack is upset because she beat Derek Frye out for the chief's job but Jack denies it. Jack reminds her that she stepped on a lot of feet to get her job and that many people are not happy about it. She dares him to try to get her fired. Jack tells her he should question the community of Pine Valley as to why Chief Devane let her husband's mother go loose again. As Jack again asks her to turn in her badge David walks in and says, "Over my dead body." David blames Jack for the whole wedding fiasco but Jack blames Anna. After several threats back and forth, Jack storms out but promises he is going to keep an eye on the both of them.

Back in their room Brooke is rambling on about not wanting to lose Edmund. She asks a confused Tad to promise her she will not be the loser again. As she cries they embrace and he promises her he will make sure she is not the loser. Tad convinces a shaking Brooke to lie down and he innocently lies next to her. Just as they do the door opens and Edmund walks in.

Anna starts to question her actions. David reinforces her decision by telling her she saved innocent people. Anna says that Wolf was running away and since she was drugged her aim could've been off. Also, Vanessa is still out there and if she does anything it would be on her head.

Greenlee tells Simone to leave, that she has ruined whatever she had with her father. Leo and Greenlee embrace and are determined to stand by each other. As they embrace, Greenlee looks over Leo's shoulder and sees Vanessa stagger through the doors to the waiting room.

Wednesday, July 17, 2002

Bianca, Maggie and JR arrived to a party put together by Tim Dillon -n who had "escaped" from the hospital. Bianca explained why the boathouse was so nicely decorated with candles and flowers and that led to a discussion about the shooting at the wedding. Tim asked why anyone would want to ever get married because he believes it to be the end of fun. JR agreed with Tim. Bianca started to say that in her secret fantasy life she would want to have a ceremony and commitment like Leo and Greenlee's. The foursome toasted (with soda) to love, Leo and Greenlee and a love that will survive anything. Maggie and Tim exchanged looks and Bianca grabbed JR to go rowing in the canoe. Tim said it was weird how he and Maggie always end up alone together. Maggie asked Tim if he really got released today and he admitted that he left the hospital without doctor approval. She sat down on the bench with him and said how nice it was tonight, she needed to get away from all the talk of death and shootings. Tim said he was glad she was there with him and scooted closer to her and they smiled at each other. A little while later Bianca and JR returned and found Tim and Maggie lighting a candle. Bianca asked if someone was making a vow and Tim joked that he wished the candles were citronella. Bianca and Maggie walked to the other side of the boathouse and Bianca asked if Maggie and Tim were getting along. Maggie grinned and said yes. Tim and JR talked about how cool Maggie is and Tim looked across to her. They smiled at each other.

Edmund walked in on Tad and Brooke lying on the motel bed. Brooke jumped up and swore it wasn't what it looked like and Edmund demanded to know what she was doing there with her ex. Brooke said she loves Edmund very much but he didn't believe her. She cried and said she didn't want to keep anything from him. She asked Edmund to trust her and said she only wants the best thing for him. Edmund asked if the positions were reversed and she found him with Maria, would she trust him? Brook said she didn't know. Edmund told her to tell him the truth. Tad piped in and told Brooke to tell the truth or he would. Brooke looked panicked. Tad told Edmund not to blame Brooke and she tried to stop Tad from continuing. Brooke said Edmund deserved his soulmate and Tad agreed. Tad said he'd give anything to see Dixie one more time and made up a story about wanting to come back to the desert where Dixie found him a year ago. Tad said Brooke was the only person who understood and was willing to support him. Edmund asked why Brooke didn't tell him the truth about where she was going. He tried to sympathize with Tad's situation but then jumped all over Tad for "grabbing onto his fiancée ." Edmund said this "perpetual three-some" is killing their relationship. Then he asked about the kiss Brooke shared with Tad at the Pit. Brooke was stunned. Tad told Edmund he kissed Brooke and that she did not kiss him back. Edmund told Brooke he knows she and Tad aren't having sex but Tad is still coming between them. Brook finally broke down and said she tell him what was going on but Tad stopped her. Edmund asked her to come home with him and she agreed. Tad said he was leaving too and would go pay the bill. After he left Brooke asked Edmund if he'd be able to get past this and he said he didn't know. Brooke said he is the only man she would ever love. Edmund said the only way he could forgive her was if she told him the truth about what was going on. She said she already did tell him the truth but he didn't believe her. He said he was going out for air and to get the car. Brooke sat down and dialed the front desk, and found out that Maureen Gorman had checked out. She said to herself "it couldn't be her, Maria's not alive."

