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Passions Recaps: The week of July 15, 2002 on PS
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Monday, July 15, 2002

Diana accepts Brian's proposal of marriage as Liz watches.

Beth happily accepts Luis offer of marriage as her mother listens from her bedroom doorway. Mrs. Wallace does not believe her daughter deserves a wonderful m an like Luis. She plans on stooping the marriage.

Mrs. Wallace fakes an embarrassing accident and runs Luis off. Beth gets angry, telling her mother that she ruined the happiest day of her life. She says she waited for this day for over ten years and her mother spoiled it. Mrs. Wallace tells Beth outright that Luis will never stop loving Sheridan and she will see to it that Luis never forgets her.

Theresa sits up in her coffin and promises to take Ivy and Rebecca to hell. They think they are hallucinating. Theresa assures them that she is dead but very real and they are going to hell with her. She calls them murderers. Theresa says that since they had her killed and enjoyed it they are going to hell. The two women scream and run as Theresa jumps from the coffin at them.

Theresa lays back down in her coffin. Ivy and Rebecca are so shaken they have a few drinks. Pilar cannot believe that they are drinking and calls them disgusting. She tells them to be quiet out of respect for the dead. She says she wants to put her grandson to sleep and go and sit by Theresa. They panic. They are terrified that Theresa will sit up and confess their sins to Pilar. They also believe that what they saw is true, given the track record of all the strange and supernatural goings on in Harmony.

Whitney has remorse over making love with Chad. She is worried about hurting her sister.

Simone feels bad that she accused Whitney of wanting Chad, especially since Whitney just lost her best friend.

Brian's car catches on fire. Liz and Diana see the smoke. Brian sees flames between his feet. Nick smiles because he knows Brian is about to die.

Tuesday, July 16, 2002

Diana and Liz watch helplessly as Brian's car bursts into flame. Diana is beside herself with grief as she begs the racetrack attendants to save him before it is too late. Brian is pulled out on a stretcher. Diana kneels beside his lifeless body. He is taken away in an ambulance. Liz turns on Diana and blames her for Brian's condition. Diana has flashbacks to her dead fiancÚ. She remembers his name. As she says, "Luis" out loud, Luis seems to hear from miles away and asks, "Sheridan?"

Pilar goes after Ivy and Rebecca with a vengeance. She sees that Theresa's "body" has been tampered with. Theresa's hair is mussed up and her clothes are wrinkled as she lays in the coffin. Pilar cannot believe that Rebecca touched the body of her dead child. She tells Rebecca that it was a twisted thing to do, even for her. Pilar is unaware that Theresa mussed herself up. Rebecca denies touching Theresa. Pilar does not believe either Ivy or Rebecca and warns them off.

Luis and Ethan meet near Sheridan's cottage and commiserate Theresa's death. Luis tells Ethan that he proposed to Beth. Ethan tells Luis he is back with Gwen. Both men congratulate the other as they intend to move on with their lives. Mrs. Wallace gets on her knees and prays loudly that Luis not get involved with someone as nasty as her daughter Beth. Beth leaves the house and tries to call Luis. When he does not pick up, Beth tells her mother that Luis is not home yet. Mrs. Wallace says he is with the woman he loves, Sheridan and her memory. Mrs. Wallace tells Beth that Sheridan will always own Luis' soul.

Simone confides to Kay that she feels terrible to have accused Whitney of trying to steal Chad, especially now that she has lost her best friend. Simone is unaware that as she is talking to Kay, Whitney is making love to Chad. Father Lonigan corners Kay and wants to talk. He tells Kay it is up to her to stop the dark forces she created before anyone else dies, especially Miguel.

Alistair laughs at Ivy and Rebecca when they say Theresa jumped out of her coffin. He takes Theresa's pulse. Alistair assures the women that Theresa is dead. He warns them to keep their drunken hallucinations to themselves. He says if they start talking about Theresa being alive it could push Luis and Pilar over the edge. Alistair says it just might be enough for Pilar or Luis to commit murder and kill the two scheming women.

