Cady McClain to return to All My Children
Posted Thursday, January 07, 2010 12:21:07 AM
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Cady McClain to return to All My Children
For the second time in about a week, All My Children has announced the return of a fan-favorite performer. Two-time Emmy winner Cady McClain will return to the ABC soap later this year in the iconic role of Dixie Cooney. Unanswered is whether or not Dixie is alive or dead.

Cady McClain (Dixie Martin) is headed back to All My Children. The Emmy-winning actress will appear later this year for a short-term return.

"We just made a deal for Cady to come back for a short run and do a story with Tad," ABC Daytime President Brian Scott Frons told Soaps In Depth.

Frons did not offer addition details about McClain's return, including the answer to big question: Is Dixie alive or dead? During All My Children's special anniversary episode on January 5, Tad Martin questioned if Dixie was, in fact, dead. McClain returned briefly to All My Children in 2008, at which time Dixie was most definitely a ghost.

During an exclusive interview with Soap Central in November, McClain talked about one of the reasons she initially left All My Children in 2002 for a role on As the World Turns.

"I was sort of worn out by how much of a victim [Dixie] had become on the show," McClain explained. "She was just hanging off of cliffs, hanging off of buildings, Tad was rescuing me... You get a little tired of that. Even when I went back in '06, I really wanted them to create a strong female character for what is essentially a strong female audience. Even though it was agreed to in words and deed, all the characters are still victims on that show."

To read the complete interview with McClain, click here.

McClain wraps up her latest As the World Turns engagement next month. McClain won an Outstanding Supporting Actress trophy at the Daytime Emmys in 2004. She'd previously won an Outstanding Juvenile Female (now called Younger Actress) Daytime Emmy in 1990.

McClain debuted on All My Children in October 1988. She returned in early March.

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