In the park David and Anna discussed the events at the wedding. David tried to tell Anna how amazing she was and that she saved Leo's life. She was worried that she'll be seen as unprofessional. Anna said Jackson is after her job and she said she didn't want to lose her job or her husband. David hugged her. Anna said that she needed this job to feel like she belonged but the shooting has given Jackson the ammo he needs to make her choose between her job and David. Her phone rang and she found out that Vanessa had stumbled into the hospital. The two of them raced off.

At the hospital Vanessa saw Leo and told him he had to run and hid. "He'll kill you!" she muttered then fainted in Leo's arms. The cops and nurses carried her into an exam room. Leo tried to take Greenlee and leave but she insisted that he stay and find out how Vanessa was doing. Leo said he didn't want to spend their wedding night at the hospital. Greenlee told him he didn't have to cut out his mother from his life but Leo said he didn't care about Vanessa. Greenlee insisted and said she saw something in Vanessa tonight that she'd never seen before, love for her son. Leo was touched and finally agreed to stay. Leo told Greenlee she was the ultimate bride and said she should go home and rest. Mary took her out as David and Anna arrived. Leo told his brother and sister in law what he knew about Vanessa. David and Leo went to speak with Vanessa while Anna tried to talk to a guard. Jack interrupted her and told her that Internal Affairs was now watching her every move. Jack also called her husband a criminal. Inside the room Leo talked to Vanessa and she reached for his hand. She said she had to get him to a safe place. Leo asked why wolf would want to kill him. Vanessa got agitated and said he wanted her money. She said Wolf wanted to make her watch Leo die. Leo was horrified by her tale. Vanessa said she loved Leo and he asked where the money was. Anna came in and told Vanessa that Wolf really was dead. Vanessa blanked out and David told Leo to go home to his new wife. They walked out of the room. In the hallway David hugged Leo and Leo thanked Anna for saving his life. Leo left and David asked the doctor what was going on with Vanessa as he believed she was still faking mental illness. The doctor said it wasn't a fake and that Vanessa was actually improving. David turned to find Jake standing nearby. He told the Chief of Staff that his hand was healed and Jake told him he was back on rotation then. Anna spoke to Jack again and he advised her to retain council. She suggested that he find real criminals to prosecute and he walked away. David joined her and Anna told him that Jack has filed a complaint against her with Internal Affairs. She said she could lose her job and end up in jail.

At the loft Mary made Greenlee some tea as Greenlee got into more comfortable clothes. She told her daughter that she had called the hospital and that Roger was still in critical condition. Mary asked what happened when Greenlee went to see her father but Greenlee wouldn't tell her. Mary told Greenlee how much Roger used to dote on her when she was a small child. She admitted that she was jealous of her own child and that she took Roger away from Greenlee because Greenlee was her competition. Greenlee said she couldn't handle this information now and Mary said she wanted her to know the truth. Greenlee told her mother that love wasn't like money, where you spent more and had less. She said that the more love you give, the more you get back. Mary was impressed and said she must have learned that from Leo, certainly not from her parents. Greenlee said she wished her husband was there right now and in he walked. They ran into each other's arms and Mary left them alone. They sat on the sofa and discussed the day. Leo said he'd make up for everything that happened while Greenlee said her father was a money grubbing lecher. She said he was weak and messed up and might not make it. Greenlee broke down in tears and Leo held her. Leo reminded her that they are hooked for life and can take on anything.

Thursday, JULY 18, 2002

Erica arrives to see Opal at the Hospital after Opal has Palmer admitted. Opal explains to Erica that a woman Opal pays to check in on Palmer found Palmer collapsed in his room. Dr. Joe Martin quickly assures Opal and Erica that Palmer WILL be recovering, but he DOES need to take better care of himself. Erica is shocked when she learns that Palmer refuses to see Opal because Palmer is afraid Opal will say: "I told you so,' especially about Palmer's marriage to Vanessa. Erica talks Palmer into seeing Opal, only to learn that Opal no longer wants to see Palmer! Erica finally convinces Opal and Palmer that they BOTH need to hang on to their family ties following Palmer's ordeal with the exposé of Vanessa as a drug lord and Dixie's death.

Jake check in on Liza in her Hospital room, just as Stuart and Marian arrive to visit. Jake asks about Mia and Liza tells Jake that Adam and Mia have already returned home. Stuart shows Liza a picture that Colby drew and tells Liza that she does NOT have to worry about Colby if Liza gets sick again because Adam and Mia both love Colby so much that they will take very good care of her.

