Alicia Minshew set for AMC cameo

Posted Friday, March 08, 2013 12:41:48 AM
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Alicia Minshew set for AMC cameo

Alicia Minshew is returning to All My Children. The Emmy-nominated actress is scheduled for a cameo appearance, but a longer return is not out of the realm of possibility. Minshew debuted on AMC in January 2002.

Good news for All My Children fans -- and "Zendall" fans in particular. Emmy-nominated favorite Alicia Minshew (Kendall Hart) is returning to Pine Valley. But before you get too excited, there's a bit of a catch. Minshew's return is currently scheduled as a one-day cameo appearance.

"Guess who is popping into Pine Valley for the day?... um me," Minshew exclaimed on Twitter. "Excited to see the gang tomorrow! Gonna wear Kendall's sassy shoes!"

Citing a source, TVLine reports that Minshew "is shooting scenes with, at the very least, her TV sis Eden Riegel (Bianca Montgomery)."

Minshew is not opposed to returning to Prospect Park's Internet-based version of All My Children on a more regular basis. However, the actress is currently involved in some other projects that have made scheduling an AMC return a bit tricky.

Minshew is Slatered, er, slated to appear as Angelica in the upcoming web series Tainted Dreams.

At the Tribute to Pine Valley event in Philadelphia last month, Minshew announced that she and Prospect Park are in negotiations about a possible long-term return, noting that "hopefully by the summer I'll be able to come back [to All My Children]."

Minshew took over the role of Kendall in January 2002, and the actress remained with the show through its network television finale in September 2011. In 2009 and 2011, Minshew received nominations in the Outstanding Supporting Actress category at the Daytime Emmys.

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