Beth is hurt and angry to find Luis at Sheridan's cottage.

Liz remembers that Brian has a brother named Luis.

The doctor tells Liz and Diana to sit down because he has some bad news.

Theresa walks up to Pilar's bed as she sleeps and says, "Mama, I have to warn you about what lies ahead."

Wednesday, July 17, 2002

Timmy calls Tabby and tells her he is on his way home to Harmony. Tabitha warns him that if he comes to Harmony, he will die because it said so in the ancient scroll. Miguel and Luis promise to be strong for their mother. They cannot believe that they all had to watch Theresa die. Luis goes off on how Antonio should be there for his family. Luis is unaware that his brother is near death from a racecar accident.

Liz and Diana keep a vigil in the emergency room praying that Brian regains consciousness. The doctor tells them if he does not regain consciousness soon, he never will. Theresa goes to Pilar's bedside and tells her sleeping mother that she is there to warn her about what lies ahead. Theresa then hears her baby cry and holds him.

Father Lonigan tells Kay she must fight the evil that she brought to Harmony and that her only weapon is goodness. Kay gives Father Lonigan the vial of Charity's essence. He can tell what it is and explains to Kay to keep it away from the zombie at all costs.

Simone tries to get into the recording studio, unaware that Chad is making love to Whitney. They both vow to finally tell Simone the truth. Simone finds a key and tries to unlock the studio door. When she walks in, she finds a half-dressed Chad covering for Whitney. Whitney hears Simone tell Chad how bad she feels for her sister since Theresa died. Whitney feels guilty hearing Simone's confession of how much she loves her sister and wants to stay close to her. Chad tries to discourage Simone gently as Simone throws herself in Chad's arms and tells him that she wants him now. The zombie makes new plans for killing Timmy.

Luis tells Miguel that he knows that Julian was responsible for Sheridan's death. Diana goes to Brian's bedside and begs him to recover. She has a flashback to when she thought her fiancÚ died and passes out.

Pilar sees Theresa standing by her bed.

Brian flatlines as the doctor rushes to his cubical.

Thursday, July 18, 2002

A groggy Pilar sees Theresa by the foot of her bed. She hears her daughter warn her about the dangers of what lies ahead for the entire Lopez-Fitzgerald family. Once Pilar comes fully awake, Theresa is gone.

Father Lonigan tells Kay to dispose of the vial that she found. He can tell that it contains the real Charity's goodness and purity. He says that the zombie must not get her hands on it. He also warns Kay against trying to use it for herself. He begs her not to give in to temptation.

The zombie is livid to find that the vial is gone. She says that she will tear apart every inch of Tabby's house until it turns up. She confides to Tabitha that Miguel must be sensing on some level that she is not the real Charity. She says that she does not have the same goodness radiating from her as the real Charity does. She doesn't feel that she can get Miguel to make love to her without it.

The doctor sees Brian through his crisis and assures Diana and Liz that Brian will live. Diana is relieved. Brian's doctor asks Diana about her amnesia. He tells her once her memories start to return they can all come flooding back without warning.

Friday, July 19, 2002

As she searches high and low for the vial, the zombie describes for Kay how she intends to use Charity's essence to seduce Miguel. Brian and "Diana" make plans to go back to Harmony so she can meet the rest of the Lopez-Fitzgerald clan. Luis gently reminds his mother that she must have imagined her visit from Theresa. Whitney climbs out onto the ledge to prevent her sister from finding her in the recording studio. Luis continues to seethe over the fact that his big brother always makes himself scarce whenever the family is in crisis. Chad attempts to convince Whitney that her sister must hear the truth. Miguel rebuffs "Charity's" advances, explaining that he no longer feels the same way about her. Luis break his big news to Pilar. Brian's doctor is disturbed by his patient's latest test results. Meanwhile, Brian phones home. Jessica unearths a secret which she reluctantly keeps from Simone. Kay and the zombie struggle for control of the vial.

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