As Trey works on following Liza's paper trail at the Chandler Mansion, a designer outfit is delivered from Liza's personal designer. Trey informs Adam that he now has enough evidence to prove that Liza embezzled funds and that Adam will find it easy to divorce Liza and boot Liza out of Chandler Enterprises. Trey advises Adam to lower the boom on Liza right away, but Adam tells Trey that Adam will take care of Liza in his own way and in his own time. Trey guesses that Adam has something more in store for Liza than a mere divorce.

At the Pine Cone Motel, Kendall looks at the ring Ryan gave her and remembers the highlights of their lost relationship. Kendall's reverie is interrupted by the Motel owner - Stan. When Kendall tells Stan that she has worked out a deal for paying the rent with Artie - the Motel manager - Stan tells Kendall that she will have to work out a new deal for the rent with Stan. Just as Stan suggests that Kendall could make the rent on her back, Chris comes by. Chris gives Stan $50 to take care of the next couple of days for Kendall's rent. Chris then gives Kendall a one-way ticket to Florida and tells Kendall to do everyone a favor and scram. But Kendall tells Chris she plans to stay in Pine Valley.

When Mia and Colby return to the Chandler Mansion, Trey listens while Adam assures Colby that Aunt Mia can do anything that Colby's mother could do. Then Adam reminds Mia that Mia was going to take Liza's place at a fund-raiser. Mia begs off, saying she has nothing to wear. But Adam informs Mia that he had Liza's personal designer send over a gown for Mia.

When Dr. Greenberg visits Liza at the Hospital, he tells Liza that she is having no problem with the tumor returning. When Liza asks Greenberg about symptoms that would warn of a return of any tumor, Greenberg tells Liza that Adam had grilled Greenberg's associates about the symptoms several weeks earlier. Dr. Greenberg tells Liza that some symptoms of a returning tumor would be hallucinations, hearing things incorrectly, seeing things and memory lapses. Liza asks if that would include something like believing she saw lights flashing when no lights were flashing and Greenberg confirms that that would be an example. Dr. Greenberg tells Liza she can go home that evening. But when Dr. Greenberg suggests he call Adam to let Adam know Liza can be released, Liza tells Dr. Greenberg that she wants to surprise Adam with her good news.

At the Chandler Mansion, after Trey listens to Adam talk Mia into attending the fund-raiser, Trey tells Adam that Trey has finally figured out that Adam is NOT just dumping Liza - it is obvious Adam plans to trade Liza in for her sister Mia. Adam tells Trey to mind his own business or the world will find out where the REAL Trey Kenyon is buried. Trey agrees that Adam has the upper hand and leaves.

Back at the Pine Cone Motel, Chris sees Gail's ring and tells Kendall that Kendall should return Gail's ring, but Kendall refuses. As Kendall and Chris argue, Aidan observes their argument. After Chris leaves, Aidan offers Kendall money to help with her rent and Kendall turns Aidan down as well.

After Trey leaves the Chandler Mansion, Nurse Ellen Mahoney calls Adam to let him know that Liza is being released from the Hospital that evening. Adam decides that he needs to be appropriately dressed for Liza's homecoming and orders Winifred to lay out his tux.

As Liza packs to leave the Hospital, Jake comes by with an article from Mia's old neighborhood in Brooklyn for Liza to take to Mia. Liza invites Jake to give Liza a lift home and give the article to Mia himself. When Liza asks Jake if he is serious about Mia, Jake informs Liza that he is not sure because Adam has been monopolizing Mia's time for weeks now. Jake convinces Liza to talk to Mia about returning to her old job at the Hospital, now that Liza appears to be making a full recovery, and Liza agrees.

Meanwhile, back at the Chandler Mansion, Mia is surprised to see Adam dressed in his tux and planning to attend the fund-raiser with her. Mia tells Adam that there is no way she will attend the fund-raiser with Adam, especially after Liza has already accused them of having an affair! But Adam persists and eventually sweet-talks Mia into consenting to attend the fund-raiser with him. Adam brings out a piece of Liza's designer jewelry and suggests that it would be a perfect accessory for Mia's gown. Just as Adam is fastening the necklace for Mia, Jake and Liza walk in.

At the Pine Cone Motel, as Kendall is remembering Ryan, Kendall looks up and is surprised to see that Motel-owner Stan has just entered her room with a pass-key.

