Eva LaRue announces re-engagement
Posted Sunday, January 10, 2010 1:41:49 PM
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Eva LaRue (ex-Maria Santos) has announced that her wedding plans are once again back on. The former AMC actress is re-engaged to beau Joe Cappuccio. LaRue was formerly married to her AMC co-star, John Callahan (ex-Edmund Grey).

Eva LaRue (ex-Maria Santos), who just last week returned to All My Children for the show's 40th anniversary, has announced that she is once again planning to get married. The former Daytime Emmy nominee will marry businessman Joe Cappuccio sometime in 2010.

LaRue, who currently appears on CBS's CSI: Miami, was previously engaged to Cappuccio, but the two unexpectedly broke things off last year.

This will be the third marriage for LaRue. She was previously married to actor John O'Hurley, but most daytime fans will know of her marriage to her former All My Children-co-star, John Callahan (ex-Edmund Grey). LaRue and Callahan first met during Callahan's stint on Santa Barbara, and later through their work together on All My Children. The pair was married November 30, 1996, but in 2004, they announced their separation. The two actors have a daughter together, Kaya Mckenna, who was born in December 2001.

LaRue has earned high marks with AMC fans for fighting tooth-and-nail to be a part of All My Children's anniversary episode. After intially being told that she could appear in the celebratory episode, LaRue was later contacted and told that there was "no room" for her or her alter ego in the script. Two weeks after being told her return would not be possible, LaRue received a phone call telling her that things had been shuffled around, and she could once again take part in the show.

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