Chrishell Stause, AMC to "work together" to keep Amanda in Pine Valley
Posted Wednesday, December 09, 2009 3:46:58 AM
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Chrishell Stause, AMC to
Fans of Chrishell Stause are getting an early Christmas gift this year: the actress has reached an agreement with ABC to remain on All My Children on a recurring basis. The actress announced earlier this year that she would not renew her contract with AMC. Stause first appeared as Amanda Dillon in 2005.

Forget what you may have read elsewhere: All My Children will not be recasting the role of Amanda Dillon. Chrishell Stause (Amanda Dillon) has announced that she will remain with AMC on a recurring basis once the show settles down in Los Angeles.

"Hey guys to address the rumors: I just got word that I will be recurring with AMC while in LA," Stause tweeted in response to reports that the show was looking to recast the role of Amanda Dillon.

In early May, Stause announced that she would not be renewing her contract with All My Children when it expired. About three weeks later, Stause revealed that she and ABC had reached a deal that would keep her on AMC through the end of the year. After that time, however, Stause said that she'd be headed west to focus on a career outside of daytime television.

Of course, several months later, ABC announced that it would be moving production of All My Children from New York to Los Angeles. Fans immediately wondered if Stause might sign agree to another contract since both she and the show would be in the same neck of the woods. It was uncertain, however, if AMC wanted to continue having Stause's alter ego involved in front burner story. Depending on what the actress might land in terms of work, she might be unavailable to continue with the soap.

"I want to branch out and do some other things and it looks like [ABC and I] will be able to work together on scheduling," Stause added.

Earlier this week, Soaps In Depth reported that ABC had released a casting notice for the role of Amanda Dillon.

Stause made her All My Children debut in May 2005. Her appearance marked the "aging" of Amanda from a teen to a young adult.

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