Friday, July 19, 2002

At Chandler Mansion Liza arrived home with Jake from the hospital. She discovered Mia dressed in a couture gown and wearing one of her necklaces. Adam was dressed in his tux. Mia tried to explain she was taking Liza's place at the charity benefit. Liza agreed that she is trying to take her place as well as taking her husband, Adam. While they were talking, Trey came into the room unnoticed until Adam, surprised to see him there, asked him what he wanted. Trey had forgotten some files. Liza, surprised as well to see Trey asked him what his part was in the relationship with Mia and Adam. Trey didn't know what to say. Liza at first thought she should leave Chandler Mansion because it was no longer a safe haven for her. She changed her mind believing that's what Adam wanted her to do-leave. Jake convinced Liza to go upstairs and get some rest. Liza agreed and left the room with Jake. Jake talked to Liza in her bedroom. Liza confided in Jake her feeling that Adam is grooming Mia to replace her. Liza asked Jake did he see what was going on with Mia and Adam. Jake told Liza he isn't sure. He got medication from the bathroom for Liza to sleep and then he left to join Mia and Adam downstairs.

Jake told Adam Liza wanted to see him before she went to sleep. Adam went upstairs to see Liza leaving Mia alone with Jake. Jake quizzed Mia about what was going on and told her he didn't like the way Adam was manipulating her. He told Mia Adam was up to something but Mia didn't see it that way. She thought Adam was being grateful for taking care of Colby and Liza. Jake became frustrated with Mia. She was not being aware of the power and control Adam has over her. Mia asked Jake if he thought she was sleeping with Adam. Jake countered with, "Are you?"

Adam visited Liza in her bedroom. Liza pretended to be helpless and asked Adam to forgive her for her bizarre behavior. She wanted to say good night to Colby but Adam discouraged her saying Colby was asleep. Adam gave Liza her medication to sleep and she pretended to take it. As soon as Adam left the room, she spitted it out. Adam closed the door to Liza's room and muttered to himself, " Crazy women don't get custody of their children." At the same time, alone in her room, Liza said to herself, "How stupid do you think I am, Adam?"

Greenlee along with Leo went to the hospital to see Roger to bring him his favorite flowers. She walked into Roger's room alone. The vase of flowers crashed to the floor. Leo rushed into the room and stared at Roger's covered body. Greenlee slowly approached the hospital bed in disbelief. David entered Roger's room and apologized for not telling Greenlee beforehand Roger had died. Greenlee was grief stricken Roger died without her being there. She rushed out of the room. Leo followed her and they went to the boathouse. She talked about her childhood and how Mary, her mother, was jealous of the attention Roger paid to Greenlee. Greenlee believed Mary wanted Roger all to herself. She talked about Roger's love for money, show, ugly orange flowers, Cuban cigars and 25-year-old single malt scotch. But he didn't love me. Leo tried to convince Greenlee her father really loved her but Greenlee wasn't buying it. She wanted to go back to the hospital to see her father.

At the hospital, Greenlee went into Roger's room alone. She pulled back the sheet from Roger's face and talked to him. "Who are you daddy?" she asked.

Meanwhile Leo talked to David outside Roger's room. Leo told David, Roger's last words were I love you and I'm sorry. They were meant for Simone and not Greenlee. Leo believed Greenlee will be haunted the rest of her life with the belief her father didn't love her. Leo went into Roger's room unnoticed by Greenlee as she talked to her father's body. She apologized for complicating Roger's life. She told him of her disappointment that he had left her again and again. She had lined up her dolls at the window to wait with her while she waited for him to come back. and he never returned. Leo asked Greenlee if she could forgive him because it was his mother, Vanessa, who caused Roger's death. Greenlee suddenly left the room.

David came into Roger's room and told Leo that Vanessa, in another hospital room down the hallway, was becoming more and more unresponsive. Greenlee entered Vanessa's room and stared at Vanessa.

The motel owner barged his way into Kendall's room at the Pine Cone Motel demanding she pay him with sexual favors since she doesn't have the cash for the rent. Kendall tried to get away from him but he shoved her onto the bed, ripping her blouse. Kendall kicked him in the groin and raced out of the room to the park. She sat on a bench sobbing. Palmer Cortland appeared in the park and asked her what was wrong. He offered his help. He knew she was Erica's daughter. While he was talking to Kendall, Opal came into the park looking for Palmer. She pulled him aside and told him to leave Kendall alone. She lectured him for not getting his rest and demanded he go home immediately. She told Palmer she realized he missed Dixie and was looking for something or someone to replace the hole in his heart from Dixie's death. Palmer reluctantly agreed to leave the park. He spoke to Kendall privately and gave her some money for her rent. He then left the park with Opal. Kendall, remembering the words she had just heard Opal say to Palmer about missing Dixie and wanting to ease his heartache, she called on her cell phone to her adopted mother in Florida. She asked her to send the trunk that Dell had left behind in Florida to Pine Valley. Kendall had a need for the trunk right away.



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