Cady McClain "confident" she'll be part of reboot

Posted Thursday, February 07, 2013 8:58:56 PM
Cady McClain 'confident' she'll be part of reboot

Two-time Emmy winner Cady McClain may be the next fan favorite to sign on with Prospect Park's reboot of All My Children. The actress revealed she is "confident" that she'll be returning to the show on which she first appeared in 1988.

Another long-time favorite is apparently headed back to Pine Valley. There are still some Is that need to be dotted, but Cady McClain (Dixie Martin) has indicated that she will more than likely be involved in All My Children when it resumes production later this month.

"Since word got out that AMC/PP contacted me, I thought it was best to wait a bit until I confirmed it out of respect for the fact I am still sorting out the details of the situation," McClain said on her official web site, acknowledging an article that leaked earlier in the week stating that she would be returning to AMC. "However, I feel confident in telling you that I will be a part of the AMC Internet reboot. I am very excited about the possibilities for the show in this medium and want to help give it every chance at success."

McClain went on to marvel at the new opportunities presented by the Internet, and ways that a non-network controlled All My Children might connect with fans, both new and old.

The Emmy winner also took time to praise the new head of Prospect Park's All My Children, Ginger Smith, who, in January, was named the show's next executive producer.

"I am also thrilled that Ginger Smith, who has worked on AMC for as long as I can remember, is finally getting the chance to helm the show," McClain continued. There are few people that know and love AMC as much as Ginger. I know for a fact she is doing everything in her power to make the show as wonderful for the long time fans as she possibly can."

McClain made her AMC debut in 1988. She remained with the show through 1996. After a two-year break, McClain returned for another four years. In 2007, Dixie was killed off in a serial killer storyline, prompting outrage from viewers. Dixie was subsequently revealed to be alive in 2011, and McClain remained with the show through its finale.

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